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Mike Pence: Actual Christian, or Opportunistic User of Christianity?

After listening to this report on NPR, I think it’s the latter.  Pence early on decided to play the part of Christian simply and cynically in order to acquire political power and position.

You should listen to it as well.

Pence’s willingness to turn a blind eye to every evil deed Trump commits isn’t based on any ‘forgiveness’ or ‘understanding of human weakness’.  It is pure political calculation.

Church Member Types

  • Active- There when the doors are open.
  • Sunday Morning – only. Never will they appear at other times.
  • Monthly- – Just that- once a month and that randomly.
  • Whenevers- Sporadically interested. Usually a couple of times a year or for funerals or weddings.
  • Poinsettia and Lily- Christmas and Easter.
  • Once a Yearers – Self explanatory.
  • Baptized and Gone- These are the VBS conversions or the Revival conversions. Once baptized, they disappear forever.

Interestingly each sort have kids who invariably become the same sort as their parents. This is a universal, unchanging, eternal truth.

And those are the various sorts of church folk. The vast majority are the Whenevers.

The only ones you can count on to be disciples are the Active. The rest are seed that’s fallen on poor ground.

A Simple Observation About Dr Fiona Hill

She is smarter than anyone in Congress.  And she is the best witness that these hearings have had.  She has destroyed every Republican talking point.

Toxic People and their Unencumbered Advance in Academia

Ten rules for succeeding in academia through upward toxicity. Universities preach meritocracy but, in reality, bend over backwards to protect toxic personalities, says Irina Dumitrescu

Boy this is true.  Many of the most toxic people I know have very public academic positions.

Think the way to forge a brilliant career in academe is to produce good research, teach skilfully and mentor generously? That arduous approach works for some – but there is an easier way.

Universities sing the song of meritocracy but dance to a different tune. In reality, they will do everything to reward and protect their most destructive, abusive and uncooperative faculty. The more thoroughly such scholars poison departments, programmes and individual lives, the more universities double down to please them.

Universities are even willing to ruin their own reputations and alienate their alumni to protect bullies and abusers. They might think that reputation management demands that such behaviour be swept under the carpet, but they ought to know that the scandals will break eventually, and that the cover-up will make them look worse. Some universities even hire people in the full knowledge of abuse allegations against them, thereby becoming invested in keeping secret their decision to put their students in harm’s way.

Truth all the way through. Just look at the example of academic persons who frequently appear on the History Channel and the Discovery Channel and edit magazines.  They spend their waking hours hatching schemes and sending petitions and demonizing and marginalizing, as best they can, anyone with whom they disagree, and yet their institutions guard them.

Bribery, Fraud, and Breach of Trust

Those charges don’t refer to Trump, this time, but to his bosom buddy Bibi.  Birds of a feather… as they say.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced Thursday.

Netanyahu, who has denied any wrongdoing and said he is the victim of a politically orchestrated “witch hunt,” faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of bribery and a maximum 3-year term for fraud and breach of trust, according to legal experts.

Enjoy prison.  Maybe Trump can be your roomie.

The Clearest and Most Sensible Philosophical Arguments for the Existence of God Ever

Democracy, Plato, Trump, and Brexit

First Brexit, then Trump. 2016 was not a good year for modern Western democracies. In 2018, the consequences of these votes seem worse than many pessimists anticipated. So what might Plato, a notoriously harsh critic of democracy, have said about all of this?

It’s from last year and still worth a read.  Enjoy.

Tertullian on Judgment

tertullianThe true God bestows His blessings alike on wicked men and on His own elect; upon which account He has appointed an eternal judgment, when both thankful and unthankful will have to stand before His bar. — Tertullian

Tertullian on Freedom of Religion

tertullianIt is a fundamental human right, a privilege of nature, that every man should worship according to his own convictions: one man’s religion neither harms nor helps another man. It is assuredly no part of religion to compel religion—to which free-will and not force should lead us—the sacrificial victims even being required of a willing mind. You will render no real service to your gods by compelling us to sacrifice. For they can have no desire of offerings from the unwilling, unless they are animated by a spirit of contention, which is a thing altogether undivine. – Tertullian

Quote of the Year

I am under no obligation to conform to a brand of Republicanism whose central tenet appears to be blind obedience to a charismatic leader. I will side with the constitution. Let all reasonable Republicans unite. Let’s take our party back from these charlatans. – Senator McCollister

Ladies and Gentlemen, The World’s Worst Priest

Right here.

When loved ones gathered for the funeral of Maison Hullibarger, they were supposed to hear uplifting messages and fond memories of the teen.

Instead, a priest told hundreds of mourners that suicide is wrong and repeatedly referenced the 18-year-old taking his own life.

Now, Maison’s mother is suing Father Don LaCuesta, the Archdiocese of Detroit, and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish in Michigan.

Awful and incompetent.

The Purity-Industrial Complex

As pornography has exploded beyond just websites to apps and social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr and others, tech companies closely affiliated with church groups are capitalising on the fears of devout Christians that “porn is the greatest threat to Christian purity and even the moral standard of the nation,” said Samuel Perry, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Oklahoma and author of Addicted to Lust.

A recent report by the Washington-based National Centre on Sexual Exploitation cited a study of university students that found that 93 per cent of boys and 62 per cent of girls were exposed to online pornography during their adolescence.

Read the rest. It’s quite interesting.

America’s Congress Explained

Because of the transgression of a land, many are its princes (Prov. 28:2)

The Gist of Sondland’s Opening Statement

The gist of @USAmbEU testimony is that EVERYONE KNEW that @realDonaldTrump was extorting Ukraine. Pompeo, @AmbJohnBolton , @VP, all of them! The entire administration is corrupt and deceptive.

Take Your Children to Dillards for a Visit With Satan

Danger all Around- But Providence Intervenes

NB- If Calvin were alive today he would add ‘being shot by random strangers at hospitals, schools, synagogues, clubs, and out on the street’ to his list of perils…

For what else can you say of it, when neither cold nor heat in any considerable degree can be endured without danger? Now whithersoever you turn, all the objects around you are not only unworthy of your confidence, but almost openly menace you, and seem to threaten immediate death. Embark in a ship; there is but a single step between you and death. Mount a horse; the slipping of one foot endangers your life. Walk through the streets of a city; you are liable to as many dangers as there are tiles on the roofs. If there be a sharp weapon in your hand, or that of your friend, the mischief is manifest. All the ferocious animals you see are armed for your destruction. If you endeavour to shut yourself in a garden surrounded with a good fence, and exhibiting nothing but what is delightful, even there sometimes lurks a serpent.

Your house perpetually liable to fire, menaces you by day with poverty, and by night with falling on your head. Your land, exposed to hail, frost, drought, and various tempests, threatens you with sterility, and with its attendant, famine. I omit poison, treachery, robbery, and open violence, which partly beset us at home, and partly pursue us abroad.

Amidst these difficulties, must not man be most miserable, who is half dead while he lives, and is dispirited and alarmed as though he had a sword perpetually applied to his neck? You will say that these things happen seldom, or certainly not always, nor to every man, but never all at once. I grant it: but as we are admonished by the examples of others, that it is possible for them to happen also to us, and that we have no more claim to exemption from them than others, we must unavoidably dread them as events that we may expect.

What can you imagine more calamitous than such a dread? Besides it is an insult to God to say that he hath exposed man, the noblest of his creatures, to the blindness and temerity of fortune. But here I intend to speak only of the misery which man must feel, if he be subject to the dominion of fortune. —  John Calvin

As It Should!


That’s the Most Grape Juice I’ve Ever Seen in Communion!


A Theological Takeaway From the #ImpeachmentHearings

Trump’s supporters are more faithful and loyal to him than most of Jesus’s disciples are to God.

Let that sink in.