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Jim Bakker: Pentebabbleist Blasphemer

“The Jim Bakker Show” recently promoted a coin decorated with President Trump‘s face as a “point of contact” with God.

In a viral clip of the promotion, evangelical author Lance Wallnau described the $45 coin as a means for believers to establish a “point of contact” with God.

“When I asked the Lord ‘Why the coin?’ he said ‘Because when you take the coin, it’s a point of contact,’” Wallnau said in the clip, which was shared on Twitter by Right Wing Watch, which “monitors and exposes the activities of Radical Right political organizations.”

“So your faith is being released with a million other believers to pray protection and peace and wisdom and counsel over the president of the United States and over his family,” he added.

What vile blasphemy and idiotic pseudo-christianity.  Pentebabbleists… they really are profoundly theologically ignorant.

#ICYMI – Family’s Piety Lasts 12 Seconds After Leaving Church Parking Lot…

Yup.  Pretty much.

The Granger family’s piety lasted for just 12 seconds after leaving the parking lot of 1st North Baptist Church Sunday, sources reported. Having enjoyed a sermon on 1 Peter 1:14-16 titled “Holiness In Our Lives” and having engaged in warm, loving conversation with friends on matters of church fellowship, the family of five’s reverie was almost immediately shattered as their Chrysler Town & Country minivan made its way home.

Despite the heartfelt emotion and resolve the worship service had engendered in parents Lloyd and Mary Granger, while the car was still turning onto the main road, their five-year-old son Hunter punched his brother Taylor “because [he] wanted to.” In turn, the eight-year-old took away his sibling’s “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” toy, resulting in a high-pitched, sustained yowling that in turn caused fifteen-year-old Sophie Granger to launch into a monologue about the low mental acuity of her younger siblings.

At just under 10 seconds, Mrs. Granger responded with a hissing rejoinder that everyone needed to turn around and “just stop it.” The Granger patriarch, whose thoughts were focused on how he was going to examine Peter’s exhortation to holiness within his workplace and personal life, was jarred out of his contemplations by this cacophony, and responded with a somewhat vague, angry threat of the regret all would feel if they did not listen to their mother “that instant.”

At this 12-second mark, any vestiges of piety in the minivan had been completely eradicated, resulting in a discordant row and personal sniping that only subsided when the warring family called a fragile cease-fire on the promise of lunch at Cracker Barrel.

When Your ‘Church’ Isn’t Even Pretending Anymore to be Anything But A Theater

Helicopter Egg Drops…

Join us for our first annual “Eggstravanganza Easter Egg Hunt”, April 20 from 10am-1pm. for ages 2 years – 5th grade. A helicopter will drop thousands of eggs over the GCA Football field. Each age group will have their own designated time for their egg hunt. We will have a Family Fun Zone with inflatables, face painters, balloon artists and food trucks. Don’t miss this FREE event!

Ah yes- churches dropping eggs from helicopters and having pony rides and bounce houses and cotton candy on Holy Saturday. The early church did all this too because they thought Jesus’s stay in hell was just super awesome.

Megachurch Pseudo-Christianity: The Ed Young Edition

Christless ‘Christianity’ is an entertainment industry.

Garbage Theology

This isn’t Christianity, it’s gnosticism.

Fad Theology

This is what happens when exegetes stop caring about the interpretation of scripture and find themselves looking for something to do to occupy their time: faddism and ‘WhatIfIsm’.

Steven Furtick is Pimping Shoes…

And they cost nearly $1000. Because he’s a con artist. And he wants to con you.


You just have to love it when these ‘gospel’ coalition guys fete everyone but Jesus…

Someone toss these kids a Bible.  They don’t own one and have never read one.

Megachurches and their Prosperity Pastors Deserve Each Other: Shepherd and Sheep are All Depraved

If they were Christians this wouldn’t happen

South Carolina Pastor John Gray asked his congregation to contribute $250,000 to fix the church’s roof.

That’s after he bought his wife a Lamborghini.

However this asks comes right after Gray was scrutinized for his lavish lifestyle. He gifted his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini Urus. “We didn’t take an easy assignment. If we wanted an easy assignment, we would start from scratch without millions of dollars in debt,” Gray said. “We took the assignment because we knew God has given us the right people to build with. I believe the best days of Relentless Church are in front of it.” “[Ron Carpenter] handed us keys. The keys were not to a paid off building, the keys were to an opportunity, an opportunity to continue the work,” Gray said. “Nothing you see is paid off. It wasn’t paid off when we got here.”

And then the most sickening bit:

“This is not a plea for money, it’s a plea for partnership so we can be what we’re supposed to be.”

What you’re supposed to be is in prison, scammer.

The Relentless Church pastor explained to his congregation that the church still had millions in debt after he took it over from former Pastor Ron Carpenter.

‘Relentless Church’. Tells you everything you need to know. ‘Took it over…’ It’s a fecking business franchise to these vermin.  They all deserve each other. If the members were Christians they wouldn’t attend the Church and if the Pastor was a Pastor he wouldn’t be fleecing the flock. They’re all there for the money. The pastor because he gets it, and the congregants because they want it.  Let them go down in flames.

If You Are Depending on a Heretic like Joyce Meyer to Guide You Through the Bible…

You’re insane.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery: Gloria Copeland Says Jesus Got Immunized, so You Don’t Have To…

Where do these loons come up with this rubbish?  And who is stupid enough to believe them?

Gloria Copeland told her viewers that they won’t catch the flu, because “Jesus himself gave us the flu shot”. Televangelist Gloria Copeland told her viewers this week not to worry about catching the flu. Why? Because Jesus provided his followers with a metaphorical flu shot that will protect them during this particularly dangerous flu season.

Via Milton Almeida.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

Via the twitter.  I like how it has a shroud of Turin-esque quality…


The #MAGA cult is truly a godless cult of idol worshipers.

Nadia Bolz-Weber Takes the Ick Factor to 10

This stuff…  it’s both ridiculous and debasing.  It’s just plain ick.  There is nothing remotely theological about the whole sordid affair.  It’s just another attempt to make a name for herself, though in Christian circles her name is already ‘disgusting’.

Like Dorothee Sölle, this woman should keep silent in the Church.  She revels in impurity.

MegaChurch Pastors are, To a Man, Reprobates

They are, to a man, narcissists who believe they can do as they please.  James MacDonald proves it again.

I never thought I would hear an evangelical, mega-church pastor talk about planting child pornography on the computer of an executive at a Christian publication. But today, Chicago radio personality Mancow Muller played shocking clips of someone sounding exactly like Harvest Bible Chapel Pastor James MacDonald discussing putting child porn on the computer of Christianity Today CEO Harold Smith.

Mancow told me he didn’t definitively identify MacDonald to protect himself from potential litigation. Yet MacDonald’s trademark voice, though somewhat distorted, was unmistakable. I’ve also now heard the complete 50 minutes of audio that Mancow referenced, and heard the clips in context, and they are credible. I’ve also reached out to MacDonald for comment, and he did not respond with either a confirmation or denial.

Mancow said he plans to air the entire 50-minute conversation on an upcoming podcast. I will save some of my comments about the recording until then.

But the clips Mancow played today are breathtaking. On them, the man who’s presumably MacDonald jokes about me having an affair with Mark Galli, editor-in-chief of Christianity Today (CT). That’s not funny. It’s disgusting. Galli and I have never had anything but a professional relationship, and it’s repulsive that anyone—a pastor, no less—would make a joke about that.

These guys are godless.  If you attend a megachurch, you are either wilfully blind or willingly complicit in the evil they do.  You enable it.  You FUND it!

Read the whole disgusting essay.

This Is What It Looks Like…

When you’re a ‘church’ but you take a certain measure of delight in the dreadful treatment of children by monsters just so that you can feel morally superior.

This is What Happens When Twitter Let’s Just Anyone Put ‘Theologian’ in their Profile

This is the self-made theology of the toilet chamber.

Just When You Thought Fake Christianity Couldn’t Get Any Dumber… ‘Birdbox Worship’ Services

Along comes profound buffoonery to prove you oh so very wrong…

To which I say…

Why Aren’t There Any Christians At First Baptist, Dallas?

It’s self evident that there aren’t or they would remove this politically driven idol worshiper.

His ‘church’ has become nothing more than a weekly political rally for the worst of the GOP.  If there were Christians at his ‘church’ they would demand his ouster.  They no longer conduct worship, they conduct Republican fundraising.