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Heinrich Bullinger: Briefe von Oktober bis Dezember 1546

Der neue Band des Bullinger-Briefwechsels enthält 130 zwischen Oktober und Dezember 1546 verfasste Briefe, denen jeweils eine ausführliche deutsche Zusammenfassung vorangeht. Involviert sind 42 Briefschreiber, insbesondere Ambrosius Blarer, Oswald Myconius, Johannes Haller und Martin Bucer. Der Band vermittelt Informationen zum Schmalkaldischen Krieg (1546/47), zur politischen Haltung der Eidgenossen, zum Geschehen in Augsburg, zur Schule in Kappel und Chur, zum Kirchenwesen in Basel und Bern, zum Bibliotheksnachlass des Zuger Reformators Werner Steiner wie auch zu zahlreichen zeitgenössischen Publikationen. Ausserdem finden sich im Band viele unbekannte biografische Details, u. a. zu einem Verwandten von Andreas Vesalius und zu den Berner Dekanen Jodocus Kilchmeyer und Johannes Fädminger.

With thanks to the publisher, TVZ, for the review copy.  Stay tuned.

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The Problem With Conservatives…

Is that hatred of Hillary Clinton has so blinded them that they can no longer recognize evil in their own ranks.  That’s why they so blindly supports a serial adulterer, a felon, a drug addict, and a man who has more failed marriages than Solomon.*

Indeed, the hatred is so profound that people who once would have counted themselves members of the Moral Majority can no longer claim to hold the ethical high ground; all for the sake of hatred.

Behold, what hatred does to self-styled disciples of Christ.

*Donald Trump
Dinesh D’Souza
Rush Limbaugh
Newt Gingrich

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The Most Important Event of September 25th, 2017, in Birmingham, For about an Hour…

Deem yourself invited.

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Quote of the Day

“If Jesus preached the same message some minister’s preach today, He would have never been crucified.” Leonard Ravenhill

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Luther on the Superstitions of Philosophers and Monks

“In his letters Paul wrote about virtues and good works more fully and appropriately than all the philosophers. He extols the civil works of the godly very highly. Were not the battles and wars of David better than all the fasting and praying of the best and most pious monks? Meanwhile I’ll remain silent about the superstitious monks—like the one who wanted to conquer his concupiscence by smashing his dear chamber pot. Truly, this was noble mortification!” — Martin Luther

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Erastus and Corinth – Student dissertation (part 4)

The series continues…

Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception

In his surviving writings, Paul’s preferred term for people who are not slaves appears to be ἐλεύθερος (eleutheros); ‘free’. However, in 1 Corinthians 7:22, Paul uses a more specific term ἀπελεύθερος (apeleutheros), ‘freedman/feedperson’, referring to slaves who had been emancipated through the civic and legal process of manumission. Although it was a relatively common word, Paul only uses it once.  Newman University graduand Isabella Wray explored what may have prompted Paul to use it here and what his readers may have understood by its use.

This excerpt from her dissertation, introduces us to a freedperson who, like Babbius Philinus (see part 2), rose to become an influential figure in Corinthian society. What is particularly intriguing about this person, however, is that he may also have also been a member of the Corinthian church…

Paul’s Liberating Theology in 1 Corinthians 7:21-24: The Freedperson’s Journey…

View original post 1,255 more words

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Today with Melanchthon

melanchthon_holbeinIt was on 22 August in 1518 that the young Philip Melancthon arrived in Wittenberg to begin his life’s work of teaching there.  Just so you know.

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How It Was Karlstadt Who Provoked the Controversy Between Zwingli and Luther on the Lord’s Supper

Karlstadt … He was not in sympathy with the revolutionary tendencies of Thomas Münzer, but he and his followers were associated in the minds of many with the mysticism and agitations of the “Allstedtians” (Münzer was pastor at Allstedt). Luther sought to win Karlstadt back at a conference in Jena, August 22, 1524. The effort was fruitless, and because of the incendiary character of his preaching Karlstadt was expelled from Saxony, in 1524. He went to southern Germany, and eventually became a professor in Basel.

At Jena Luther had challenged Karlstadt to state his views publicly and in writing, and as a token of this invitation Luther gave him a gold coin. Karlstadt accepted the challenge and began a series of treatises on the Lord’s Supper. After his expulsion his tone became sharper toward Luther. In all, eight tracts were prepared—five on the Lord’s Supper, one on consideration for weak consciences, one on the nature of faith and unbelief, one in opposition to infant baptism.

Thus it was largely on the question of the sacraments that Karlstadt opposed Luther and found himself in Zwingli’s camp. For a disciple of Karlstadt brought the tracts to Zurich where they were read by the Anabaptist leaders, and to Basel where they were secretly printed. Late in 1524, the tract on baptism was confiscated, and the printer imprisoned. The remaining tracts were circulated, along with a statement of Karlstadt on his expulsion, and led to Zwingli’s statement on the Lord’s Supper and the consequent controversy between Zwingli and Luther on this issue.*

It isn’t always the case that controversy commences because of the actions of the chief combatants. Sometimes, someone else fires the first shot and others who are their better are dragged in. That was the case in the famous controversy involving Luther and Zwingli.
*Church and Ministry II, (LW Vol. 40, pp. 75–76).

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Let Me Say This, Again, As Clearly As Possible: Barron Trump is OFF LIMITS

Whoever wrote this article should be fired and whoever approved it should be sacked as well.  Minor children are ALWAYS off limits no matter how you feel about their parents.  They are completely innocent bystanders to the decisions their parents make and attacking them is the lowest form of cowardice and those who do are beneath contempt.


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When The Church Becomes Mirror Instead of Witness… This Is What Happens

This is a perfect, text book example of the unfortunate results of the Church losing focus on its purpose and its calling.

The Church is called to be Light and Salt, not Mirror and Sugar.  Lights generate their own illumination; mirrors merely reflect back what is generated elsewhere.  Sugar only sweetens and makes rotten; whilst salt preserves and flavors.

It may seem wise and even proper for those who lack theological substance for the Church to sling back to society what society slings at it; but this is nothing less than an abandonment of the duty and calling of the Church.

‘You are the light of the world.  A city set on a hill cannot be hidden’.  And yet churches like this one and so many others have indeed become hidden.  Hidden in the shadow of the world; having abandoned their uniqueness and the Gospel itself.

If your Church sign could fit on a campaign poster or advertising slogan then you’ve lost the plot.  Get yourselves some theologians.  If your Pastor can’t be distinguished from the president of the Rotarians, get yourself a new Pastor or go somewhere one actually is.

The very reason that the Church is so widely disregarded is because it in too many instances wants to be just like the world and in too many cases it is nothing more than a paltry mirror showing the world simply what it wishes to see.

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#Eclipse Photos

Not the best photos, but man did it get dark and man was the eclipse itself amazing to behold.  The good one is Rachel’s doing.

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson At his Condescending ‘Best’

The Babylon Bee reports

In celebration of the total solar eclipse visible from a large portion of the nation, pop astrophyicist Neil deGrasse Tyson reportedly began preparing a new barrage of condescending tweets for his online followers Monday morning.

The popular scientist racked his brain for ways to connect the cosmic event with hot-button social issues in a way that lets his followers know how much smarter than them he is.

“Let’s see, how can I make fun of religion while communicating already well-known facts about the eclipse in a condescending manner?” Tyson reportedly muttered to himself while staring at a blank status box on twitter.com. “I could do something about evolution, transgenderism, or gender equality too. There’s gotta be a connection to my pet social issues there. Come on, Neil, think!”

“I wish I hadn’t wasted all my good asinine zingers when Star Wars came out,” he lamented to himself, according to sources.

At publishing time, Tyson had settled on attacking climate change deniers and creationists with his upcoming flurry of completely banal eclipse observations.

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Wheaton Shows That Evangelicals Are Not All Unhinged Trump Supporters

So well done, Wheaton, for showing that people like Falwell and Graham and Metaxas and other Trumpians are not the norm, but the rare exception.

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Visit Reformation on the Record…

At the National Archives, and you can see awesome stuff like this:

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Being a Racist Has its Consequences, Even For Students at Christian Schools

Like this guy.

As college students were identified as participants in a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., earlier this month, there seemed to be little that their institutions could do about it. Although they received calls from other students and communities to discipline or expel students involved, Washington State University and the University of Nevada, Reno, were bound to protect their students’ First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and assembly.

Not so at private colleges, however, where at least one student has been kicked out, and another has voluntarily left after he says he received death threats.

Pensacola Christian College kicked out student Allen Armentrout after he was identified as a protester at the Aug. 12 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, where white nationalists and white supremacists shouted racist and anti-Semitic chants and violence broke out, culminating in the death of a woman when a protester drove his car through a crowd of counterprotesters.

“I have been released from my school and will be unable to return to college to finish my senior year,” Armentrout told local media. “I’m processing this and making adjustments to my life to compensate for this scrutiny.”

Armentrout was photographed wearing a Confederate uniform and carrying a Confederate flag, saluting a statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville. He said he went to the rally despite the neo-Nazi presence, not because of it, saying that neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan were distorting the history of the American South, and that Lee was one of the greatest Americans who ever lived.

“I believe a Christian institution should support patriotic individuals who want to stand for American tradition and beliefs. It really hurts me a lot when you try to do what’s right and you get attacked,” said Armentrout.

So good for Pensacola Christian.  Students need to learn that you really do reap what you sow and if you want to be a racist, you have no place at a Christian school.  Now let’s see if Falwell’s Liberty U. does the same thing.

*Hint- Don’t hold your breath.

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Quote of the Day

‎”Is there any worse curse than approval? Have you ever learned anything new from people who accept the world as it is? … Regardless, it’s a fine thing to belong to a private club based on rejection and difference. I’ll go a step further. I believe excoriation is the true measure of our merit.” – Dave Robicheaux   (Via Bruce McCormack on the Facebook).

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Martin Luthers theologische Grundbegriffe: Von »Abendmahl« bis »Zweifel«

Dieses Lehrbuch bietet eine Auswahl der wichtigsten theologischen Grundbegriffe Luthers, dargeboten anhand von Zitaten, die in der Weimarer Ausgabe nachgewiesen werden. Das Wörterbuch möchte die Theologie Luthers am Leitfaden ihrer Grundbegriffe darstellen. Diese sollen in Luthers eigenen Aussagen zur Sprache kommen, die der Weimarer Ausgabe seiner Schriften entnommen sind, aber in einer modernen, den originalen Sprachduktus durchschimmern lassenden Sprachform wiedergegeben werden. Am Ende der Artikel finden sich Angaben v.a. zur neueren Literatur zum jeweiligen Begriff. Ein Sachregister ermöglicht auch die Suche nach Begriffen, denen kein eigener Artikel gewidmet wurde. Damit füllt das Buch die Lücke zwischen Konkordanzen und systematisierenden Darstellungen der Theologie Luthers und ist als einführendes und orientierendes Instrument für Studierende, aber auch für PfarrerInnen oder ReligionslehrerInnen beim Umgang mit Luthers Schriften gedacht.

Mohr have kindly provided a review copy.  More in due course.

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Further Work on Qumran Pottery at the PEF

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Originally posted on The Leverhulme International Network Project for the Study of Dispersed Qumran Cave Artefacts and Archival Sources:
On 20-21 July,2017 Dennis Mizzi and Joan Taylor were able to photograph, draw and study pottery fragments in the Palestine Exploration Fund,…

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