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If You Are Depending on a Heretic like Joyce Meyer to Guide You Through the Bible…

You’re insane.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery: Gloria Copeland Says Jesus Got Immunized, so You Don’t Have To…

Where do these loons come up with this rubbish?  And who is stupid enough to believe them?

Gloria Copeland told her viewers that they won’t catch the flu, because “Jesus himself gave us the flu shot”. Televangelist Gloria Copeland told her viewers this week not to worry about catching the flu. Why? Because Jesus provided his followers with a metaphorical flu shot that will protect them during this particularly dangerous flu season.

Via Milton Almeida.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

Saving California and America from ‘Occult Empowered Activists,’ Socialism and the Devil

Lance Wallnau, a “prophetic” self-promoter who declared before the 2016 election that Donald Trump had been anointed as “God’s Chaos Candidate,” told his Facebook followers on Wednesday that God is setting “true qualified seekers of God” apart for special work.

This work is not about the call to ministry, he said. Wallnau cited a verse from the biblical book of Acts in which he said Saul and Barnabas were given a special assignment that “was going to start off with a divine appointment with a politician and a divine confrontation with a witch. The politician got insight and the witch lost eyesight.”

Wallnau made his comments in response to a March 4 column by evangelist Mario Murillo, who wrote that the Holy Spirit is separating out a group of Christians: “He has selected them for special grace and power to accomplish mighty acts at the edge of history.”

Two days later, Murillo wrote that he is battling ancient and malevolent dark forces of hell that he says have been gathering to wage spiritual warfare against his upcoming tent crusade in California that is “the beginning of our invasion of California along the highway 99 corridor.” He wrote, “I have watched normal people turn into beasts simply because we told them we are coming.”

More.  These people are nuts.  Just absolute nutjobs.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

Via the twitter.  I like how it has a shroud of Turin-esque quality…

Lifeway Christian Bookstores and their Fake and Failed ‘Prophecy’ Books

The Babylon Bee has the report-

New LifeWay Christian Stores employee Aimee Bryer was tasked with rotating out last week’s prophetic books and replacing them with a fresh, just-off-the-truck shipment, sources confirmed Friday.

“You see how this one claims President Obama is the antichrist? That’s how you know it’s expired,” store manager Traci Mann was overheard telling the newly hired retail clerk as she tossed the book into a garbage can. “Oh wow, this one with Saddam Hussein on the cover has been rotting here behind the others for years. Definitely a tosser.”

“See here, this one was published just last month and identifies President Trump as one of the two witnesses in the book of Revelation. Sure, it’s a little old, but we can rotate it up to the front and hopefully sell it before it goes bad in a week or two,” she added.

Combing through the store’s sprawling prophetic book section, the clerk then carefully checked each book for signs of rot and decay, pulled books that didn’t make the cut, and replaced them with just-printed books on the cutting edge of Bible prophecy.

“We at LifeWay want to make sure we’re only ever selling you fresh, wholesome prophecy. That’s why we train our new employees to look for signs of expired prophetic books and put out piping hot prophecy each morning,” the manager told reporters.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed the bookstore employee had tossed every John Hagee book the store had, only to replace them with “at least” a dozen more fresh off the truck.


The #MAGA cult is truly a godless cult of idol worshipers.

Nadia Bolz-Weber Takes the Ick Factor to 10

This stuff…  it’s both ridiculous and debasing.  It’s just plain ick.  There is nothing remotely theological about the whole sordid affair.  It’s just another attempt to make a name for herself, though in Christian circles her name is already ‘disgusting’.

Like Dorothee Sölle, this woman should keep silent in the Church.  She revels in impurity.

MegaChurch Pastors are, To a Man, Reprobates

They are, to a man, narcissists who believe they can do as they please.  James MacDonald proves it again.

I never thought I would hear an evangelical, mega-church pastor talk about planting child pornography on the computer of an executive at a Christian publication. But today, Chicago radio personality Mancow Muller played shocking clips of someone sounding exactly like Harvest Bible Chapel Pastor James MacDonald discussing putting child porn on the computer of Christianity Today CEO Harold Smith.

Mancow told me he didn’t definitively identify MacDonald to protect himself from potential litigation. Yet MacDonald’s trademark voice, though somewhat distorted, was unmistakable. I’ve also now heard the complete 50 minutes of audio that Mancow referenced, and heard the clips in context, and they are credible. I’ve also reached out to MacDonald for comment, and he did not respond with either a confirmation or denial.

Mancow said he plans to air the entire 50-minute conversation on an upcoming podcast. I will save some of my comments about the recording until then.

But the clips Mancow played today are breathtaking. On them, the man who’s presumably MacDonald jokes about me having an affair with Mark Galli, editor-in-chief of Christianity Today (CT). That’s not funny. It’s disgusting. Galli and I have never had anything but a professional relationship, and it’s repulsive that anyone—a pastor, no less—would make a joke about that.

These guys are godless.  If you attend a megachurch, you are either wilfully blind or willingly complicit in the evil they do.  You enable it.  You FUND it!

Read the whole disgusting essay.

This Is What It Looks Like…

When you’re a ‘church’ but you take a certain measure of delight in the dreadful treatment of children by monsters just so that you can feel morally superior.

This is What Happens When Twitter Let’s Just Anyone Put ‘Theologian’ in their Profile

This is the self-made theology of the toilet chamber.

Just When You Thought Fake Christianity Couldn’t Get Any Dumber… ‘Birdbox Worship’ Services

Along comes profound buffoonery to prove you oh so very wrong…

To which I say…

Why Aren’t There Any Christians At First Baptist, Dallas?

It’s self evident that there aren’t or they would remove this politically driven idol worshiper.

His ‘church’ has become nothing more than a weekly political rally for the worst of the GOP.  If there were Christians at his ‘church’ they would demand his ouster.  They no longer conduct worship, they conduct Republican fundraising.

Here’s What Happens When You Call An Uneducated Dimwit to Pastor Your Church

A Baptist church pastor in Fort Worth, Texas, said today’s rebellious public school students and “lazy gamers” should be stoned to death as part of a societal lesson in obedience.

Stedfast Baptist Church Pastor Jonathan Shelley used Old Testament Bible verses to support his sermon this week against rebellious sons and daughters and how to discipline such disobedient children in public schools—by stoning them to death. Shelley replaced former Pastor Donnie Romero, who resigned two weeks ago after confessing to “being with prostitutes” and engaging in a night of gambling and smoking marijuana at a Jacksonville casino. Pastor Shelley’s rant Monday, which has since been removed from YouTube, focused on how to squash America’s rebellion-minded millennials and Generation Y members and force them to blindly follow the wishes of their elders.

In 2015, the Southern Poverty Law Center listed the Fort Worth Baptist church as a hate group, primarily due to Romero’s anti-LGBT rants labeling all gays “pedophiles.”

From his cult website:

Stedfast Baptist Church is an independent fundamental King James only baptist church pastored by Jonathan Shelley. Jonathan married his wife, Keri, in 2009 and they have three children, Clayton, Jaxon, and Abi Jean.

Jonathan was raised in a Christian home and saved at age five and baptized at age 14. He grew up in large non-denominational churches and had a zeal of God but not according to knowledge. Before his first son was born, Jonathan began to diligently study the Bible and realized he needed to make some changes. He soon became King James only and eventually started to attend an independent fundamental baptist (KJV Only) church in his area. Jonathan was rebaptized in 2015 at Arden Road Baptist Church. In 2016, Jonathan moved to Faithful Word Baptist Church to train to be a pastor. During this transition Jonathan has been blessed to have had the opportunity to preach over 150 sermons, lead soulwinning marathons, go on mission trips to Jamaica and Mexico, and memorize dozens of chapters of the Bible.

Jonathan’s vision is to reach the entire Oklahoma City area with the gospel, train soulwinners, develop and send out evangelists and pastors, and reach foreign countries with the gospel.

He didn’t study to be a pastor, he ‘trained’ to be one at a similarly minded fundamentalistic cult.  And he’s what you get when you call a person with no education.

This is What Idolatry Looks Like

No Christian would say such a thing about an unrepentant immoral adulterer.

If You Go to a Megachurch, Your Pastor is Probably A Sketchy Dude and Into Something Unsavory and Indecent

Like so many other megachurch parsons, James MacDonald has run from taking responsibility for whatever sin he’s engaged in.

The elders of Harvest Bible Chapel announced Wednesday (Jan. 16) that pastor James MacDonald would take an “indefinite sabbatical” from preaching and leadership at the Chicago megachurch while it works to reconcile with past critics.

The decision came after the church’s Executive Committee of the Elders held a closed-door meeting on Monday and presented its recommendations to the entire Elder Board Tuesday night.

The announcement follows recent reports of criticism of the church’s financial and management practices.

“We have tried a variety of different strategies to address external criticisms over the past several years,” a statement from the elders acknowledged. “It has become apparent that these efforts have failed to fully identify and address our personal failures, sins, and errors in leadership, thus perpetuating a continuation of the criticism.”

The elders said MacDonald has permission to continue preaching at the Harvest location in Naples, Fla., this winter but he has recused himself from having any leadership role in the reconciliation process and will participate only when asked.

“I have carried great shame about this pattern in certain relationships that can only be called sin,” MacDonald said in a statement. “I am grieved that people I love have been hurt by me in ways they felt they could not express to me directly and have not been able to resolve. I blame only myself for this and want to devote my entire energy to understanding and addressing these recurring patterns.”

These guys are always so evasive and always refuse to repent with any sense of sincerity and clarity.  They are a blot on the body of Christ and a cancer.

If you go to a megachurch chances are pretty darn good that your Pastor is a sketchy somebody who will be found to be such in due course.  Get out and attend a real church where the Pastor actually knows who you are.

J.D. Greear Needs to Stop Talking About Church History and the Bible

He’s an embarrassment.  Besides leading his church to abandon worship (so families could worship themselves) a couple of Sunday’s back, he’s now blathered on about the Reformation.

… at the Cross Conference a few days ago, JD Greear, president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of the multi-campus Summit megachurch in North Carolina, declares that God says we need to “shut up about the Reformation” because He is “not a God of the past.”

Greear probably doesn’t know it but every single thing mentioned in the Bible happened in the past.  The ignorant git continues, more ignorantly-

Basically what God says through Amos is if you’ll let me put it in colloquial language, “will you shut up about Gilgal and Beersheba?” I’m sick and tired of hearing about those places because I’m not a God who moved in the past. I’m a God who wants to move today in your present. I almost think, I’m on dangerous ground here…I almost think that God is saying to us “shut up about the Reformation.”

That’s not what Amos is about at all.  Neither is God saying we should shut up about the Reformation.

The only thing that the selection of Greear to head the SBC proves is that voters at the annual meeting don’t care a thing about a leader’s theological sense or biblical understanding: it’s just a popularity contest.  Greear is the pastor of a big church with ‘multiple campuses’ not because he’s a theologian (he isn’t) nor because he’s a biblical scholar (he clearly isn’t) but instead simply because he’s a showman.  A farce.

Greear, to borrow a phrase from Paul, should ‘keep silent in the church’.

Question: How Do You Prove that You are Guilty of Bibliolatry?


Jerry Falwell Confesses Trump is his lord, in His Own Words, with his own Mouth

This Is What Pretend Christianity Looks Like

It has no connection at all to historic Christianity; it lacks theological insight; it has no notion of the Church; and it is not Christianity.  If you’re a Christian and your ‘church’ cancels services at its ‘campuses’ (I’ll leave aside for now a discussion of the self-aggrandizing ego maniacs who imagine themselves managing various branch locations) simply because there’s a holiday around the corner, get out.  It isn’t a Church.  It is pretend Christianity.  It doesn’t worship God, it worships something else.  In this instance, family.  But as we all know (or should know) familyolatry is idolatry.

‘Hope Dealer’ = Crap Peddler

She’s a Lutheran, right?  That or a Pentebabbleist.  Ugh.  What rubbish theology is afoot these days.  ‘Conquering Hell’?  Yeah good luck with that, sparky.