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Curse You, Eric Cline… With Your .5% Ness… But I Still Have Something You Don’t…

Being in the 1% – Free


Cline being in the .5% – Free


But being the only person Israel Finkelstein follows- Priceless!


So take that, Cline… Mr .5% you….

As You, Over the Next Months, Prepare for #aarsbl15…

Do make note of this important truth:  if you find yourself in a session whereat folk look like the people on the right, you’ve accidentally stumbled into an AAR session.

Doubtless you’ll be able to know in advance that you’re approaching an AAR session by the stench of body odor, marijuana, unwashed hair, and unwashed clothing.  But in case you miss those cues, let your eyes inform you of your error.

On the other hand, if the folk on the left are the lot you see, you’ll discover yourself in the midst of a session both worthwhile and odor free (except for the light scent of whatever cologne the upper middle classes are wearing these days)

Visual cues can keep you safe, so pay attention to them.  If you don’t, you’ll spend your evening trying to bleach your nose’s inner lining to rid it of the lingering grossness.


UPDATE:  Alas, poor ‘Unofficial’ SBL facebookers- I’ve put together a little personal message for you.  Enjoy.

Blogger Posters and Essays: #SBL2015

I’ve managed to discover various posters and essays which bloggers you know and love will be presenting in Atlanta.  I think they’re really going to get people talking.  I am certainly looking forward to them.