It’s Time to Get a Devotional Guide In Time for the New Year

Zwingli and Bullinger have a recommendation for you:

ZwingliBullingerDevotionalBook2We love this book. Love it. LOVE IT. Never in the history of Christianity has a book so profound been made available to the masses for a price so reasonable. Reading it is a theological education in a single volume which contains everything necessary for both salvation and proper doctrine.

Were we more excited about it we would resemble tiny puppies laying on their backs getting their bellies rubbed and wetting themselves. That’s how excited we are about this book. – H.B., H.Z.

Wow. I’m super humbled and super honored. First a video recommendation a few months back and now this (again). I just don’t know what to say.

The book is available from the publisher via print on demand, here

“The Progress of Prophecy” – The Very Briefest of Reviews

Several months back a friend, or rather now a former friend, gave me a book by Ben Witherington titled ‘The Progress of Prophecy’.  I’ve read it.  I’ve thought about it, and I’ve thought about what I would say about it.

I could think of nothing at all, until I was reading St. Jerome today and hit on this remark (in its context, a review of sorts of some ideas he’d been sent):

“The ship, as the saying goes, is wrecked in harbour.”

And that epitomizes the work.