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This is Why You Should Avoid Pentababbleist ‘Pastors’

Well actually there are several reasons.

1- They’re heretics.

2- They’re theologically incompetent.

3- They’re just bad people.

Kenyan cult leaders may have harvested the organs of followers they convinced to starve to death to meet Jesus, police have said.  Police believe most of the bodies are followers of Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, a taxi driver who became a pastor and is now accused of ordering them to forgo food “to meet Jesus”, because the world was ending.  Examinations have now shown that while starvation appears to be the main cause of death, some victims were strangled, beaten or suffocated and others were missing organs.

1- Actual pastors don’t urge people to starve to death.

2- Actual pastors don’t murder people.

3- Actual pastors don’t harvest organs and sell them.

Pentebabbleists do.  Stay away from them.

How Demonic Do You Have to Be To Defend The Shooting of Innocent People?

As demonic as Mike Pence it seems.

Former Vice President Mike Pence suggested two men who shot people because they mistakenly went to the wrong home were simply responding to “fear” of a “crime wave.”  During an interview on CBS, correspondent Robert Costa confronted Pence about a “spate of gun violence in recent weeks.”

We’ve all gone to the wrong place.  In Pence’s mind responding in fear with murder is legit.  He is no Christian because no Christian thinks such a thing.

‘Perfect (mature) love drives fear out’ – St. John

But Pence knows nothing of Christ.

“And it’s at times legal gun owners shooting people who come up to their door, on a driveway, in a parking lot,” Costa said, referring to the shootings of Ralph Yarl and Kaylin Gillis.

“Well, our hearts go out to the families of lost loved ones and the incidents in Kansas City and in upstate New York,” Pence replied. “I just can’t imagine the pain that they’re enduring in that tragedy.” “But tragedy should not require us to forfeit our liberty,” he continued. “And the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is enshrined in the Constitution of the United States.”

Pence speculated about why two innocent people were shot for going to the wrong house. “I can’t imagine the circumstances that I read about in the press in either of those cases,” he remarked. “But at the end of the day, I just wonder, I wonder if it is some reflection of the fear the American people feel about the crime wave that’s impacting our country, literally from coast to coast.”

What godlessness.  What heresy.

How Evil is Corey J. Mahler, formerly of the LCMS? He’s This Evil

He Believes Hitler Went to Heaven — and Wants to Take Over the Lutheran Church

And that’s just one of the reasons the LCMS excommunicated him.

On Ash Wednesday, the First Lutheran Church in Knoxville called the cops on a parishioner who was attempting to attend services. Corey Mahler — a white nationalist who has sought to transform the Lutheran Church into a bastion for young fascists — was removed from church grounds for causing what his pastor called “harm and division to the body of Christ.

The move against Mahler in Tennessee was set in motion a day earlier in St. Louis. The president of the nation’s second-largest Lutheran denomination posted a denunciation of agitators “propagating radical and unchristian ‘alt-right’ views” and advocating the “destruction” of the church’s leadership. Addressing what he termed the “most bizarre” development of his tenure, Pastor Matt Harrison declared: “This is evil.”

If Mahler shows up at your church, don’t let him in.  You’re letting an emissary of Satan in.

The Evil Angels According to Luther

The first evil angel is Tatian, with his Encratites, who forbade marriage and wanted to become righteous by their works, like the Jews. For the doctrine of works-righteousness had to be the first doctrine in opposition to the gospel; and it also remains the last, except that it is always getting new teachers and new names, such as the Pelagians, etc.

The second [evil angel] is Marcion, with his Cataphrygians, Manichaeans, Montanists, etc., who extol their own spirituality above all the Scriptures, and who move—like this burning mountain [8:8]—between heaven and earth, as, for example, Münzer and the fanatics in our day.

The third is Origen, who embittered and corrupted the Scriptures with philosophy and reason, as the universities have hitherto done among us.

The fourth is Novatus, with his Cathari, who denied penance and claimed to be purer than others. Of this same sort were, later, the Donatists. Our clergy, however, are all four [of these evil angels] at once. The scholars who know history will be able to figure this out, for it would take too long to relate and prove everything [here].*

Scholars of our own day will recognize that every heresy ever to assault the Church has been around since the beginning.  From the Montanists to the Pentebabbleists and from the Origenists to the Emergents and from the Novations to the Osteenites and everything in between.  When it comes to heresy, there really is nothing new under the sun and every new evil is just an old evil renewed.

*Martin Luther, Luther’s Works, Vol. 35: Word and Sacrament I (ed. Jaroslav Jan Pelikan, Hilton C. Oswald, and Helmut T. Lehmann; vol. 35; Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1999), 402–404.

When John *the Heretic* MacArthur Speaks, Women Aren’t Present

If you look at this photo of MacArthur talking to a group of people you’ll notice that there are no women present.  Why?  Because women are too smart to listen to that heretic.  Men, on the other hand, and mostly white men in particular lap up the heretical swill with reckless abandon.

NB- Now is as good a time as any to remind you that complementarianism springs from hell’s pit.