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Luther: On the Writing of Commentaries

luthers-works-upgradeIt is right and good that one to whom this grace has been given should apply himself in all earnestness to the Scriptures, to search and to seek, and [then] whatever good things God suggests to him, he should share with others through books, and thereby help to explain the Scriptures and to improve the church according to the rule in 1 Corinthians 14 [:4–5]. For everything is to be done for the improvement of the church, that is, for the glory of God.*

And that is exactly what these volumes strive to do.

*Martin Luther, “Preface to Wenceslaus Linck, Annotations to the Five Books of Moses: 1543.”

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Another Quote of the Day for Today

“The faith which has not a sanctifying influence on the character is no better than the faith of devils. It is a dead faith.” ~ J.C. Ryle

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Quote of the Day

A Christian should resemble a fruit tree with real fruit, not a Christmas tree with decorations tied on –John RW Stott

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Dear Church, Stop Trying to Be So Mystical (Esoteric)

Read this interview, which begins

Sie haben in einem Leserbrief ablehend auf die Nacht der Spiritualität reagiert, die von den beiden Landeskirchen vor kurzem in Winterthur organisiert wurde. Anlass für ihre Kritik war die Einladung eines Heilers. Hat Esoterik in den Kirchen keinen Platz?

Stephan Denzler*: Man muss einfach vorsichtig sein. Esoterik ist nicht gleich Esoterik. Es kann gefährlich sein, wenn man beispielsweise an magische Kräfte glaubt. Esoterische Praxis kann Menschen verletzen und zu psychischen Schäden führen. Wenn man aufgrund eines Pendelausschlages oder spiritistischer Eingebungen Entscheide trifft, ist das höchst problematisch.

Etc.  And amen.

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To Those Who Feel that ‘God Has Let Me Down’: An Observation

If you feel that “God has let you down” I have a question for you – why do you think God owes you something in the first place?    Anything at all that God does for you is pure gift.  Anything he doesn’t do for you is something you aren’t owed anyway so why do you imagine yourself to ‘deserve’ it? #GodIsntYourToady.

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Go Make Disciples…

If what happens at your Church today doesn’t have something to do with making disciples, you should go somewhere else.

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What is Faith?

Properly used or misused, faith is and always will be a means of becoming firmly convinced of a thing, and of making this conviction the starting-point of conduct, while for this conviction no empirical or demonstrative proof is offered or found. Faith can never be anything else but an immediate act of our consciousness, by which certainty is established in that consciousness on any point outside of observation or demonstration. — Abraham Kuyper

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