Mary: Plagiarist?

Mary’s song

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour; because he has looked upon the humiliation of his servant. Yes, from now onwards all generations will call me blessed, for the Almighty has done great things for me. Holy is his name, and his faithful love extends age after age to those who fear him. He has used the power of his arm, he has routed the arrogant of heart. He has pulled down princes from their thrones and raised high the lowly. He has filled the starving with good things, sent the rich away empty.  He has come to the help of Israel his servant, mindful of his faithful love -according to the promise he made to our ancestors — of his mercy to Abraham and to his descendants for ever. — (Lk. 1:46-55)

Hannah’s song

My heart exults in Yahweh, in my God is my strength lifted up, my mouth derides my foes, for I rejoice in your deliverance. There is no Holy One like Yahweh, (indeed, there is none but you) no Rock like our God. Do not keep talking so proudly, let no arrogance come from your mouth, for Yahweh is a wise God, his to weigh up deeds. The bow of the mighty has been broken but those who were tottering are now braced with strength. The full fed are hiring themselves out for bread but the hungry need labour no more; the barren woman bears sevenfold but the mother of many is left desolate. Yahweh gives death and life, brings down to Sheol and draws up; Yahweh makes poor and rich, he humbles and also exalts. He raises the poor from the dust, he lifts the needy from the dunghill to give them a place with princes, to assign them a seat of honour; for to Yahweh belong the pillars of the earth, on these he has poised the world. He safeguards the steps of his faithful but the wicked vanish in darkness (for human strength can win no victories).  Yahweh, his enemies are shattered, the Most High thunders in the heavens. Yahweh judges the ends of the earth, he endows his king with power, he raises up the strength of his Anointed. (1 Sam. 2:1-10)

Immaculate Conception??? Nope

The doctrine of the immaculate conception asserts that Mary herself was born sinless. This is false, and cannot be maintained through Scripture. So when your Catholic friends assert Mary’s sinlessness just laugh and point and carry on, knowing how absurd such a claim is.

All have sinned…’ – Paul, to the Romans.

Best Just Let Her Take Care of it Herself…

If you touch her to rescue her, she may accuse you of unwanted sexual conduct.  And if you even attempt to rescue her, you’ll be accused of patriarchalism.

She’ll be fine.  She’ll figure it out.  And if she doesn’t?  Well that’s on her isn’t it.

(How long before games like this are denounced as man-centric and outlawed by the politically correct police corps?)

Did You Have a Bad Day Today?

Well back in 1537 on 7 December, so did Luther… who wrote

“I am so overloaded with tasks and so troubled with sicknesses that I have often been compelled, and still am, to leave my duties unperformed.”

Bless his heart.  He still had 9 years to live.

Do You Want to Know What Resistance to Power Looks Like? Don’t Bother with Bonhoeffer, Wonder with Wurm

This is what resistance looks like.

Theophil Wurm wurde am 7. Dezember 1868 in Basel in eine im schwäbischen Pietismus verwurzelte Familie geboren. Sein Vater war Lehrer am Basler Missionshaus und später Dekan in Blaubeuren; seine Mutter stammte aus der Schweiz. Nach dem Besuch der traditionsreichen württembergischen Seminarschulen und dem Theologiestudium in Tübingen trat er nach einem achtjährigen Vikariat 1899 als Pfarrer in den Dienst der Inneren Mission. Hierzu motiviert war er durch Adolf Stoecker, dessen soziale Stadtmissionsarbeit Wurm bei einer Studienreise 1893/94 kennengelernt hatte. 1900 heiratete Wurm Marie Bruckmann, die einer kirchlich eingestellten Fabrikantenfamilie entstammte; das Ehepaar hatte drei Töchter und zwei Söhne, eine Tochter verstarb früh.

1901 übernahm Wurm die Geschäftsführung der Evangelischen Gesellschaft in Stuttgart, 1913 wurde er Zweiter Stadtpfarrer in Ravensburg und 1920 Dekan in Reutlingen. Vor seinem Amtsantritt als Dekan legte er sein 1918 erlangtes Mandat in der verfassungsgebenden Landesversammlung bzw. im württembergischen Landtag nieder, das er für die Bürgerpartei (DNVP) errungen hatte. 1927 stieg Wurm zum Prälaten von Heilbronn auf und bereits 1929 wurde er zum württembergischen Kirchenpräsidenten gewählt – 1933 wurde ihm der Titel „Landesbischof“ angetragen, den er seitdem führte.

Die volkskirchlich-konservative Haltung Wurms führte zunächst gegenüber der nationalsozialistischen Bewegung zu einer positiven Erwartungshaltung. Wurm hoffte, durch eine engagierte Volksmission die im 19. Jahrhundert weitgehend für die Kirche verlorene Arbeiterschaft zurückgewinnen zu können. Als ihm die antikirchliche und unmenschliche Position des NS-Systems zunehmend deutlich wurde, legte er bei Regierungsstellen entschieden Protest ein, beispielsweise gegen die Verdrängung der Kirche aus dem Erziehungsbereich, die Krankenmorde oder die Vernichtung der Juden. Zu einem öffentlichen Wort konnte er sich aufgrund seines Obrigkeitsverständnisses nicht durchringen.

Nach Kriegsende wurde Wurm zum entscheidenden Faktor bei der Neukonstituierung der evangelischen Kirche; er war bis 1948 der erste Ratsvorsitzende der EKD. 80-jährig legte er Ende 1948 sein Bischofsamt nieder. Er verstarb am 28. Januar 1953 in Stuttgart.

Another Dilettante Who’s Pretending to Be A Biblical Exegete: The ‘Prof’ Who Accuses God of Raping Mary

And make no mistake, that’s exactly what Sprankle is saying.  No consent = rape.  But what the imbecile ignores is that Mary does in fact give consent to the operation of the Holy Spirit:

Mary said, ‘You see before you the Lord’s servant, let it happen to me as you have said.’ And the angel left her. (Lk. 1:38)

Another fake academic pretending to know something about the Bible when he doesn’t even know the basic story.  What a buffoon.

Here’s your award, Sprankle-

‘If They Had Been of Us, They Would Have Remained With Us’: Zwingli and the Re-Baptizers

H. Wayne Pipkin’s fine essay titled  «They went out from us, for they were not of US»  Zwingli’s Judgment of the Early Anabaptists is as interesting now as it was in 1992, two decades ago.  He begins

zw941.jpgWe will never know what the Reformation would have looked like if the reformers Luther, Zwingli or Calvin had been able to carry out their reforms without controversy. As it was, the theologies and the churches that emerged were fashioned within the context of vigorous interaction with opponents on the left and right. This commonplace judgment was especially true of the reforming efforts of Zwingli, whose work was early circumscribed by energetic adversaries. Zwingli’s early program was directed against the abuses of the medieval Catholic church in Zürich. He hoped to carry out this reform thoroughly and consistently with the assistance of all the evangelical groups in the city and the region. He expected that support for his campaign would be unquestioned. It was not to be.

You’ll enjoy the entire thing. This passage is especially worth highlighting-

The literary activity of December demonstrates how lively the issues had become once again between Zwingli and his internal opponents. In a letter to Vadian, Grebel noted what he had heard of Zwingli’s activity: «Der Zwingli schribt vom gwalt. Ob er denselben kretzen werd, weiß ich nit; ist wol müglich. Er der Zwingli schribt ouch von den ufrüereren oder ufruor; darf wol unß beträffen. Sähend zuo; eß wirt etwas bringen» (this is the volume refereed to earlier today).

Grebel the Syphilitic was on a tear and he would do his best in rending Zurich to pieces had he succeeded.  Read this true gem in the archives of Zwingliana.

Christmas Commentary Sale

The ‘Person in the Pew’ commentary series is the only series of Commentaries in modern history written by a single person on the entire Bible and aimed at layfolk .  Everyone needs a commentary on the Bible that they can understand and that answers their questions about the meaning of the text.  So I wrote one.

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Here’s what one reader has to say:

Jim West is a man of very decided opinions. However, and this is much to his credit, in the Commentary I’ve read he does not advocate his opinions about Scripture. What he does is explain and simplify, working from the original language, without being simplistic. And this is to be commended. – Athalya Brenner

Who Can Be Silent when Yahweh Speaks?

The lion roars: who is not afraid? Lord Yahweh has spoken: who will not preach?  From the palace roofs of Assyria and from the palace roofs of Egypt, proclaim aloud, ‘Assemble on the hills of Samaria and observe the grave disorders inside her and the acts of oppression there!’ Little they know of right conduct -declares Yahweh- who cram their palaces with violence and extortion.  This is why — Lord Yahweh says this- an enemy will soon besiege the land, he will bring down your strength and your palaces will be looted. (Amos 3:8-11)

Quote of the Day

calvin87We must carefully notice these two things—that a knowledge of all the sciences is mere smoke, where the heavenly science of Christ is wanting; and man, with all his acuteness, is as stupid for obtaining of himself a knowledge of the mysteries of God, as an ass is unqualified for understanding musical harmonies.*

*John Calvin, Commentaries on the Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians, 1:20.

Spears to Plows… Plows to Spears…

They will hammer their swords into ploughshares and their spears into bill-hooks. Nation will not lift sword against nation or ever again be trained to make war. But each man will sit under his vine and fig tree with no one to trouble him. The mouth of Yahweh Sabaoth has spoken. (Mic. 4:3-4)

And since we’ve never managed to do that, we’ll eventually get to do this instead:

Hammer your ploughshares into swords, your bill-hooks into spears; let the weakling say, ‘I am tough!’ Hurry and come, all the nations around, and assemble there! (Yahweh, send down your champions!) ‘Let the nations rouse themselves and march to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, for there I shall sit in judgement on all the nations around. Ply the sickle, for the harvest is ripe; come and tread, for the winepress is full; the vats are overflowing, so great is their wickedness!’ (Joel 4:10-13)

We seem incapable of peace. So our only future is destruction.