Timothy George on Donald Trump’s Religion


As I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, I offer no comments on the political earthquake occasioned by Mr. Trump’s presidential candidacy, made more controversial by his disparaging, off-the-cuff remark about Senator John McCain. (“He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, I hate to tell you.”) Is Trump’s presidential bid “a cancer on conservatism,” “a stain on the Republican party,” “a barking carnival act,” as it has been called, or the effort of a resilient public figure with staying power? Time will tell.  What I find of greater interest is Trump’s depiction of his personal religious views.


Luther on Certainty

We Do Not Make God’s Word True or Untrue

“The objectivity and certainty of the Word remain even if it isn’t believed. Everything depends on one’s having the true sacrament of the altar, likewise true baptism, and also on [the] preaching [of] the true Word of God. I stake my soul on it and am ready to die for it. If you believe without doubting, you’ll be saved; if not, you’ll be damned. I put my confidence in no other faith, but in the Word of God.

“Let me give an example. If I gave you one hundred florins and hid them from you under the table and you believed and said that they were merely lead or a lead alloy, what difference would that make to me, who offered you gold? It’s your fault that you don’t believe. The gold’s gold, even if you don’t think so. God doesn’t lie when he promises eternal life. Only let us be sure that we appropriate it for ourselves in faith. For our unbelief doesn’t make God’s promise empty. — Martin Luther

What is Our Responsibility as Christians to One Another?

Calvin puts it succinctly like this:

Every one of us must maintain brotherly concord with all the children of God, give due authority to the Church, and, in short, conduct ourselves as sheep of the flock (Inst. 4.1.3).

This aligns with the biblical injunction that we love one another. One another being, of course, the children of God, the people of faith. Our brothers and sisters- in Christ.  These are the people to whom we owe ourselves.

Quote of the Day, Again

Ubi verbum dei, ibi abesse non potest Christus. Itaque dum me auditis, non me auditis, sed Petrum vel Paulum vel loannem, vel cuius scriptura recitatur, imo non illos auditis, sed in ipsis Christum.  –  Oecolampadius