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Stop Tossing the Phrase ‘I Forgive …’ Around So Loosely

We all know that it has now become common for people to say ‘I forgive…’ and then you can virtually fill in the blank regarding the who and what.  Blanket forgiveness is the soup du jour.  But it’s soup that’s … Continue reading

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Answering Your Mail

Dear Jim, If you had to recommend what you considred to be the most important book, what would it be (but not the Bible). Thank you, Allison H. Dear Allison, There are so many important volumes but I have thought … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

We ought therefore not to be surprised that there is much in God which we cannot understand, and that very many truths of the faith we cannot yet prove since we do not yet know everything. The great God in … Continue reading

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Why Did It Take So Long for Luther to Answer Erasmus on ‘Free Will’?

Luther tells us- It was, then, neither pressure of work, nor the difficulty of the task, nor your great eloquence, nor any fear of you, but sheer disgust, anger, and contempt, or—to put it plainly—my considered judgment on your Diatribe … Continue reading

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The Latest Issue of ‘Theology’ Is Free in April

Take a look.  Some of the essays may interest you.  Some won’t.

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Bullinger: On Rebellion

To reject and overwhelm [the guidance of the Holy Spirit] with stubborn falsehood, flat apostasy, wicked contradiction, and perpetual contempt, is flatly to commit [the] sin against the Holy Spirit. And this truly takes its point of departure from original sin, … Continue reading

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The Clementine Homilies

The adulteress who has an abortion, Pseudo-Clement says, is engaged in … …the destruction of that which is in her womb, through shame of conviction, and so to become a child-murderer; or even, while destroying it, to be destroyed along … Continue reading

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