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Publicity Seekers and How They Get What They Crave

‪#DavidBentleyHart must have felt like he wasn’t getting enough attention so he did what the Christian publicity questers always do- he spit on orthodox faith and embraced heresy.    In his case, universalism.  And, lo and behold, he has the attention he craves.‬
‪Funny how that works, isn’t it?‬

Luther- The Optimist

The world is a realm of wrongdoing, and the devil is lord over it. Those who do not believe are citizens of the world, submit to its rule, and, together with the world, are in the power of the evil one.

But those who believe tear themselves away from the world and the realm of wickedness and are gathered into the realm of faith and salvation.

Therefore a Christian should trust no one; but everyone should act as though he were dealing with one who is evil, with a foe and an enemy— should act as though he were dealing with one who is ungrateful, and should expect persecution and the height of ingratitude in return for deeds of kindness.

For what do they pay for our troubles? Nothing else than their desire that we be thrust into hell and be afflicted with evils of every kind. For the greatest deeds of kindness they return the greatest deeds of wickedness. Accordingly, this passage pertains to patience. — Martin Luther (on 1 John 5:19).

‘No Religion’ Now Outnumber All Christian Denominations in America

But, sure, keep skipping worship, ‘Christians’…

When You’re White You Can Kill Your Baby and Get Off Scot Free

Like Skylar did.

A young Ohio mother who prosecutors said killed and buried her unwanted newborn in her backyard just days after her senior prom was acquitted of murder Thursday. The remains were found about two months after she gave birth, buried in the backyard of her home where she lived with her parents in Carlisle, a village about 40 miles (64 kilometers) north of Cincinnati.

American injustice.

The Litmus Testers

When everything is a litmus test for you, YOU are the problem.

When you require absolute agreement, YOU are the problem.

When any disagreement with you results in demonizing and marginalizing, YOU are the problem.

I Hate it When Calvin @’s Me

We must exercise moderation, so as not instantly to declare every man to be a “heretic” who does not agree with our opinion.

But if they disagree with me they HAVE to be heretics….

There are some matters on which Christians may differ from each other, without being divided into sects. Paul himself commands that they shall not be so divided, when he bids them keep their harmony unbroken, and wait for the revelation of God. (Phil 3:16.)

Stop @-ing at me, Calvin.  Stop it right now.

But whenever the obstinacy of any person grows to such an extent, that, led by selfish motives, he either separates from the body, or draws away some of the flock, or interrupts the course of sound doctrine, in such a case we must boldly resist. — John Calvin Commentary on Titus 3.

Ok that’s better.  Whew.

E-Cigs Now Being Disguised As AR-15’s in order to Avoid Bans

According to a new report, more e-cigs are being disguised as AR-15s to avoid a looming White House ban on the devices.

Upon hearing that President Trump was looking to ban the devices, vaping companies quickly began looking for ways to circumvent the new regulations. Then, they came up with a solution: design the vapes to look like a hunting rifle.

The disguised devices include a switch for selecting a fire mode, from semi-auto and burst fire to “Sick Vape.” The devices are fully functional AR-15 rifles. Should a federal agent ask if you have an illegal e-cig loaded with high-capacity Raspberry Hurricane cartridges, you can just turn down range and fire off a few rounds to show them it’s actually just an assault rifle.

These new e-cigs include a range of exciting new flavors, such as Gunpowder Bubblegum, Custard Cartridges, Strawberry Scope, and Maple Bar M-16. They taste like delicious fruits and candies and also have that gunmetal taste that gun nuts go crazy for.

Unfortunately, many of the devices included a bump stock and so were banned anyway.

So You ‘Know’ Hebrew and Greek Do You?

jerome123You know enough Latin and Greek to make the Greek think you a Latin scholar and the Latin a Greek.  – St Jerome

I read that and thought right off of the folk who cite Strong’s concordance in an attempt to persuade others of their linguistic skills or that lot which use an interlinear.  They ‘know’ enough Hebrew and Greek to make the person who knows neither think they are a scholar of both.

I love Jerome.  A straight-talker if ever there were one.

There’s No Intolerance Like the Left’s Intolerance

Meet the academics hunted down and hounded out of jobs for having the ‘wrong’ thoughts

When Kathleen Stock pressed “send” on a blog about the gender recognition act last summer she knew she was pressing a detonator. The government was consulting on whether legally changing sex should be a matter of feeling – self-identification – rather than surgery and emotions were already running high. Angry accusations of transphobia were hurled at those, like Stock, who questioned or opposed the idea that men who felt like women could simply declare themselves female and claim all the consequent privileges…


Believe me, it’s not just trans activists who hound others for having the ‘wrong’ ideas. There’s no intolerance like the left’s intolerance.

Signs of the Times

Students at Liberty U Talk about Falwell

Watch here.   Around the 4:30 mark a young woman, very articulate, says that ‘if this is supposed to be a Christian University, I haven’t seen evidence of it in a very long time’.


Many Recent Books About Jesus In One Sentence


JSTOR Is a Scam. Why Do Journals Agree to Allow it To Warehouse Their Work?

JSTOR stores materials.  It doesn’t create anything.  It stores what others create.  And for the privilege of accessing what they don’t create, they charge people.  And, worst of all, the actual creators of the content aren’t paid a single penny by JSTOR.

So the hapless soul who needs an article for their own work is either forced to be on staff at a university that subscribes to JSTOR’s ridiculous and transparent ponzi scheme or fork out an absurd amount of money for ONE ESSAY.  So what happens to the independent scholars out there who need to research but can’t pay for articles?

So a question- how much money does JSTOR make a year?  And how much do they kickback under the table to journal publishers and universities?  And why don’t universities say ‘enough is enough.  We can store our own journals on our servers and scholars can access them as they wish.   Because academia isn’t about profit margins, it’s about the dissemination of knowledge.


Some of you may be interested in this.

Click here for the essays.

Jerry Falwell Doesn’t Know Anything About Jesus, the Bible, Theology, or Christianity

Signs of the Times

The Slamming of a Hypocrite: The Jerry Falwell Edition

This report, with its many tweeted reactions, is scorching. And Falwell deserves it and more.

Signs of the Times

Athletes Don’t Impress Jerome

“Our fine, erect, muscular athletes … hardly make a shadow of a footmark in their swift passage, whose words are in their fists and their reasoning in their heels, who either know nothing of apostolic poverty and the hardness of the cross or despise it [should at least learn about discipleship from Gentile philosophers] “— St Jerome

I’ll Take ‘Lost Lines From Harry Potter’ For $500, Alex…