Bullinger to Myconius- 18 April, 1534

At the end of a letter that Bullinger composed on the 18th of April, 1534, he remarks of Luther:

De Lutheri impudentia nuper libellis quibusdam de privata missa et in Erasmum scriptis (15) vehementer doleo. Video enim hunc hominem ecclesiae dei plus incommodaturum, quam profuerit unquam. Interim vero hunc omnibus in Europa doctis in evangelio praeferre non cessat Bucerus (16),miror, quo consilio. Oecolampadium, virum sanctissimum illum, praedecessore tuum, in istis furiosis rixis palam praedicat a sathana strangulatum periisse. Vide, quid monachus iste audeat. Erasmum prorsum Arrianis adnumerat (17) et convitiorum atque calumniarum plaustra in senem illum et de ecclesia et literis optime meritum effundit (18). Vide, obsecro, quantis in periculis versetur ecclesia, quantis quaciatur persequtionum et tentationum procellis. Dominus conservet nos in veritate (19). Iterum vale.

Luther could be a jerk.  Everyone knew it.  Even Luther.

15 Es handelt sich um Luthers «Von der Winkelmesse und Pfaffenweihe» 1533 (WA XXXVIII 171-256) und seinen Brief an Nikolaus von Amsdorf, um den 11. März 1534 (WA, Briefe VII 27-40), vgl. auch Anm. 17f.

16 Bucer verteidigte Luther in diesem Zusammenhang Bullinger gegenüber bereits am 9. April 1534, s. oben S. 121f, 15-46.

17 In der erwähnten Lutherschrift «Von der Winkelmesse und Pfaffenweihe» 1533 (WA XXXVIII 204, 26-28).

18 Erasmus von Luther als Arianer dargestellt: WA, Briefe VII 33,206-39,415; vgl. oben S. 109, Anm. 8.

19 Vgl. Joh 17, 17.

Islamists Rape Girl Because Her Christian Father (A Pastor) Refused to Close the Church

These people aren’t simply inhuman- they are demonic.

A 17-year-old daughter of a Ugandan Christian pastor was allegedly gang-raped by five Muslim men after her father ignored the men’s threats warning him to stop having worship services at his church located in the Muslim-majority Budaka district.  Morning Star News reports that an unnamed pastor, who preaches at the New Hope Church in the Kaderuna sub-county of the district, received a number of threatening messages and text messages telling him to disband his church in the area because it was responsible for helping lead locals to convert from Islam to Christianity.

If you’re a Muslim and you don’t want to be a Christian, don’t become one.  But to rape a girl because her father is a Christian pastor… there’s no excuse.  Such behavior can’t be ignored nor can a blind eye be turned to it.  No religious excuses can ameliorate it:  it is satanic.

Muslims around the world should rise up against these kinds of things or, to be frank, they play right into the stereotype that Muslims are violent and perverse.  These miscreants belong to their family (whether they like it or not) and the family needs to ‘take care of them’.

Things Melanchthon Said Before He Died

Solchen Glauben zu erlangen hat Gott das Predigtamt eingesetzt, Evangelium und Sacrament gegeben, dadurch er, als durch Mittel, den heiligen Geist gibt, welcher den Glauben, wo und wann er will, in denen, so das Evangelium hören, wirket, welches da lehret, daß wir durch Christus Verdienst, nicht durch unser Verdienst, einen gnädigen Gott haben, so wir solches gläuben.

Things Melanchthon Said Before He Died

Erbsünde (peccatum originale) ist eine angeborene Neigung, ein anerzeugter Drang und Kraft (nativa propensio et quidam genialis impetus et energia), durch die wir zum Sündigen weggezogen werden und die von Adam auf die gesamte Nachkommenschaft fortgepflanzt wurde.

Weekend Pleasure

Today’s the day for a little football and a lot of reading.  No writing on the agenda.  Here’s the volume in hand:


And of course, Chelsea play Manchester United (also known as ManU(re)).


Go Chelsea!!!!!!

Tomorrow is the Anniversary of Melanchthon’s Death

So expect to see a good bit of stuff about him today and tomorrow.  Because.

melanchPHILIP MELANCHTHON, or MELANTHON (often incorrectly spelled Melancthon), born 1497; professor at Wittenberg, 1518 to his death, 1560. The foundation of Lutheran Systematic Theology was laid in his Loci Communes Rerum Theologicarum seu Hypotyposes Theologicæ (1521), which had its origin in a brief outline prepared for his own private use, and afterwards dictated to his students as an introduction to his lectures on the epistle to the Romans. During the author’s life it passed through eighty editions, was greatly enlarged, and on certain points, as, for example, the Freedom of the Will, its doctrine was materially changed. For details, the English reader is referred to the article MELANCHTHON, prepared by the author of this sketch, in McClintock and Strong’s Cyclopædia, vol. vi. The collection of Melanchthon’s works in the Corpus Reformatorum affords the student the best facility for the critical study of Melanchthon’s theology. It contains a reprint of each of the principal editions, as well as of several translations of the Loci. — Schmid, H. (1889). The Doctrinal Theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Verified from the Original Sources, p. 665.

A new critical edition of Melanchthon’s works is in process as we speak.  The works to be included are all listed here.

The Week That Was

+ the rest down to 1.


Why I Do TV


Nicely said, NDL.

Originally posted on Nicola Denzey Lewis, Ph.D.:

Last week, a few colleagues of mine blogged about why they blogged. The slightly defensive tone to the blogs or even their titles speaks to the fact that in the Academy as a whole, academics who blog don’t get a whole lot of respect. There is a widespread perception that academics who blog are somehow pandering to non-academics, or wasting their time that ought to be spent working on articles that only a handful of other academics will read. But mostly it’s the “pandering to the general public” charge that becomes the whispered accusation, accompanied by much eye-rolling.

I don’t blog much. I don’t hold in contempt my colleagues who do — in fact I’m grateful for their work — but I do try to use my writing time for articles that only a handful of other academics will read. But I do use my “free time” (hah!) doing other…

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Parity and The Review of Biblical Literature

You need to read this very brief announcement by Ellen concerning her analysis of the percentage of men, mostly white, who have reviewed books for RBL.  It’s quite eye-opening.  And I’m a white male.  I can only imagine what others who find themselves inhabiting other categories might feel.

What Physicians are Doing is What Biblical Scholars, Archaeologists, and Theologians Should Do

NPR’s Robert Siegel speaks with Michael Specter, staff writer at The New Yorkerabout some physicians’ calls for Columbia University to sever ties with TV’s Dr. Oz over what they call his “disdain for science” and promotion of questionable treatments.

Mutatis mutandis– when high profile public figures publish books or speak at public events or appear on TV and promote ideas which we in the field all know are untrue and patently inaccurate, as concerned representatives of that field it is our duty, to the public, to say so.

To be blunt, when someone lies about the Bible (like Dr Oz lies about pseudo treatments and scientific nonsense) or theology or archaeology, we should say so and call on the publishers and promoters of these people to cease and desist.  And if they refuse, and continue to publish dilettantish nonsense it’s simple enough to decide that if Thomas Nelson or Tyndale House or one of the other publishers more interested in profits than truth  publishes Dilettante so and so no scholar will publish with them again.  Let the uninformed and ignorant write and publish what they wish; scholars will have no part in it or in the publishers who do it.

Further, if Discovery airs rubbish, scholars will not appear on their specials.  Period.  If NBC or CBS or ABC or any network, cable or otherwise, insist on airing nonsense, then scholars will publicly and persistently urge them to replace the vinegar of ignorance with the wine of truth.

If you give a listen to the story by Robert Siegel linked to above and insert any of the persons presently pretending to expertise in Bib Studies, Arch and / or Theology for Dr Oz you’ll grasp the point right off.

Still, I am above all things a realist.  So it is my view that scholars will, for the must part, sit by as mutes and do nothing.  Why?  Because they simply do not love their disciplines as much as physicians love theirs.  Nor do most of them love the truth as much as physicians love their science.

As a consequence the public will continue to be misled and dilettantes will continue to publish ignorance thanks to dilettantish greed driven publishers.  But who cares, right?  At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their opinion (just in the fields of biblical study, archaeology, and theology), right? Everyone is entitled to their ‘views’…  No.  It’s not right.


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