Israeli Settlers Set a Palestinian House on Fire and Burned a Baby to Death

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sickSuspected Israeli settler attackers torched a Palestinian home in the occupied West Bank on Friday, killing an 18-month-old child and seriously injuring his parents and older brother in an act that Israel’s prime minister described as terrorism. The house in Duma, a village near the city of Nablus, had its windows smashed and fire bombs thrown inside shortly before dawn as the family slept, the military and witnesses said. Graffiti in Hebrew reading “revenge” was scrawled outside, below a Star of David.

The child’s parents and four-year-old brother were flown by helicopter to an Israeli hospital where they were said to be in serious condition, officials said. A second house in sick2the village was also set ablaze, but no one was home. Several hundred people marched at his funeral procession calling for retribution. “With our souls and blood we shall redeem you, martyr,” they chanted as the child’s flag-draped body was carried through the village for burial.

What animals.  What vile animals. These cruel beasts need to experience punishment to the fullest extent of the law.  Human beings don’t act that way.

What Utter Perversity: The Methodist Pastor Who Thinks Objecting to Abortion is ‘Idolatry’

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Talk about calling good, evil and evil, good… this Methodist guy has that down to an art:

The United Methodist Church has been a subject of controversy for years as it supports legalized abortion within the context of supposedly being a Christian denomination. Now, one pro-life advocate has uncovered a quote from a Methodist pastor who says that caring about unborn babies who die in abortions is “idolatry.”

Sarah Terzo, who has a knack for documenting the history of the abortion debate and the abortion advocacy movement by posting quotes from pro-abortion activists through the years, posted a new quote today that features Minister John M Swomley.

Swomley  is an ordained United Methodist minister, Terzo explains and, from 1960 to 1984 he was professor of Christian Ethics at St. Paul’s school of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri. At the time he was active in ministry, he was president of Americans for Religious Liberty and a longtime board member and sometimes vice president of the American Civil Liberties Union and chair of its Church – State committee. So here is a Christian pastor serving on the board of a prominent pro-abortion group.

Etc.  This chap needs to take a look at Romans 1:32.  Someone tell him that’s in the Bible because he surely isn’t familiar with it.

Never Compare Yourself to Someone Else… A Parable

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A new parable of Jesus has been discovered in the Judean desert on a papyrus fragment!

One day Jesus was teaching the multitudes and he said “Never compare yourself to someone else… Because whilst you are always going to find lesser souls…


than yourself… which may cause you to rejoice momentarily…


There will always be someone who is also rejoicing, because you are lesser than they….”


And lo- the disciples did weep mightily when Jesus had spoken these words, because they knew they were not of the .1%.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

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Good movie.  Not a great movie. Not the best movie so far this Summer.  But worth seeing.  At a matinee.  At the discount price.

Today With Zwingli: His Refutation of Catabaptist Tricks

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In catabaptistarum strophas elenchus was published by Zwingli on 31 July, 1527 and was translated into English in the early 20th century by S.M. Jackson and published in a very lovely little edition which, fortunately, is now in the public domain and accessible here in pdf (Chapter 5).

You’ll enjoy it.  In fact, you’ll enjoy all of the books in the collection.

Please, Sign this Petition

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It has to do with allowing researchers the freedom to make use of materials and images held by the Zurich Central Library.  Please, sign it.  It won’t cost you a penny and it will insure that those responsible for these materials realize their importance to the scholarly community.


Reformation und Rationalität

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A new volume has been published in the Refo500 Academic Series by V&R:

978-3-525-55079-3On 19th October 1512, Martin Luther received his doctorate of theology under the chairmanship of Andreas Bodenstein of Karlstadt. Throughout his life, Luther remained tied to the Universityof Wittemberg. The Reformation movement was initially driven by and through his concern with academic issues, which also from the outset pertained to the relationship between theology and the other sciences.

The contributors to this volume describe the relationship between faith and reason – or ratio and pietas – which was assessed in different ways in the Reformation, described by some as oppositional and by others as harmonious. Moreover, reformers referred back to medieval philosophical and theological points of view to relate reason with belief. The way in which this was done was definitive, for example for the establishment of universities, relations between science and the Church and in matters concerning the Bible and preaching. The lectures printed in this volume address the question of the relationship between the Reformation and reason before a European, interdenominational horizon.