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More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery


Reminder: Don’t Get Your Theology From ‘Financial Advisors’

Every Philosopher, Ever, In One Meme

Arch-Heretic Gonna Arch-Heretic

Your Regular Reminder that Doug Wilson is a Heretic

Because he doesn’t teach the message of the Bible, he teaches unbiblical oppression of women and many, many other falsehoods.

Read the essay; the cult behavior of Wilson and his kool-aid drinkers will appall you.  In the midst of it you’ll find

Cigar-puffing and presenting like a Christian philosopher king on YouTube videos, pastor Doug Wilson is a radical provocateur, even among outspoken Christian conservatives, and appears to relish Twitter wars and blog battles. In the 1970s, he became pastor of Christ Church, which is now influential within the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches, a denomination Wilson helped found that includes more than 100 churches nationally. In 2003, 94 ecclesiastical charges were brought against Wilson by his denomination—from improperly using church funds to pay off students’ casino debts to “carnal threatening” of others—but the charges were ultimately dropped. Last year, Wilson published a novel called Ride, Sally, Ride about a Christian man who runs his neighbor’s sexbot “wife” named Sally through a trash compactor, and YouTube recently removed Wilson’s video making a moral argument for fake vaccine passports.

He is an evil heretic.  If you are in his cult, get out.

She’s Mentally Ill

And she needs to be institutionalized.

A Christian OnlyFans model says she has regular ‘threesomes’ with God, while claiming that it’s best sex she’s ever had.

Nita Marie is from Colorado, US and revealed that she and her partner like to ‘invite’ the Lord to join them in bed.

The 45-year-old also says she does it with God at least ‘twice a week’.

Although the Lord Almighty has never appeared ‘physically’, Nita says she can feel his presence while getting it on with her husband.

She said: “When you invite God to be a part of sex you change the act from something purely physical to something sacred and spiritual.

This is why most people should never be allowed to own a Bible or talk about God.

To Me, Pentebabbleism Is The Mark of the Beast

And arch-heretic Kenneth ‘I Drank my Own Blood for The Lord’s Supper’ Copeland is the chief demon of pentebabbleism.

It Truly is Disgusting

People who say it should be excommunicated and tried by the Office of the Holy Inquisition, to suffer the fate of every heretic.

He’s Not a Pastor he’s A Grifter

A pastor is encouraging people to donate to his Tulsa church so they can become an online member and get his signature on a religious exemption from coronavirus vaccine mandates. The pastor, Jackson Lahmeyer, is a 29-year-old small-business owner running in the Republican primary challenge to Sen. James Lankford in 2022.

Not a pastor. Grifter.

Greg Locke is a Servant of Satan

The Heresy Hunter’s Guidebook

Amen. With thanks to Jeff Carter for the helpful flowchart.

Pentebabbleist Heretic Tweet

This guy is a ‘Pentecostal’ ‘worship leader’.  I don’t what kind of Unitarian Universalist ‘church’ calls itself ‘Pentecostal’ but that’s what kind of ‘church’ this guy must ‘serve’.

He is wrong on every point.  Every point.  So naturally Twitter has given him a blue check.

If he were at my Church he wouldn’t have a job.

Reason 8,099,946 That Most People Shouldn’t be Allowed Near the Bible

Using ‘bible study’ as a cover for insane political plans.

Stay away from the Bible, dilettantes with political motivations.

Paula White and More of Her Terrible, Awful, Biblically Empty, Theologically Inappropriate, Bad Advice

Paula says…

Meanwhile, the Bible says…

‘The heart is more devious than any other thing, and is depraved; who can pierce its secrets? (Jer. 17:9)

So if you take Paula’s very bad advice, you only find yourself ruined. Don’t be like Paula. Don’t follow your heart.

‘Pastor’ Greg Locke: Prophet of Baal

Here’s a Woman That Should Keep Silent in the Church

And out of it. Her claim is a lie throughout.

Why Would Anyone Attend a ‘Church’ Where the Pastor is a Narcissitic Tyrant?

I honestly don’t get it.  Do people want to be manipulated?  Lied to?  Used?  How does someone like Mark Driscoll continue to have loyal followers when it’s as plain as day who he is?

Do people simply enjoy being in a cult?  Because that’s what Driscoll is running.

Heretical Bible Project Halted

The ‘God Bless the USA Bible’ is not going to happen.

A new Bible that includes singer Lee Greenwood’s licensed lyrics to “God Bless the USA” and America’s Pledge of Allegiance is off to a rough start.

The custom Bible’s Tennessee-based seller, marketing firm Elite Source Pro. led by Hugh Kirkpatrick, lost a manufacturing agreement to print the New International Version Bible text after a petition circulated in response to reporting by ReligionUnplugged, asking Zondervan and HarperCollins to drop the project. Neither HarperCollins nor its evangelical publishing groups Zondervan and Thomas Nelson will support the Bible product anymore. Zondervan released a statement to Religion Unplugged that the publisher never finalized a formal agreement with Elite Source Pro.

It was heresy from the start and its death is not to be mourned.

Oh Brandan, Just Stop

This is so ignorant.

Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be pseudo-theologians and ignorant commentators upon the bible.  It’s embarrassing.  For them.

What’s A Mark Gungor? And Why Would Anyone Want Him To Say Anything?

If this account is to be believed (and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be), Mr Gungor is just another one of the ‘Christian celebrities’ best avoided by actual Christians.

They are legion, these celebrities.  The real mystery is why anyone anywhere would follow them.

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