There’s Total Depravity, And Then There’s ‘They Should Be Executed Now’ Total Depravity

And the two satanists in this story are the latter sort of depraved:

o-ASHLEY-DACK-570Ashley Dack, 29, of Texas, was babysitting young children when she sexually abused the 11-month-old baby and took photos of the acts.  According to court documents, Dack sent the photos via text message to her boyfriend, 37-year-old Patrick Schuneman.  Schuneman allegedly replied: “incredible” and “best ever seen. Thank you.” Investigators said that they found graphic photos and text messages, including an extremely worrying exchange that revealed how the pair was planning to kidnap and sexually torture a young girl in Dack’s car.

It gets worse.  When these two are convicted for their evil, they should be subjected to the death penalty.  They are a genuine cancer and need to be removed permanently.  And then- tossed into hell’s pot-


[NB- I realize that some of my precious readers will object to my disposition and hope that these miscreants roast in hell.  Feel free to, of course.  But I prefer to side with the victims (that’s always my preference) and leave the evil to those who will excuse them or hope for them or wish them well, etc.  Frankly, hell is too good for the very worst, and these people, they are the very worst.  People who hurt children are without excuse, without redemption, without hope.]

Kill A Baby By Cutting it From its Mother’s Womb in Colorado and Guess What… You Aren’t a Murderer

I knew the pot smokers out there would lose their minds.  And they have.  If you want to kill a baby, go to Colorado.  They’re cool with it.

A Colorado woman accused of cutting the unborn baby from an expectant mother’s belly will not face murder charges in the gruesome attack that revived the highly charged debate over when a fetus can legally be considered a human being.

Prosecutors did not explain the decision Thursday or reveal what charges will be filed in the attack that killed the unborn baby girl. The mother, who was about eight months pregnant, survived and left the hospital Wednesday.

Dynel Lane, 34, lured Michelle Wilkins, 26, to her home March 18 with an ad on Craigslist selling baby clothes, investigators say. Inside, Lane stabbed Wilkins and removed the child, police say.

Lane had told her family she was pregnant, and when her husband came home early from work to meet her for a prenatal appointment, he found the infant in a bathtub, authorities said. Lane said she had a miscarriage, and he took them to the hospital, where the baby was pronounced dead.

Despicable.  The woman is a cold blooded ruthless killer.  And she won’t be charged as such because of the foolish misconception that life begins when the baby’s head passes through the birth canal.  Despicable.  They’ll probably make the killer a member of the AMA so she can perform more ‘abortions’.

Israel Spied on US Talks With Iran, And Then Told Congress…

You know what that makes Israel?  The bratty little narc brother who listens in to his older brother’s conversation and then squeals to mom.  It’s all a bit so childish of Israel.  And Congress should have told them to be quiet and stop trying to get someone in trouble.

The US has accused Israel of spying on international negotiations over Iran’s nuclear programme and using the intelligence gathered to persuade Congress to undermine the talks, according to a report on Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal cited senior administration officials as saying the Israeli espionage operation began soon after the US opened up a secret channel of communications with Tehran in 2012, aimed at resolving the decade-long standoff over Iran’s nuclear aspirations. The apparent decision by the White House to leak the allegations is the latest symptom of the growing gulf between Barack Obama’s administration and Binyamin Netanyahu’s government over the Iran talks, in which the Israeli leader suspects US officials of being ready to make too many concessions at the expense of Israeli security. Intelligence analysts suggested that the leak reflects the degree of anger in Washington at Netanyahu’s actions, and could mark a more serious blow to the already tottering relationship.  The leak has come exactly a week before a deadline for the US-Iranian negotiations in Lausanne to produce a framework agreement. According to the report, the US has long been aware that Israel is among the shortlist of countries with the most aggressive intelligence operations targeting America, alongside Russia, China and France. It said American diplomats attending the talks in Austria and Switzerland were briefed by US counterintelligence officials about the threat of Israeli eavesdropping. It also raised the possibility that Israel gathered intelligence about the US position by spying on other participants in the negotiations, from western Europe, Russia, China or Iran. US intelligence had previously provided help to the Israelis to spy on the Iranians, the report said.

Well it’s time to stop helping Israel.  Let Israel do its own work, fight its own wars, lick its own wounds, pay its own price.

The US also conducts intelligence operations against Israel, and learned of the Israeli spying operation when it intercepted communication between Israeli officials exchanging classified information that US intelligence believed could only have been acquired by espionage.

Israel is not an ally.  Israel only wants to seem like an ally so as to get what it wants from the US.

However, what appears to have upset administration officials more than the spying is the use of the classified intelligence acquired to brief members of the US Congress and to persuade them to torpedo the talks. After Netanyahu addressed Congress this month, 47 Republican senators wrote an open letter to the Iranian leadership, warning it that a successor to Obama could refuse to honour any agreement reached.  “It is one thing for the US and Israel to spy on each other. It is another thing for Israel to steal US secrets and play them back to US legislators to undermine US diplomacy,” the Wall Street Journal quoted a senior US official as saying.

Allies… ha.

‘You Shall Be a Light to the Gentiles…’

Or maybe just stone throwers

Palestinian female child, Sujoud Ibrahim (6) on Saturday sustained injuries and bruises in the head after being stoned by Israeli settlers in from Ma’oun settlement South Hebron district.  Coordinator for popular committee against the wall and settlements in South Hebron, Rateb Jbour said that the settlers of Ma’oun settlement which was constructed on the occupied lands of Yatta village, in a deliberate attack have stoned the child causing her injuries in the head.

Because, you know, why be a light to the Gentiles when you can throw rocks at little kids…


It’s Time For the United States to Sever Ties With Bibi

Not with Israel, but with Bibi.  It’s time for the US to completely ignore his existence and do the right thing and go to the UN and stand with the Palestinians.  The man is a pathological liar.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, in his first American television interview since winning re-election, appeared to back away Thursday from his declaration that he would not allow the establishment of a Palestinian state. “I don’t want a one-state solution,” he told NBC News in an interview. “I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution.”

That’s not what the pathological liar told his electorate in Israel before they foolishly decided to retain him in office.

But he cautioned that “circumstances have to change” for that to happen. He said that the Palestinian leader refuses to recognize Israel and has made a pact with Hamas calling for Israel’s destruction. “And every territory that is vacated today in the Middle East is taken up by Islamist forces,” he said. “We want that to change so we can realize a vision of real, sustained peace.”

And then the biggest lie he’s ever told:

“America has no greater ally than Israel and Israel has no greater ally than the United States.”

HA!  Anyone remember Jonathan Pollard, Israel’s spy in the US?  Anyone recall how Bibi set out to purposefully embarrass the US when VP Biden was visiting Israel and Bibi authorized more settlements in Palestinian territory?  Anyone remember how Bibi told the US Congress that Iraq had WMD and we needed to do something about it?  Anyone remember that Bibi has never seen a war in the Mid East that he didn’t want the US to fight?

Bibi is no ally.  He is a manipulative self aggrandizing sociopath.  The US, if it had any sense at all, would never listen to a thing he said.  He’s as mentally unstable and dangerous as Putin.  They should both be treated exactly the same.