The Monster Was Mad At His Grandma for Controlling his Phone, so He Shot Her and 19 Children and 2 Teachers

CNN reports

Just before killing 19 children and two teachers in a Texas elementary school Tuesday, the 18-year-old gunman allegedly texted a girl who lives in Germany about his intentions.

According to screenshots reviewed by CNN and an interview with the 15-year-old girl — who said she had been in contact with the gunman for weeks — Ramos complained about his grandmother being “on the phone with AT&T abojt (sic) my phone.”

“It’s annoying,” he texted. Six minutes later, he texted: “I just shot my grandma in her head.” Seconds after that, he said, “Ima go shoot up a(n) elementary school rn (right now).” The last message was sent at 6:21 p.m. Central European Time, which was 11:21 a.m. in Texas. The girl, who lives in Frankfurt, said she began chatting with Ramos on a social media app on May 9. Ramos sent the girl selfie videos and discussed a plan to go visit her in Europe, according to videos and text messages.

That’s not mental illness.  That’s a kid so evil that he will kill 21 people because he’s having a tantrum about his phone.

‘Cancel Culture’: An Observation

The so called ‘cancel culture’ is populated by the same people who, as children, threw temper tantrums in the middle of the grocery store if they didn’t get the sugar based cereal they wanted.  And their mothers gave in, thus teaching them that if they whined long enough and loud enough it didn’t matter, they got what they wished.

And now, as ‘adults’, they want the entire world to listen to their tantrums too and give them what they want, or else…

Just don’t.

Racists on the Rampage

Politicians have, by their rhetoric and deeds, given the hatemongers permission to be awful and the freedom to let fly their inner despicableness.

A New York man has been arrested and charged with threatening to attack businesses in Buffalo just days after an accused white supremacist allegedly shot and killed 10 Black people at a grocery store there.

Joseph S. Chowaniec, 52, is accused of making threatening phone calls to two restaurants in the City of Buffalo on Sunday, forcing one of them to close.

“It is alleged that on Sunday, May 15, 2022, at approximately 12:05 p.m., the defendant made a phone call to a pizzeria located on Delaware Avenue in the City of Buffalo,” the Erie County District Attorney’s Office said in a press release Monday. “The defendant allegedly spoke with an employee and made a threat with the intent to intimidate or coerce that created a reasonable expectation of fear. The pizzeria closed for the day after the alleged incident.”

Within the hour, Chowaniec allegedly called a second location, making threats that were similarly intimidating.

“It is further alleged that on Sunday, May 15, 2022, at approximately 12:47 p.m., the defendant placed a second phone call to a brewery located in downtown Buffalo,” the press release says. “The defendant allegedly spoke with an employee and made a threat with the intent to intimidate or coerce that created a reasonable expectation of fear.”

According to local CBC affiliate WIVB, Chowaniec allegedly called Bocce Pizza and, as he complained about a pizza made earlier in the week, threatened to “shoot up Bocce’s like the Tops on Jefferson.”

Politicians, this is all *waves hands everywhere* on you.  All of it.

Grifters All, and Godless

Sweeping data released by the Small Business Administration on who benefited from pandemic relief programs raises questions about the equitability and distribution of loans intended for small businesses, an initial analysis by NBC News shows.

The analysis found that tenants paying rent at properties owned by the Trump Organization as well as the Kushner Companies, owned by the family of Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, benefited financially from the program. These tenants received loans, which they then were required to put toward rent for the loans to be forgiven. The data did not show that the Trump Organization received PPP loans for its properties.

After months of litigation, the SBA released the dataset Tuesday night on every small business that received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or Economic Injury Disaster (EIDL) loan.

The data reveals the most complete accounting to date of the more than $700 billion in forgivable loans Congress and the Trump administration introduced in the spring for allowable expenses, including payroll, rent, utilities and mortgage interest payments.

The real welfare queens?  The rich.  Grifters all, and godless.

Ted Nugent is Everything That’s Wrong With America

“I love you, but I would love you more,” Ted Nugent tells the audience at Trump’s rally, “if you went out and just went berserk on the skulls of the Democrats and the marxists and the communists.” “Evil” must be “stamped out.” – via Christopher Hooks.

Ted Nugent is everything that’s wrong with America.  Cruelty, violence, racism, and a willingness to kill political opposition.

All for political power.

Ted Nugent is everything that’s wrong with America.

When People Tell You, Over and Over Again, Who they Are- Believe Them

Earlier this month, Charles Herbster, a Nebraska candidate for governor endorsed by Donald Trump, was accused of groping eight women. Six told the Nebraska Examiner that he “touched them inappropriately when they were saying hello or goodbye to him, or when they were posing for a photograph by his side,” and a seventh claimed he cornered her in private and forcibly kissed her. And in a turn of events that should shock literally no one, the former president has not only stood by the guy, but doubled down in his support of him.

Politico reports that after being informed of the allegations, Trump insisted Herbster needed to fight back harder and “back[ed] plans for [the candidate] to hold a press conference aggressively denying the allegations and pushing back at his adversaries.” Herbster’s campaign manager claimed the accusations are the work of a “political establishment” that is “smearing and trying to destroy” him with lies, and were supposedly coordinated in part by current Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts, whom Herbster’s campaign has suggested wants to take him down. (In response, Ricketts told Politico that it was “ridiculous to think that somebody could coordinate eight different people to talk to a reporter about this.”) Herbster also reportedly retained the services of a law firm Trump has used to defend himself, and has filed a lawsuit against state senator Julie Slama, who alleged Herbster put his hand up her skirt without her consent, for defamation. (Slama filed a countersuit Monday.) All of which apparently satisfied Trump, who is slated to appear with, and per Politico, “voice support for,” Herbster at a rally tonight.

Herbster sang Trump’s praises in an interview with Politico, calling him “a man of his word” for not ditching the Nebraskan even in light of the many sexual assault allegations. “It’s easy to be someone’s friend and be around someone when something’s perfect,” Herbster said. “But when something is imperfect, many people…flee, and he’s not that type of person.”

When a guy tells you he thinks women are objects to be used, and he lauds a guy who shares those same views, believe them.  It isn’t an aberration in their personality.  It’s who they are.

Another GOP Rapist Convicted

A former Idaho state representative was convicted Friday of raping a 19-year-old legislative intern after a dinner in March 2021, a case that spurred the Republican lawmaker’s resignation last year and the censure of another lawmaker who had doxxed the victim.

A jury at the 4th District Court in Boise, Idaho, found Aaron von Ehlinger, 39, guilty of rape, but not guilty of a second charge: forcible penetration by use of a foreign object. District Judge Michael Reardon set sentencing for July 28.

The conviction came exactly a year after Mr. von Ehlinger resigned, on April 29, 2021, amid a criminal investigation and an ethics committee’s recommendation that he be suspended.

That’s the family values party for you.  Politics attracts the worst people.

Neil Parish: Or, Why Do Politics Attract the Nastiest People?

Neil Parish, a Conservative Party member of Parliament, says he is resigning after admitting he watched pornography twice in the House of Commons in a “moment of madness.”

The first time was accidental, he told the BBC. It happened after he was looking at tractors. But the second time, it was intentional.

“… Funnily enough it was tractors I was looking at,” he told BBC. “I did get into another website that had a very similar name and I watched it for a bit which I shouldn’t have done. But my crime — biggest crime — is that on another occasion I went in a second time.”

Two female colleagues said they saw Parish looking at porn from his phone, while they were sitting near him. The Conservative Party suspended him Friday over the allegations.

In a statement Friday, Parish said he will cooperate with any investigation.

“Following recent allegations regarding an MP’s use of their mobile phone in Parliament, I have referred myself to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards in the House of Commons,” Parish wrote in a statement.

It’s not just American politicians who are deplorable.  British MP’s are nasty too.  You have to wonder why so many absolutely disgusting people make politics their profession.  What is it about politics that it attracts really the worst sort of people?

It’s Time To Take Kids Phones From Them While They’re at School

A Michigan school system is warning parents about sexually explicit videos and photos of students that were produced at its high school.

The letter from Pennfield Schools said that school administration found out about “two incidents involving the creation and distribution of inappropriate videos and pictures at the high school” that include nudity and students involved in sexual acts. The photos and videos were then shared among students in the school over social media and “other electronic means,” the letter said.

Kids don’t need phones at school.  Take them away when they arrive and give them back when they leave.

Parents, It’s Time You Become Proactive and Protect your Children Online

Or they may fall victim to awful crimes.

The FBI in San Diego Thursday warned parents and caregivers about an increase in “sextortion” incidents involving young children.

According to the FBI, the agency has received more reports of adults posing as young girls coercing young boys through social media to produce sexual images and videos, and then extorting money from them. Sextortion is a crime, and involves an adult contacting a minor over online platforms such as an app, game or social media account.

According to the FBI, a predator will use deception and manipulation tactics to convince a young male, most between 14 to 17, “to engage in explicit activity over video, which is then secretly recorded by the predator.”

“The predator then reveals that they have made the recordings and attempts to extort the victim for money to prevent them from being posted online,” FBI officials said in a statement.

The San Diego FBI office has seen an increase in complaints involving boys who were reported sextortion victims, mostly for money, a spokesman said, adding other victims were extorted for additional images.

Evil is always creative.  Protect your kids.  Keep a clear and sharp eye on their online activities.  They have no right to privacy, and you have a duty to guard them and keep them safe.

Satan Fighting Satan: His Kingdom is at an End

According to a report from Politico’s Olivia Beavers, despite all outward appearances, Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are at odds with each other, with the Colorado Republican unhappy she is mentioned in the same breath as her Georgia colleague.

In a deep dive into squabbles that are pulling apart the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus, Beavers reports that at a recent conference the two had to be separated.

According to the report, “Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert look from the outside like MAGA twins, both loathed by Democrats for their incendiary right-wing rhetoric. But inside the House GOP, they’re not quite buddy-buddy.”

The report notes that Boebert fits in more with the thinking of her Republican colleagues (“a team player”) and she joined many of them in being furious with Greene over her appearance at a white nationalist conference well months ago.

As Beavers wrote, when the House Freedom Caucus board of directors gathered last month at its usual spot a few blocks from the Capitol, the two tangled over Greene’s appearance at a February event organized by a known white nationalist.”

“Their confrontation grew so heated that at least one onlooker feared the Greene-Boebert back-and-forth might escalate beyond the verbal cage match had another board member not stepped in to de-escalate, according to a GOP lawmaker who was granted anonymity to describe what happened,” Politico reports.

“The incident was confirmed by three people connected to the Freedom Caucus, whose members largely avoided public criticism of Greene and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) at the time and focused their discontent on the event organizer, Nick Fuentes,” the report added.

Satan’s kingdom undone by Satan. It’s glorious.

They Starved their Baby to Death

Hell awaits them.

A pair of Indiana parents in their early 20s are accused of murdering their 2-month-old son who died of starvation.

Authorities with the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday that Jakob Chance Scott, 22, and Caylin Opal Marie Monroe, 23, face charges of murder and neglect of a dependent resulting in death. The charges are in connection with the Feb. 15 death of Silas Scott, who was 85 days old.

The boy’s obituary identified him as “Silas ‘Shuggie Bear’ Chance-Kent Scott, of Boonville, Indiana,” son of “Jakob and Caylin (Monroe) Scott.” The obituary said he “passed away” at home. The infant has three siblings, the obituary also said.

The Warrick County Sheriff’s Office said the infant was declared dead after he was found unresponsive at a home on Honeysuckle Drive last February.

Authorities said that “information” learned during the investigation led to the charges.

“As the investigation continued, investigators gathered enough information to submit the case for review by the Warrick County Prosecutor’s Office,” the press release said. “The Warrick County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Warrick County Coroner, Warrick County EMS, the Boonville Fire Department, and the Indiana Department of Child Services.”

The press release did not explain what that information was. WFIE reported, however, that the sheriff said the victim died of starvation.

Following their arrests, the suspects remain held without bond at the Warrick County Jail. It’s unclear if they have attorneys in this matter.

John MacArthur Shouldn’t Be Your Hero. He Is an Enabler of Rapists

In August 1979, Wendy Guay told her best friend that her father, Paul Guay—then a pastor at John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church—was regularly molesting her.

Her friend, Lisa (Tucker) Ward, told The Roys Report (TRR) that when she’d sleep over at Wendy’s house, Wendy would insist that they both go to bed fully clothed. Sometimes, Paul Guay would come in Wendy’s room in the middle of the night and would “hover over us,” Ward said.

But one night, the girls woke up and Guay was rubbing their backs. “Wendy woke up, freaked out, and grabbed me,” Ward said.

Soon afterward, Wendy divulged her secret to Ward. They then told Ward’s dad, John Tucker, a former missionary and then-member of Grace Community Church (GCC), about the abuse.

Read the whole disturbing thing.  And stop admiring evildoers like MacArthur.

The Plain and Simple Reasons Why People Attend ‘Mega-Churches’


People attend megachurches for two reasons:

  1. They want to be entertained, not discipled
  2. They want to pretend Christianity while avoiding all responsibility of living accountably to a community as a disciple.  I.e., they want to avoid living like Christians and avoid having people who know them expecting them to.

It really is not hard at all to figure out why people go to churches where no one knows them: they don’t want people to know what they are really like.  They want to fake faith.

Mega-churches are congregations comprised entirely of tares and there is no wheat present.  Let the reader understand…

a field of tares…

The Problem With Repudiating Evil…

Is that everyone is fine with it until you repudiate THEIR evil.

People on the left are fine with the repudiation of the evil of white nationalism and people on the right are fine with the repudiation of abortion on demand.

But people on the left are not at all fond of the repudiation of abortion on demand and people on the right are not at all happy with the repudiation of racism and racists.

Hence the problem.

If everyone agreed on what is evil, we could potentially become a better country.  But as it is everyone loves their particular evil and isn’t willing to part with it.  Ever.

Thus, we are doomed as a Country.  Because nothing binds us together but mutual hatred of the other.