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Hymns That I Can Sing

via Christian Brady.

The Bee Continues to Goad Snopes- And It’s Glorious

Popular fact-checking website has announced its first official hard copy Bible: the Snopes Fact Check Study Bible.

The study Bible is designed to undermine your faith at every turn by performing shoddily researched fact checks of every claim the Scriptures make.

“Did Jesus rise from the dead? Fact check: LEGEND,” the notes read in the gospels.

“Is Jesus Christ the Truth? Fact check: FALSE. Snopes is the only verifiable truth,” another callout bubble reads in the Gospel of John.

Jesus’s parables are the target of frequent fact checks in the study Bible, as Snopes authors seem to be unable to tell the difference between Jesus’s obviously allegorical stories and historical narratives. The Bible contains a three-page-long fact check of the story of the prodigal son, for instance, pointing out that no historical evidence was ever found that the character in the parable ever existed.

One well-researched fact check asks whether or not Jesus even existed, concluding that results are “MIXED.” The Snopes Bible points to evidence such as the fact that no one living today has seen Jesus and also that it’d be really inconvenient if His claims about Himself were true.

“If you’ve ever read the Bible and been unsure about what you’re reading, the Snopes Fact Check Study Bible is for you,” said a Snopes spokesperson. “Now you can actually be sure of God’s Word because the infallible Snopes writers are telling you what to believe right there on the page.”

“Is the Snopes Study Bible on sale for $49.99 now? Fact check: TRUE,” the spokesperson concluded.

So fun.

Get Several for the Church Youth / College Kids

Famous Quotes Attributed to Jesus But Which Come from Others

Via Brant’s facebook page.  And now you know.

Signs of the Times

Wedding Foot Washings…


Along our northern border.  And keep these weirdos out of our country!

Father’s Day Sermons Inspire All

Because everyone should be included in everything.  Making people feel left out- well it’s just not our way anymore.

In celebration of Father’s Day, the nation’s pastors reportedly spent the whole sermon praising fathers, single mothers, people who take care of pets and feel like a father, and also people who take care of a Tamagotchi electronic pet.

“If you’re a father out there, or you feel like a father, or you temporarily want to identify as a father for the sake of being celebrated today, or you’ve ever been within 100 yards of a father, or you have a cat which is kinda like being a father, or you have a Tamagotchi electronic pet you’ve been taking care of since the ’90s, please stand so we can recognize you,” one pastor at a megachurch in Seattle said. “Thank you so much for your service.”

Pastors said they just didn’t want anyone to feel left out.

“What if we have a Father’s Day and celebrate fathers and we make people feel left out because they’re not, you know, a father?” a Des Moines Baptist megachurch told reporters. “We don’t want to exclude anyone by pretending fathers are special just for one day, so we just celebrate everyone.”

“And when everyone’s special, that’s just a great thing,” he added.

Be Sure to Tend Your Fussy Academic… So It Doesn’t Pitch a Tantrum

Remember, academics are frequently in need of affirmation and attention.  If they don’t get it, they get fussy.

Are You Testing Me, Satan?

Because I feel like you’re testing me. I’m sorely tested…

UPDATE: Carol, a lovely person, says it’s a typo…. On Carol, there’s no such thing… GET BEHIND ME Satan!

Luther’s Wife and Her Awesome Lips…

Sorry you can’t see them- Luther had her wear this mouth muzzle…

I guess when you need women to keep silent in Church, you convince them the mouth muffler is the fashion trend to adopt…

NB- calm down.

I Love this Footnote

And kudos to the editor who allowed it!  Via Kara Schlichting on the twitter-

Specific Prayers are Better than General Prayers…

Chris Tilling Has Been Wearing These For Years…

The horror is just one of the things you have to endure when you room with him at SBL.

This Made Me Laugh

Via Unvirtuous Abbey

The Church Business Meeting

Zwingli Didn’t Actually Like, or Eat Sausage

Though he didn’t mind others who did…

Cartoon of Reformersvia

Reformed and Cannibal

It’s Rained So Much Here…

That killer whales are in the streets…

via Don Grant


In case you haven’t seen this yet…