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Luther Stuff in 2016

Posted in Luther by Jim on 13/02/2016

Die Internationale Martin Luther Stiftung hat einige wichtige Projekte und Veranstaltungen in diesem Jahr 2016 zusammengefasst.


Vom 15. bis 21. Juli 2016 werden zum vierten Mal junge Menschen aus ganz Deutschland im Rahmen derJugendUnternimmt summer school nach Erfurt eingeladen. Ganz im Sinne der von uns so genannten und propagiertenUnternehmerCourage werden die jungen Forscher ihre Ideen zu Unternehmensideen weiter entwickeln. Am Mittwoch, den 20. Juli 2016, 16.00 Uhr im Augustinerkloster Erfurt, werden die Ergebnisse der JugendUnternimmt summer school im Rahmen eines Elevator Pitches vorgestellt.

And a lot more.

Now That The Commentary Is Finished, Get it For $199

Posted in Bible, Biblical Studies Resources, Modern Culture by Jim on 13/02/2016

IMG_8299For many years I’ve been working on the ‘Person in the Pew’ commentary series. It is complete now with just 2 Kings coming soon from the publisher so I believe I’ll once again offer the entire series as a zipped file of pdf’s.

Individual books can still be obtained by the usual route but the entire series in pdf can only be acquired directly from me. And the procedure is simple:

1- Drop me an email at telling me you’d like it.
2- Paypal the cost of the volumes.
3- I will then send them to you without delay.
4- When 2 Kings is out, the pdf will be sent to all who have obtained the series (though you’ll probably need to remind me).

But do please note, the purchase entitles you to make use of the volumes for your personal use but they may not be shared or given or sold to second parties under any circumstances.  Of course there’s no way to monitor your honesty in this matter, but you’ll know.  And so will God.

Mind you, I’m not a marketer and I know nothing about business or the business of selling things. I’ve never been in biblical studies for the money and I’m not aiming to make a fortune with the complete series in pdf.

But, that said, all the hours put into these volumes are worth something, so I’m selling the lot for $199. That’s authentically inexpensive considering the thousands of pages written. And it’s a good commentary.

It’s NOBTS, Not NOB…

Posted in Biblical Studies Resources, Modern Culture by Jim on 13/02/2016

On February 12-13, 2016 at New Orleans Baptist (NOB) Theological Seminary, Professor Bart Ehrman and Dr Michael Bird debated the content of and issues surrounding Ehrman’s recent book, How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Preacher from Galilee (HarperOne, 2014). Michael Bird is the co-editor of a response volume,How God Became Jesus: The Real Origins Of Belief In Jesus’ Divine Nature—A Response To Bart D. Ehrman (Zondervan, 2014). The debate took place as part of the annual Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum in Faith and Culture.

So Deane G.  He also has a bit more and the video.

Allow me to spare you the time of viewing the video.  If you already agree with Ehrman, your mind won’t be changed.  If you already agree with Bird, your mind won’t be changed.   Now you have some spare time (you’re welcome) to go buy important books!

Vegan Irony: If you Hurt Little Animals, We Will Kill You…

Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on 12/02/2016

I guess they’d be ok with people being eaten, because it’s ok to kill people (evidently).   Apparently the Vegan’s are not a very bright tribe since for them killing people is acceptable but killing animals is worthy of death.

A pub has been forced to remove foie gras from its Valentine’s menu after claiming staff were subjected to death threats from “Vegan Activists”. The King’s Arms in Fleggburgh, Norfolk, was offering a tasting dinner menu for the weekend, including foie gras and chicken liver parfait. While seen by some as a gastronomical luxury, foie gras is often criticised for being cruel because it is made by force-feeding geese and ducks so that their livers expand. It is illegal to produce in the UK, but is made in other countries like France and Belgium.

Vegans… if it’s bad to kill animals, why is it good to kill people?

An Event in Eisleben

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lutherLet’s go!

Di, 01.03. | 19:00 Uhr | Luthers Geburtshaus, Lutherstadt Eisleben | Eintritt frei

Wunder oder Zufall? Ein Porträt des Reformators überlebte einen verheerenden Stadtbrand im Eisleber Petriviertel. Um das Bild rankte sich fortan eine Legende. Der Vortrag von Daniel Leis in der Reihe “Begegnung mit Originalen” erzählt die bewegte Geschichte des Gemäldes:

In der Sammlung des Museums „Luthers Geburtshaus“ in Eisleben findet sich eine Bildtafel des 16. Jahrhunderts mit einer ungewöhnlichen Geschichte. Sie stellt Martin Luther dar und befand sich ursprünglich an der Außenfassade des Geburtshauses, um den Geburtsort des Reformators für Fremde und Einheimische gleichermaßen zu kennzeichnen.

Academics Need To Take Their Work Back: It’s Time For JSTOR To Shut Down Or Open Up

Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on 12/02/2016

This is an important essay the subject of which should concern every academic.

After getting shut down late last year, a website that allows free access to paywalled academic papers has sprung back up in a shadowy corner of the Internet.

There’s a battle raging over whether academic research should be free, and it’s overflowing into the dark web.

Most modern scholarly work remains locked behind paywalls, and unless your computer is on the network of a university with an expensive subscription, you have to pay a fee, often around 30 dollars, to access each paper.

Many scholars say this system makes publishers rich—Elsevier, a company that controls access to more than 2,000 journals, has a market capitalization about equal to that of Delta Airlines—but does not benefit the academics that conducted the research, or the public at large. Others worry that free academic journals would have a hard time upholding the rigorous standards and peer reviews that the most prestigious paid journals are famous for.

Some years ago, a university student in Kazakhstan took it upon herself to set free the vast trove of paywalled academic research. That student, Alexandra Elbakyan, developed Sci-Hub, an online tool that allows users to easily download paywalled papers for free.

You need to read the whole.  And here’s the sci-hub portal.  You can follow sci-hub on the twitter too.  Academics need to take their work back, and JSTOR needs to make it happen or be shut down.

Luther’s ‘Praise’ of the Papacy

Posted in Luther by Jim on 12/02/2016

lutherOh, the depth of his worthlessness, covetousness, and robbery; how unsearchable are his thefts and how inscrutable his greediness! For who has known the shrine of his heart? Or who has first given anything to the church that he did not afterward snatch away? For from him and through him and in him are all the evils of the church. To him be horror and disgrace forever and ever. Amen.*

*Martin Luther, “Preface, Marginal Glosses, and Afterword to Legation of Pope Adrian VI, Sent to the Diet of Nürnberg in 1522: 1538.”

Kentucky Is As Crazy as Texas: The Bill to Require the Wife’s Permission for the Purchase of Viagra

Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on 12/02/2016

Not the Onion…

A Kentucky lawmaker filed a bill Friday that would limit the distribution of erectile dysfunction drugs. The bill would require men to get consent from their current spouse. CBS Affiliate WYMT reports, the bill filed by House Representative Mary Lou Marzian, requires health care providers to have two office visits before prescribing an erectile dysfunction drug. It also requires married men to swear with their hand on the bible that they will only use the prescription when having sexual relations with a current spouse.  Read the full bill here.

I thought Republicans hated governmental interference…

The Pope and The Patriarch: What They Really Think About Each Other

Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on 12/02/2016


Ex Believers… They Really Are Amazingly Dull People

Posted in Modern Culture by Jim on 12/02/2016

Ex believers are as boring and tiresome to listen to as ex marrieds who whine about their former spouse.   Get a grip.  No one cares about your precious feelings.


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