Bullinger Was Far More Important than Calvin in their Time

Here’s a little snippet of a letter showing the weight which was given to Bullinger’s views- a weight which far surpassed Calvin’s:

Yesterday (September 26), (writes Haller of Berne, to Bullinger of Zürich) we received the documents in the case of Servetus, and have since been studying them in view of our reply. But we should like to know what your answer is before we send ours. We therefore entreat you immediately to inform us of its tenor. Yet wherefore so much ado! the man is a heretic, and the Church must get rid of him. Let me, however, I beseech you, speedily know the conclusion you have come to.

Bullinger, of all the theologians in Switzerland, was the most important until the day of his death.

ATV’s Kill Thousands

They are a menace to society.

Pediatric surgeon Dr. Rony Marwan has seen way too many kids who have been seriously injured in all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents.

“My kids are not allowed to ride in ATVs because of the horrific things I have seen,” said Marwan, who works at University of Missouri Health Care in Columbia.

Every hour, four kids go to U.S. emergency rooms for injuries sustained in an ATV accident, while more than 3,000 have been killed as a result of those accidents between 1982 and 2015, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

To help put a dent in those statistics and save lives, the AAP is stepping up efforts with a new report on ATV safety and a policy statement warning parents about the inherent dangers of ATVs.

Introduced in the mid-1970s, ATVs have three or four off-road tires, throttle and brakes on the handlebars, and a straddle seat. Outdoor enthusiasts ride ATVs on trails, fields and off-highway vehicle parks.

Etc.  They need to be banned.

Quote of the Day

Allow me, as my last word and bequest, to shout to you in Hugenot fashion, “Resistez!”  For the discipleship of the Crucified of necessity leads to resistance to idolatry on every front, and this resistance is and must be the most important mark of Christian freedom.  –  Ernst Käsemann