The NY Times Reviews ‘The Dovekeepers’

And concludes

The whole enterprise is bathed in a gloss that doesn’t fit the story. The landscape is hot and dusty, but the actors rarely are – even the slaves and soldiers seem immune to sweat and grime, and the women always look as if they just came out of a desert spa. “The Dovekeepers” is aimed at people who might want to see history from something other than a male, generals-and-kings viewpoint but at the same time don’t want it too messy or too real.

Downey and Burnett are terrible at reality but they do right well at historical distortion.  Do enjoy the series if you’re a self loathing masochist (which is what you’d need to be to watch it).

Discourse Today Would Please Hitler Very Much

The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to one category. — Adolf Hitler

The way in which opponents of gay marriage are all lumped together and the way all Muslims are all lumped together and the way all liberals are all lumped together and the way Blacks are all lumped together and the way that women are all lumped together are all signs of the fact that the advice of Hitler is being followed almost to the letter. The foes of these groups- those of a different or differing ideological mindset- are more than happy to lump even very divergent forms of thought into one giant pot so that, rather than discussing actual issues they can simply presume that their ‘one size fits all’ ‘responses’ are fitting.

Let’s just take as an example the first issue and perhaps the most divisive: gay marriage. Anyone who objects, for whatever reason (who cares what the reason is, really) is instantly lumped in with what the supporters of gay marriage call ‘homophobes’. What exactly does that mean? One size fits all, doesn’t it? A person who has genuinely heart-felt religious convictions based on their own understanding of faith but who nonetheless has gay friends and loves them as much as he loves his straight friends is dumped into the pile with authentic hate-mongers like the Westboro NOT Baptist NOT church. How fair is that?

But it isn’t really about fairness, is it? It’s about controlling the discussion and controlling the debate. So, because incapable of actually addressing the particular issues confronted by their opposites, they simply and blithely call them all the same name.

Examples from the other categories are easy enough to imagine. All Blacks are gang-bangers; all Muslims are terrorists; all women are golddiggers… etc.

It’s a sign of our times that the methodology of the world’s most evil man has been adopted by scores and scores of millions of people. But it needs to be said- if what you do is something Hitler would do, you have a problem. And it’s a bigger problem than someone disagreeing with you.

An Interview With Christoph


Jesus ist am Kreuz gestorben, einen schrecklichen Tod. Das Folterinstrument der Antike wurde zum Lebenszeichen – ein nach wie vor aufgeladenes und spannungsvolles Symbol. Es birgt ein Geheimnis – nicht nur für gläubige Christen. Dazu Christoph Markschies, Kirchenhistoriker in Berlin und Mitautor des EKD-Grundlagentextes zur Kreuzsetheologie “Für uns gestorben“.

An Open Letter To The Family of Patrick Sondenheimer

Dear Sondenheimer Family,

I have to ask your forgiveness.  I did not know until today the name of the heroic man who did everything he could to save the ill fated GermanWings flight.  I had heard on news reports the name of the co-pilot and details of his deed.  And I had heard of the heroic efforts of your loved one but I’m so very sorry that the media have never bothered to say his name.

Forgive me for not knowing it before now.  He is, in my mind, the greatest of all sorts of heroes because he simply wanted to set things right.

I won’t forget his name.  This I promise you.  And I will speak well of him as long as I have breath and life.  He is a wonder of humanity and he, and you, have my unwavering respect.  And you, his loved ones, have my unceasing prayers sent heavenward on your behalf.

Yours most sincerely,