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Karl Barth als Lehrer der Versöhnung (1950–1968): Vertiefung – Öffnung – Hoffnung

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9783290178338Das Buch dokumentiert das dritte Internationale Symposium zum Werk Karl Barths. Im Mittelpunkt stehen Barths Arbeiten zur Versöhnungslehre. Ihre Innovationen vor allem auf den Feldern der Christologie, der Soteriologie und der Rechtfertigungslehre werden vorgestellt, aufgearbeitet und auf ihre für Theologie, Kirche und Gesellschaft orientierende Kraft befragt. Aber auch Barths Bemühungen um Ausgleich zwischen den Fronten des Kalten Krieges, in der Absage an einen ideologisierten Antikommunismus und in der Suche nach einem dritten Weg zwischen Realsozialismus und Kapitalismus werden analysiert.

Ausgewiesene Autorinnen und Autoren präsentieren die neuesten und wichtigsten Erkenntnisse und liefern so ein repräsentatives Gesamtbild des aktuellen Forschungsstandes zur Theologie Barths zwischen 1950 und 1968.

With thanks to TVZ for the review copy.  Which look for later.

Written by Jim

22/08/2016 at 11:07 am

When Discussing The Trinity, Abandon Analogies…

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Or, as Calvin put it

I really do not know whether it is expedient to borrow comparisons from human affairs to express the force of this distinction [among the divine persons]. Men of old were indeed accustomed sometimes to do so, but at the same time they confessed that the analogies they advanced were quite inadequate.

Thus it is that I shrink from all rashness here: lest if anything should by inopportunely expressed, it may give occasion either of calumny to the malicious, or of delusion to the ignorant. –  John Calvin

In short, analogies create more problems than they solve.  Abandon them for they arm the angry atheists and confuse the ignorant.

Written by Jim

11/08/2016 at 7:41 pm

The ‘Invisible Church’ Is An Invention of the Antichrist

Emil Brunner writes

Christ desires no invisible army. He wants a host of such a kind that even the children of this world, who know nothing of faith nor want to know, will be able to note that there is something mightily at work within these “called-soldiers”; that they obey a mighty Other and no longer their own wills.

An invisible church is no church at all just as an invisible disciple is no disciple at all and invisible obedience is no real obedience at all.  If Christianity isn’t visible, it isn’t Christianity.  All those who believe faith is a ‘private’ matter wish it to be an ‘invisible’ matter and thus anything but true faith.

Written by Jim

30/07/2016 at 8:34 pm

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God and the Evil in the World

Emil Brunner observes, wisely, that when we ponder the existence of evil in the world and remember the goodness of God, we must

… forego the desire to decipher out of the darkness His will for ourselves. The solution of the world riddle will not come until the day of salvation.

Any attempt to describe this event or that as the ‘judgement of God’ is wrongheaded.  We cannot say what we do not know.

Written by Jim

29/07/2016 at 6:58 am

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Luther: On the Writing of Commentaries

luthers-works-upgradeIt is right and good that one to whom this grace has been given should apply himself in all earnestness to the Scriptures, to search and to seek, and [then] whatever good things God suggests to him, he should share with others through books, and thereby help to explain the Scriptures and to improve the church according to the rule in 1 Corinthians 14 [:4–5]. For everything is to be done for the improvement of the church, that is, for the glory of God.*

And that is exactly what these volumes strive to do.

*Martin Luther, “Preface to Wenceslaus Linck, Annotations to the Five Books of Moses: 1543.”

Written by Jim

25/07/2016 at 5:30 am

Another Quote of the Day for Today

“The faith which has not a sanctifying influence on the character is no better than the faith of devils. It is a dead faith.” ~ J.C. Ryle

Written by Jim

21/07/2016 at 4:38 pm

Quote of the Day

A Christian should resemble a fruit tree with real fruit, not a Christmas tree with decorations tied on –John RW Stott

Written by Jim

19/07/2016 at 12:49 pm

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