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Creflo Dollar Is An Arch Heretic- And Those Who Follow Him Are Heretics as Well- Excised From the Body of Christ


No Christian can make such a claim and no Christian can accept it or follow someone who says it.

What Utter Perversity: The Methodist Pastor Who Thinks Objecting to Abortion is ‘Idolatry’

Talk about calling good, evil and evil, good… this Methodist guy has that down to an art:

The United Methodist Church has been a subject of controversy for years as it supports legalized abortion within the context of supposedly being a Christian denomination. Now, one pro-life advocate has uncovered a quote from a Methodist pastor who says that caring about unborn babies who die in abortions is “idolatry.”

Sarah Terzo, who has a knack for documenting the history of the abortion debate and the abortion advocacy movement by posting quotes from pro-abortion activists through the years, posted a new quote today that features Minister John M Swomley.

Swomley  is an ordained United Methodist minister, Terzo explains and, from 1960 to 1984 he was professor of Christian Ethics at St. Paul’s school of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri. At the time he was active in ministry, he was president of Americans for Religious Liberty and a longtime board member and sometimes vice president of the American Civil Liberties Union and chair of its Church – State committee. So here is a Christian pastor serving on the board of a prominent pro-abortion group.

Etc.  This chap needs to take a look at Romans 1:32.  Someone tell him that’s in the Bible because he surely isn’t familiar with it.

The Real Rob Bell- New Ageist and Now Unafraid to Say it

Those of you who thought Rob Bell was a Christian and who lapped up his every vomiting like milk from mother’s breast should now disabuse yourselves of that falsehood.  There’s nothing Christian about the man, his views, or his books.

Hipster preacher Rob Bell is mashing up quantum physics, Jewish Kabbalah and Catholic mysticism to explain humanity’s future evolution.  In his 30-city “Everything Is Spiritual” tour, the former megachurch pastor and short-lived Oprah Winfrey Network talk-show host delivers a two-hour monologue aimed to a millennial generation less interested in sin and judgment and more attuned to science and cosmic connections. “A bunch of the old stories that we used to rely on just aren’t working anymore,” Bell told a crowd of almost 500 during a tour stop in Durham. “I want to take a stab at a new story.”

‘A bunch of old stories’ is how the Oprah-esque new ager describes the Scriptures.  And he thinks they are irrelevant.   Bell has always held these views.  It’s just that now that he is no longer a preacher (he never really was) he’s free to spew his heresy to his audience of Rachel Held Evans’ clones.

He now talks about warring religions giving way to enlightened secularism giving way to nihilism. “Let’s grow up,” he says, summarizing the anti-religious materialism of the modern West.

What a tool.  And a fool.  More foolish by far, though, are the Christians who never had the intellect or discernment to see the fraud for what he was years back when it was evangelicals who made him famous and gave him a platform.

Oh No Not Again…. Still Another End Time Date Setter

Why, Lord, why?  It’s another ‘End of the World‘ predictor.  This time it’s Oct 7 2105.  What it is about October that these nutters love so much?  I only know of this because they’re following me on the twitter (till they see this anyway).

Without further ado- end of the worlders- here’s your dilly-


Liars and the Lies they Tell: The Christian Zionist Deception

The Jerusalem Post has an essay which demonstrates the lies which Christian Zionists are willing to believe, and perpetrate:

“Cooperation between the Jewish and Christian worlds is crucial to save Israel from all its threats,” Liberman said. “We are on the front lines of a clash of civilizations. Israel is the only place in the Middle East where Christians are an integral part of society.”

That’s false.  Christians are scattered about the near East and in particular there are MANY in the Palestinian territories.  It’s convenient for Lieberman to act as if they don’t exist, though, because it allows them to be ignored and he take part in their marginalization and elimination.

Kulanu MK Michael Oren, a former ambassador to the US, said that former American presidents John Adams and Abraham Lincoln thought it was their duty as good Americans and good Christians to help Jews return to the land of Israel. He recalled how a Christian Congressmen from West Texas opened a Bible and asked him how much funding Israel required for the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Adams and Lincoln did nothing to help Jews return to Palestine.  Attempting to link them to a modern political movement is the worst sort of historical misrepresentation.

“US-Israel relations go back to spiritual ties,” Oren said. “God speaks only one language and it’s the language in which we are yelling at each other in the next hall. Jesus, Mary, and John the Baptist would today be considered Jewish settlers in Bethlehem. We are on a holy mission to ensure the Jewish state remains strong and beloved.”

God speaks only one language?  Well that’s downright stupid.  Any Christian, zionist or not, who believes that is as theologically ignorant as Mr Oren.

But here’s the worst part- the lie which purports to suggest that Jesus would be a ‘settler’.  Oren is doing nothing but playing games and fleecing the Christian flock with this little tidbit of dilettantism and – if not that – evil and cynical deception.  If anything, Jesus would take the side of the oppressed and denounce the religious leaders who are using people for their own purposes.  Like Mr Oren and the others propagating his Zionist line.

So, because Mr Oren is both deceptive and a dilettante, here’s your dilly, Mr Oren


In Which Joel Osteen, Heretic Extraordinaire, Gets the Smacking He Deserves

via Robert Williamson

via Robert Williamson

No heretics were harmed in the filming of this program.

The Universalist’s Prayer



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