Lincoln Harvey Wants Protestants to Worship Mary…

Or something like that. It’s hard to tell. He’s British, so his deviousness is so polite it’s hard to spot… He writes (at the conclusion of his relatively good article)

Mary’s response to God’s gracious gift of her child – and the love between Jesus and his mother – is a faithful image of the Christian life; one that rightly draws our gaze away from its fixation on ourselves, and teaches us the love of God and neighbour as part of our own transformation in the Church.

As a result, whether we’re Catholic or Evangelical, we should be able to join in Peacey’s wonderful hymn, singing as one, “For Mary, Mother of the Lord, God’s holy name be praised, Who first the Son of God adored as on her child she gazed.”

I can only reply- NEIN! There’ll be no mariolatry here dear Rev. Dr.

Emergent ‘Theology’ in Three Frames

Everything you need to know about the ‘theology’ of the emergent movement you will find in these three frames:

Rob Bell Is No Longer a Christian- So Stop Citing Him as One

So, CNN and ABC and Oprah and all the rest of you- kindly no longer associate this lapsed Christian as a Christian.  He’s not.  Not even remotely.  Not in any meaningful way.

What Bell is is irrelevant.  His views never mattered and now they matter even less.

Oh, and to the people who think I have no right to say who is or isn’t a Christian- you’re wrong.  I certainly do.  And so does history.  Rob Bell has abandoned Christian faith.  Period.

Facebook ‘Theology’ That Makes Me Sigh

This is simply false.  It is a false dichotomy.  Anything, of course, can become an idol.  Anything.  But the fact is, that without theology we have no WAY of talking about God and without theology we have no proper ethic (since behavior always, always, always is influenced by belief).

So, besides making me sigh, this annoys me because it is a subtle suggestion that the anti-theological false theology of the Emergents and their ilk is appropriate.  But ignorance of theology is not bliss, it’s just dilettantism.

‘Desiring God’ indeed.  As if.  Apparently ‘Desiring God dot org’ doesn’t have any thinking Christians on its staff (because theology is simply thinking about and describing faith)…