Bad Theology is Bad. And Pentebabbleism is Purely Bad Theology

There’s a certain lunacy and wretchedness in any theological perspective that leads people to believe the sorts of things pentebabbleists believe.

And although I’ve seen more than my fair share of examples of the depths of theological ignorance that pentebabbleism can plumb, this is the lowest of the low.

Pentebabbleism is a sickness.  Watch the video at the link above and you’ll agree.

‘Free Will’ Is A Term Fabricated out of Nothing – Calvin

Calvin writes

Free will [is a] term fabricated out of nothing. Scripture everywhere declares that man is captive, servant and slave of the devil, is carried away by all his inclinations into vice, and is unable to understand what the things of God are, let alone perform them.

He’s not wrong.  You’ll not find the notion of free will in Scripture.

Donald Trump Jr is Selling Bibles…

Not The Onion….

Donald Trump Jr. is selling Bibles on social media.  The eldest son of Donald Trump was accused of “peak grift” over a video in which he promoted the “We The People” Bible that he said defended America’s “Judeo-Christian” values that he claimed are currently under attack.  It comes as key evangelical figures turn their backs on the former president who has launched a third run for the White House amid a slew of investigations into his conduct.

Is anything more absurd.  Read the story and the twitter backlash here.  And then multiply all that rage times infinity and that’s my level of disgust at this godless and atheistic grift.

Old White Guys Beat up Black Kids For Being at a Pool they Claim is ‘Whites Only’

It’s stories like this that cause me to have seriously unpleasant thoughts towards people.  Such vile racism.  Such senseless bigotry.  Their tribe cannot disappear from the earth soon enough.  Would that God would rise up and command the earth to split open and swallow them.

If someone put their hands on my child, or any child in my presence, there would be consequences.

A violent incident captured on video that took place between a group of white men on two Black teenagers at a resort pool in South Africa on Christmas Day has resulted in charges, The New York Times reports.

The teenagers said the fight started when they were told the pool was for “white people only.” Video of the incident shows one man slapping the face of one Black teenager, while another man grabbed the hair of the other Black youth. One of the men put one of the youths in a headlock and they both fell into the pool.

On Wednesday, police announced they had arrested and charged Johan Nel, 33, and Jan Stephanus van der Westhuizen, 47. A third unnamed suspect, 48, is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday on a charge of attempted murder.

“Since the fall of apartheid nearly 30 years ago, South Africans have proudly declared their country a ‘rainbow nation.’ But the encounter, at Maselspoort Resort and Conference Center, adds to a litany of racist episodes that have induced soul searching and hand wringing among South Africans,” The Times’ report stated.

Vile.  Absolutely fantastically vile.  Open up the earth, dear Lord, and remove such evil.

Alright Pentecostals, When is Enough Enough for You? Have You NO Sense of Truth?

Have you NO understanding of doctrine?  Why in the name of God do you allow this kind of blasphemous nutbaggery to exist in your midst?  This is YOUR guy.  Do something with him.

Act like Christians instead of satan worshippers and heretics.  Remove this vile wretch from his pulpit.

What? There’s a Mega-Church Pastor Out There Who Is Fleecing the Flock? Well Color me Shocked…

A prominent New York City pastor who went viral over the summer after he was robbed during a live stream has been arrested and hit with numerous charges, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Lamor Whitehead is a Brooklyn-based pastor and community leader known for his flamboyant wardrobe and displays of wealth. He has also been noted for his connections with several high-profile public figures, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

The DOJ announced on Monday that Whitehead had been arrested that morning.

According to the official statement, the pastor is accused of defrauding one of his parishioners out of their retirement savings, attempting to commit fraud and extortion against a businessman, and lying to the FBI. The parishioner and businessman that he allegedly targeted were not identified in the announcement.

“As we allege today, Lamor Whitehead abused the trust placed in him by a parishioner, bullied a businessman for $5,000, then tried to defraud him of far more than that, and lied to federal agents,” Damian Williams, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, said in a statement. “His campaign of fraud and deceit stops now.”

Another damned (and I use that word in its purely biblical sense of eternally condemned) mega church wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Such a person is a curse and a plague and a tool of Satan for the besmirching of the true Body of Christ.

Kanye Belongs in a Mental Institution

It’s time for someone in Kanye’s circle to have him committed to a mental institution.  He needs to be off the streets.

Antisemite Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, gave Jewish people some unsolicited advice on Adolf Hitler while being interviewed by Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes on Monday.  “Jewish people, forgive Hitler today,” Kanye said. “Let it go. Let it go. Stop trying to force it on other people.”

He needs to be locked away somewhere.  He can’t go to prison for such remarks, but he shouldn’t be out amongst the public.

Barth and the Angels and Demons

Barth famously said that when the angels get together to play, they play Mozart.†

Less well known is the fact that Barth went on to say that when the demons get together to play, they enter the swineherd of politicians and play politics.‡

† – This is true.
‡ – While it IS true that when the demons get together to play, they enter the swineherd of politicians and play politics, it isn’t true that Barth said it. But he should have. Because it’s true.

The Deplorably Perverted Pedophile Texas Pastor David Walther

I wish that somehow or other these perverted reprobates could be weeded out before they ever preached their first sermon.  Frankly I wish God would take care of them himself.

A 56-year-old pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Round Rock, Texas who was caught with”BDSM” and bestiality-themed child pornography in his possession admitted he has an addiction, the Department of Justice alleges. David Lloyd Walther now faces federal charges for distribution, receipt, transportation and possession of child pornography.

Now there’s a guy that God could visit all the plagues on.  All.  Of.  Them.

According to the affidavit, which Law&Crime is not sharing in this instance because of how detailed it is, the pastor had a “BDSM” folder containing an image of a nude boy with a collar on his neck and being sexually abused, a similar image of a female toddler, and images of nude young boys and girls being restrained by ropes and tools. A “Zoo” folder allegedly contained a bestiality video involving a dog and a female toddler “likely less than three years old.”

Hell awaits.

It’s situations like these that become the most pressing in terms of Theodicy for me.  Where is the God of vengeance?  Where is the vengeance of God?

Canada Will Allow The Murder of the Mentally Ill Beginning in March

Not the Onion.  This is a new level of evil.

On March 17, assisted dying will become legal for Canadians with a mental disorder as their sole condition, and Ms. Leblanc can apply.

Mental disorders, by their very definition, render people incapable of processing choices and consequences properly.  To enable people to die at their own hand because they suffer from a mental disorder is simply evil.  Indeed, how is it different from the Nazi practice of killing the mentally ill?

She has been struggling with mental illness since she was 8 years old. At 13, she was prescribed her first trial of anti-depressants; now at 31, she has tried too many medications to count, and spent much of her life either in therapy or waiting on a list to receive it. Bounced between doctors, she has been given multiple diagnoses – depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder.

She wavers between wanting to die and trying to live, especially for her 11-year-old son who is cared for by her parents. 

She wavers between wanting to live and wanting to die….  and yet the State is happy enough to let her die even though a moment later she may want to live.  Mentally ill people can’t properly make life or death decisions!

Indeed, if a person is declared mentally ill, they can’t be punished for murdering another person with ultimate severity because it’s understood that they don’t understand the consequences of their actions.  And yet Canada thinks letting mentally ill people take their own lives is a good idea.

Evil.  Canada is no utopia.  It’s a killing field.

‘Apologies’: How They Are Mostly Absurd

When people do things they know they shouldn’t the simple fact is that when they are found out they apologize, not because they are truly repentant and will change their behavior and learn to be a better person, but because they are sorry they got caught.

Celebrities are well known for this.  They do or say something stupid and evil and they get raked for it and they ‘apologize’ with some cleverly worded (and constructed by their publicity team and not themselves) statement of regret but this is never followed by any genuine act of penance.

Common folk too do the same though.  They do something awful, get caught, and apologize (but scarcely ever do an act of penance, i.e., truly change.

How do I know I’m right?  Because people who do wrong and who feel badly, genuinely, for it apologize before they are found out.  Before they are caught.  Regret takes hold and it eviscerates pride and humility takes root and humility issues a heartfelt ‘I’m sorry’ and the behavior lying beneath the evil is abandoned and that person is changed for the better.

Apologies before exposure of the wrong are genuine.  Apologies after exposure of the wrong are fraud and just more sin because they are not authentic.  They are a lie designed to protect the sinner not repudiate the sin.

‘God Forbid’- The Chief Takeaways

@BillyCorben -watching #GodForbid, the #JerryFalwell documentary on Hulu.

Jerry and wife…. gag. So disgusting. utter swine and frauds. No wonder they hate it being shown.

@JerryFalwellJr is more perverse than anyone you know. Vile. No wonder he is a fan of the former guy. Birds of a feather, but Falwell is worse because he pretends Christianity.

UPDATE: Having finished it I can only assert that the Falwell’s are predators; their ilk are the servants of Satan; and there is nothing at all of Christ in the Falwell’s or their Christian Nationalism.

May God almighty defeat them.