Another Day, Another Child Killed By Parental Neglect

America… your kids are dying because your adults don’t care if they leave their guns out and accessible.

Police in Virginia say a 11-year-old boy is dead after being shot a 10-year-old boy on Thursday afternoon. The 11-year-old graduated from Westside Elementary School in Roanoke on Thursday.  At 12:18 p.m., police responded to a home the 2000 block of Carroll Avenue NW to investigate a shooting. The preliminary investigation indicates the two boys found access to a handgun inside home and were playing with it when the 10-year-old shot the 11-year-old. The 11-year-old boy was pronounced dead at the scene. The 10-year-old boy called 911 after the shooting.

All in the name of ‘the right to keep and bear arms’…  No one in either of those families will ever be the same.

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Theologian Chic: An Observation

Reading a great bit of modern theology leaves one with the distinct impression that the goal of the theologian is to be chic or controversial or just simply counter Christian rather than as an honest contribution to the life of the Christian Community, the Church.  Moltmann’s work is a prime example of this, along with Spong and that ilk.

Moltmann and Spong and that ilk aren’t servants of the Church, they are servants of their own idiosyncratic ideologies.

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Happy Thomas Müntzer Day!

munzerOur Saxon friends remind us

Thomas Müntzer, an early Reformation-era German theologian, led a group of about 8000 peasants at the battle of Frankenhausen, on May 15, 1525, convinced that God would intervene on their side. Müntzer and his followers were defeated. He was captured, tortured and decapitated on May 27.

Happy Thomas Müntzer Day!*

*He was an absolute lunatic. Think of the most violent preacher you’ve ever heard- even among the Taliban or the members if ISIS, and then multiply that by 1000. That’s Thomas Müntzer.

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Every “-ism” Is an Idol: An Observation

When your pet “-ism”, no matter how worthy you deem it, supercedes your Christian faith, you have well and truly totally lost your way.

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Luther: Get The Right Sort of Woman…

Nowadays … people strive for and seek to get almost nothing but riches. But Holy Scripture describes Isaac’s bride in this manner, that she was a beautiful virgin, chaste and modest, endowed with good manners, intelligent, sensible, and obedient to her parents. A woman like this certainly does not need great treasures, but through her God grants an exceedingly great treasure.

On the other hand, a woman who has crude manners, is stupid, lacking in good sense, not alert, and, in addition, is suspect as to her chastity will bring with her all faults, misfortunes, and afflictions, no matter how rich she is.

In short, let him who desires to have a good wife call upon God. He will hear him when he prays and will grant one who, if not endowed with all virtues as Rebecca was, is nevertheless suitable and respectable. — Martin Luther

Your bride will probably not be a Rebecca, but at least she won’t be stupid and senseless.  Amen and amen.

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Fake Church Shut Down In Nashville

After relating preliminaries, the Tennessean reports this snippet concerning a ‘Church’ which has closed down in Nashville-

United Fellowship Center, whose attorney says is members-only and holds no doctrinal beliefs beyond The Golden Rule, would have faced some challenging legal precedents had anyone ever called its true purpose into question. The courts look for long-held religious beliefs in such cases. That’s why Hobby Lobby prevailed in its effort to side-step a federal requirement to provide insurance coverage for certain types of birth control but Judith Kuch, who argued in 1968 that her church membership required she use LSD, did not.

A man who answered the number on the church’s for-sale sign — which is the same number listed at to call for “party location” — said the asking price at 520 Lentz Drive is about $1.4 million. He declined to give his name out of concern that his grandchildren might see it, but said church members don’t need all the space, and they believe they can find a better location. He confirmed that another church was leasing the space and holding services for awhile, but that relationship ended.

Farewell, fake church.  May your numbers of disappearing fake churches increase.

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Bless Her Heart, She Doesn’t Even Know Enough to Know She Doesn’t Know Anything


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