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The Pastorate: A Parable

Fishing for men… the flock responds

15 Years Old and Already Murderous

These things aren’t even surprising anymore.

One of the teenage girls charged with killing Virginia man Mohammad Anwar during a botched carjacking has pleaded guilty. The defendant, a 15-year-old, pleaded guilty on May 5 to felony murder, D.C. Superior Court spokeswoman Claire Huber told Law&Crime.


Maybe it’s a Good Day to Remind All Those Republicans Who Love Lies…

That the Bible is pretty clear about the fate of liars.  But in case they’ve forgotten-

But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” (Rev. 21:8)

NBC News Has a Super Analysis of the Colonial Pipeline Debacle and the Failure of Government and Industry to Protect Infrastructure

The successful hack of America’s largest gas pipeline has exposed gaping holes in U.S. cyber defenses, experts say.

The weaknesses have been known for years: Eighty-five percent of American critical infrastructure is owned by private companies, and few regulations govern how those companies must protect their computer networks. Criminal hackers like the ones the FBI says attacked Colonial Pipeline are given overseas sanctuary by hostile foreign governments, out of reach of American law enforcement. The vast majority of ransomware attacks originate abroad, many of them from Russia, experts say.

Against this largely foreign threat, the U.S. government leaves it to the private sector to protect itself. The National Security Agency collects intelligence about cyberattacks, the FBI investigates them after they happen and the Department of Homeland Security tries to protect government computers. But no federal agency is in charge of defending the American public against hackers, be they criminals or intelligence operatives.

Our government is stupid and shortsighted.  And our corporations are so driven by greed that they’d rather gamble with the chances of a disaster than plan for or prevent them.

Day by day America becomes more of a third world country.

Signs of the Times

The Third Party is Coming

Over 100 former Republican officials will sign a letter on Thursday declaring that if the Republican Party does not break with former President Donald Trump and change course, they will back the creation of a third party.

The letter, headlined: “A Call For American Renewal,” is an exploratory move toward forming a breakaway party, two of its organizers said. The group is dismayed by what it says is a modern Republican Party driven by its allegiance to Trump, who continues to falsely claim the 2020 election was stolen from him.

“The Republican Party is broken. It’s time for a resistance of the ‘rationals’ against the ‘radicals,'” said Miles Taylor, one of the organizers. Taylor, while serving in the Trump White House, wrote an anonymous opinion piece in the New York Times in 2018 headlined: “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.”

I’ll join.

The letter signatories, who include former ambassadors, governors, congressional members and Cabinet secretaries, want the Republican Party to return to “principled” leadership and reject division and conspiracy theories, or face a new party dedicated to fighting for Republicans such as Cheney and against fearmongering and lies.

Backers of the reform group include former Republican Governors Tom Ridge, Christine Todd Whitman, George W. Bush-era Transportation Secretary Mary Peters and former House members Charlie Dent, Barbara Comstock, Reid Ribble and Mickey Edwards.

The GOP, as it presently exists is, simply put, a cult.

I Don’t Even Care if it’s True, I Think It’s Fantastically Funny, and Accurate

Boy, Talk About Your False Advertising

This is Colonial Pipeline’s website…  See how many lies you can spot in just these few sentences.

  1. Transporting nothing.
  2. Not meeting the energy needs of millions across the Southeast.
  3. Daily? Ha.
  4. Reliable? Nope.  So short sighted, in fact, that they failed to maintain basic network security and Russian hackers hijacked it.
  5. Improves lives?  Sure, come on up here and sit in a gas line.  We feel that our lives are really improved.
  6. Excellence?  If this performance is your standard of excellence, I’d sure hate to see what slovenly looked like.
  7. Raise the bar?  Only if you mean by being extremely inept and failing to maintain your own systems.

Signs of the Times

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

I didn’t know this was online. Thanks Joe Mock!

When the Graphic Artist Trolls Your Hipster New Age Seeker Sensitive Pentebabbleist ‘Church’

Image via Steph and Deane.

Signs of the Times

Slam the SBC Season is in Full Swing

I realize it’s slam the SBC season and everyone’s having loads and loads of fun with it, but at some point folk need to recall that there are literally millions and millions of decent loving Christian men and women, boys and girls of every ethnicity who are Southern Baptists and the gross demonization of the whole is simply wrong.

You would never tolerate the slander of the entire Catholic Church, or every police officer, or every service member, for the misdeeds and stupidity of a few.

Of course besmirching is what some (notice the limiter? Take note of it and start using it yourselves) progressives do best. So I don’t expect it to stop. I’m simply pointing out how demonic it is. Because false.

So whilst progs like to imagine they hold the high ground, when they demonize the whole for the evil of the part, they act in service of evil and division. They act on behalf of and at the behest of hell.

Eric Cline’s Lecture on Megiddo

It’s to be online. All the details here.

Matk Driscoll is An Absolute Megalomaniac

If anyone attends his cult, they clearly know what they’re getting into and who he is, and they like it.

Avar: A New Journal

Take a look.

Avar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Life and Society in the Ancient Near East is a bi-annual open-access journal dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed scholarship on Anatolia, Egypt, the Levant, and Mesopotamia in the second and first millennia BCE that crosses and disrupts disciplinary boundaries.

Signs of the Times

You Aren’t a Hero or a Martyr If Your Actions are Endangering the Health of Others

Public safety laws are in place for a reason.  These laws ‘do good’ and thus fall under the proper behavior of government under the guidance of Romans 13.  Christians opposing these laws aren’t opposing government, they’re opposing God, and consequently they are neither heroes nor martyrs.

Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who kicked police out of his church after they tried to shut down a worship service during Holy Week, and his brother, Dawid Pawlowski, have been arrested for holding an “illegal” in-person gathering as per COVID-19 limits set by a new court order.

Referring to the Pawlowskis of Street Church in Calgary, Alberta, Calgary Police Service said in a statement that its officers “lawfully enforced” the court order by arresting the two men after church.

video posted on YouTube shows that Calgary Police Service sent at least five police vehicles to arrest the two from on the street. The brothers knelt on the road and refused to walk on their own during the arrest.

A voice can be heard telling the officers, “Shame on you guys, this is not communist China. Don’t you have family and kids? Whatever happened to ‘Canada, God keep our land glorious and free?’”

They could easily meet within the guidelines the health authorities have determined, and online without limitations, 100 times a day or as they wished.

These people aren’t doing the work of God.  They are promoting themselves.

Bullinger for Today

They serve God … who by faith and obedience gather themselves into the holy assembly at specified times; who keep the ecclesiastical discipline derived out of the word of God; who hear the word of God, or the holy exposition of the sacred scriptures; who pray publicly with the church; who religiously participate in the sacraments; and observe other lawful and wholesome rites or ceremonies. By this their service they glorify God among men… 

Truce-breakers are they, disloyal, and infamous through their adultery, whosoever, being not knit to one God by faith, or worship him alone, or call upon him through Christ, and who do not serve him also as he himself hath said in his word he would be served. — Heinrich Bullinger

Quote of the Day

Every missionary path has to find the way between these two dangers: irrelevance and syncretism. And if one is more afraid of one danger than the other, one will certainly fall into its opposite. — Newbigin