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More Proof that Most People Shouldn’t Be Allowed Anywhere Near the Bible

The Problem With Pentebabbleism…

Is that, among other things, it is impervious to truth.

For millions of charismatic Christians, the Capitol riot doesn’t change the truth: Trump’s win has been prophesied.

False prophecy. But they are unable to realize it. Very pathological. And very sad.


If you attend a megachurch, you attend a cult.

Looking Back on the Most Insane Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery of 2020

This story from February takes the prize for being the clearest example of pentebabbleist nutbaggery of the year:

The pastor who believes his backside gas heals people… so he passes gas on them…

If you missed it, go read it now.

‘Journey Church’, Lebanon TN… Paving the Road to a Super Spreader Event

This is simply irresponsible.  Yet another reason to refuse to attend some ‘church’ where advertising and publicity take precedence over caring about other people.

Signs of the Times: Joel Osteen, Grifter

Celebrity ‘Pastors’ Are Merely Narcissistic Servants of Molech

The Dumbest Tweet of 2020

1- ‘Dangerously Charismatic’?  That’s ignorant right there.

2- Only possibly said by someone COMPLETELY ignorant of the history of Christianity, of publishing, of theology, and of the way the Church works.

3- And yet he allows ignorant people like this to say stupid things all of the time… because of Free Will.  This guy shouldn’t say anything about such things.  He’s not qualified.  And staying one night at a Holiday Inn doesn’t make him so.

This Is Joel Osteen’s House…

Why did his ‘Church’ need over 4 Million Dollars of PPP funds?

Why Did Multi-Millionaire Joel Osteen’s Church Get Over 4 Million Dollars of PPP Funds?


Lakewood Church received a $4.4 million Paycheck Protection Plan loan during the coronavirus pandemic, according to federal data. The loan was disbursed in July of this year.

U.S. Small Business Administration data, which was released at the beginning of December, showed that Lakewood Church’s PPP loan was created by Bank of America. The megachurch’s hefty loan was the third-largest PPP loan approved for a Houston-area entity during all of July and August, according to Chris Matthews at Houston Business Journal.

Evidently Joel and Victoria couldn’t be bothered to help out their own staff and wanted taxpayers to do it, even though Joel and Victoria are multimillionaires.

Multimillionaire wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Greg Locke: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

When a Pastor makes a point of saying that he doesn’t want his flock protected during a pandemic and he goes on to vilify vaccinations, then you know that he is simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing, fleecing the flock, and not feeding it.

Be open if you want to, but do it safely and don’t tell your people that masks don’t work.  And certainly do not tell them that vaccinations are bad.  That isn’t pastoral leadership, it’s evil.

Vile Idolatry

Fundamentalist idolaters fail to understand one very simple theological truth: only God is perfect.  And that’s what makes them heretics.

When Your Pastor is a Power Hungry, Greedy, Toxic Cesspool of Self Interest…

You can try to fire him, but he, like Mr Welch, will insist that he can’t be fired.

After more than a year of contentious disagreements, nearly 150 members of the historic First Baptist Fort Lauderdale church in Florida say they have voted to fire their “bullying” lead pastor, James Welch, their nine-member board of trustees, and half the church’s deacons. But leaders say the vote has no standing.

“Pastor James R. Welch has not created a stable environment, but instead has created a toxic environment and polarized atmosphere for both congregants and staff. Without the recognition [of] mistakes or the willingness to listen to congregants, Deacon Body or Trustee Board there is no hope for improvement and thus no way forward,” disgruntled members of the 113-year-old Southern Baptist Convention church, who now call themselves the First Baptist Church FTL Advocacy Group, wrote in a summary of concerns about their new pastor, who has been in his role since the spring of 2019.

“We feel Pastor James R. Welch has a lack of attention to experience and qualification for, or appropriate prioritization of, the ministerial requirements and interests of our entire church community, as well as a failure to recognize and respect the expertise of professionals in our community,” the group added.

The group confirmed with the Sun Sentinel that they met after services a week ago and agreed to fire Welch and his supporters in leadership. But Welch assured the church that the vote has no standing.

Dear Churches- don’t call narcissists.

When You Don’t Study The Bible, I Guess All You Have Left is A Novel…

But, and let me say this as clearly as possible, if your Church is led by people who offer ‘novel studies’ in the place of Bible study, get of of Gomorrah.  Find yourself a Church where Scripture plays a central role.  Or just go join the Lion’s Club and stop pretending to be a Christian.

Are we to Assume that The Reason He Caught Covid Was Premarital Sex?

Filed under ‘hoisted on your own petard’ or ‘hanged upon your own gallows, like Haman…’

The Rev. Irvin Baxter Jr., who suggested the coronavirus pandemic was a warning from God about the “sin of fornication,” died Nov. 3 of complications from COVID-19, his Plano-based ministry announced. He was 75.

Baxter, a televangelist and founder of Endtime Ministries, was hospitalized two weeks ago after testing positive for the virus, according to a statement from the ministry.

A United Pentecostal Church minister, evangelist, radio and television host, author and biblical scholar, Baxter hosted the internationally syndicated biblical prophecy program, End of the Age, through Endtime Ministries, the Pentecostal Christian organization he founded.

They’re using the word ‘scholar’ quite generously.

It’s a sad story.  And a timely reminder that it’s best not to pretend to speak for God when you aren’t.

Well Here’s Someone Else on Twitter Who Should Never Be Allowed Within 500 Miles of the Bible

Why are there so many of these sorts in America?

Wrong, Again, Mr Naked

His is a totally parochial view of the church, as though a fragment of it, in America alone, represents the whole.

Heck, not even all, or most, Christians in America are Molechgelicals.

There are some.  And frankly, 6 is too many.  But the notion that this represents the Church in America is simply false.

There’s Nothing Christian About this Disposition

Jesse is doubling down on his absurd statement about women voting like their husbands.

To say ‘let’, is to view your wife as your slave and not an independent free in Christ human being.  What an utterly appalling, absolutely unchristian perspective.  I feel profoundly sorry for his spouse, and his children. Especially if they are girls. He will watch them be destroyed by a boy in his own image.

The Urinating Pastor on a Plane has been Identified: Daniel Chalmers

Detroit airport police have identified the North Carolina pastor accused of peeing on a passenger who let out “a blood curdling scream” as being from Raleigh.

Daniel Chalmers acknowledged having “a couple of drinks” before the Oct. 12 flight departed Las Vegas for Detroit, and that he was taking “prescribed medicine,” according to a police report released late Monday to The Charlotte Observer and other news outlets.

Police emailed the report in response to Freedom of Information Act requests filed by the Observer and other outlets.

Chalmers and his wife, Shara Lea Chalmers, lead Love Wins Ministries in Raleigh. Chalmers also is on staff at Catch the Fire Raleigh-Durham church, according to his bio on

Chalmers did not reply to phone and email messages from the Observer on Tuesday.

Love wins, but it doesn’t pee on women on planes.  Two questions arise:  what’s he doing drinking?  And what’s he doing in Las Vegas?

His background is acting….  and pentebabbleism…

Danny Chalmers passionately pursues the presence of Jesus and has one goal in life: to love like Jesus. With a background in acting, Danny loves the creative brilliance of God. After serving for years at Church in the Son by loving fatherless and special needs children, taking men through inner healing and deliverance, and preaching the gospel on the streets, God sent Danny to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. There, Danny served and lead in the healing rooms and developed a passion for Jesus to get His full reward.  … Danny functions strongly in the prophetic, miracles, signs and wonders.

Yeah, sure he does.  Sure. He. Does.  Blerg.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery: Christians Using Spells to Protect Against Witches

They can call them ‘declarations‘ if they want to, but they are ‘spells’.  The worst of it is, the irony of their using spells against witches escapes them…

Declarations Against Witchcraft

—I bind and rebuke every witchcraft curse sent to inflict pain, sickness and death on me, in Jesus’ name.

—I speak and declare that I am covered with the blood of Jesus. I dispatch angels to guard and protect me, and I decree that no weapon formed against me will prosper.

—I rescind every demonic assignment sent to thwart my destiny. I speak and decree that demonic infiltrations of my soul and astral projection will not monitor my activities. No curses will be sent forth on my behalf, and everything spoken out into the spiritual atmosphere from demonic sources will be burned up by the fire of God. Fire of God, apprehend my enemies.

—I annihilate every spiritual force that has been sent forth in operation to cause and create physical destruction, delay and distraction, in Jesus’ name.

—My life will go forth unhindered. Every witchcraft curse and evil operation, I eradicate you from my life, in Jesus’ name.

And who is the ‘theologian’ who came up with this rubbish?

Kathy DeGraw is a prophetic deliverance minister. She is the founder of Kathy DeGraw Ministries and K Advancement LLC. Kathy hosts a podcast show called Prophetic Spiritual Warfare. She is the author of several books; Speak Out, Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan, and Unshackled. She is empowering people and setting the captives free through her many e-courses at 

Oh, so she’s the one ’empowering’ people?  Well good luck with that.   These folk need to step away from the Bible and never talk about it.  They don’t understand it.