In Conversation With Zwingli

A YouTube bit of glorious Zwingli stuff.

Ted Cruz Just Lost the Fundamentalist Vote

Parents who have removed their children from the Moloch schools could be facing the beast once again if this bill backed by Ted Cruz passes. Introduced by Mike Lee (R-UT) and co-sponsored by Cruz, S.306 would define a “home school” as a “private school” in order to qualify homeschool families to use 529 plans—investment accounts that remain tax-free as long as the funds are used for qualified educational purposes.

The homeschoolers aren’t gonna like that.  They don’t like the Feds.

Let’s Hope This is the Last Word on the Bogus Jehoash Inscription Nonsense

Let’s hope

Please Stop Talking…

About ‘Evangelicalism’ or ‘American Evangelicalism’ or ‘American Christianity’ as though such labels were either honest or accurate.  Christianity in America, even among evangelicals (whatever that means) is not a monolith.

Stop acting like it is.  It’s dishonest.

Nope- Jesus Never Said Any Such Thing

You pentebabbleists just simply know nothing of Scripture.  Do you even own a Bible?


The Tiny British Terrorist


A British boy believed to be aged four and nicknamed “junior jihadi” has been filmed blowing up three prisoners in the latest grisly execution video released by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).  In exploitative footage that is shocking even by Isil’s standards, Isa Dare, whose mother Grace “Khadija” Dare is a convert to Islam who has sworn allegiance to the jihadist group, is seen pressing a button on what appears to be a remote control device seconds before a car containing four alleged “spies” goes up in a ball of flames.


Special Issue of KUSATU

Due to recent events and developments, the editorial board of KUSATU has decided to devote an upcoming volume to ancient Tadmur-Palmyra.

Scholars who deal with Palmyra within the KUSATU’s scope (language, literature, grammar, lexicon, epigraphy or palaeography) are encouraged to submit manuscripts for publication in this volume, which we intend to appear in print by the end of the year. Particularly welcome are studies of recently destroyed epigraphic artefacts or re-editions of texts based on new or previously unpublished photographs. Please note that studies concerning general (non-philologically focused) issues of history, archaeology and architecture of Palmyra are not within the scope of the planned volume, though we recognize that brief treatment of such issues may be important to include within the scope of the philological study.

Manuscripts may be written in English, French, or German. Photographs and drawings of inscriptions are welcome, either in black-and-white (to be included in the running text) or colour (to be included as plates in an appendix). There is no page limit, but if a submission will likely be more than 50 pages, please send the editor a short advance note in order that necessary publication details and schedule may anticipated and addressed.

There are no special guidelines for formatting references (e.g., humanities or author-date citations), as long as the formatting is consistent and follows the conventions of a broadly accepted bibliographic guide (e.g., Chicago Manual of Style). At the end of the submission, authors should include a complete bibliography.

Deadline for submissions will be August, 2016.

With kind regards
in behalf of the editorial board,

Reinhard G. Lehmann


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