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Calvin Reviews the New Book By Barton/ Metaxas

[Our author] at length vomited out the poison with which he was sweltering from long dissimulation, and having fixed the sting, like a viper fled away.  — John Calvin

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Bryan Lewis Has A New Book Out

Titled Jew and Gentile Reconciled.

This study explores Paul’s use of Hos 1:9–10 and 2:23 in Rom 9:24–26. It contends that there is a narrative substructure beneath the text informing the apostle’s theological reflection. This storyline provides the base and framework for understanding his argument. It also reveals that he used Israel’s Scriptures in harmony with their original intent. It also shows that Paul likely knew the northern ten tribes of Israel were not completely destroyed by the Assyrians (8th century BCE). Thus, they were not “lost to time,” but instead acculturated with non-Israelites. This affected their identity and, in time, they became “not my people,” or Gentiles. The apostle’s call to the Gentiles, then, is directly connected to Israel’s hope for an end to exile. This not only evokes the promise of Israel’s freedom and restoration, but also Jew-Gentile reconciliation, which Paul proclaimed during his first-century mission.

Sounds fun.  Read it if you can read.

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Drug Dealers are Murderers

And they should be dealt with as such.

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Blind Partisanship: An Observation

Blind partisanship: my guy is a savior and your guy is satan. Both are lies.

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How Old Are the People in Your Denomination

None of this is really surprising. Historically, most faithful church members are middle age and above. Younger people have never, by and large, been active in church life. As people come to the point in their lives where they have fewer tomorrows and more yesterdays, their minds turn towards eternity.

What is interesting, at least to me, is the fact that so many churches expend enormous resources in attempting to woo young people to faith when, in fact, time will do that all by itself.  It always has.  It always will.

Age structure and median age of U.S. religious groups


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The Bee Stings the ‘Unspoken Prayer Request’

When you don’t trust your brothers and sisters, or you just want to tantalize folk with a bit of gossip, keep it ‘unspoken’

Sources confirmed Wednesday morning that the unspoken prayer request from church secretary Judy Webb was “probably a super juicy, tantalizing nugget of gossip.” As Webb offered up the unspoken prayer request during the Tuesday night prayer meeting, other parishioners reportedly raised their eyebrows and subtly nudged one another, trying to contain their curiosity.

“I bet it’s an affair,” one of Webb’s closest friends whispered to another of Webb’s closest friends. “It’s always an affair when it’s unspoken.” The other friend then was seen nodding knowingly, agreeing that the tender and personal request for intercession was likely some spicy marital scandal. As speculation ran wild regarding the nature of Webb’s unspoken prayer request, insiders confirmed that not a single person within the prayer group had followed through on the commitment to pray for Webb throughout the week, as of publishing time.

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End of semester news round-up

“The Jim West Public Lecture” – Coming in January. You forgot that one. But I guess that’s ok…. for now….. sinner…….

Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception

The sun is at last shining. Most of the undergraduates have dispersed leaving the library and atrium feeling strangely empty and rather lonely. However, the campus is far from quiet. Major building work is underway; buildings are cordoned off, the chapel stands gutted and open to the elements, and the sound of heavy plant machinery fills the hot summer air. All this tells us that the spring/summer semester has now drawn to a close and this affords me a brief respite in time to give you a round up of news about the centre for the year so far – and a very busy year it has been!

Atrium Starbucks Newman Atrium Starbucks

In case you missed anything, here is the centre’s news of 2016 (to date)…

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