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Luther’s Wife and Her Awesome Lips…

Sorry you can’t see them- Luther had her wear this mouth muzzle… I guess when you need women to keep silent in Church, you convince them the mouth muffler is the fashion trend to adopt… NB- calm down.

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Solomon Didn’t Always Make the Best Decisions…

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From the FB page of J Andrew Doole

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I Love this Footnote

And kudos to the editor who allowed it!  Via Kara Schlichting on the twitter-

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If You Don’t Immerse When you Baptize, You Baptize Like the Devil Does…

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Trump: “Ich spritze mir selbst seit Jahren Desinfektionsmittel – und hat es mir geschadet?”

Washington (dpo) – Am Donnerstag schockierte Donald Trump die medizinische Welt mit dem Vorschlag, Corona-Patienten durch die Injektion von Desinfektionsmittel zu heilen. Schließlich halten Ärzte dieses Verhalten für lebensgefährlich. Doch der US-Präsident erklärte, er selbst habe gute Erfahrungen damit gemacht. “Jeden … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times…

Number 6…….

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The Last Supper, Today

Via James Mustard on the FB-

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John Wesley: Proto Mormon

via Joel ‘The Methodist’ Watts on the FB.

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Look, I Don’t Know This Guy, But He’s a Monster

He’s got books up against cinder blocks.  Books!!!!!  Next to (rubbing against with their soft book skin) sandpaper rough blocks.  MONSTROUS! Why not just go ahead and flay your books with a glass tipped whip, you monster. Monster. DON’T BE … Continue reading

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Zwingli Didn’t Actually Like, or Eat Sausage

Though he didn’t mind others who did… via

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Ladies, I’m Usually on Your Side… But, to you on this Matter, I say REPENT!

In 1674 during the great Coffee War you women were just dead WRONG!  Down with your untrue aspersions on coffee- God’s gift of goodness and joy.  Sinner women, repent!!!!!  Coffee isn’t enfeebling nor liquor!  Sinners!!!!  Away with your scandalous pamphlet … Continue reading

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Mike Bird’s ‘Devil’s Commentary’ on Romans

This was no mere typo…. From Mike Bird’s ‘Romans’ Commentary.  Also known as the Devil’s Commentary on Romans. Via JRRRRRR Dodson on the twitter. For shame, Prof. Bird.  Immorality indeed….

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The ‘Official’ 2020 AAR Annual Meeting Uniform

And yes, it’s unisex-

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With Valentine’s Day Approaching… Karl Barth Has a Book For You

Recently discovered in the Barth Archives at Princeton, a manuscript Barth wrote just weeks before his demise.  Printed in a perfect replica of his meticulous tiny hand writing, this book is sure to make waves in the theological world. Get … Continue reading

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The REAL Martin Luther

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Neander even Found Neander Boring

Via Christoph Markschies

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It’s All About the Beer for You, Isn’t it Martin?

Luther comments on John 6:54 thusly- For instance, if I were to say: “Wittenberg beer quenches the thirst, but Annaberg beer does so too,” I would not be excluding any other beer from doing the same thing. But matters change … Continue reading

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If Pastors Priced Services Like Hospitals Do

Prayer for you- $10 Prayer for your family- $15 Prayer for your extended family- $20 Prayer for ‘the world’- $50 Prayer for your Pet- $10,000 Prayers at Community Events, Family Reunions, and all other Non-Church Gatherings- $490,000 Home Visit- $50 … Continue reading

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Science Proves It: I’m The Smartest Guy in the Room

That’s no idle boast, simple readers. It’s sciency stuff. Here’s the proof.

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