I Don’t Use Accordance, But If You Do…

You’ll want to be aware of this: Accordance is having a sale – Göttingen LXX: Update & Price Reduction!

People talk about books being indispensable all the time.  Every book NT Wright pushes out is called indispensable by his marketing squad and army of toadies and yet all of them are quite dispensable.

This edition of the LXX actually is indispensable.  You should most certainly obtain it.  If not from Accordance, then from Logos.  If not from Logos then from Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

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Quote of the Day

The church is not a store, where everyone can obtain supply for all his needs at will.” –Abraham Kuyper

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Kid Kicks Seat in Theater- Man Pulls a Gun…

Oh Kentucky… Are you striving to be the Texas of the midlands?

Panic struck a Paducah, Kentucky movie theater on Saturday after a man in the audience pulled a gun during a fight caused by a child kicking the back of his seat.  According to the local TV news station KFVS 12, police were called to Paducah’s Cinemark Theater on Saturday morning, responding to calls that a gun was drawn inside the cinema. A man told one of the officers on the scene that another man sitting in front of him and his son grew irritated that the child was repeatedly kicking the back of the other man’s seat.

I guess it’s easier to pull a gun than it is to move if annoyed…  America, you have so much to be proud of these days…

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A New Biography of Martin Luther by Oxford’s Lyndal Roper

This promises to be excellent:


I’m very, very interested in reading this one when it’s out.

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A New Post From Christian Brady

Here. It’s titled Gen. 50:20 – Did God “plan” or did he “reckon”?   I reckon he planned…  I reckon.  ;-)

Read it.

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A new Volume For those Interested in the DSS and Qumran/ Ain Feshka

9783525540541Jean-Baptiste Humbert OP (Hg.), Khirbet Qumrân et Aïn Feshkha: Fouilles du P. Roland de Vaux.  The front matter and TOC (and a very cool photo of de Vaux) are all available here.

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Seeking A Reviewer

Some of you may know that I’m on the editorial board of SJOT.  As such I have the task of enlisting reviewers for volumes published here in North America.  One such volume arrived today from Eerdmans:


If you are a resident of the United States and would be willing to review this volume, drop me a line and I’ll send it along (and do be sure to mention your qualifications to do so).

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