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The Anniversary of Julius Wellhausen’s Birth

There’s no question at all that Julius Wellhausen has been far more influential in the field of Old Testament studies than most others.    I mention him now because it was on the 17th of May in 1844 that he was … Continue reading

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Jesus: His Life – ‘Serving Old Wine in a New Bottle’

CNN had some guy I’ve never heard of review the first night of the History Channel’s go at Jesus for Easter.  He writes According to History, the project represents an effort to tell Jesus’ story “in a new way.” Yet … Continue reading

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Ireland and the Reception of the Bible

There’s an interview on the contents of a new volume over on the T&T Clark blog.  It will be of interest to many of you.

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The March Madness Edition of the Biblical Studies Carnival

Our 145th Biblical Studies Carnival launches with posts focusing on the Old Testament /Hebrew Bible.   The title of the Carnival, though, has nothing to do with the contents except that the Carnival will be a slam dunk of biblioblogging gloriousness … Continue reading

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Free 30 Day Trial Access to the Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception, and Other Important Volumes

Test EBR Online, HBR, JBR, ZAW, ZNW and SBR yourself and activate your 30 days of free online trial.  Your access token: ebr0197820.  How to get access: Additionally, you can find additional information here, including brief ‘reviews’ of certain articles. Other article reviews from Volume … Continue reading

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#ICYMI: NT Wright Ascends to Heaven From Bible Conference in Houston!

Witnesses say that just before he was seen to fly skyward without a rocket pack, he spread out his arms, and then up he went, shouting ‘buy my giant book which is very much like all my other less giant … Continue reading

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St Luke, The Artist

Most folk are familiar with the tradition that Luke was a Physician.  But did you know that he has also been, in the history of Reception, an artist? Rogier van der Weyden 1399/1400 – 1464 St Luke Drawing the Virgin … Continue reading

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So, At CBA I’m Doing a Paper on The Reception of the Bible in Catholic/ Protestant Diatribe in the 16th c.

I know, you can hardly stand not being able to hear it.  Go to CBA in August in New Orleans.  Anyway, researching the material has been super fun because I get to acquaint myself with gems like this: As you … Continue reading

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Down in Atlanta This Week…

This is what’s going on at Emory– For those of you in the Atlanta (GA, USA) area, Dr. Christopher Rowland, recently retired from the Dean Ireland’s Professorship at the University of Oxford, will be presenting two Reception History lectures. The … Continue reading

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Biblioblogdom Explained…

Let him (and her) who has ears to hear, hear… 

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Let Him Who Has Ears to Hear…

Hear… the screams of those in eternal torment.  Because they didn’t do the right thing. A fuller picture so that you get the total sensation of your own roasting… sinners…

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“Biblle” scholars to The Rescue!

I look forward to the double L gang riding into town down Atlanta way to stir up some true Bible knowing-stuff-ness… Thank you, CNN!

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Workshop on Exodus in Film

At Exeter Bible films are currently undergoing an intriguing renaissance. 2014 saw two big-budget representations of the Hebrew Bible in the form of Noah and Exodus:Gods and Kings, and more cinematic treatments of biblical material are on their way: Mary … Continue reading

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The De Gruyter Prize

The De Gruyter Prize for Biblical Studies and Reception History call for submissions is open. This prize has been established to encourage biblical scholars at the early stages of their careers. De Gruyter will support this award with an annual … Continue reading

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Ham, and Cheesy

At the Creation Museum, it is the season when staff in biblical garb greet visitors next to dinosaur skeletons and volunteers portraying Joseph and Mary cradle a baby Jesus doll while real-life camels, sheep and donkeys graze in the grounds … Continue reading

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The ‘I Can’t Believe SBL is Just Around the Corner’ Biblical Studies Carnival

This month’s Carnival is a chronological overview of the best posts of not just the month, but of each day of the month.  And they all lead up to the ginormous festival we lovingly call the SBL Annual Meeting.  It’s … Continue reading

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Brennan Breed on Reception History

In Bible and Interpretation– Reception historians do not necessarily focus on art or literature. One could analyze the Bible’s role in advertising, politics, scientific discourse, historiography, hagiography, or anything in between. How could one decide whether to classify one of … Continue reading

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Call for Submissions: The History of Reception of Biblical Texts

Peter Lang Verlag has just launched a new series concentrating on Reception History: Biblical reception history is an important modern methodological approach to understanding and interpreting the biblical text, not merely as it stands in the Bible, but as it … Continue reading

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So Far, the Response Has Been Very Gratifying

The proposals so far sent for consideration of inclusion in the History of Reception of the Bible series by Peter Lang Verlag have been stellar.  We are in the process now of evaluating them and making further inquiries and recommendations. … Continue reading

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Peter Lang Verlag Tweets

If you go here you can read more.  Contact me if you would like the directions for submissions.

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