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The Blogger Get Together: SBL 2013

Six years ago… seems like a lifetime.


A lovely time was had by all and I even managed to run into Ido Koch and Bob Cargill before the gathering commenced.  After a moment I’m off to the Sheffield reception and then I’ll hit the hay and pray for good traveling weather for us all tomorrow.

The QR Haters ‘Won’

SBL has withdrawn the QR nametag thing.  So, those lacking ethics, feel free to share your nametags with as many people as you want because why should people actually pay for attending a conference they attend when they can scam their way through it?

When The SBL Book Hall Opens: This Is What It Looks Like…

If you’ve been to SBL, you know this is true. This is what it looks like when the doors open.

Something Cool from SBL

If you’re a member you got this email today:

We sometimes hear from members that the size of the Annual Meeting program book makes it difficult to find papers related to one’s specific areas of interest. With an average of over 500 sessions and 1,800 papers at SBL’s Annual Meeting, it can be a challenge to identify those you want to hear, particularly when they are located in sessions you might not typically search. Moreover, a paper using Intersectional Analysis may be in a Paul and Politics session, without Intersectional Analysis appearing in the title of the session or the paper.

To help you locate sometimes hard-to-find papers, SBL has added an additional tool for searching the Annual and International Meeting program books and database.

This tool came out of two initiatives. First, in 2013 SBL launched a member profile that allows you to select your scholarly interests and specializations. At that time, we began tagging meeting papers with these specializations. Second, SBL is developing SBLCentral (, which also makes use of these tags so that you may choose to be notified automatically when books and book reviews are published in you areas of interest. We expect SBLCentral to be available with this feature in early 2020.

In the meantime, you may now try a version of this tool to search the meeting program book.

Here’s how it works. When you go to the Online Program Book, you’ll be prompted to login with your email address and SBL password. Once logged in, the specializations you already entered in your member profile will be automatically populated in a drop-down list. Choose one or all of your specializations and select search. The search results will include papers in a session that have a tag with your specialization.

Now you can find papers by title, keyword, and specialization tag.

We hope you find this useful in order to take advantage of the wealth and diversity of scholarship you and your colleagues produce at each and every meeting. We hope it also helps you find new colleagues who share your research interest.

John F. Kutsko
Executive Director

SBL Early Registration Deadline Looms

SBL emails-

The last chance to take advantage of the Super Saver Registration rates for the SBL Annual Meeting 2019 is Thursday, May 23. If you haven’t registered for the SBL Annual Meeting 2019 yet, the Super Saver registration rates are in effect through the end of the day (11:59 pm Eastern Time), Thursday, May 23. After this day they will increase an additional $50 so please to make sure to register with this link. You will need your SBL Membership number and a valid Mastercard, Visa, or American Express credit card available when you register. Also, to receive the SBL member discounted rate you MUST log in to the SBL page too. Log in information is located on the left side of the page. If you do not log in, you’ll only see non-member and affiliate rates, which are much higher.

I won’t be in San Diego (although it’s a lovely city) because I will be lecturing in Hong Kong in October.  I will, though, be in Boston.  And I think I’m going to go solo in 2020.  Let’s see what a room by myself is like.

Have fun this year.  See you next time.

SECSOR 2020 (SBL Southeast) Call For Papers

The 2020 annual meeting Call for Papers is available now. This promises to be one of SECSOR’s largest conferences ever. Please submit your proposal early.

That seems very optimistic, but, OK.

SBL Southeast News Regarding the 2019 Meeting

The great leader writes on facebook-

SECSOR has moved to a college/university venue. SECSOR 2019 will be held on the campus of East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. There are many hotels near campus. Attendees will make their own hotel reservations. There will be a link available soon for you to purchase an ECU parking permit that will be good for the entire conference (March 8-10, 2019) for $5.00. The parking permit must be purchased through ECU’s link that will be available soon.

Here’s the registration link.  Other information will be posted on the SECSOR page.   If you google ‘hotels near East Carolina University’ you can find those nearby.

Personally, I think making your own hotel arrangements is the way to go.  Conference hotel costs always include a cut for the conference organizers or the third party booking agents they use, which means your costs are higher.

Well That’s Confusing…

UPDATE: The SBL emails


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The newsletter dates are incorrect. The Annual Meeting in San Diego will be November 23-26 2019

So there’s that sorted. Jot the dates down in your calendar (or for the Brits, your ‘diary’.

Today in its email, SBL writes

“the 2019 Annual Meetings will be held November 16-19 in San Diego, California.”

Yet on the sbl website they have-

Annual Meetings 2019
San Diego, California
November 23-26

My suspicion is that the Nov 23-26 date is correct, since that’s the weekend before Thanksgiving.  But at present, I’m confused.

The 2019 SBL Call For Papers is Open December 19

Well there ya go…

2019 Call for Papers

Co-hosted by the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion, the 2019 Annual Meetings will be held November 16-19 in San Diego, California. The call for papers for the 2019 Annual Meeting will open on December 19. Proposals will be accepted through 6 March 2019. You can review the program units participating in 2019 here.

New Annual Meeting Program Unit Applications

Applications for new program units for the Annual Meeting are due January 15.
Submit your application here.

36 Hours In Denver: what To do While You’re In Town…

I’m not sure why but just today the New York Times has a story about things to do in Denver…  Does the NYT know we’re all headed that way for #SBLAAR18 or something?

Anyway- here are the highlights:

The RiNo district also teems with culinary intrigue, from the new Super Mega Bien serving Mexican tapas dim-sum style to the contemporary wood-fired grill Acorn. Because reservations are hard to come by, hit Hop Alley early. The chef Tommy Lee, who also runs Uncle, a ramen-specialist in LoHi, serves regional Chinese fare with a focus on fine ingredients and the use of a wood grill in a former soy sauce factory where hip-hop commonly rings out across the lively dining room. Most of the vegetable, protein, noodle and rice dishes seem designed to share, including savory kung pao cauliflower ($15), grilled octopus with spicy gochujang sauce ($27) and garlic shrimp noodles ($23). Several of the cocktails come in large-format shareable sizes too.

I’m in!  See you there.

Coffee Spots in Downtown Denver #SBLAAR18

You’re welcome-

How Come I’m the Only Person Interested in Diversity at SBL?

Just imagine how many different people we could hear from if folk at SBLwere actually limited to one paper.  Just imagine how many new ideas we would hear if people didn’t think theirs were the only ideas that mattered and thus they needed multiple platforms….  Just imagine how enjoyable it would be is folk self regulated and only presented at one session….   

So how come I’m the only person interested in real, practical, actual diversity at SBL?  

‘When You’re Famous they Let You do Anything…’

They even let you read three papers at a conference that thousands attend and hundreds submit papers to but most are declined and yet you’re so important that you get to read three!  That’s bangin important…

The SBL Annual Meeting, Instagram, and a Photo Contest

Well this should be a lot of fun!  First, the Annual Meeting is on Instagram.  AND- there’s a photo contest!

Photo Contest

1. Take a photo of the Exhibit Hall Entrance, Annual Meetings Tote Bag, Annual Meetings signage, or Program Book.

Okie dokie!

2. Take a photo with your favorite session author, presenter, or panelist.

So, of myself.  Will do!

3. Take a photo of you buying a book.

Can it be of me being given one or do I actually have to buy one with money?

4. Take a photo of your favorite Denver meal.

15 a day to choose from on that one.

5. Networking matters. Introduce yourself to someone new and snap a selfie.

I know everyone who is anyone but maybe I’ll find some lowly grad kid and have them pay me to be in a pic with me.

6. Take a photo of your favorite Denver landmark.

I do the touristy thing when I’m not in the book hall.  So will do.

7. Take a selfie at a Sponsor’s booth (for a list of sponsors see your Annual Meeting Program Book).

I don’t know… this one might be a challenge.

8. Take a selfie with the Big Blue Bear.

Erm……  So have you roomed with Chris Tilling too?

9.  Take a shoefie (photo of your shoes) with your favorite convention center or hotel carpet.

I will do!

10. For bonus points, find the Instagram photo spot (you’ll recognize the hashtag #sblaar18) in front of the exhibit hall and take a creative photo!

Consider it done.  I’m all in!  I’m 100% millennial when it comes to reasons to take the selfies.

#SBLAAR18 Weather in Denver

It looks like it’s shaping up to be a lovely week!

SBL in Days Gone By – 2005 – And Soon #SBLAAR18


SBL in Days Gone By – 2007 – and Soon #SBLAAR18

SBL in Days Gone By- 2009 – and Soon #SBLAAR18


The SBL AAR Annual Meeting App Is Available in the iTunes Store

SBL & AAR 2018 Annual Meetings conference app is your full featured guide to manage you SBL and AAR Annual Meetings attendance.

App features include: 
• Native app: No wifi connection required to access the conference program, schedule or animated maps. 
• Now: Stay informed about hot issues, event program changes, your upcoming sessions and organizer messages. 
• Program: Browse the entire event program to build your personal schedule, bookmark sessions or speakers, or access session handouts as available. 
• Take notes and email them as part of your trip report for reference. 
• Exhibitors, Maps, related conference info and much more. 

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

It’s SBL Buzzword Announcement Time

Please take note that all papers delivered at the annual meeting of SBL must include at least one of the following:

  • masculinity
  • toxic masculinity
  • white privilege
  • patriarchy (not Patriarchs- they no longer exist – being myths created by the patriarchy)
  • feminist perspective
  • womanist
  • womanism

If your paper does not include at least a few of these, please expect to be denounced as ‘patriarchal’ and profoundly guilty of exercising your ‘white privilege’ (which you, sad dolt that you are, don’t even know you’re a beneficiary of).*

* Calm down. It’s just jesting mockery intended to point out the true fact that every year at SBL papers always adopt a buzzword…