‘The Gospel Coalition’ Is the Voice of Satan

And when you hear them say what they say here, you are hearing the very voice of Satan himself.  TGC would have also urged Germans to obey Hitler regardless of what he did to the Jews because Hitler, in their satanic minds, was the ‘harbinger of peace’.

This is a godless distortion of the meaning of Romans 13.  There, God establishes ‘government’, not governments nor governors.

Megachurches are Dens of Iniquity, Where Robbers and Thieves, and Molesters Hide

One of Canada’s largest megachurches says it has substantiated sexual abuse allegations against former pastor Bruxy Cavey, including one involving a minor.

Cavey, who was arrested and charged with sexual assault in June, was the former pastor of The Meeting House, which has multiple campuses across the Toronto area.

Ontario police arrested the 57-year-old on May 31 after an investigation into reports of a sexual assault that occurred while he served as the church’s primary teaching pastor from 1996 to 2021.

An update released by the church on Saturday announced that an investigation into Cavey’s conduct revealed two allegations of sexual abuse by a church leader and the third allegation of sexual misconduct involving an underage victim at the time of the alleged abuse.

A separate investigation also “substantiated” sexual abuse allegations against senior pastor Tim Day, who the church said “chose not to participate in the investigation” despite “multiple opportunities to do so.”

A statement from church leaders Bruce Miller and Nour Aziz read in part: “In all cases, the victims have suffered great harm. We grieve deeply at the hurt caused to each of these individuals at our church.

“We also acknowledge the courage of those who stepped forward. We are grateful for their bravery, and willingness to be vulnerable. As church leadership, we humbly and profoundly apologize to them for the pain they experienced at the hands of The Meeting House pastors whom they — and we — trusted.”

When your ‘church’ is a circus, you have to expect a lot of clowns.  And when your ‘church’ is a megachurch, you have to expect a lot of victimizers.

If a ‘church’ uses the phrase ‘multiple campuses’ to describe itself, get out of Sodom.  There’s nothing of Christ in it.  Megachurches exist to feed the ego of the ‘senior pastor’.  Nothing else.  And if that means his ego is fed by taking advantage of women or children, then that’s what he will do.  Have nothing to do with such fraudulent ‘churches’.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery: God Is Mad at the FBI For Pursuing Stolen Documents

During a recent livestream, die-hard Trump supporter, conspiracy theorist, and self-proclaimed “prophetess” Kat Kerr claimed that she knows “covert stuff,” especially in regards to the recent raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort by FBI.

“If you go back to November 4, 2020, a lot was said on that day, you know … when the election was stolen — we’re not gonna stop saying either,” Kerr said.

According to Kerr, eventually the “regular news networks” will confirm her claim that the 2020 election was stolen. “So all I can say is, get ready for that to happen.”

“And guess what — Trump’s still getting his four years, people,” she continued. “And he don’t have to run to get it, I’ll just add that because that’s then truth. “If I had something stolen, then it goes to the person who won originally.”

Etc. with more nutbaggery.   Kat Kerr- a woman who should keep silent in (and out of) the Church.

Opening Your Own Megachurch Franchise in a Few Easy Steps

Have you ever wanted to be part of something big? Are you questing for infamy? Then jump on the bandwagon and open your own megachurch franchise!

  1. rent a storefront in a strip mall
  2. put up a big tv so the ‘lead pastor’ can pipe in his ‘sermons’
  3. get folk to come by promising gas cards and burgers
  4. voila, you’re part of the @pastormark @RickWarren network. And a heretic.

Siri, Show Me Something a Heretic Would Say that a Christian Theologian Never Would

Megachurches don’t plant Churches, they build franchises.  Their view of the Church is flawed and theologically inept from start to finish.  In fact, their view of the Church is heretical.  They are heretics.

Their goal is to puff up the ego of the ‘lead pastor’ who sprays his image across video screens in the franchises and turns the experience of authentic worship into nothing more than a viewing party to make himself feel more important.

Stop participating in these heretical movements, stop attending these franchises, and find yourself an actual Christian church to attend.

The Prophets of Baal Convention

@charliekirk11 – Announcing the first ever @tpusafaith Pastors Summit! Attendees will receive first-class training & teaching from 30+ guest speakers including fellow pastors, academics, and other thought leaders this August.

No, what they will receive is indoctrination in alt right pseudo-theology and how to be a proper prophet of Baal.

Prophet of Baal Hall of Shame

John MacArthur Shouldn’t Be Your Hero. He Is an Enabler of Rapists

In August 1979, Wendy Guay told her best friend that her father, Paul Guay—then a pastor at John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church—was regularly molesting her.

Her friend, Lisa (Tucker) Ward, told The Roys Report (TRR) that when she’d sleep over at Wendy’s house, Wendy would insist that they both go to bed fully clothed. Sometimes, Paul Guay would come in Wendy’s room in the middle of the night and would “hover over us,” Ward said.

But one night, the girls woke up and Guay was rubbing their backs. “Wendy woke up, freaked out, and grabbed me,” Ward said.

Soon afterward, Wendy divulged her secret to Ward. They then told Ward’s dad, John Tucker, a former missionary and then-member of Grace Community Church (GCC), about the abuse.

Read the whole disturbing thing.  And stop admiring evildoers like MacArthur.

Tell Me You Have a Deficient Ecclesiology Without Telling Me You Have a Deficient Ecclesiology

Baptize ‘virtually’.  That’ll do it.  Why?  Because baptism is the indicator of membership in a local church where the member will live, serve, worship, encourage, pray, study, and practice their faith among and along with others.  That does not and cannot happen when someone is baptized at a distance and simply then watches worship services on tv.

That isn’t church membership, and it isn’t even Christianity.  It is heresy.

Every mega-church is a cult.  This one is no different.  It isn’t making disciples, it is misleading people into thinking that Christianity is a spectator sport.


Hillsong isn’t the Only Shady Megachurch: Arise Church too is Abhorrent

Read all about it.

The ‘church’ has hired a PR firm in the wake of this reporting.

If your ‘church’ has to hire a PR firm, shut it down.

And, again, because some of you haven’t gotten the message yet- if it’s a mega ‘church’ it’s a cult. Stop supporting them and stop attending them and find an actual local church to go to.