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This One Looks Like the Duck Dynasty Guy, Not Jesus

Have to give this one a two thumbs down as a Jesus sighting.  Instead, I’ll call it a Duck Dynasty sighting.

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An Absolute Classic Which Everyone, Yes EVERYONE Ought to Read

In a new edition including an ‘afterword’ by Sebastian Moll- Martin Kähler – Der so­ge­nann­te his­to­ri­sche Jesus und der ge­schicht­li­che, bib­li­sche Chris­tus Früher war alles so einfach. Die Kirche legte die Antworten auf die großen Fragen des Glaubens einfach dogmatisch … Continue reading

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More Nutbaggery About Jesus

I’m not sure which is worse, the feckless ignorance of the mythicists or the feckless dilettantism of Mr Ellis.  It’s a toss-up really.  As Antonio informs us Following 25 years of research, Ralph Ellis has discovered that Jesus was a prince of … Continue reading

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Selective Reading

Indeed. How odd it is that promoters of certain behaviors forget that he said ‘I have not come to do away with the law and prophets but to fulfill them’ whilst suggesting that he never mentioned deviant acts specifically. That’s … Continue reading

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Law v. Francesca: The Virgin Smackdown, 2012

TM Law has a few issues with Francesca’s reading of Isaiah and Matthew (referenced in her delightful BBC 5 interview earlier today).  As I suggested in a little conversation with Mark Goodacre and TM on the facebook on the subject, … Continue reading

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Williams / Bock / Licona / Jesus / Scripture

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Everyone knows Jesus breastfed.  But naturally some special interest group wants to complain that there aren’t any scenes of him doing so, so up in arms they go… milking their cause for every drop they can squeeze from the teat… … Continue reading

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In My Review of Le Donne’s ‘Jesus, Criteria, and the Demise of Authenticity’ I Suggested that Stuckenbruck’s Essay Was Stellar

Now, thanks to the good graces of that same Loren, you can read it for yourself.  Which you should do.  And of course you should read the review of the whole thing.

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Jesus Was Born Before Jesus Was Born, Says Ratzinger

The entire Christian calendar is based on a miscalculation, the Pope has declared, as he claims in a new book that Jesus was born several years earlier than commonly believed. Jesus was born between 6 and 4 BC. So what’s … Continue reading

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Peter Williams on the Dead ‘Wife of Jesus’

Peter has written a very fine, precise, and ‘all you need to know about the ‘Jesus Wife’ fiasco’ piece here. He concludes What do we learn from all this? First, we see a number of layers of spin in this … Continue reading

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The Guardian Too Joins the ‘C-List’ Simcha Disdains, and Denounces the ‘Jesus Wife’ Fragment as Fake

In a report titled ‘The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: A very modern fake.’  Everything in the report is by now well known to those who have been following the story.  But it does conclude with a little joke which examines … Continue reading

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Porn Destroys Lives, and Marriages, Because it Destroys Intimacy

A fine albeit brief essay at Keine Tricks-Nur Jesus titled Pornosucht: “Ich habe durch Pornos alles kaputt gemacht” is so very much worth reading because the subject is so very, very important. Here’s the first paragraph- “Ich habe durch Pornos … Continue reading

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Lawrence Schiffman on ‘The Jesus Wife’ Fragment

One of the reasons I like Larry so much is his ability to say in a few words what some can’t say in a book. He does it again here in an interview in Moment Magazine. “There is zero evidence … Continue reading

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Now Available: The Francis Watson ‘That ‘Jesus’ Wife’ Fragment Thing? Yeah, It’s A Load of Hooey’ Collection

My characterization, not Mark’s.  Prof. Francis Watson has now written 3 pieces on the fragment which Mark posts here: The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: How a fake Gospel-Fragment was composed – INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: How … Continue reading

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A Truly Stunning Manuscript Discovery

A new manuscript has been uncovered in the desert of Egypt written in Boharic and reading “And [lo even if Bob] Cargi[ll] himself or an angel from heaven delivers an unprovenanced manuscript, do not believe him- he is anathema [12 … Continue reading

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And Now The Motive For the Announcement of the ‘Jesus’ Wife’ Fragment May Be Coming to Light

The AP reports Ancient papyrus fragments have been frequently cut up by unscrupulous dealers seeking to make more money.  An anonymous collector brought King the fragment in December 2011, seeking her help in translating and understanding it. In March, she … Continue reading

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I Have ‘Arrived’: I Made Mention by the BBC

Who knew…  Anyway, it’s really all down hill from here.  Mention by the BBC?  I can die now. Harvard divinity professor Karen King unveiled the 4th-Century Coptic script at a conference in Rome. She said researchers had identified the words … Continue reading

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One Final Observation on the ‘Wife of Jesus’ Fragment

It strains credulity to belive that of an entire document, however long it originally was, the only portion preserved in near pristine, incredibly legible condition is the credit card sized segment which just happens to mention ‘Jesus’s wife…’ And this … Continue reading

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NBC News Roundup of the ‘Jesus’ Wife’ Papyrus

In an essay titled ‘Reality Check on Jesus and his ‘wife’‘ you’ll find the following towards the end: The debate over the papyrus fragment’s authenticity and the meaning of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife is likely to play out for … Continue reading

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No, People, a 4th Century Scrap Doesn’t Prove Jesus Had a Wife

So calm yourselves.  First, what’s the provenance of the fragment?  Was it discovered in a controlled scientific dig?  Who are the excavators?  Where are the photos of the artifact’s discovery in situ?  Who deciphered it?  What is its date? A … Continue reading

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