Rachel Held Evans: She Isn’t Familiar With The Letter to the Hebrews

Or she would know that therein the Church is urged not to forsake assembling together.  If you’re following Evans in looking for Sunday, the only place she will lead you is astray.

Journalists who aren’t Biblical scholars or theologians shouldn’t attempt to offer instructions to Christian people.


Heretic Hagee

When he’s proven a false ‘prophet’ will he be dismissed?  Because he should be.

On this week’s “Hagee Hotline,” John Hagee warned viewers to prepare themselves for a global economic collapse that will happen this fall, during which half of the world’s wealth will be wiped out.

Coupling his own “blood moons” theory with Jonathan Cahn’s “shemitah year” theory, Hagee warned that the world is now on the verge of total economic chaos.

“Do I think the four blood moons is a messenger of a coming storm?” he asked. “Absolutely. History repeats itself. And also, in this September, the shemitah year is ending … 2015 is a shemitah year. September 28 is the fourth blood moon in this shemitah year. I believe, in the fall of this year, America and the world will face another economic crisis, perhaps as a result of war in the Middle East or an economic crash. But there are very sophisticated people on Wall Street saying we are facing a 50 percent correction in the stock market in the near future. Get ready. Americans should get prepared”.

Oh for pete’s sake.  What kind of person believes the ramblings of a lunatic?  I mean besides most of Texas.  Anyway, when his ‘prophecy’ fails I hope he’s fired.  And, with Pat Robertson, forms a duet and travels the country visiting insane asylums and singing their maniacal songs of looniness.

Why Listening To Joyce Meyer is the Opposite Of What She Says it Is

Joyce wants you to think God tells her things.  Unfortunately Joyce ‘The Montanist Pentebabbleist Heretic’ Meyer is wrong.  Oh so wrong.  Furthermore, the things she thinks God says have no Scriptural support or theological basis.

In other words, in Old Testament terminology, she’s nothing but a self-appointed false prophet(ess).  A delusional deceiver.


She’s simply made that stuff up in her overly fertile imagination. The Scripture informs us that we are to love the Lord with our whole mind. That means not discounting it or acting as though it were an instrument of evil.

To be sure, reason apart from revelation can be a sorry mistress (pace Luther). But Meyer here isn’t describing that, she’s describing reason as reason itself. She is anti-thinking because what she fears most, and what all heretics like her fear most, are hearers who think.

Oh I’m Judging… I’m Definitely Judging


Have Questions About Joel Osteen?

Watch this.  And, by the way, pay particular attention to what John MacArthur says.

A Simple Secret to Selling Books

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In the Good Old Days, Citing Wikipedia Was a Bad Idea


Fuller Seminary’s “Origen’s Adherents in 2015″ Conference

Because We Like Wishful Thinking and to avoid hard truth.

Because We Like Wishful Thinking and to avoid hard truth.

Fuller Seminary is hosting a universalism conference about which you can find all the details here.  I understand that in 2016 they will also host a ‘Baptizing for the Dead’ conference and then in 2017 they will host their 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation conference titled ‘Swimming the Tiber: Let’s All Return to Rome and Be Papists’.  This year’s conference will be…

… an occasion for evangelical conditionalists and traditionalists to engage with the views of universalists.

The plenary speakers will be Chris Date (conditionalism), Robin Parry (universalism), Jim Spiegel (conditionalism), Oliver Crisp (traditionalism),David Instone-Brewer (conditionalism) and Jerry Walls (traditionalism). There will also be a number of breakout sessions, along with a final panel featuring the plenary speakers.

And then, amazingly, Origen will be the special guest speaker and after his speech Jerome will pop in just long enough to punch Origen in the throat until he chokes a bit on his own bile.

It should be a great time!  (The punching in the throat part).

Lincoln Harvey Wants Protestants to Worship Mary…

Or something like that. It’s hard to tell. He’s British, so his deviousness is so polite it’s hard to spot… He writes (at the conclusion of his relatively good article)

Mary’s response to God’s gracious gift of her child – and the love between Jesus and his mother – is a faithful image of the Christian life; one that rightly draws our gaze away from its fixation on ourselves, and teaches us the love of God and neighbour as part of our own transformation in the Church.

As a result, whether we’re Catholic or Evangelical, we should be able to join in Peacey’s wonderful hymn, singing as one, “For Mary, Mother of the Lord, God’s holy name be praised, Who first the Son of God adored as on her child she gazed.”

I can only reply- NEIN! There’ll be no mariolatry here dear Rev. Dr.

If Only God Would Send Us A Journalist to Teach Us Theology…



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