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The Ugly Facts About Guns in America

  1. 99% of the people who own guns are sensible folk who don’t murder people.
  2. 1% of the people who have guns are deranged lunatics.
  3. America loves guns.
  4. Guns will always be a part of the American landscape.
  5. The issue isn’t really the gun itself, it is the deranged lunatic who uses it.
  6. We will never keep guns out of the hands of the deranged.
  7. Background checks are a joke; a means by which we pretend that we are gatekeeping dangerous tools when we clearly are not.
  8. The only place that’s free of violence is the other world.
  9. The gun problem- or rather the problem of deranged evil- will never be cured in this world.
  10. Americans are particularly plagued by violence because we are a violent people who elect violent people to solve our international disputes.  Violence is in our DNA.  It always will be, until America is no more.
  11. The solution to gun violence is non-existent.  There is no solution.  Well, there is, but people have no interest in the Gospel, so there isn’t until they do.
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It’s Kind of a Shame The World Didn’t End Yesterday

Had it, this sort of thing wouldn’t keep happening.  What a sick world.  What a depraved and evil country.

An Air Force spokesman says Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone, who helped subdue an attacker on a French train in August, is in stable condition after being stabbed in California. The spokesman, Lt. Col. Christopher Karns, said details are sketchy. He said Stone is being treated in a hospital in the Sacramento area. Stone is assigned to Travis Air Force Base in California. Karns said the matter is being handled by local law enforcement officials. Karns had no details on the nature or exact location of the stabbing.

Were the world to end, so would violence.  That’s a win in my book.  People will never tire of being evil until the end of all things.  The cure for violence is the eschaton.  The cure for mass shootings is the eschaton.  The cure for terrorism is the eschaton.  Come, Lord Jesus.

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The World Didn’t End: When Will the False Teachers Like Chris McCann Lose Their Followers?

The world was due to be engulfed in the flames of God’s wrath on Wednesday. People told us what they were doing on their last day on Earth and what they were having for their last meal. … Chris McCann, leader of the eBible fellowship and apparent all-round God expert, believed the world will be engulfed and destroyed by a great fire on October 7.

McCann is a deceiver. You know it. If you still follow him, you aren’t just simple minded, you’re a fan of being deceived.  Worse, however, is that McCann has provided fodder for the anti-Christian factory and for that his followers should be most ashamed, because they are his enablers.

Maybe when another buffoon pretends to know what can’t be known, try not to send him or her money to further their deceptions.  Thanks.

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His Sentence is Far too Brief: Peter Ball, Disgraced Bishop and Abuser

Former bishop of Lewes has been jailed at the Old Bailey for 32 months for abusing his power to exploit young aspiring priests for his own “selfish sexual motive” over 15 years.  A court heard Peter Ball avoided prosecution for sexual abuse in 1993 after the intervention of the royal family.

Ball, 83, was sentenced at the Old Bailey after using religion as a “cloak” to groom aspiring young priests for sex during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. But he almost escaped justice when his first victim reported allegations and was given a police caution after interventions from establishment figures, the Old Bailey was told on Wednesday. Prosecutor Bobbie Cheema said the prosecution has investigated the way in which the police and prosecutors dealt with the claims in 1993. He was not prosecuted for two of the three offences he has now admitted at the of the initial investigation.

Total depravity.  And a sentence far too brief.

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This Sick Depraved Beast Jade Hatt Needs to Be in Prison- And So Does the Boy’s Father

sickSick.  She’s a pervert and the boy’s father is a depraved reprobate himself.  What kind of father is happy when his 11 year old is molested?  What filth.

If the girl had been 11 and the boy 21 the world would be outraged at such an unjust sentence.  And if an 11 year old girl’s father said what this boy’s did…  Well, pardon me, I need to go punch something till my hand bleeds.


Libertarians In Florida Must Be So Proud… Their US Senate Candidate…

Two years ago, Augustus Sol Invictus walked from central Florida to the Mojave Desert and spent a week fasting and praying, at times thinking he wouldn’t survive. In a pagan ritual to give thanks when he returned home, he killed a goat and drank its blood. Now that he’s a candidate for U.S. Senate, the story is coming back to bite him.

Weirdo.  But the ideal politician for Florida.  Or Texas.  Same thing.

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This 8 Year Old Girl is Dead and Her 11 Year Old Neighbor is Charged With First Degree Murder

But do you know who really is to blame?  The parents who thought it a good idea to leave their shotgun unlocked.  Parents, what is wrong with you?  Kids think guns are toys and death means nothing to them.  They do not comprehend it.


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The BBC Is Just Dishonest

And that’s why I don’t believe anything the media reports nor do I believe to be authentic any photographs I see online.  There are too many people who are too good at making real looking photos which aren’t real at all.

The BBC has admitted faking spectacular scenes of a volcano eruption in its new natural history series Patagonia: Earth’s Secret Paradise. The programme, broadcast in late September, purported to show a “dirty thunderstorm” above the Calbuco volcano in southern Chile, with flashes of lighting within clouds of ash. The scene was actually created by using footage from two different eruptions four years apart.

Surprising?  Nope.  Disappointing?  Yup.

I knew that online photos weren’t to be trusted the moment I saw Joel Watts being given a kiss by Hillary Clinton.

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He’s Barking Up the Wrong Tree…

I received this scam spam a bit ago and thought I’d share it just in case some of you are prone to respond to these people by actually sending them money.  Don’t.

Rev. Pastor,good evening, how are you and your family? I appreciate the time you have taken to read my letter. I am writing this letter because I am in financial hardship and was hoping you could take the time to read my case and perhaps if possible help me get back on my feet. Pastor,my name is Lawrence Kehinde Aladejana from Nigeria. I lost my job over two years now and I have tried to secure another job but all effort proof negative. I have borrowed money from many people. now I’m owing many people and my house rent has expired please help out. I am into a small business buy and selling of goods but there is no money for me to do the business again.

Please,I need your assistance to do the business for me to be able to pay my house rent and take good care of my family and be able to pay all my debt. Please pastor,I beg you in the name of God please help me.

My Mobile no: +2348033677579.
My account details: Aladejana Kehinde Lawrence.
Wema Bank Nigeria.
Account no: 0226658847.
Thanks in anticipation, Yours Faithfully, Aladejana Lawrence Kehinde
Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

Nope. Not a chance.


Today’s Teens: Good Grief What a Bunch of Babies Their Parents Have Raised

Today’s teens are seeking counseling in order to deal with the ‘stress’ of ‘coping’ with social media.  No, it’s not the Onion.  What a generation.  Generation #Fail.

Children at leading independent schools are being forced into the hands of professional counsellors to help them cope with the pressures of appearing popular on social media, a leading headmaster has warned.

There has been a rapid expansion in the numbers of counsellors employed by schools to meet the mental health needs of teenagers struggling to deal with the “modern world”, said Chris King, the new chairman of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) of schools.

The pressure to accumulate friends and positive comments on social media – alongside the need to perform well in exams – is leading to significant issues for some young people, Mr King said.

Generation #Fail.

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