Calling Yourself a Lutheran Church Doesn’t Mean You’re a Lutheran Church

This is, believe it or nay, a Church affiliated with the ELCA.  One wonders how they can imagine themselves to be such a thing as Lutheran.  Luther himself would certainly not agree.  But this is the state of things today.  You can call yourself whatever you wish but it simply does not make it so.




Hundreds of people attended a wedding at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in downtown Fort Wayne Saturday morning. It may sound like a standard on a summer Saturday, but this marriage is one most people have likely never seen or heard of before.

The bride’s name is Jessica Hayes, the groom is Jesus Christ. Saturday morning, she became the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese’s first consecrated virgin in 25 years.

What?  There’s nothing scriptural about this.  She isn’t married to Jesus.  This is akin to the Mormon practice of baptism for the dead; i.e., a practice concocted in someone’s head which has no basis in Christian theology.

It’s just bizarre weirdness.

KJV Only People Really Are Profoundly Ignorant. Profoundly.

Via Francesca on the twitter

rubbishIf you think that the KJV is somehow to be preferred to the original languages, you’re just so very wrong and so very profoundly ignorant that it boggles the mind.

Oh No Not Again…. Still Another End Time Date Setter

Why, Lord, why?  It’s another ‘End of the World‘ predictor.  This time it’s Oct 7 2105.  What it is about October that these nutters love so much?  I only know of this because they’re following me on the twitter (till they see this anyway).

Without further ado- end of the worlders- here’s your dilly-