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Calvin the Baptist


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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

He’s become a fan of baseball and he attended his first Yankees game!  Watch what happens when he gets the chance to grab a couple of foul balls and a toss from the base coach…

Sometimes the Only Thing That Comes to Mind is Profanity

Jerome writes in response to a letter he has received and which he is not comfortable answering-

… the matters concerning which you ask my opinion are such that they cannot either be spoken of or listened to without profanity.

We’ve all been there, Jerome.  We’ve all been there.

AAR Gathers For Dinner At their Annual Meeting Soiree

[NB- dear souls completely lacking either wit or humor. Calm yourselves. I know that AAR isn’t comprised either of all cats or a crazy woman. I like some of the people in AAR. A few. A couple. Ralph Keen].

10 Points to Mounce

Or, that awkward moment when some guy tries to correct an expert and gets a lesson himself:


Quote of the Day


Church Growth Truth



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