Child Predators are on Twitch. Matt Gaetz Joined Twitch a Day After that News Broke

That tells you everything you need to know about Florida’s Congressman.

Matt Gaetz, Florida Republican Congressman and alleged sex criminal, is now on Twitch. Gaetz (or at least whoever runs his social media accounts) announced his arrival on the streaming platform in a tweet. “I’m joining @Twitch to bring my America First message to a new generation of viewers,” he wrote.  Unfortunately for Gaetz’s PR team, the announcement came at an inopportune time. Just yesterday, Bloomberg published a disturbing report documenting how child predators use Twitch to track and engage with kids and teens.

For Gaetz it wasn’t inopportune, it was intentional.

The embattled representative is currently under investigation by both the Department of Justice and the House Ethics Committee over whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year old girl, after paying for her to cross state lines—an accusation that would amount to sex trafficking of a minor, if true. Gaetz has also been implicated in the broader sex-trafficking activities of his close friend and associate, Joel Greenberg. Gaetz has denied wrongdoing.  But all of that probably has nothing to do with the Bloomberg report, which identified nearly 2,000 Twitch accounts belonging to adults, but almost exclusively following young streamers.

Yeah sure it doesn’t.  it’s Matt Gaetz being Matt Gaetz.

This is Simply Wrong

And no Church should ever participate in such an event.

First, it was held under false pretenses.  Second, it was held during school hours.  And third, if I were a parent of any child forced to attend such a thing I would already have a lawyer and I would be suing the school district and the church involved.

This is wrong on every level.

A group of students in Baton Rouge, Louisiana thought that they were going to a career fair on Tuesday. Instead, they found that they had been sent to an event described as an anti-LGBT church service.

They were taken under false pretenses.  I.e., they were LIED TO.

According to Baton Rouge-based newspaper The Advocate, over 2,100 students from local high schools in the East Baton Rouge Parish school system were told that they were participating in a districtwide ‘College & Career Fair.’ However, when they arrived at their destination, the students, most of whom were seniors, discovered that they had been dropped off at an event called ‘Day of Hope’ at the Living Faith Christian Center.

According to reports, many of the students came away from this event feeling traumatized, as the ‘Day of Hope’ was centered on a number of sexually charged, anti-LGBT issues. This reportedly included separating the kids by male and female, and forcing male and female-transgender students to participate in discussions with the opposite sex. Additionally, one parent said that a number of transgender students were bullied during the event.

That’s simply cruelty for the sake of cruelty.  There is nothing of God in any of this.

“Other students poured water on top of transgender students’ heads without any repercussions by any of the adults present,” Brittany Bryant, a mother of a transgender child and high school biology teacher, wrote on Facebook. “They talked about rape (and) forgiving the offender, suicide, prayer leadership, and many more dark controversial topics. We had females in the bathrooms crying due to the topics of discussion.”

People need to be fired.  The Church should be ashamed of itself.  And any decent member of the Church should call on those responsible to step down.  Cruelty is never acceptable.  NEVER.

Megachurches Are Cesspools of Demonic Indecency

Five woman are suing an international megachurch and its leader, convicted felon Naasón Joaquín García, in California state court over decades of alleged child sexual abuse and human trafficking.

The 53-year-old so-called “apostle” of the of the Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, The Light of the World, admitted to various child sex crimes earlier this year after a lengthy prosecution in the Golden State. He was subsequently convicted and sentenced to nearly 17 years in prison.

His church, which claims more than 5 million members worldwide, has stood by its shepherd through it all.

Now, in a 49-page complaint, the church, García, and several affiliated businesses and individuals are being sued for various damages to a class that is expected to include well over 500 alleged victims as plaintiffs.

The introductory lines of the complaint do not mince words and stake out shocking allegations that criticize the church, as a business, to its core as an enterprise that intentionally existed for the purpose of finding and providing children to be raped by the leader.

“Plaintiffs are individuals and residents of the State of California, County of Los Angeles, who were enslaved, trafficked, and sexually abused by the leaders of [the LLDM] a global religious institution that has made the economic and sexual exploitation of children and others a centerpiece of its operations for decades,” the lawsuit begins, using the Spanish version of the church’s name, La Luz del Mundo.

The five principal plaintiffs are Jane Doe women aged 20-28. They are the same five underage victims who were originally cited in the criminal complaint filed against García by California authorities – and a later indictment that listed several dozen counts against him. The pastor’s plea deal resulted in only three of those charges sticking.

Etc.  Megachurches are Satan’s greatest invention.  Their Pastors are his greatest tools.  Their congregations are his most satisfying sort of ‘Christian’.

Mormon Lawmaker Tells Mormon Bishop to Cover up Abuse

On Thursday, the Associated Press reported that a Utah Republican lawmaker who serves as an attorney for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints instructed a Mormon bishop not to report a confession of child sex abuse to law enforcement.

“The records — two pages from a log of calls fielded by a law firm representing the church and the deposition of a church official — show that Utah Republican State Rep. Merrill F. Nelson took the initial call from a bishop reporting that church member Paul Adams had sexually abused his daughters,” reported Jason Dearen and Micheal Rezendes. “Nelson also had multiple conversations over a two-year span with two bishops who knew of the abuse, the records show.”

“A transcript of the deposition and excerpts of the call log were attached to a legal filing in the Arizona Court of Appeals made by lawyers for the plaintiffs,” said the report. “Three of Adams’s children are battling the church, widely known as the Mormon church, for access to records the church insists are confidential. The church took the case to the Court of Appeals after a Cochise County judge ruled in favor of the victims.” Adams ultimately committed suicide before he could stand trial.

According to the report, Nelson told Bishop John Herrod “that he could be sued if he reported, and the instruction by counsel not to report Paul to the authorities was the law in Arizona and had nothing to do with Church doctrine.”


I’m Going to Be Blunt: A Two Year Old Is Dead Because an Idiot Who Didn’t Know How to Manage a Gun Had a Gun Anyway

A two-year-old boy died in St. Louis, Missouri, on Wednesday after accidentally shooting himself in the head. Police arrived at the 900 block of Melvin Drive, at around 1 p.m., following reports of a shooting. They found a boy who was heavily bleeding, and rushed him to hospital in a police SUV. … “Guns are inherently dangerous. There are a number of them in our community. All of us who own firearms or who have firearms must be responsible with their care and their use.”

Sack added at least one member of the boy’s family was present when the shooting took place, but it is unclear whether this included an adult. The interim police chief urged parents to keep firearms secure and away from children, noting St. Louis Police Department has free gun locks available for the public. He commented: “Keeping a gun out of the reach of a small child, while not as safe and secure as a gun lock, is better than leaving it in a low area where a child might be able to access it.”

The owner of the gun should be in jail for murder.  Any person who owns a gun and leaves it where a child can get it and then does, and shoots and kills themselves or anyone else, should be imprisoned for murder.

The only way these people will manage their guns properly is if you start treating them like the murderers they are.  We’ve had enough of their stupidity.

Florida, of Course- Where Teen Thugs Vandalized a School to the Tune of $100,000


Three teenagers in Florida are facing felony charges after allegedly causing more than $100,000 worth of damages at a local middle school.  The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office accused the teens of burglarizing Jenkins Middle School in Palatka on Sunday afternoon, using golf clubs from the gym. Staff at the local high school were able to identify the teens from CCTV footage.  When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered broken windows, damaged toilets, overflowing sinks, broken security cameras and 17 discharged fire extinguishers.

Their parents homes and property should be seized and sold and the proceeds used to make repairs.

The teens are facing charges of first-degree felony burglary with more than $1,000 in damages, third-degree felony criminal mischief and third-degree preventing or obstructing extinguishment of a fire by interfering with the fire extinguishers.  With all of the teens facing charges being 14 years of age, officials will not release their names or photos. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office explained that they would only release the names of juveniles if the crimes committed threatened or endangered the public.  The school’s gym, which was damaged during the burglary, is owned separately by the City of Palatka and will be treated as a completely separate investigation and case.

14 is young to be so evil.  And yet there they are.  If they are not punished they will do worse.

Reminder: Megachurches are Breeding Grounds of Pastoral Misconduct

And festering septic tanks of heresy. They exist for one reason: to fluff the ego of the ‘Pastor’ who, invariably will see himself as God’s gift to women (or men) and act out from that self-assessment.

Nothing good comes of them.  Nothing good comes from them.  No person can pastor 2000 people.  No megachurch pastor is an actual shepherd.

A Texas megachurch pastor is taking a leave of absence after his church learned of frequent messages between him and a woman who is not his wife.

Matt Chandler, the lead pastor at the Village Church in Flower Mound, about 30 miles northwest of Dallas, told his congregation on Sunday the move was prompted by what the church’s leaders called inappropriate messages between the pair.

In the statement recorded and shared to the church’s website, the pastor explained that a few months back, a woman approached him in the church’s foyer with concerns about “how I was (direct messaging) on Instagram with a friend of hers.”

“I didn’t think I had done anything wrong in that,” Chandler, 48, told the congregation. “My wife knew that, her husband knew that, and yet there were a couple of things that she said that were disorienting to me.”

He’s not confessing his actual sin, he’s covering up, and excusing.  And making excuses.  When all the details come out, don’t be shocked if they are shocking.

Because megachurches are breeding grounds of pastoral misconduct and depravity.

The Totally Depraved Youth Pastor Who Molested 30 Boys

Yet another guy who used his position of authority to ruin lives.  Deplorable and evil.  Worse, it’s demonic.

Keenan Hord, of Centerton, was arrested Wednesday in connection with investigations into sexual assault, sexual indecency and child pornography, although prosecutors have not formally charged the former youth minister who served at least two churches, reported the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

“We have been devastated to learn that a former employee of our church has been credibly accused of abusing adolescents during his tenure at our church,” said First Baptist Bentonville said in a statement. “While these accusations did not come to light until after his employment ended, when we learned of them we immediately contacted our local authorities, made a report to the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline, and continue to fully support the ongoing law enforcement investigation.”

The 32-year-old Hord joined the staff of the Bentonville church in 2016 and became student pastor two years later, and the allegations reportedly came after his employment there ended. He also served on the staff at Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, Tennessee, from 2011-2016.

Investigators have spoken to six victims and identified up to 30 possible victims after examining Hord’s cell phone, and an examination of one boy’s cell phone revealed more than 5,000 messages revealing a romantic and sexual relationship.

They also found video of one boy recorded in a bathroom stall, police said.

Despicable.  To the church’s credit, it didn’t try to make excuses or cover-up or any of the usual nonsense.

Why Are there So Many Awful People?

A driver mounted the curb and mowed down a man sitting in a walker on a Far Rockaway sidewalk in a rage-fueled Queens crash Saturday as she was trying to hit another woman with her car, according to police.

The woman drove her Honda Accord on the sidewalk at Beach 20th Street near New Haven Avenue in the coastal Queens neighborhood around 7:15 a.m. on Aug. 27, when she fatally struck 59-year-old Milton Storch, who lived on nearby Collier Avenue.

The driver previously got into a physical fight with another woman outside her car. She then got back into her vehicle, backed up onto the footpath, and tried to hit the woman who was walking away on the western sidewalk of Beach 20.

Instead, she slammed into Storch, who was sitting on his walker at the time, causing severe injuries to his torso.

Paramedics rushed Storch to St. John’s Episcopal Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

She fled the scene turning right on New Haven Avenue heading west and remains on the lam, according to an NYPD spokesperson.

Disgusting inhumanity.  Times like these demand lex talionis retributive justice.

A Nation That Can’t Keep Its Children Safe is Doomed

Two staff members at a private school in Athens have been arrested and charged with Sexual Assault and Solicitation of a Minor, the McMinn County Sheriff’s Office says.

MCSO began investigating the case after a complaint was received last week about a series of incidents involving staff members at Liberty Christian Academy, south of Athens, the Sheriff’s Office said.

From the investigation, Jason L Kennedy, 46, of Athens, was charged with two counts of sexual assault by an authority figure and one count of solicitation of a minor according to MCSO. Kennedy is the principal and a teacher at the school.

Public school, private school, home school, church, mall, bowling alley, and every other place under the sun can be a place where opportunistic predators find victims.

The only way to stop them is to imprison them for life on their first offense.  Every single time.  Pedophiles should never be granted a second chance to abuse.  Because they will.

Brittany Branham, 28, of Athens, was charged with one count of solicitation of a minor MCSO said. Branham is a secretary and home school coordinator for the school.


Another Kid is Dead Because the Adults Around Him Left a Gun Lying Around

Such tragedies are made worse by the knowledge that they are completely avoidable.  But adults with guns are too often idiots.  So they leave their guns where kids can get them.  And little kids shoot themselves or others.  And adults still won’t learn the lesson:  PUT YOUR GUN WHERE KIDS CAN’T GET IT!

I think people who don’t manage their guns properly should be charged with murder.

Child protective services is investigating the shooting death of a five-year-old boy in Detroit, Mich. According to local news outlet WDIV, the boy was playing with a firearm at his home located on the 17000 block of Oakfield Avenue on the west side near 8 Mile Road and Southfield Freeway.

The little boy was reportedly playing with the gun in a bedroom of the home around 10:30 p.m. when it discharged in his face, hitting him in the eye. A six-year-old girl was also present during the shooting but was not injured.

The child was taken to the emergency room by a neighbor before being transferred to a local children’s hospital where he later died. Initial reports incorrectly noted the boy’s age as seven but have since been updated.

The six-year-old girl was removed from the home and placed with Child Protective Services. As of Tuesday morning, the Detroit Police Department was reportedly still looking for the firearm used in the fatal shooting. “Right now we are trying to locate a weapon. We have not been able to recover a weapon at this time,” said the police.

That only means that the uncle in the house hid the gun.  Too bad he didn’t do that BEFORE the little guy got hold of it.  Charge him with murder.

‘The Gospel Coalition’ Is the Voice of Satan

And when you hear them say what they say here, you are hearing the very voice of Satan himself.  TGC would have also urged Germans to obey Hitler regardless of what he did to the Jews because Hitler, in their satanic minds, was the ‘harbinger of peace’.

This is a godless distortion of the meaning of Romans 13.  There, God establishes ‘government’, not governments nor governors.

‘Love Your Neighbor’ Because Unless We’re Commanded to, We Won’t

We were wrong to assume that people would do ‘what’s best for themselves and their neighbors,’ because people are incredibly selfish and the motive of ‘love of neighbor’ so utterly foreign to our nature that God has to remind us to do it, everywhere in Scripture.

Love of neighbor doesn’t come naturally to us.  It’s foolish to think it does.

Indiana senator admits rape victims could be charged under abortion bill but not rapists

I’ll let you read the story for yourself.  It’s pretty clear that Indiana wants to make women suffer but men are free to do what they wish.

Don’t move to Indiana.  Don’t visit Indiana.  Don’t pass through Indiana.  If you’re raped and you don’t wish to keep your rapist’s baby, you’ll be charged with a crime.  He won’t.

Indiana is the Florida of the Midwest.  Women are trash to be disposed of there, not human beings.

If Your ‘Pastor’ Has $400,000 Worth of Jewelry, Fire Him

He’s not a shepherd of souls, he’s a fleecer of sheep.

Three thieves were caught on tape barging into a Brooklyn church on Sunday where controversial bishop Lamor Whitehead — an ally to Mayor Adams — was preaching and snatched $400,000 worth of jewelry off of him and his wife.

Whitehead, the Rolls-Royce-driving bishop who recently tried to broker a deal for the surrender of a man accused of a subway murder to the mayor, was preaching at Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministry on Remsen Ave. near Avenue D in Canarsie about 11:15 a.m. Sunday when three masked bandits stormed into the church, the pastor and cops confirmed.

When the armed marauders appeared, the stunned Whitehead, who was wearing a clerical collar, burgundy vestments with gold trim and a long gold necklace, stopped his sermon and crouched down, saying, “Yo, all right, all right, all right” as he lay on the floor, video obtained by the Daily News shows.

Only his legs and feet can be seen on the recording as he lay on the stage as the men bent over him and rifled his pockets.

The armed men, who can be seen in the video dressed in black and carrying handguns, removed the expensive bling from Whitehead and his wife, police and the bishop said.

Another man seen on the video sitting with what appears to be a prayer book watches impassively as the crime goes down.

The robbers took off in a white Mercedes-Benz and are still being sought, police said.

Who is Joe Rogan? A Man Whose Idea to Address Homelessness is to Shoot the Homeless

Joe Rogan has been criticised over his comments about homelessness in Los Angeles during a recent episode of his controversial podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.

Speaking to guest and fellow comedian Tom Segura during the episode, which aired last Thursday (14 July), Rogan appeared to joke about “shooting the homeless people” in Los Angeles in relation to the Californian city’s burgeoning homelessness crisis.

It is estimated that Los Angeles has more than 66,000 unhoused persons as of May 2022. In her resignation from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (Lahsa), former executive director Hiedi Marsten said the crisis was a “monster of our own making”.

While smoking cigars, Rogan and Segura touched upon the problem of homelessness in Los Angeles during Thursday’s episode of Rogan’s expensive Spotify podcast in an interaction that has been labelled “sickening” and “disgusting” by fans online.

In the clip of their exchange, which is going viral on Twitter, Rogan began by talking about how homeless people’s possessions were strewn about Los Angeles.

Segura responded: “When you see stuff like that on the streets, at least in Los Angeles or California, that’s protected property. Like by law. That’s that’s person’s property by law.”

“Oh, a homeless person’s property is protected?” Rogan fired back, before Segura replied: “Absolutely. If you were to try to move that or take that —”

“You’d get arrested. Hilarious,” Rogan said, completing Segura’s sentence, before adding, “But they wouldn’t arrest you if you shot somebody. Maybe you should just go shoot the homeless people.”

“I like your ideas,” Segura reacted to Rogan’s remark.  Twitter users have decried Rogan’s statements which, many believe, could spur crimes against the homeless.

What an absolutely disgusting human being.  He embodies the far right.  He is who they are.  He is what they are.