I Need This Book…. NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I. Need. It.

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Riding for Free

To all the folk riding the coattails of those who are doing all the work and providing all the funding to keep ministries around this country going, you should take a few minutes out of your day to thank the people who are bearing the burden while you skip along bearing nothing.

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And Now For Something Completely Different


via George Takei

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Spineless Politicians or Spineless Theologians: Which Is Worse?

We often excoriate spineless politicians but equally excremental, and in truth more so, are the silent theologians and biblical scholars who can’t be bothered with addressing wrongs in society. They are worse than any spineless politician because their job IS TO SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER.

If they won’t do it, they need to go.

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Do You Support the GOP?

Well unless you’re super rich, it doesn’t support you.

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A Great and Remarkable Analogy: The Onto-Typology of Jonathan Edwards

Edwards proposed that natural types in all of creation served as a communication or language of God, pointing to the antitypes of divine truths. These types are shown to exist all the way down to the cellular and molecular levels of nature. We explore how natural types are not mere poetical assignments of Christian themes onto nature. Rather, these types are ontologically real, in that they eternally existed in the mind of God with intent to communicate divine things to the creature. Thus, we call these natural types onto-types to reflect their ontological significance theologically and spiritually. In Edwards’ scheme, this was an important part of God’s end in creating. Emerging out of Edwards’ comprehensive metaphysics of creation is a portrayal of God’s commitment to emanate knowledge of the divine Self into the creation.

God’s Being is not emanated, resulting in a creation, rather the knowledge and glory of God are emanated into the creation serving to communicate messages of the divine to the creature out of infinite love and faithfulness. Edwards expounded a two-fold method where revelation of this language of nature can be experienced by direct engagement with the beauty in nature and in the study of science and its mechanisms. God’s action in revealing takes the form of willing the creation into being, communicating analogically through onto-types in the physical world, and revealing such knowledge to the creature. In this way, all of nature is the triune God acting: the Father willing into being, Christ communicating, and the Spirit revealing. God’s Trinitarian beauty and magnificent glory are not merely displayed by what has been made, but is intimately shared and delighted in. This, in Edwards’ view, is God’s ultimate end in creating.

A review copy came a while back and I’ll post my review tomorrow or Friday.

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Luther Has Something to Say to the Priests of Molech

For you are an excellent person, as skillful, clever, and versed in Holy Scripture as a cow in a walnut tree or a sow on a harp. — Martin Luther

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It’s Time For the GOP To Step Up And Act Like Adults

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Luther Has Something to Say to The SBC’s Seminaries Concerning their Views on Critical Race Theory

All Christians should be on guard against your antichristian poison. — Martin Luther

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The Bible in the Arts: 2020

This resource continues to provide extremely useful materials-

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52 Days of the Heidelberg Catechism: Day 16

Lord’s Day 16

Q. Why was it necessary for Christ to humble himself even “unto death”?

A. Because with respect to the justice and truth of God, satisfaction for our sins could be made no otherwise, than by the death of the Son of God.

Q. 41. Why was he also “buried”?

A. Thereby to prove that he was really dead.

Q. Since then Christ died for us, why must we also die?

A. Our death is not a satisfaction for our sins, but only an abolishing of sin, and a passage into eternal life.

Q. What further benefit do we receive from the sacrifice and death of Christ on the cross?

A. That by virtue thereof, our old man is crucified, dead and buried with him; that so the corrupt inclinations of the flesh may no more reign in us; but that we may offer ourselves unto him a sacrifice of thanksgiving.

Q. Why is there added, “he descended into hell”?

A. That in my greatest temptations, I may be assured, and wholly comfort myself in this, that my Lord Jesus Christ, by his inexpressible anguish, pains, terrors, and hellish agonies, in which he was plunged during all his sufferings, but especially on the cross, has delivered me from the anguish and torments of hell.

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Job’s No Good, Very Bad Day

I am wasting away, my life is not unending; leave me then, for my days are but a breath. What are human beings that you should take them so seriously, subjecting them to your scrutiny, that morning after morning you should examine them and at every instant test them? Will you never take your eyes off me long enough for me to swallow my spittle? Suppose I have sinned, what have I done to you, you tireless watcher of humanity? Why do you choose me as your target? Why should I be a burden to you? Can you not tolerate my sin, not overlook my fault? For soon I shall be lying in the dust, you will look for me and I shall be no more. (Job 7:16-21)

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Anti-Semitism and Religious Violence as Flawed Interpretations of the Gospel of John

New over at Bible and Interpretation:

Yes, John’s narrative carries a good deal of religious invective—a factor of heated debates with religious leaders in Jerusalem and/or a diaspora setting—but one must go against the clearly counter-violent presentation of Jesus in John to embrace any form of religious violence. Therefore, resorting to violence cannot be supported by an exegetically faithful reading of the Gospel of John. It goes directly against the Johannine stance against violence, corroborated also by the clear teachings of Jesus in the Synoptics.


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Luther, to the US Congress

If you who are assembled in a council are so frivolous and irresponsible as to waste time and money on unnecessary questions, when it is the business of a council to deal only with the important and necessary matters, we should not only refuse to obey you, but consider you insane or criminals. — Martin Luther

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Luther, to the Prophets of Baal

You act and speak as a bride of the devil, expressing what the devil inspires. All blasphemous words of this kind are nothing but childish, mad, sacrilegious ideas, and lies which are not worthy of answer.  – Martin Luther

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Luther, To the President of America

You poisonous loudmouth. – Martin Luther

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Luther, to the Selfish Billionaires of America

May your grain spoil in the barn, your beer in the cellar, your cattle perish in the stall. Yes, your entire hoard ought to be consumed by rust so that you will never enjoy it. – Martin Luther

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Luther to the Politicians of America

God has punished you by making you incapable of understanding truth, virtue, or honor, thus handing you over to the devil to tell nothing but lies, indeed, to do all that is evil, and to upset all that is good. – Martin Luther

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Everyone Talking About Trump’s ‘Pardons’ Needs To Read the Requirements

And calm down.

  • Federal convictions only
  • Five-year waiting period required
  • Credit status and civil lawsuits
  • Character references

If you think Trump and family will meet all of those and the other requirements, then do carry on.

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While Luther Played With the Kids, Melanchthon Taught One of them To Shoot His Crossbow at the Christmas Tree…

Ah, Christian art… you have to love it… or not.


That kid is going to put someone’s eye out.  Hey Philipp, we don’t shoot our crossbows in the house!

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