Love of God: An Observation

Love for God and reverence (fear) of God are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they are bound together essentially. People who talk about love and not reverence are gnostics and people who talk about reverence and not love are legalists.

Alister McGrath on Atheism

Alister McGrath thinks that the aggressiveness of the New Atheism is due to “it’s failure in predicting that religion would disappear”. It is one of the ideas he shared at Forum Apologética 2014 (Barcelona, Spain). During his participation in the gathering, we recorded the following interview (see Video at the end of this article).  See more.

The Unwavering Gaze of the Puritans Cast Towards Suicide

He that would not die when he must, and he that would die when he must not, are both of them cowards alike. To desire to live when one is called to die is a sign of cowardice, for such a one is afraid to enter the list with the king of terrors. To desire to die when one is called to live speaks a faint-hearted creature, for such a man dares not look an affliction or disaster in the face; therefore would take shelter in death.  — GEORGE SWINNOCK

Science and Religion: Alister McGrath

This is fantastic.  Watch it.

Prof Alister McGrath – ‘Tis all in pieces, all coherence gone’ (John Donne): The search for coherence in science and religion, delivered at the Ian Ramsey Centre – Humane Philosophy Project 2014-2015 Seminar.