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A Peek Inside the Private Facilities of NT Wright

Do you remember, by chance, the tv show ‘the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’?  Well there’s a new series coming called ‘the privies of the New Testament Scholars’.  It looks to be incredibly exciting.  One of their first shows features the privy of none less than NT Wright!


Word on the street is that Mike Bird and Chris Tilling, in their ongoing effort to ‘Be Like Wright’, have copies of this painting in their own privies and in fact James Crossley has it as well!  Glory!

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Happy Ember Day!

An Episcopal Priest has posted on her timeline on the twitter that it’s something called ‘Ember Day’!  Why hasn’t anyone told me about this joyful celebration before?  Why have you been keeping this a secret from me, people!

Happy Ember Day!  Greetings to all the heretics out there who are less thrilled about it than I am… I’ll see you soon!



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The Lutherans Satirize the Pentebabbleists

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Church Life

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An old miser, because of his exceptional thrift, had no friends. Just before he died, he called his doctor, lawyer and minister together around his bedside.

“I have always heard that you can’t take it with you, but I am going to prove you can,” he said. “I have $90,000 cash under my mattress. It’s in three envelopes of $30,000 in each. When I pass on I want each of you to take an envelope and just before they throw the dirt on me, you throw your envelope in.”

The three attended the funeral and each threw his envelope in the grave. On the way back from the cemetery the minister said, “I just don’t feel exactly right. My conscience hurts me. I’m going to confess. I needed $10,000 badly for a new church we are building, so I took out $10,000 and threw the $20,000 in the grave.”

The doctor said, “I too, must confess, I am building a hospital and I took $20,000, and threw in only $10,000.

The lawyer said “Gentlemen, I’m surprised, shocked and ashamed of you. I don’t see how you could hold out like that. I threw in my personal check for the full amount.”

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The Best Art Memes…

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Bloggers and Their Vans

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