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If You Don’t Think MAGA is a Cult, Think Again

The depths of this godlessness is astonishing.

‘Journey Church’, Lebanon TN… Paving the Road to a Super Spreader Event

This is simply irresponsible.  Yet another reason to refuse to attend some ‘church’ where advertising and publicity take precedence over caring about other people.

Signs of the Times: Joel Osteen, Grifter

Celebrity ‘Pastors’ Are Merely Narcissistic Servants of Molech

This Is Joel Osteen’s House…

Why did his ‘Church’ need over 4 Million Dollars of PPP funds?

Why Did Multi-Millionaire Joel Osteen’s Church Get Over 4 Million Dollars of PPP Funds?


Lakewood Church received a $4.4 million Paycheck Protection Plan loan during the coronavirus pandemic, according to federal data. The loan was disbursed in July of this year.

U.S. Small Business Administration data, which was released at the beginning of December, showed that Lakewood Church’s PPP loan was created by Bank of America. The megachurch’s hefty loan was the third-largest PPP loan approved for a Houston-area entity during all of July and August, according to Chris Matthews at Houston Business Journal.

Evidently Joel and Victoria couldn’t be bothered to help out their own staff and wanted taxpayers to do it, even though Joel and Victoria are multimillionaires.

Multimillionaire wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Vile Idolatry

Fundamentalist idolaters fail to understand one very simple theological truth: only God is perfect.  And that’s what makes them heretics.

Every Philosopher, Ever, In One Meme

David Bentley Hart is What You Get When the Desire for Fame Eclipses Common Sense and Honesty

DBH’s declaration is simply dishonest.  Both in terms of his assessment of Calvin and in his assessment of Aquinas.  But that’s what happens when the desire to be famous eclipses one’s sense of honesty and common sense.  And it’s yet more evidence that it is only heterodoxy and heresy that make people famous, not Christianity.

Mike Pence: Heretic

Mike Pence here replaces Christ with the flag. Fixing your eyes on the flag instead of Jesus is blasphemy! And that, regardless of your politics, is heresy. At some point your Christianity should be more important to you than your political affiliation. If not, your Christianity is false and empty.

Signs of the Times

Via Joel Watts-

John MacArthur is a False Teacher

And, as such, a heretic.

A True Pooling of Ignorance

The Heresy Hunter’s Guidebook

Amen. With thanks to Jeff Carter for the helpful flowchart.

Paula White and More of Her Terrible, Awful, Biblically Empty, Theologically Inappropriate, Bad Advice

Paula says…

Meanwhile, the Bible says…

‘The heart is more devious than any other thing, and is depraved; who can pierce its secrets? (Jer. 17:9)

So if you take Paula’s very bad advice, you only find yourself ruined. Don’t be like Paula. Don’t follow your heart.


From the FB page of J Andrew Doole

This is Why American Christians are So Theologically Ignorant

They listen to garbage, and no one in their lives love them enough to tell them that they listen to garbage.

Oh Precious, I’ve Heard them All Before. I’ve Read Church History, and your Side Lost

But here’s your Dilly-

Poor Joel… The Non-Theologian’s Theologian and the Non-Christian’s Christian

This is what theology looks like to people who don’t know anything about theology and what Christianity looks like to people who don’t know anything about Christianity.

Pat Robertson Knows Where COVID-19 Really Originates…

I can’t even even even anymore with these Pentebabbleist nutbags and their millions of followers.