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The Full Story of the Covington Catholic School Boys

Rudy, Buddy, That’s Already Set in Stone

If You wish To Assist Federal Workers Cruelly Mistreated By The Trump Shutdown, You Can

Here’s the story.  Follow the link in it.

A man with Knoxville roots is once again raising money to help families facing hardship – this time, the partial government shutdown.

The effort, Muslims Unite to Provide Shutdown Relief, launched over the weekend and has already raised more than $15,000 of its $20,000 goal. The aim is to provide relief in the form of $500 grants to families of furloughed workers.

Tarek El-Messidi, a Knoxville native who now calls Chicago home, is helping with the effort.

Tim Burchett, Representative from Tennessee, Doesn’t Like Being Asked Questions About his Immoral Trump Shutdown Support

Tim doesn’t like to be accountable to voters.

Trump Voters Now Blame Him for the Shutdown

They should have all along, since he said he was proud to do it.  At any rate, we’re glad you finally caught up.

Two years ago, Jeff Daudert was fed up with politics. He wanted to shake up the status quo. He didn’t mind sending a message to the establishment — and, frankly, he liked the idea of a disruptive president.

But the 49-year-old retired Navy reservist has had some second thoughts.

“What the [expletive] were we thinking?” he asked the other night inside a Walmart here, in an area of blue-collar suburban Detroit that helped deliver the presidency to Trump.

While Trump’s relationship with much of his base remains strong, two years after his inauguration his ties are fraying with voters like Daudert, the kind who voted in droves for Trump in key pockets throughout the industrial Midwest, flipping previously Democratic states to him in 2016. The shutdown fight, as it has played out over the past month, is further eroding the president’s support among voters who like the idea of beefing up border security — but not enough to close the government.

I have zero sympathy for Trump supporters’ sudden enlightenment.  They were driven by their worst impulses and now all of us are suffering for it.  My only hope for them is that they are smart enough to remember how he has hurt America the next time they vote.

Day 32 of the Trump Shutdown

You must not exploit a poor and needy wage-earner, be he one of your brothers or a foreigner resident in your community. You must pay him his wages … otherwise he may appeal to Yahweh against you, and you would incur guilt. (Deut. 24:14-15)

That’s Who I’ll Vote For

The Most Important Statement on the Covington Catholics

“Those who defend the kids’ behavior see themselves in them. The validators want to maintain a certain superiority that rests on demeaning some human beings – it is barbaric and tribal, completely antithetical to constitutional principles.” – Kurt Richardson


Whose Shutdown is It?

800,000 Americans aren’t being paid and millions are being adversely affected by Donald J. Trump’s shutdown.

The Best Predictor of Future Behavior (and Present Behavior for that Matter) is Past Behavior

Don’t believe the ‘spin’ spewing from the far right defending the Covington racists.  Their past actions align perfectly with their demeaning of the Native Americans at the ‘March for Life’.  And unless they learn to be better, that behavior will continue.  Giving them a pass, or turning them into ‘victims’ only encourages them to wicked behavior in the future.

You do these kids no favor by dismissing or excusing or by outright ignoring their derisive behavior.  None.


Writing is like painting or sculpting or any other material art: you do it and you put it out in the public and you hope it isn’t terrible and someone appreciates it and enjoys it and when they do you feel satisfied and when they don’t you feel like curling up in the fetal position and you vow never to expose yourself like that again; but writing is like a fire in your bones, and you cannot keep it in…

That’s what writing is like.  Especially academic writing.

Quote of the Year

“A politician thinks of the next election–a statesman of the next generation.” — James Freeman Clarke

There are no Statesmen today.

What’s on Offer 今季科目一覽

The Spring Semester offerings.

HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College eNews


From the writings of St John to Political Theology, here is a full list of all the subjects on offer at Ming Hua in the coming semester.

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In Praise of Ming Hua’s Faculty 明華教學團隊

I’m not one of the 30 somethings, but we do have an excellent faculty.

HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College eNews

Principal Dr Gareth Jones reflects on the vast experience and expertise of those who teach at Ming Hua.

If someone told you there was a theological college in Central where the Faculty had degrees from all over the world, had written books galore, and taught in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, what would you think of?

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Day 31 of the Trump Shutdown

You must not exploit a poor and needy wage-earner, be he one of your brothers or a foreigner resident in your community. You must pay him his wages … otherwise he may appeal to Yahweh against you, and you would incur guilt. (Deut. 24:14-15)

Quote of the Day

I think much of the difficulty with Reformed theology with regard to free will is a misunderstanding/use of the notion of “sovereignty.” Sovereignty does not mean that the Sovereign controls EVERYTHING, rather that the Sovereign has authority over everything. That is a big and important difference. — Christian Brady


Mike Pence Compares Trump to MLK…

There’s a syphilitic madness to the man. An Open Letter to the Principal of Covington Catholic


You should be ashamed of what your students represent.  The do not represent Catholic moral teaching.  They do not represent Christ.  They do not represent goodness.

Instead they represent the worst of racist impulses.  And that will now, sadly, be your legacy.


Jim West, ThD

Smirking Racist MAGA Boy’s Mom Blames the Blacks

Well I think we all know now where the boy got his attitude don’t we.

The mother of a boy filmed harassing a Native American man along with his friends at a rally in Washington DC has blamed “black Muslims” for the confrontation, without providing any evidence for the claim.

The teenager was among a group of students wearing Make America Great Again hats who were criticised for intimidating the musician Nathan Phillips, surrounding him to jeer and chant “build the wall, build the wall”.

But his mother claimed “black Muslims” had been harassing the group of Donald Trump supporters from the private, all-male Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky.

This sad boy is doomed to a life of racist idiocy.  And, yes, it always comes from the parents.  You show me a racist kid and I’ll show you a racist family.

What People Think Wikipedia Is…

Versus what I look like when people cite it-