Gender Reassignment and Moral Requirement

The Holy See’s congregation for the doctrine of the faith says gender reassignment is ‘against man’s nature’, hence those seeking it lack ‘moral requirement’.  

In case your Catholic history is a tad weak, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is the more appealing name given to The Office of the Holy Inquisition.  

This decision by the Vatican may well displease those who think the Pope is on the side of the left and its agenda.

The Vatican has told a Spanish bishop that transsexuals cannot be godparents after he asked for a formal answer on the matter, the cleric in the diocese of Cadiz and Ceuta said. Bishop Rafael Zornoza Boy said the Vatican’s doctrinal arm replied that transsexuals “publicly show an attitude contrary to the moral requirement to resolve one’s sexual identity problem according to the truth of one’s sex”. In a statement on his diocese’s website, Zornoza Boy said: “Pope Francis has effectively said on several occasions, in line with church teaching, that this behaviour is against man’s nature.” The church “wants to help everyone in their own situation with a compassionate heart, but without denying the truth it preaches,” the bishop added.

Laugh at the Devil

But we should oppose [the Devil] with great spirit and say: “You shall not sadden and frighten me at all. For He has arisen from the dead who has commanded me to be at peace. I shall, therefore, laugh and not wail, as you wish it, as though I were alone and without a helper.”

But experience will teach each person how much labor and how long a time it takes to learn this art. Indeed you have learned the words very easily: “The righteous man will be without any fear; the Christian fears neither sin nor death, but will laugh at the devil and his threats.”

But try it and see whether you can be happy-hearted when your conscience accuses you or heresies and offenses arise. For immediately the flesh begins to tremble and wishes that it could see everything quiet. But since it happens differently and all things which appear before the eyes are unjust, impious, foolish, profane, blasphemous, turbulent, and unquiet, these invisible things about which the Holy Spirit teaches us in this place are driven away by those visible facts. — Martin Luther

A Conference on the Reformation with an Online Component

Emanuel University of Oradea together with the “Ethics and Society” Research Center is organizing a conference dedicated to the Reformation, under the title “The Reformation Revisited: A Revisitation of what the European Reformation Was, How It Occurred, and Why”. The conference will have an online format, which means that those participants who cannot travel to Emanuel University in Oradea, Romania, can sign up for an online presentation of the papers.

The conference aims to be the first of a series of biannual conferences that have the specific purpose of reanalyzing the Reformation in order to present a colorful, yet accurate and relevant  perspective on what the Reformation was, and why it is still relevant today.

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