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News From the Sixteenth Century Society

Stefan Bauer writes

Excited to announce that the Sixteenth Century Society & Conference (where I’m the Director of Social Media) has opened a new Twitter account @16csociety.

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Bullinger on the Notion of Transubstantiation

We do not acknowledge any transubstantiation to be made by force of words or characters; but we affirm, that the bread and wine remain as they are in their own substances, but that there is added unto them the institution, will, and word of Christ, and so become a sacrament, and so differ much from common bread and wine, as we have said in place convenient.


Now it is evident and plain, that after consecration there remaineth in the sacrament the substance of bread and wine; and herein we need no other witnesses than our very senses, which perceive, see, taste, and feel, no other thing than bread and wine.


The Fate of All Godless (Politicians)

“They are the most exquisite pains of soul and body (for both had sinned), arising from the fear and sense of the most just wrath and vengeance of God against sins, the most sad consciousness of which they carry about with them, the baseness of which is manifest, and of which, likewise, no remission afterwards, and, therefore, no mitigation or end can be hoped for. Whence, in misery, they will execrate, with horrible lamentation and wailing, their former impiety, by which they carelessly neglected the admonitions of their brethren and all the means of attaining salvation; but in vain.

For in perpetual anguish, with dreadful trembling, in shame, confusion, and ignominy, in inextinguishable fire, in weeping and gnashing of teeth, amidst that which is eternal and terrible, torn away from the grace and favor of God, they must quake among devils, and will be tortured without end to eternity.

These future torments of the damned far surpass all the penetration of the human mind, so that we are not sufficient to ever comprehend in thought their greatness; therefore, what they will be, or of what nature, cannot be at all expressed in words. Scripture, nevertheless, in order to show that these tortures are the greatest and most exquisite, likens them to those things by which, in this life, pain both of soul and body is accustomed to be excited. For this reason they are compared now to the gnashing of teeth, now to worms, now to the most sorrowful darkness, and whatever other matters of sadness and of the most complete pain can be mentioned.*

*Heinrich Schmid, The Doctrinal Theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, pp. 659–660.


Signs of the Times

I Wonder, Is ‘American Democracy’ Even Worth Saving?

Americans can’t afford health care. Housing is out of the reach of most. The rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer. We spend trillions on defense and a pittance on education.

What’s worth saving? A system that rewards grifters with political power and punishes people who aren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth? What’s worth saving? A system so racist that a kneeling Black football player is blackballed but White men and women with power who encouraged and enabled an insurrection needn’t even fear legal subpoenas? That ‘American Democracy’?

Seriously, what’s worth saving? The ‘American way of life’? What is that but an oligarchy controlling all the wealth and bearing none of the burden.

Worth saving?

The Kingdom of Heaven is NOT Like the Brooklyn Public Library

Chiefly because, though freely given, the Kingdom of Heaven does not require you to return what it gives you.  The Kingdom of Heaven isn’t a loaning institution, it is a giving institution.

Maybe let theologians write theological pieces, Christian Century…


Election Fraud is a Republican Thing

A Colorado judge on Wednesday barred Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters from supervising elections due to the leak of voting-system BIOS passwords to QAnon conspiracy theorist Ron Watkins. Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold and Mesa County registered elector Heidi Jeanne Hess had petitioned the court for a ruling that Peters and Deputy Clerk Belinda Knisley are unable to perform the functions of the Designated Election Official for the November 2021 election.

The “court determines that the petitioners have met the burden of showing that Peters and Knisley have committed a breach and neglect of duty and other wrongful acts,” Mesa County District Court Judge Valerie Robison wrote in Wednesday’s ruling. “As such, Peters and Knisley are unable or unwilling to appropriately perform the duties of the Mesa County Designated Election Official. The court further determines substantial compliance with the provisions of the code require an injunction prohibiting Peters and Knisley from performing the duties of the Designated Election Official.”

In August, Watkins released photos of information on Dominion’s Election Management Systems (EMS) voting machines, including an installation manual and “BIOS passwords for a small collection of computers, including EMS server and client systems,” as we reported at the time. While Watkins, a former 8chan administrator, was trying to prove that Dominion can remotely administer the machines, the documents actually showed “a generic set of server hardware, with explicit instructions to keep it off the Internet and lock down its remote management functions.”

Peters, who promoted Trump’s conspiracy theory that voting machines were manipulated to help Joe Biden win the 2020 election, “‘holed up’ in a safe house provided by pillow salesman and conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell” when the FBI began investigating her, according to an August 19 Vice News article. Her location was described as a “mystery” for a while, but she appeared at an event in Grand Junction, Colorado, last month.

What wicked liars these people are.  Hell awaits them.

They’re ‘Confused’

Bless ’em.

See Also…

Interpreters of the bible who don’t read Hebrew and Greek.

If 2021 Were a Puppy


America is a country of selfish people. This could have been over by now if everyone had acted selflessly.

First posted on this day in 2020….. It’s even more true now than it was then.

Too Few…

Too few exegetes are theologians, and too few theologians are exegetes.


THE Expert on the Divinity of Jesus…

So take that, theologians.  THE expert.  THE!

Linkedin is a strange place.

Expertise Matters

That used to be established fact.  Today, however, people need to be reminded of it.

No one asks a non-chemist about a chemistry problem.  And no one asks a non-physicist about a physics problem.  And no one asks a non-architect about an architectural problem.

By the same token no one should ask a non-theologian about a theological problem and no one should ask a non-biblical scholar about an exegetical problem.

Expertise matters.  A failure to appreciate that very simple fact is the reason ignorance is rampant in this society- from the highest office in the land all the way down.

If You’re In Zurich You Should Attend

Higher Ed Has A Bias Problem

And that bias is manifested when academics study a subject or topic from only the perspective which agrees with their already in place conclusions.

That bias is both unfair and dishonest. It sees the opposing perspective as little more than a straw man in need of being burned to the ground.

To be sure, I’m not talking about issues where scholarship has settled on conclusions. The earth is not flat, vaccines don’t implant 5G in people, and the election wasn’t rigged. People holding those sorts of absurd views don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

Instead, I’m talking about issues that scholarship has not reached accord concerning, and there are loads of them in biblical studies.

So when scholars hold conclusions simply because they are convenient or popular with some peers (the appeal to authority fallacy), and even refuse to interact or ask questions, they are being dishonest in their views.

That’s bias. And it doesn’t serve the cause of truth. It is ideology and its practitioners are idealogues, not academics rightly named.

Scholarship v. Ideology: An Observation

It’s not scholarship if you don’t ask questions of the people and institutions you’re studying. It’s ideology.

The Queen of the Sciences

Most of you are too young to remember it, but theology used to be called the ‘Queen of the Sciences’.   Today, it’s not even the washer woman for Christians.

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