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The Vile Tale of the Wicked Kin and Pedophile Chief of Police

In exchange for $50, Kristen Naylor-Legg brought her 17-year-old family member to a community center in June 2020 where a local police chief allegedly raped the girl, federal prosecutors claim.

Naylor-Legg, court documents say, stood by — directing the girl during the alleged rape and providing her with towels to clean up afterward. A West Virginia police chief, who was on duty, according to court documents, allegedly failed to pay the woman the agreed-upon price and left.

Hell awaits her and the chief.

Satan Incarnate


News From Rutherford County Where That Boy Was Rudely Mocked By Antivaxxers After he Said His Grandma Had Died of Covid

In case you’ve forgotten- here’s one of the mockers:

And if you haven’t read the story, you should.  The way these ‘adults’ behaved is not only disgusting, but thoroughly reprehensible.

“This time last year, my grandmother, who was a former teacher at the Rutherford County school system died of Covid because someone wasn’t wearing a mask,” Grady Knox, a Rutherford County student said.  Knox spoke in front of the Rutherford County school board Tuesday night in favor of a mask mandate. He tried to continue his speech, but got interrupted by laughing and heckling from adults in attendance.

The school board chairman ended up stepping in. “Hey guys, we’re here to act professional,” he said.  “It was complete insanity from my perspective,” Knox said.  Knox is a junior at Central Magnet School. He said he could not believe what happened.  “If they laugh at me about a personal story about my grandmother, that’s just disrespectful, I feel. So, I was like shaken a little bit,” Knox said.

It’s not just disrespectful, it’s evil. They owe this young man more than an apology.  Especially since any ‘apology’ they issue will be fabricated.

Demonic: David John Coleman

A judge in Nebraska sentenced a man to serve a maximum of 52 years in prison after he filmed himself using a scarf to hang his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter by the neck until she lost consciousness multiple times.

Douglas County District Judge Duane Dougherty on Tuesday sentenced David John Coleman, 38, to serve between 42 and 52 years behind bars after the convicted sex offender and nine-time felon pleaded guilty to two counts of child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury. Coleman had initially been charged with first-degree attempted murder before agreeing to a plea deal with prosecutors that included dropping the murder charge.

The Omaha World-Herald reported that Judge Dougherty castigated Coleman during the proceeding and handed down the maximum sentence permitted for the reduced charges.

“There was extreme violence here,” Dougherty said. “When someone harms a child that age — or no matter the age — in that nature, it’s as bad as it gets.”

Coleman, who reportedly blamed being high on methamphetamine for his actions, told Dougherty he was “mortified” at what he’d done.

“I’m very sorry,” he added.

I don’t care how ‘sorry’ he is, he is demonic.

Bless Your Heart, Chloe…

@TheTomGeorge — 24-year-old Chloe Mrozak from Illinois was arrested after allegedly using this fake #COVID19 vaccine card to enter Hawaii and avoid travel restrictions — it says “Maderna” instead of “Moderna” @KITV4

Bless your heart…

You Reap What You Sow


Louisiana reported 139 coronavirus-related deaths on Tuesday – the state’s highest reported number of deaths in a single day since the pandemic began, the Louisiana Department of Health tweeted. The previous record, 129 deaths, was reported on April 14, 2020.

“Each death is a terrible loss, even more so because we know most COVID deaths can now be prevented through safe and effective vaccines,” Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards tweeted.

The state’s health department reported 3,814 new cases of the virus Tuesday, noting an increase across all age groups within the state. The largest percentage increase of cases were among those aged 5 to 17.

Refuse vaccination, mock the CDC, and listen to lying politicians whose only interest is in supporting other lying politicians and this is what you end up with.  So let me say it again, for the people in the back:  you reap what you sow.  Always.

The Evil in our Midst

Why people are like this is pretty easy to explain.  They’re evil.

A Pennsylvania woman who pleaded guilty to coughing and spitting on food at a supermarket in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic was sentenced Tuesday to at least a year in jail.

Margaret Ann Cirko, 37, pleaded guilty in June to a felony count of making bomb threats.  Authorities said Cirko entered a Gerrity’s Supermarket location in Hanover Township, near Wilkes-Barre, on March 25, 2020, and purposely coughed on fresh produce and other merchandise while yelling that she had the virus and that everyone would get sick.

Joe Fasula, co-owner of the supermarket chain, said that over $35,000 worth of merchandise had to be thrown out as a result of what Gerrity’s had called a “twisted prank.”  Cirko tested negative for COVID-19, according to her attorney, who said she was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Cirko apologized in court Tuesday.  “I wish I could take it back,” she said.  A Luzerne County judge called Cirko’s conduct “totally outrageous” and sentenced her to one to two years in jail, to be followed by eight years of probation. She also was ordered to pay nearly $30,000 in restitution.

Evil.  Blame it on booze if you must.  The real cause is evil.

Total Depravity: The Evil Pharmacist Edition

The love of money is the root of all sorts of evil.  Even a willingness to let people die just for some cash.

A Chicago pharmacist was indicted Tuesday for allegedly selling 125 of the CDC’s COVID-19 vaccination cards on eBay, the Justice Department said. If convicted, he could face 120 years in prison.

Tangtang Zhao, 34, allegedly sold the cards to 11 buyers for $10 each, the department said. He was licensed in Illinois and worked at a pharmacy that distributed COVID vaccines. He’s now charged with 12 counts of the theft of government property and could face 10 years for each count. Zhao made his first court appearance Tuesday.

“Knowingly selling COVID vaccination cards to unvaccinated individuals puts millions of Americans at risk of serious injury or death,” said Emmerson Buie Jr., a special agent in charge of the FBI’s Chicago Field Office.

Depraved.  Totally.

Monstrous Indecency

This ‘man’ harassed an elderly woman because she chose to wear a mask.  Let’s get this ‘man’ the publicity he so richly deserves.

Look at What the Antivaxxers Have Done to this Country

Unbelievable.  Unacceptable.

An elementary school parent in California allegedly assaulted a teacher after arguing with the school’s principal about the statewide school mask mandate.

Amador County Unified School District Superintendent Torie Gibson sent a letter about the incident to members of the school community Thursday. Gibson later told The Sacramento Bee, which obtained a copy of the letter, that the incident began with an argument about the mask requirement.

In her letter, Gibson described the incident as starting when the parent “verbally assaulted” the school principal. The incident escalated when an unnamed teacher stepped in to “protect” the principal.

“The matter is being investigated and the findings will be forwarded to the Amador County District Attorney’s Office for review and if appropriate, criminal prosecution,” police added in the post.

Gibson later told Newsweek the incident occurred at Sutter Creek Elementary.

Gibson did not describe the extent of the teacher’s injuries in her letter, but she told The Sacramento Bee the teacher was taken to an emergency room for treatment of their injuries and later released.

The guilty person should spend hard time in prison.  Severe penalties are the only thing that are going to stop these evil monsters.

Another GOP Pervert: Anton Lazzaro

These guys… honestly.  They’re just the worst of all humans.

Anton Lazzaro, a young Republican strategist and former congressional campaign manager in Minnesota, was arrested on underage sex trafficking charges Thursday morning, according to federal law enforcement.

Lazzaro, an occasional Fox News guest who flaunted his wealthy lifestyle on social media, was indicted on five counts of sex trafficking of a minor, one count of attempting to do so, and three counts of obstruction of justice. The FBI confirmed its agents had arrested Lazzaro in Minneapolis this morning. And the indictment was unsealed in federal court Thursday afternoon during his initial appearance in federal court in St. Paul, Minnesota, which took place over a video conference.

The worst of all people.

When Someone Admits to Believing QAnon, It’s Time to Remove their Children From their Care

Failure to act on behalf of the children may result in their deaths.

A California surfing instructor admitted taking his two young children two Mexico and killing them with a spear gun, believing himself to be “enlightened by QAnon” and “saving the world” from the victims’ “serpent DNA,” the FBI alleged in a criminal complaint on Wednesday. The details of the complaint against Matthew Taylor Coleman, 40, are brutal, deranged, and, according to authorities, freely admitted by the suspect.

And the rest.

Liz Willner: Antivaxxer and Liar

Liz runs one of the largest antivaxxer websites and she does so by decontextualizing and misrepresenting the data.  I.e., she is a liar.

An anti-vaxxer website which scrapes and misrepresents data from a government-run database has been spreading misinformation like wildfire through anti-vax communities for the last month. Now for the first time, the identity of the woman running the site has been revealed.

Etc.  She is getting people killed.  She should be so charged.

Rand Paul Really Is a Vile Wretch of a ‘Man’

Every time someone falls ill from covid, he gets a little richer.  And that’s why all of his policies aim at helping covid spread.

Vile.  His fate is sure.

A Sickness and An Evil

And an instrument in the hands of Satan to bring misery and death to many thousands.  That is who Marjorie Taylor Greene is.

As coronavirus cases and hospitalizations surged in Alabama, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., mentioned the state’s lowest-in-the-nation vaccination rate at a political fundraiser, eliciting cheers from the audience in a video posted this week.

Days after the video surfaced, the state’s health leader said officials have tossed out more than 65,000 coronavirus vaccines that expired, citing low demand that experts have partly attributed to the politicization of the vaccine. Alabama has the lowest vaccination rate in the country, followed closely by Mississippi, according to data compiled by The Washington Post.

In the video from the Alabama Federation of Republican Women fundraiser July 23, Greene suggested people take up arms against volunteers promoting coronavirus vaccines through door-to-door outreach, to which the crowd applauded and laughed.

Sick.  And evil.

‘Love Your Neighbor’ Because Unless We’re Commanded to, We Won’t

We were wrong to assume that people would do ‘what’s best for themselves and their neighbors,’ because people are incredibly selfish and the motive of ‘love of neighbor’ so utterly foreign to our nature that God has to remind us to do it, everywhere in Scripture.

Love of neighbor doesn’t come naturally to us.  It’s foolish to think it does.

MegaChurch? it’s Just a Synonym for MegaPervs

As this new report in the NY Times makes yet again abundantly clear.

Brian Houston, the co-founder and senior pastor of the global megachurch Hillsong, was charged by the Australian police with concealing child sexual abuse carried out by his father in the 1970s.

Not even surprised.  Not even.

They Seem Nice… Dumb, But Nice…

Two teenagers in Texas have been arrested after they posted a video to Snapchat of themselves stealing a necklace from a dead body they discovered.

Bethany Martin, 17, and a 16-year-old female friend happened upon a man’s corpse in a drainage ditch last Monday, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office tells PEOPLE.

The girls told authorities they were walking in a recently developed neighborhood when they spotted “something awkward by the drainage ditch and went to take a closer look,” according to authorities. When they found the body, they called a male friend, who joined them at the scene before they called the police.

The man was later identified as 25-year-old Marcus Adams, and his death has since been ruled a suicide. His family has set up a GoFundMe to assist them with funeral costs.

But police say that the day after his body was found, the sheriff’s office was made aware of a video circulating online showing “a 17 year old female removing jewelry from the decedent’s neck,” officials tell PEOPLE.

“If it weren’t on video, I wouldn’t believe that it happened,” Sheriff Javier Salazar told KENS-5.

How precious….

But Sure, Legalize All Drugs…

I’m sure nothing bad happens when drug users get high…  oh.

A 19-year-old mother in Georgia is facing murder and child cruelty charges in connection with the death of her infant son who drowned in June, police said.

Anslie Nicole Brantley, of Alamo, Georgia, was taken into custody on Friday and charged with second-degree felony murder and second-degree child cruelty over the death of her 10-month old child. Police believe Brantley was on drugs when the baby boy drowned while taking a bath with her.

According to the arrest report, the investigation began on June 9, when deputies with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call about an unresponsive child (identified in documents as approximately a year old) at a home on Lasseter Road. When the first deputy arrived, the Coweta County Fire Department was already on the scene and had performed CPR on the infant. One of the firefighters told the deputy that “they suctioned a lot of water from the child” and were transporting him to nearby Piedmont Newnan Hospital.

The deputy said that he spoke with Brantley’s mother, Kelli Gordon, 36, who told him that Brantley and the child were taking a bath in the upstairs bathroom, according to the police report obtained by Law&Crime. Gordon, who owns the home where the incident occurred, said she tried to check on her daughter and the child several times “since she had been in the bathroom for some time,” but only got mumbled responses that she could not understand so she “went back to watching TV.”

“About 10 or 20 minutes later, Ansley [sic] started screaming. [Redacted] got up and went to Ansley [sic] as she was holding [the infant] and said he can’t breathe, what do I do,” Gordon told the deputy, per the report.

Gordon said she then took the child from her daughter and “began resuscitating him,” telling the deputy that she “saw how blue he was, and he was cold, real cold.”

Yeah, drugs are so cool….

More Pastoral Depravity

A pastor in Alabama on Friday was arrested after an extensive investigation revealed that he raped and sexually abused multiple victims that he recruited from churches across multiple states, police said.

According to a press release, the Mobile Police Department (MPD) Special Victims Unit identified Gregory Renee Adams, 63, as the main suspect in a multi-jurisdictional sexual assault investigation after several alleged victims came forward claiming that he used his position in the church to rape them.

“The preliminary investigation suggests Adams contacted some of his victims through churches in Citronelle, Alabama, and Waynesboro, Mississippi,” MPD said, adding that investigators “believe there are possibly more victims.”

Adams was located and taken into custody on Friday and is now facing multiple felony charges, including three counts of first-degree rape, two counts of second-degree rape, three counts of first-degree sodomy, and two counts of sexual abuse.

“It’s always with somebody being brave enough to take the first step. And again we are thankful for our victims who did come forward so we can hold him accountable so that more people will not be victimized,” City of Mobile Public Safety Director Lawrence Battiste said in a statement to Mobile FOX affiliate WALA-TV.

Once convicted, if he is ever released from prison, he must never be allowed to be alone with children again.  And must never be allowed to serve a church in any capacity.