A Conference on the Reformation with an Online Component

Emanuel University of Oradea together with the “Ethics and Society” Research Center is organizing a conference dedicated to the Reformation, under the title “The Reformation Revisited: A Revisitation of what the European Reformation Was, How It Occurred, and Why”. The conference will have an online format, which means that those participants who cannot travel to Emanuel University in Oradea, Romania, can sign up for an online presentation of the papers.

The conference aims to be the first of a series of biannual conferences that have the specific purpose of reanalyzing the Reformation in order to present a colorful, yet accurate and relevant  perspective on what the Reformation was, and why it is still relevant today.

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The Early Sermons of John Broadus

broadusI thought this a lovely report from a member of the Church which heard Broadus’s first sermon-

Dr. William McGuffey, professor of moral philosophy in the University of Virginia, had charge of the church. Being sick on this particular Sunday, he sent down one of his students “to fill his place.” And well did he fill it. The doctor was dry and logical and preached more to the head than to the heart. On this day, which I well remember, there stood up in his place a slightly built, dark-haired youth, scarcely twenty1 years of age, who spoke as I never heard man speak before of our gracious Saviour. There was something in his manner very entreating, very touching, very convincing. After the sermon all were eager to find out the name of the student who had filled so acceptably the learned professor’s place. That day was the first time I ever saw or heard the name “John A. Broadus.” I was about eleven years of age. I wish I could recall the text, but I well remember the impression made upon me by its charming simplicity. He had made comprehensible, even to the mind of a child, great Bible truths.

Broadus’s biographer continues

at_robertsonHis next sermon was July 2, at New Salem, Culpeper, his home church, always a trying experience to the young preacher. On this occasion the text2 was 1 Tim. 4:8. He now had two sermons. On the afternoon of the same day he preached his sermon from Ps. 62:8 at John Lewis’s home in Culpeper. On August 3 he preached at Berryville on Lam. 3:33. The subject was chosen because it was a “Fast Day.” August 31 he preached at the Brick Church, Culpeper, during the session of the Shiloh Association. This time his text was Gal. 3:1. On September 3 he preached at Culpeper Court-House from Luke 8:39. He now had five sermons and had preached at all the scenes of his early career.*

Broadus was perhaps the most famous Greek scholar of his day in America. His student, A.T. Robertson, was perhaps even greater. What this little biographical snippet shows is that people can be scholars and effective preachers.

*Life and letters of John Albert Broadus (pp. 71–72).

This Photo Should Make Every Human Weep, and Ridden With Guilt, Driven to Action

And if you’re too squeamish to look or too bothered to stare death in the face, then you should do something about the policies of your government, as it is guilty of creating an environment where children die like this because they and their families have to flee war.

Whose fault is the death of this little child, loved of God? Ours. Each and every one of us. You and I killed this child because we have sat by and allowed our wicked leaders to turn blind eyes to conditions which allowed this to happen.

We are guilty because of our sins of omission. God have mercy on us.  Little child, forgive us.