AAR Gathers For Dinner At their Annual Meeting Soiree

[NB- dear souls completely lacking either wit or humor. Calm yourselves. I know that AAR isn’t comprised either of all cats or a crazy woman. I like some of the people in AAR. A few. A couple. Ralph Keen].

This Sounds Exactly Like A Session at AAR

And it’s not a parody!  And it’s not from the Onion!!!

You may have been to a Go Topless event, but did you know that the group that puts on the annual event is actually a religion that’s all about cloning, extraterrestrials and sex and, one might say, freedom.

Go Topless Day was founded in eight years ago by a man who calls himself Raël, the spiritual leader of the Raëlian Movement, in reaction to the arrest of Phoenix Feeley, a topless activist who was arrested for going topless in New York in 2005. Because toplessness is legal there, Feeley scored a $29,000 settlement from the city for her wrongful arrest. However, she was arrested again in New Jersey for going topless in 2013.

The Go Topless events started out in four cities in 2007, according to Lara Terstenjak, who produces it annually in Venice Beach. It is now held in over 60 cities, and how topless you can go depends on each city. Since women can’t go topless in L.A., they must wear pasties or tape over their nipples. It’s been legal for women to go topless in New York since 1992, so women there don’t bother with the pasties. In San Francisco, being naked is pretty whatever, so only two women actually showed up their event in 2013. And while the breasts are freely bouncing in those cities, a woman was cited in Chicago last year for showing up to the event with only paint covering her nipples.

AAR, here they come1

1For the love of pete, don’t send a bunch of angry emails about how I shouldn’t make fun of AAR because it’s a serious association and should be taken seriously. Geesh. Lighten up, have a Diet Coke, and read a book. I like many of the people in AAR. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have some bizarros who cry out for a right proper mocking.