Your Favorite Biblical Scholars In Art

It may seem odd but some of your favorite scholars have been portrayed, as tiny children, in works of art.  When little, their parents allowed them to ‘sit’ as models.  The results are simultaneously appalling and hilarious.  Behold:

It’s Geek Day, ‘May The Fourth…’

Unsurprisingly, numerous of the bibliobloggers you love and admire are dressing up as their favorite fantasy/ sci fy characters…  only heaven knows why (but I’m guessing some sort of mental illness)…

Old Women Aren’t Always Like a Precious Granny

“When I was a boy the story was once told about Satan’s inability to start a quarrel between a man and his wife who loved each other deeply. He achieved his purpose through an old woman, who placed a sharp knife under the pillow of each of them. Then she told each [about the knife under the other’s pillow]. The man found the knife [under his wife’s pillow] and killed his wife. Then Satan approached the old woman and held out a pair of shoes to her on a long stick. When she asked why he didn’t come closer Satan replied, ‘You’re worse than I am, for you’ve done to the man and his wife what I couldn’t do.’  — Martin Luther