Discussing their Latest Book- Pesce and Destro

Qual è l’attendibilità storica dei vangeli? Come si sono formati e su quali informazioni si basavano? Come si è arrivati ai diversi racconti orali e scritti della straordinaria vicenda di Gesù? Per rispondere a queste domande, nella prima parte del libro gli autori propongono una teoria critica della memoria e della tradizione; nella seconda, invece, suggeriscono una lettura antropologica dei testi, alla quale si accompagna un esame storico. L’intento è riscoprire le tracce degli eventi, incorporate ma spesso nascoste nelle testimonianze dei vangeli. Sulla figura di Gesù, subito dopo la sua morte, vi fu una molteplicità di informazioni trasmesse da gruppi che avevano conoscenze parziali ed erano dislocati in zone diverse della Terra di Israele. A partire da questo dato, gli autori ricostruiscono la mappa dei luoghi da cui provengono le fonti su cui si basa ciascun vangelo.

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This Is What Heaven Must Look Like

Sion, Switzerland-


Horrifying Tragedy: 700 Feared Dead at Sea

A major rescue operation is under way in the Mediterranean after as many as 700 migrants are feared to have drowned just outside Libyan waters, in what could prove to be the worst disaster yet involving migrants being smuggled to Europe.

Italian coastguards have retrieved 49 survivors so far and about 20 bodies, according to the interior ministry, after the boat went down overnight about 60 miles (96km) off the Libyan coast and 120 miles (193km) south of the Italian island of Lampedusa.

The UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR, told the Guardian that up to 700 may remain in the water, according to numbers supplied by a survivor. The accident happened after the migrants saw a merchant ship in the distance and scrambled to attract its attention, over-balancing the fishing boat in which they were travelling.

So horrific.  More details in The Guardian.

Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

Chris has been branching out a bit and has taken on a couple of new jobs (neither of which he worked very long).  First he became a sign maker.  It turned out badly.  Then, he dabbled in construction.  That didn’t work out well either.  Chris apparently doesn’t understand that those doors are supposed to provide privacy….

Chris is a good guy, a great writer, and a fantastic lecturer.  But he really stinks at other things.  Stay with what you know, buddy… stay with what you know.

Quote of the Day

Let no man think to kill sin with few, easy, or gentle strokes. He who has once smitten a serpent, if he does not follow on his blow until he be slain, may repent that ever he began the quarrel. And so will he who undertakes to deal with sin and pursues it not constantly to death. Sin will after a while revive, and the man must die. It is a great and fatal mistake if we suppose this work will admit of any remissness or intermission. — JOHN OWEN

You Can’t find Healthy Food In A Cat Litter Box…

And you can’t get good theological advice from a journalist.  And you can’t get good parenting advice from Gwenyth Paltrow.  These are three facts you need to keep in mind.

Princeton Celebrates the Career of C.L. Seow

As he prepares to leave to take up a new position at Vanderbilt (so he could be nearer to me I imagine), Princeton celebrates his many decades of fantastic teaching and research.

Princeton’s loss is our region’s gain.

Joan Taylor on the Appearance of Jesus

Here– on the ASOR blog.

Well Done, Wisconsin! You Wanted Stupid, You Got it!

The University of Wisconsin-Madison will eliminate about 400 positions, most of them vacant, and will close or restructure several academic programs across campus over the next two years in response to anticipated state budget cuts, Chancellor Rebecca Blank announced on her blog Friday.

The College of Letters and Science — which teaches more than 80% of all freshman and sophomore credit hours, and nearly 60% of the overall credit hours at UW-Madison — will drop roughly 320 courses across departments by the end of fiscal 2017. Fewer courses and class sections will reduce the total number of class seats by nearly 9,000, according to the college’s dean, Karl Scholz.

The course cuts go hand in hand with the elimination of 92 positions in Letters and Science: 48 faculty and 44 academic staff, including instructional staff, Scholz said. Graduate students who teach labs and introductory courses also would be affected as UW-Madison’s largest college cuts $7.4 million, or 5%, of its $145 million base budget.

Thanks, Scott Walker!  Thanks, voters!  Thanks, state legislature!  You’ve proven brilliantly that you reap what you sow.  When you sow ignorance you reap ignorant politicians and policy makers and then they sow more ignorance.  YaY you!

Wisconsin has realized that all that ‘larnin ain’t good fer nuthin’.

#ICYMI – #BloggerProm

Here’s a photo of the blogger get together last year in San Diego.  It was a blast.  We hope you can join us this year in Atlanta.  Contact Joel Watts for all the details.



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