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Trevor Is Why Pretending to Be A Theologian and Being a Theologian Are Not the Same Thing

And what qualifies dear Trevor to hold such an idiotic view?  Why he’s a college student with a passion, of course.  Who is in the process of earning a bachelor’s degree.  In business admin.  Not theology. Business admin.  And he’s … Continue reading

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A Cult of Death

This isn’t Christianity, it is a cult of death.

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From the FB page of J Andrew Doole

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What Better Click Bait than ‘The Mark of the Beast and COVID-19’?

And then when you get there the article informs you that there’s no connection between the two- but now that you’ve been sucked in by the deceptive title, why not hang out and read about the author’s view of the … Continue reading

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Betsy De Vos is the Best Secretary of Education that Satan’s Money Could Buy

Congress set aside $350 million to help colleges with “significant unmet needs” during the pandemic. But the Education Department has allotted most of that money to small, private colleges. For example: A private Christian school that serves 47 students received … Continue reading

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Karl Barth: Marcionite

It’s as though for Barth, the Hebrew Bible doesn’t exist and Jeremiah, Isaiah, Hosea, and the rest know nothing of God and have nothing to say of God or humanity… Oh Karl- you do annoy sometimes. And your view, as … Continue reading

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This is Why American Christians are So Theologically Ignorant

They listen to garbage, and no one in their lives love them enough to tell them that they listen to garbage.

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Oh Precious, I’ve Heard them All Before. I’ve Read Church History, and your Side Lost

But here’s your Dilly-

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Another Molech-gelical Announces that Trump Should Be Heeded and Scientists Ignored

Curt Landry, a pastor based in Fairland, Oklahoma, can certainly be considered to be a true believer in the President. During a recent web based sermon, Landry told his viewers to listen to Trump’s advice over that of experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci, because … Continue reading

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Pat Robertson Knows Where COVID-19 Really Originates…

I can’t even even even anymore with these Pentebabbleist nutbags and their millions of followers.

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The Molech-Gelicals Choice

Is proud of his perversions.

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More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

A conservative evangelical pastor has suggested to his followers that God will help multiply their toilet rolls amid the coronavirus pandemic. In a clip posted to Twitter, pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, leader of the Florida-based Revival Ministries International, told his congregation that … Continue reading

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The Worst Theological Take on the Pandemic Yet

Don’t do theology if you aren’t qualified.  And this person is most definitely NOT qualified.

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The Molech-gelicals Really are the Most Deplorable Among Us

Rick Wiles, the Florida pastor who claimed that the effort to impeach President Trump was a “Jew coup,” said the spread of coronavirus in synagogues is a punishment of the Jewish people. Wiles made the claim Wednesday on his TruNews … Continue reading

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In Tampa Bay, Florida, At ‘River’ ‘Church’ Yesterday…

COVID-19 denial was part of the service… @joshtpm –Big church arrive taking place now in Florida, live-streamed. COVID denial part of the sermon. This is not wisdom.  This is tempting God. UPDATE:  Well look who has been arrested…  More here. … Continue reading

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Just nope.  Don’t do pretend theology.  Especially when it’s truly awful.

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Furtick’s Clown College

Yes, he’s ‘preaching’ while lying on the floor, resting on a speaker and using a bible as his pillow whilst talking about a valley being something between two mountains.  This is the kind of buffoonery that passes for Christianity at … Continue reading

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Some Theologians Are Just Plainly Crazy

“There is a hidden grace in poverty, and happy is he who knows how to find it.” – Vincentius [The problem of course is that the Bible never describes poverty as some sort of meritorious state.  Vincentius is what happens … Continue reading

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Breaking News! Evangelicals Change their Name to Molechgelicals

Theirs is the message of sacrifice of human lives given to Molech, their lord.  They now, accordingly, prefer that you and I call them Molechgelicals.  And so we shall.

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Kanye is a Christian Like Trump Is a Christian- I.e., Not at All

“I’m 100% going to be like a multi, multi, multi-billionaire. I think it’s fun that I can like be like Charlie Sheen and be like, ‘Hey, like, I got AIDS.’ …. I told Drake that the other night. I was … Continue reading

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