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Driscoll Still Wont Man Up

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Standard Mark Driscoll behavior is reported here after his appearance at a recent conference where he spoke about ‘forgiveness’ with the entire sense seeming to be that he and his family were attacked and the people who did it need to be forgiven…

“Driscoll just gave a long lecture on forgiveness without asking for it,” Miller wrote. “In fact, it seemed like the entire lecture was aimed at his need to forgive those people who had wronged him.”

Driscoll may be trying to ease back into the saddle- but if he is allowed to, it’s all on the church which chooses to empower him.  It will bear the responsibility, with him, of whatever future evils he perpetrates.  And given the fact that he’s a wolf just wearing sheep’s skin, he will commence devouring again.

Total Depravity: The Vile Drunk Driver Who Murdered After Tweeting “Too Drunk to Care”

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A Florida woman who tweeted “2 Drunk 2 Care” hours before causing a fatal car accident has been sentenced to 24 years in prison Monday, CBS News reports. Kayla Mendoza, 20 at the time of the crash, was drunk and driving the wrong way on a Coral Springs expressway on November 16, 2013, when she crashed head-on into another car, killing 21-year-olds Marisa Catronio and Kaitlyn Ferrante. Reports say Mendoza was traveling between 84 and 96 miles per hour upon impact.

According to CBS Miami, Mendoza’s blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit at the time of the crash. She also had marijuana in her system, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Mendoza reportedly said her “2 drunk 2 care” tweet was directed at her boyfriend, who was upset she had been out drinking with co-workers.


Who cares who it was directed at or why.  She was too drunk to care, but not too drunk to drive?  What a fool.  And because of her selfish foolishness two people are dead.  She should never see the light of day.

News from Refo500

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First, book news:

978-3-525-55082-3Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht published a new volume in the R5AS series: “Preparing for Death, Remembering the Dead” (Tarald Rasmussen, Jon Øygarden Flæten, eds.) The volume contains papers presented at the Second RefoRC Conference in Oslo in 2012, and is characterized by a multiconfessional and multidisciplinary approach, with contributions from Church History, Art History, Archaeology, History of Literature and Cultural History.  And more here.  Additionally, there’s a lot more here, at the V&R website.

Jan-Hus-Tschechen-und-DeutscheAnd, speaking of death, they have a nice entry on the death of Jan Hus:

Jan Hus beeinflusste neben seinen tschechischen Landsleuten nicht nur die Deutschen in Deutschland, sondern auch in Böhmen. Zwei Vorträge am 14.06.2015 und ein Spielfilm zeigen Leben und Wirkungsgeschichte des vor 600 Jahren als Ketzer verbrannten Prager Magisters in Passage-Kino Neukölln, Berlin.

Zwei Vorträge beleuchten Bedeutung und Wirkung des Glaubenserneuerers für die deutsch-tschechische Geschichte innerhalb und außerhalb Böhmens. Zugleich geben sie eine Einführung zum Hus-Film im Anschluss, der durch seine hervorragenden Schauspieler und seine authentisch wirkende Ausstattung zu den Meisterwerken der tschechischen Kinematografie gezählt werden kann.

More on Adolf von Harnack

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downloadNiels Peter Lemche informs me, after seeing the earlier photo of von Harnack, that

… his political engagement is worth mentioning, and his sons and daughters followed up. One of his sons was executed for resistance against Hitler, one of them for participating in the attack on 20 JUL 1944. So this family represent the best of what we know of German excellency, and paid for it.

I need to re-read his biography.

Mother’s Day Approaches

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1) If you have a good mom, be thankful.

2) If you’re a mom like one of these– you can tell yourself ‘but I’m a good mother’ till you die- you aren’t.

Calvin’s Escape from Paris and the Slaughter that Followed

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calvin6“Nicholas Cop, the son of a distinguished royal physician (William Cop of Basel), and a friend of Calvin was elected Rector of the University, Oct. 10, 1533, and delivered the usual inaugural oration on All Saints’ Day, Nov. 1, before a large assembly in the Church of the Mathurins. This oration, at the request of the new Rector, had been prepared by Calvin. It was a plea for a reformation on the basis of the New Testament, and a bold attack on the scholastic theologians of the day, who were represented as a set of sophists, ignorant of the Gospel.…

The Sorbonne and the Parliament regarded this academic oration as a manifesto of war upon the Catholic Church, and condemned it to the flames. Cop was warned and fled to his relatives in Basel. (Three hundred crowns were offered for his capture, dead or alive.) Calvin, the real author of the mischief, is said to have descended from a window by means of sheets, and escaped from Paris in the garb of a vine-dresser with a hoe upon his shoulder. His rooms were searched and his books and papers were seized by the police.…

Twenty-four innocent Protestants were burned alive in public places of the city from Nov. 10, 1534, till May 5, 1535.… Many more were fined, imprisoned, and tortured, and a considerable number, among them Calvin and Du Tillet, fled to Strassburg … For nearly three years Calvin wandered as a fugitive evangelist under assumed names from place to place in southern France, Switzerland, and Italy, till he reached Geneva as his final destination.”  –  P. Schaff.