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Oh No Not Again…. Still Another End Time Date Setter

Why, Lord, why?  It’s another ‘End of the World‘ predictor.  This time it’s Oct 7 2105.  What it is about October that these nutters love so much?  I only know of this because they’re following me on the twitter (till they see this anyway).

Without further ado- end of the worlders- here’s your dilly-


Bibi’s War on Palestinian Christians- Suported By American Christian Zionists

The Israeli high court ruled this month that the military can begin construction on a segment of Israel’s wall in the West Bank that will divide land belonging to the town of Beit Jala.  The news shocked residents who believed that a high court ruling in April this year blocked construction in that area while the army was ordered to find a less disruptive route.

If built as originally planned, the wall would have cut off the Cremisan Salesian monastery and convent from the rest of the Beit Jala community.  With this latest ruling, construction will proceed with only minor changes — still dividing the land while carving out a small enclave to keep the religious sites accessible.

American Christian Zionists who support the Settlers and the Government of Israel are supporting the seizure of Christian land.  How can that set well with them?  Is blind support of a modern state more important than Christian solidarity?

Irony: ‘Ministry Matters’ Interview Rob Bell

I’m not sure how I get on these crackpot pseudo-theological mailing lists.  It’s like Joel Watts is signing me up just to torture me.  Here’s an example of a mailing arriving today:


No.  Everything is not spiritual.  No, Rob Bell is no pastor.  And no, whatever he thinks about Jesus, science, faith, heaven, hell, marriage, sexuality and Christianity matters not at all.  Whatever sort of organization Ministry Matters is, ministry doesn’t matter to it.

Ed Young: Publicity Seeking False Teacher

Young simply wishes to be wealthy and well known.  That’s why he invited Glenn Beck to speak to his cult.

A popular megachurch minister in Texas has come under fire for inviting radio host and author Glenn Beck to speak at his church as part of an Independence Day celebration.

Ed Young of the multi-site Fellowship Church invited Beck, an outspoken Mormon, to speak during all of his Sunday services today as part of Young’s Freedom Experience event. Beck’s presentations were advertised on the church website as “a message of hope and history as we look to honor those who have provided us with our freedom.”

Young and his cult aren’t even pretending to be a Christian Congregation anymore.

Andy Boyd, a spokesman for Fellowship Church, said that Beck was invited since he is a known American historian, and also because the he has “shown his love for God in many ways.”

Bahahahahahahahahaha!  Historian!!!!  HA.  David Barton is as much a ‘historian’ as Beck.  But aside from that, worship isn’t about honoring a country, it’s about honoring God.  And Young’s cult allows it.

Heckling Joel

Who hasn’t heckled Joel Osteen?  Instead of being arrested these people should have been applauded and everyone in Osteen’s audience (I refuse to use the word congregation because that would imply Osteen pastored an actual Church) should have joined in the heckling and then walked out.

“The moment he started to preach, somebody gets up and they yell “Joel Osteen you’re a liar,” said Anwar Richardson.  Richardson shot video of a security taking one of the hecklers out.  you can hear the congregation clapping as pastor Joel Osteen attempts to move along with his sermon.  but the disruptions continued.  “After the sixth time that it occurred, my son was sleeping in my lap, and I looked at my wife and she was nervous and we just decided we have to get out of here,” said Richardson.

Good decision.  Better decision- not to attend Heretic Osteen’s Audience.