I Don’t Care That you ‘Changed Your Mind’- I Want to Know Where the Bible Says SSM is OK

A chapter and verse will be necessary.  Show it to me.  Because your change of mind means nothing.  It is not probative nor is it meaningful.  Without scripture, your views are irrelevant for Christian theology.  Irrelevant, no matter what claims you make.

Christian theology isn’t based on your feelings.  It is based on sound exposition of Scripture.  So, chapter and verse.


Oh Canada and Your JesusWeen and Your Marketing ‘Pastors’ and their Theological Ignorance


Jesus, take the Ween! Out of Halloween, that is. As we discussed earlier this week, there is a large contingency of evangelical Christians who aren’t fond of celebrating Halloween, with its pagan origins and reference to otherworldly spirits. …  Some Christians, however, still insist that Halloween is capitulating to demonic forces. Enter JesusWeen. Ween, handily, is an old-fashioned word that can mean “believe”–as in, “I ween that this holiday is very silly.” So the good folks of JesusWeen have set out to reclaim the holiday and turn it into an evangelistic opportunity. “JesusWeen is expected to become the most effective Christian outreach day ever,” their website proclaims, “and that is why we also call it ‘World Evangelism Day.’”

The header on the website features an eerie, yellow sky behind a small country church, and each tab brings with it a ghostly apparition of some worshiper superimposed over the church. “This will definitely result in church growth,” they promise in the Benefits section.

JesusWeen began when a Toronto-based pastor, Paul Ade, heard a word from God encouraging him to pass out copies of the New Testament to kids who came knocking on his door from Halloween. From there, the holiday grew (although how much it’s hard to say; the website says it’s “much more popular than expected” but doesn’t give any numbers), and became an alternative holiday for families who were uncomfortable with Halloween’s “Emphasis on Death, Witches and Zombies.”

Shut up.  Just shut up.  And don’t ever talk about the Church ever again the rest of your life.  And stop it.  Now. If you don’t, the kitten is getting it.  So never ever try to ‘market’ Christianity again.  Ever.  Shut up.


In Other News- Today’s Edition of ‘You Have to be An Idiot to Believe That…’

A Local prophet is raising more questions than answers after selling ballpoints to congregants during his church service on Sunday, claiming that they are anointed. Prophet Sham Hungwe of House of Grace International Church, who operates at Machipisa Shopping Centre, distributed hundreds of pens to people who are about to sit for exams.

The pens which cost at least 15 cents were being sold for different amounts ranging between US$1 and US$20 depending on what you can afford. Prophet Sham said those who are sitting for their exams only needed faith and the anointed pen to pass. “It is anointed and I declare passes when your children sit for exams; when you sit for your exams ,” he said. With the ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level examinations around the corner, the pens sold like hot cakes and congregants were seen scrambling to the pulpit to get them.

And that isn’t from the Onion…  But isn’t it fitting that his name is Sham.  You have to be an idiot to believe such nonsense as holy pens.

NT Wright Wants Britain to be a Theocracy

Here’s the report.

Dr Tom Wright, the former Anglican bishop of Durham, has called for “cruciform theocracy” at an event held at St Paul’s Cathedral.  Wright said that there should be no separation between religion and politics, and that Jesus “came to institute God’s rule on earth, theocracy.” He said that “To hear the call of Jesus right now [is] to be part of [a] kingdom project.”

“The whole meaning of God’s kingdom is about the one true God calling time on the world’s wicked empires and setting up a radically different empire instead.” The former bishop rejected the view of some secularist Christians that the New Testament acknowledges a separation between church and state and went on, “When Jesus talks of [the] Kingdom of God, he really did mean that this was the time for God to become King and reign in a way that not only challenges Caesar’s kingdom but challenges Caesar’s type of kingdom.” “When you put it in context, it is anything but a mandate for church/state split,” he argued.

Oops… I guess the good Bishop missed that bit in the Gospels where Jesus says ‘My kingdom is not of this world’.  Uh oh.  I guess he also missed that part in theology class where Jesus is speaking of the eschaton and the establishment of God’s everlasting kingdom in a new heaven and earth.  Uh oh.  Bless his ill-informed heart.  He also missed that part where the New Testament teaches that the Kingdom of God is God’s own doing and we don’t ‘bring it in’ by political maneuverings.  Poor lad.  Poor, theologically unfounded thinking man.