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Donald Trump Will be Sworn in on the Lincoln Bible… The Abomination of Desolation

In related news, the Lincoln Bible is begging to be shredded so that a profanation the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Abomination of Desolation cannot take place on it.

President-elect Donald Trump takes his oath of office on Inauguration Day, his hand will rest on his family Bible and the Abraham Lincoln Bible.  Alex Stroman, the deputy director of communications for the 58th Inaugural Committee, confirmed the picks Tuesday morning. The Lincoln Bible, used during the 16th president’s first inauguration, was most recently a part of President Obama’s first and second inauguration ceremonies and is a part of the Library of Congress’ collection. Trump’s Bible, a revised standard version, was presented to him in 1955 by his mother upon graduation from Sunday Church Primary School in New York.  Trump showed off the Bible in an early 2016 campaign video, thanking evangelicals for their support. Exit polls showed that four out of five white evangelicals voted for Trump.

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Oh Zondervan, Why Would You? Why?

But it makes no sense.  It is irrational, and, frankly, absurd.  But anything for a buck I suppose, for those Murdochian companies that care more for profit than theological sense.



Andy Stanley Is A Poor Theologian and A Really Poor Thinker

Or, a really poor thinker, which is what makes him a poor theologian.  Wait, he isn’t a theologian at all.  He’s the Pastor of a megachurch, where being a theologian is the last thing anyone wants.

Stanely’s recent remarks about the Virginal Conception (it’s not a Virgin Birth… that’s a biologically nonsensical phrase) of Jesus show that he doesn’t understand Scripture or Christian theology.  But that’s to be expected, because the reason he says and does what he says and does isn’t to communicate truth, it’s to draw a crowd.

Stanley is, if I might put it quite crudely, exactly what every other megachurch pastor is- a publicity whore.  He craves publicity and is willing to say and do whatever necessary to get it.  Even if what he has to say is quite outrageous.  But that’s the point, really.  That’s what gets attention.

If a Christian asserts classic Christian belief, that’s not news.  But if a pretend Christian says that he or she doesn’t believe in God or doesn’t think the Bible is true or theologically meaningful or, around Christmas, that Jesus is just like everyone else, then that gets the news juices flowing.

Attention whores love attention.  Andy Stanley is an attention whore, not a theologian.  His remarks should be taken in that light.


The Bee Stings the Worshipers of Filthy Lucre at Lakewood Church

osteenA rich, young ruler looking for salvation was proud to announce Thursday that he finally found a place to call home at Lakewood Church.

Calling the revelation “powerful” and “moving,” the wealthy, powerful lover of money said he knew Lakewood Church was the place for him after his lifestyle was affirmed and praised by lead pastor and famous author Joel Osteen.

“This place just makes me feel so comfortable,” the man told reporters. “I came in and told Pastor Joel I was a good person and had kept all the commandments from my youth, and asked him what I still lacked—and do you know what he said? He told me I didn’t lack anything, that I was great just the way I am.”

The young man further stated that other churches had tried to confront his love of money and challenged him to make Jesus his first priority, and that he had just gone away sad.

“That’s not what Jesus would have done,” he said confidently.

Spot on.


Because Legitimate Preachers Can Spot a Farce a Mile Off



Meanwhile, Among American ‘Evangelicals’…


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Another Church That Has Lost the Plot, And Cancelled Services on Christmas

Appalling.  Reading through the excuses offered for their church cancelling services on Christmas Sunday is like reading the dreadful excuses of some teen who didn’t do the assignment and who wants to convince the teacher that she’s sharp anyway.

Churches are in a quandary this year, as Christmas falls on a Sunday. Because of the high amount of travel and family nature of this special day, churches are asking themselves: do we still have Sunday services on Christmas Day? The few blog posts I’ve read so far unequivocally say ‘yes,’ and either subliminally or outrightly dare anyone else to cross this imaginary line of heresy. I guess it makes some feel better to puff their chests and look down at the lesser than’s that caved to society and compromised the gospel by canceling services.

Well, here’s the counter argument. Here’s the other perspective. Here’s why our church is canceling services this Christmas day. It’s not because our theology is liberal (we’re more conservative than most). It’s not because our church is dying (we’ve baptized close to 50 people this year and we’re baptizing two more next Sunday). And it’s not just because it’s the rebellious thing to do. We are different, but we’re different on purpose. Here’s why we’re canceling services on Christmas day:

There is no ‘quandary’ and it isn’t a matter of feeling superior.  The fact is, your pathetic reasons for abandoning worship all indicate that God doesn’t matter to you as much as you would wish us to believe.  Each excuse is worse than the one before it and none of them display even a semblance of familiarity with Christian theology.

Churches deserve Pastors who are theologians, not cultural panderers or idol worshipers. If your church is saddled with one of the sort who actually ignores Scripture (‘Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together’) and replaces it with ‘we want to be as pro family as possible’, fire them and get a theologian.

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