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Starving Christians in America

Not that kind of starvation- the starvation that comes when worship, prayer, scripture reading, and ministry are either wholly ignored or only occassionally enjoyed.

There’s a famine in the land- but one of our own making and it has resulted in the spiritual emaciation of the vast majority of Christians in this country.  It’s why so many are powerless, weak, and incapable of the smallest spiritual victory.

And worst of all, most Christians know they are spiritually malnourished and they simply do not care.  They’re starving their souls to death, and it does not matter to them.

It’s sad.

Christian Art is Just Really Awful Sometimes

Take this Medieval example where Jesus one minute is in the manger and the next he’s teaching Mary the meaning of Scripture…  blerg.



Most Biblical Scholarship (mutatis mutandis) in A Single Meme


That Pretty Much Says it All…


The Truth About Trump

Trump may think he’s king of the world but he’s about to discover he’s no one but the court jester.‬

Parents are the Historians of their Children’s Stories

Our daughter turns 30 today.  She’s, I have to say, one of the best people I know.  Top two, actually.  I remember everything she’s been through since the day she was born and I couldn’t, I just couldn’t be more proud of her.

Happy birthday, Rachel.

And Now For Something Completely Different


via George Takei