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Luther on Your Doubt Peddlings

We are better equipped to doubt than to hope; because hope comes from the Spirit of God but doubt comes from our own spirit. Accordingly God has forbidden it [doubt] under severe penalty. That we more easily believe penalty than … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Every Christian who would abound in prayer and piety ought, in all reason, to make the Psalter his manual.  Indeed the truth is, that everything a pious heart can desire to ask in prayer, it here finds Psalms and words … Continue reading

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Luther and the Jews

A timely post from Oxford.

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Quote of the Day

“Philip [Melanchthon] stabs, too, but only with pins and needles. The pricks are hard to heal and they hurt. But when I stab I do it with a heavy pike used to hunt boars.” — Martin Luther

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Family Night at the Luther’s

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Martin Luthers theologische Grundbegriffe: Von »Abendmahl« bis »Zweifel«

Dieses Lehrbuch bietet eine Auswahl der wichtigsten theologischen Grundbegriffe Luthers, dargeboten anhand von Zitaten, die in der Weimarer Ausgabe nachgewiesen werden. Das Wörterbuch möchte die Theologie Luthers am Leitfaden ihrer Grundbegriffe darstellen. Diese sollen in Luthers eigenen Aussagen zur Sprache … Continue reading

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Refo Thursday

This week the topic is marriage. “My mind is adverse to wedlock, because I daily expect [to suffer] the death of a heretic.” – Martin Luther

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Luther’s Advice to the Angry Atheists

It is presumptuous for people who are as ignorant as you are not to take up the work of a herdsman. — Martin Luther

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A Dose of Luther to Cheer Your Heart and Brighten Your Day

God has punished you by making you incapable of understanding truth, virtue, or honor, thus handing you over to the devil to tell nothing but lies, indeed, to do all that is evil, and to upset all that is good. … Continue reading

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Luther’s Bible Was Sent to the Printer on this Day in 1534…

And it was published the next day. The. Next. Day. Putting to shame all publishers today who take half a year to get a book printed. Martin Luther started work on his famous translation of the Bible in 1521, and … Continue reading

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Today With Luther: The Publication of his ’67 Psalms’

Luther’s work on Ps 9-147 appeared on this date in 1521.  It’s evidence of the early Luther’s still evolving theological thought.  As the American editor remarks of this volume, … on August 6, 1521, it appeared in print. Its German … Continue reading

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The Reticence of the Editors of Luther’s Works in English to Publish his Book on the Jews

In the preface, the editors of the American Edition of Luther’s works write The fact that Luther, during the last years of his life, wrote treatises harshly condemnatory of the Jews and Judaism is rather widely known. The treatises themselves, … Continue reading

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George Athas is In Berlin…

And he has snapped a couple of photos I am unashamedly kipping-

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Fun Stuff Luther Said

I would sit still and blithely watch how you, the devil, and your sausages and your tripes vainly fret and torment yourselves, and blubber and writhe, achieving nothing except to make us laugh and make you own case worse. Indeed, … Continue reading

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Magdeburg and the Reformation

Magdeburg, im 16. Jahrhundert mit 30.000 Einwohnern eine der größten Städte des Alten Reiches, nahm bei der von Wittenberg ausgehenden Erneuerung der Kirche eine Vorreiterrolle ein. Im Kulturhistorischen Museum wird dieser besondere Erinnerungsort des deutschen Protestantismus und sein wirkmächtiger Einfluss … Continue reading

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Luther: The App

“Luther virtuell” – die neue Augmented Reality-App (Erweiterte Realität) – lässt Nutzer in den drei Lutherstädten Eisleben, Mansfeld und Halle auf den Spuren des Reformators und seines Gegenspielers Kardinal Albrecht (nur in Halle) digital wandeln. Luther Virtuell im iTunes App Store … Continue reading

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That One Time When Martin Luther Was in a Bad Mood…

And wrote, in a preface to a book by another that was being published, The Papists despair of their cause and have decided, in spite and in defiance of God, with full knowledge and intent, to do everything that is … Continue reading

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It’s International ‘Friendship Day’

So, along with being very friendly today, I’m also passing this along from our friends in Saxony- The picture was taken inside the Melanchthonhaus in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. The exhibtion “Philipp Melanchthon: Life – Work – Legacy” honours Martin Luther’s great … Continue reading

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How Much Would A Luther Bible Cost when It Was First Published?

Our Saxon friends write Did you know that when Luther’s Bible was published in 1534, the Bible cost a equivalent of 17 fat geese? So I asked- how much is that?  They replied The September Testament one and a half Gulden. … Continue reading

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Bucer, Luther, Zwingli, and Translation Bias: Or, Be Careful Who Does Your Translation For You

The situation between Bucer and Wittenberg was further exacerbated by Bucer’s translation of Luther’s Church Postil. Before the theological differences between Bucer and Wittenberg had become manifest, Luther himself had requested, through the Strassburg publisher Johann Herwagen, that Bucer should … Continue reading

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