No, Lying Does Not Advance the Kingdom of God, Dave Daubenmire

Speaking on his Pass the Salt webcast this Tuesday morning, evangelist and “Christian activist” Dave Daubenmire gave an eye-opening defense of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, essentially saying that Moore isn’t obligated to tell the truth because the truth would get in the way of God’s agenda.

According to Right Wing Watch, Daubenmire has been an “ardent Moore supporter for years” and argued that Moore’s lies should be viewed as strategic tactics in a football game or in war.

“When I hear people say, ‘Well, Judge Moore is not worthy of the office if he’s lying about what he did,’ I want to grab them and I want to slap them upside the stinking head,” Daubenmire said.

“Judge Moore is trying to infiltrate an ungodly system and the stakes in this campaign are so great for the cause of Christ and Judge Moore is being lambasted by the holier-than-thou Christians who think [the Bible] says we can never lie.”

“It’s best to lie if it advances the kingdom of God,” Daubenmire declared. “There, I said it.”

This is a servant of Satan.

I Know What Luther Would Say to These ‘Lutherans’- And They Wouldn’t Like It

This essay addresses the recent ‘transgender service’ at a Lutheran ‘Church’ in Minnesota:

There is Christianity.  There is liberal Christianity, which stretches the term considerably.  There is heretical Christianity, which is outside the pale but at least claims to still be Christian.  At what point, though, does a religious expression cease to be Christian altogether?  Consider the “Transgender Day of Remembrance” Communion service at the ELCA’s Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, on November 15.

You can watch the service here, on YouTube.  If you don’t want to watch all 59 minutes, I’ll give you just a few highlights.

Instead of beginning “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” two of those terms being construed as sexist, the invocation in this service is “in the name of Creator, Christ, and the Holy Breath.”

There is a confession of sins, but it expresses our failure to be wild and free.  The absolution tells us that all shackles are broken and that God accepts us as we are.

The service avoids male terms for God–He, Him, Father, Lord–but then goes all in for gendered language to refer to God.  When it comes time to say the Lord’s Prayer, it is addressed to “Our mother who art in heaven.”

God is thereby transgendered!

We could go on, but let’s stop there.

He doesn’t actually stop.  He just stops talking about the ‘service’.  Read more at

I know what Luther would say to that ‘Church’-

Whoever tolerates and listens to you should know that they are listening to the devil himself, incarnate and abominable, as he speaks out of the mouth of a possessed person.

Jerusalem, End Times Gibberish, And False Teaching

The notion that there will be some sort of ‘rapture’ followed by some sort of ‘reign of Antichrist’ followed by some earthly kingdom that lasts 1000 years followed by some terrible battle followed by the destruction of all unbelievers followed by the eternal kingdom of Heaven is entirely unscriptural.

It stems from a doctrinal system invented out of the over fertile imaginations of ‘dispensationalists’ in the 19th century.  It has no basis in exegesis of Scripture and instead offers a false reading of Scripture.

It is popular with Christian Zionists and others who have little familiarity with the proper interpretation of Scripture.  These Christian Zionists heretically exalt Israel, the modern State, to a rank above all other nations and by doing so attribute to the modern city of Jerusalem an unhealthy and false importance.  At the same time they denigrate both Palestinians and other Arabs and discount their legitimate concerns in favor of the Jews, which they portray as the eternal ‘people of God’ (unless those Jews repent and receive Messiah, in which case they will roast like all the rest).

Christian Zionists teach untruth- because they accept an untruthful doctrinal system.  The political consequences of their false teaching have stained and soiled American foreign policy since the rise of AIPAC and other Zionist organizations.

Christian Zionists have found strange bedfellows in Jewish Zionists- whose aim is also the ultimate extermination of the Palestinians in their ever growing thirst for Lebensraum in the West Bank and other Palestinian areas.  Both Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists distort Scripture.  As such, both should not be supported by people of faith.

Don’t be fooled by false exegesis based on a false hermeneutic.  Learn what Scripture actually says and turn your back on the gibberish that passes for exposition in unlearned and ignorant corners of Christianity.

No, Eugene Peterson, He Does Not and We Do Not

So. Much. Wrong.  First, God doesn’t ‘start out’ where we do.  God is the Uncreated Creator of all things and Jesus’ preexistence is a matter of orthodox Christian faith.  And no, second, we can not become what he is, because we can never become God and we can never become eternal.

Peterson’s theology as reflected in this meme is astonishingly poor.  One would expect better of someone who is claimed to be important.  As it stands, the quotation is utter garbage.

Go Ahead, Emergents, We Know You Want To…

And you probably should.  Because, honestly, you’re not really ‘Church’ in any Christian sense.  So go ahead, because any day now you’ll drop the word ‘church’ from your group meeting places. They’ll be called ‘The Vantage’  or ‘The Twin Peaks’ and such and people will wander in, grab a latte, and listen to rock music and a soothing speech from a t-shirt wearing hipster.

If You’re a GOP Senator Having Relations with an Underage Boy, Don’t Wear a Shirt With Ephesians 5:22 on It…

Or, to be fair, even exist at all.

@BettyBowers  – Anti-gay senator caught with underage boy was wearing t-shirt with “Ephesians 5:22: Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord” on it. This is why you should NEVER listen to “Christians” scolding you about their “faith” in public.

These people aren’t Christians. They pretend to be so that foolish people who also pretend to be Christians will vote for them. They are using faith as an election tool. And that’s all it is to them. And I despise them.

Church Marketing’s Goal: Just Get Them in the Doors…

Forget all that tiresome and outdated biblical stuff like ‘go into all the world and make disciples’.  That’s too hard and people just aren’t interested in that.  Instead of going deep, go as shallow as you can and get those butts in seats, because that’s what it’s all about…

Thom can teach you the latest marketing manipulations to get you a gusher of guests… (what a word to choose)…  Although the Bible never tells us to make ‘guests’, but disciples.

DON’T do It Netflix

Oh great- more garbage from the self appointed uninformed biblical and theological dilettantes who have already rotted the airways with more than their fair share of nonsense. DON’T do it @netflix.

Netflix Has Ordered a Show About a Modern-Day Jesus From Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.

I sure wish God would dispense judgement to destroy false teachers and heretics like he used to in the olden times.  Ananias and Saphira, for instance…

Fake Christians Supporting Moore Think There’s a War on Men… And More Women Are Predators…

That’s how daft these fake Christians are.

Despite allegations of sexual misconduct against Senate candidate Roy Moore, many pastors in Alabama and other states in the Southeast are sticking by the twice-removed Chief Justice.

“This attack on Judge Moore is an attempt by the Democrats to sway voters in Alabama,” said Pastor David Floyd of Marvyn Parkway Baptist Church, Opelika. “I don’t believe those women. In this country you are innocent until proven guilty.”

Floyd is one of around 50 pastors that signed a letter of public support for Moore in August before allegations of sexual misconduct and the dating of teens became public. Moore has denied the allegations, calling them an “attack on my character and reputation” and a “desperate attempt to stop my political campaign for the United States Senate.”

Pastor Franklin Raddish of the Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries, a nationwide church, told from his South Carolina home that the spate of accusations against men in politics, Hollywood and elsewhere was a “war on men.”

“More women are sexual predators than men,” said Raddish. “Women are chasing young boys up and down the road, but we don’t hear about that because it’s not PC.”

Read the rest.  And then ask yourself how miserable the congregations of these fake Christian preachers must be to put up with their ignorance and grotesque stupidity.

53 Pastors in Alabama Have Signed Letters Supporting A Pedophile, And Denying Christ

And make no mistake, publicly supporting a pedophile is also the public denial of Christ.  Why?  Because the public endorsement of sin is the public repudiation of God.  I wouldn’t want to be any of these heretics on judgment day, because here’s what awaits them-

‘So if anyone declares himself for me in the presence of human beings, I will declare myself for him in the presence of my Father in heaven.  But the one who disowns me in the presence of human beings, I will disown in the presence of my Father in heaven.  (Matt. 10:32-33)

Those ‘Pastors’ are, to a man, political opportunists who have sold their souls to a political party.  They are doomed.  No sir, I wouldn’t want to be any one of them.

This Is The Stupidest Man In The Theological World

God was ‘answering prayers’ of Texas victims by letting them get shot. So Hans Fiene, Lutheran pastor and probably best known for his Lutheran Satire videos and essays on ‘The Federalist’.

No greater ignorance has ever been expressed by anyone pretending to be a theologian. Fiene has jumped the shark, and been consumed by it. Asinine… that gets close to what his comments are.

Hans Fiene, a Lutheran pastor who is also a regular contributor to the right-wing website The Federalist, has written a new column in which he explains that allowing 26 people to die at the hands of a crazed gunman at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, this weekend was actually God’s way of answering their prayers.

Fiene begins his column by attacking liberals who have mocked Republican politicians who only offer “thoughts and prayers” for shooting victims — and who don’t take any direct action that could prevent future shootings.

He then explains to liberals that it was part of God’s plan that over two dozen people would get shot up while in their own house of worship.

“It may seem, on the surface, that God was refusing to give such protection to his Texan children,” he writes. “But we are also praying that God would deliver us from evil eternally. Through these same words, we are asking God to deliver us out of this evil world and into his heavenly glory, where no violence, persecution, cruelty, or hatred will ever afflict us again.”

Fiene then says that, in order to fully defeat evil eternally, God has to let evil get some temporary victories, such as this weekend’s mass shooting.

“So when a madman with a rifle sought to persecute the faithful at First Baptist Church on Sunday morning, he failed,” Fiene says. “Just like those who put Christ to death, and just like those who have brought violence to believers in every generation, this man only succeeded in being the means through which God delivered his children from this evil world into an eternity of righteousness and peace.”

Incomprehensibly inaccurate.  The little phrase ‘Deliver us from evil’, in the Lord’s Prayer, proves Fiene wrong utterly and thoroughly.  What ignorance he displays.  What demonic ignorance.

And Now You Know Why I Keep Saying that the Word ‘Evangelical’ is Meaningless

Anyone who uses the word ‘evangelical’ and ‘drug trafficker’ in combination doesn’t know what ‘Evangelical’ means and because the word can be used with such ease in such a ridiculously inappropriate way (Evangelicals in the original sense of the word would not traffic drugs for any reason) proves yet again that the word has now been completely emptied of meaning.  Stop using it.

As First Baptist, Dallas, Continues to Be Nothing More Than A Republican Convention Meeting…

The Bee continues to mock.  Because in truth Jeffress is no pastor and First Baptist Dallas is no church.  He is a Republican shill and First Baptist is a Republican party cult disguised as a Church.

An emotional, moving service at First Baptist Dallas Sunday morning resulted in hundreds of new Republican Party registrations, sources at the Southern Baptist megachurch confirmed.

Hosted by two devoted ministers of the gospel of conservatism, Sean Hannity and Robert Jeffress, the service convinced hundreds of lost liberals they could no longer deny the truth and beauty of the current Trumpist version of the GOP.

“It truly was a beautiful thing—a God thing, really,” Pastor Robert Jeffress said later. “First one man in the front stood up, weeping, and declared he wanted to register as a Republican and ensure four more years of Trump in the White House. Then another followed, and another. They started falling like dominoes.”

The “spontaneous move of the Spirit” resulted in hundreds standing and declaring their newfound faith in the gospel of Republicanism. The new converts then streamed to the front of the church, where ushers had set up folding tables with the necessary forms to register to vote as a Republican Party member in good standing.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed that at least one new convert had rushed the stage to touch the hem of Sean Hannity’s suit jacket in hopes of healing himself of the deadly sin of liberalism.

More Pentebabbleist Lunacy- The Bethel ‘School’ of ‘Supernatural’ ‘Ministry’

It’s the first day of Prophecy Week at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Or, as students here like to call the place, Christian Hogwarts.

The auditorium of the civic center in Redding, California, where first-year students have class, is so full of eager, neatly dressed young people that it’s initially impossible to find a seat. The roomful of some 1,200 students hums with expectant energy: People talk in clusters, clutching their books to their chests and stealing eager glances at the stage. There are so many languages spoken here it’s hard to keep track: English of all flavors, spoken with Australian and British and South African accents; Chinese; Korean; Portuguese. It’s a strange medley for a place like Redding, an economically depressed rural outpost about 200 miles north of San Francisco, in the heart of Northern California’s Trump country.

The students are waiting for today’s lecturer, Kris Vallotton, one of the school’s founders and a prophet so prolific he literally wrote the book on it — Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry, a combined textbook and workbook used by Bethel students to learn how to hear, and speak, God’s words. (“Name the five things that distinguish a false prophet from a true prophet.” “What is the difference between a vision and a trance?”)

The basic theological premise of the School of Supernatural Ministry is this: that the miracles of biblical times — the parted seas and burning bushes and water into wine — did not end in biblical times, and the miracle workers did not die out with Jesus’s earliest disciples. In the modern day, prophets and healers don’t just walk among us, they are us.

To Bethel students, learning, seeing, and performing these “signs and wonders” — be it prophesying about things to come or healing the incurable — aren’t just quirks or side projects of Christianity. They are, in fact, its very center.

What garbage.  Luther and the rest were right about these fanatical spiritualists- they are driven by Satan.