Zwingli In English

The first volume of this new series is available here.

The aim of the series is to provide translations of Zwingli’s works in English.  Forthcoming volumes will include Letters, Treatises, and other materials from Zwingli the vast majority of which have never been translated into English before.

My goal is to work on translating Zwingli into English for the remainder of my active career and beyond (as long as I am able).

Books in the series will be small, and quite affordable.  They will contain a brief introduction and then the works of Zwingli in simple English.

If you are of a mind to do it, I would be grateful if you would help spread the word.  I’m taking on this project on my own because, frankly, I’m unconvinced that any publisher is interested in doing it.  Given that sales are the driving factor for larger publishing companies and any audience for Zwingli in English is liable to be niche, it’s best, in my opinion, to get the work done and offer it to the public at a respectable cost rather than jumping through publisher hoops (which, as the days go by, become more and more unfriendly to works of translation).

I am not sure how frequently new volumes will appear, but you can expect to see at least one a quarter (so around 4 a year).