Marital Rape is Rape, No Matter What Any Preacher Says

After nine years of service as senior pastor of Grand Concourse Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Bronx, NY, Burnett Robinson’s stint has ceased after he preached a sermon approving of marital rape.

According to Religion News Service, Robinson preached about wife submission to husbands on November 13. He egregiously said, “gentleman, the best person to rape is your wife.”

He needed to be removed.  Now let’s hope no other Church calls him.

Robinson was placed on administrative leave on Tuesday (November 23) by the Greater New York Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church. On Wednesday (November 24), it was announced Robinson had resigned. Communications consultant for Seventh-day, Kevin Lampe, said Robinson would no longer be allowed to serve at any Seventh-day church.

A statement on behalf of Robinson’s resignation was released:

“The Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists recognizes many have been deeply harmed by the sentiments expressed by Robinson. The views he expressed are wrong and not accepted by our church. Rape and sexual assault of women are crimes and should always be treated as such. We will continue to educate and counsel all pastors, seminary students, and staff to fully understand that this type of rhetoric is abhorrent and unequivocally unacceptable.”

In a short snippet of his November 13 sermon, Robinson said, ““In this matter of submission, I want you to know upfront, ladies, that once you get married, you are no longer your own. You are your husband’s,” he said before pausing for a moment. “You understand what I’m saying? I emphasize that because I saw in court the other day on TV where a lady sued her husband for rape. And I would say to you, gentlemen, the best person to rape is your wife. But then it has become legalized.”

Good riddance. People like him don’t belong in the pulpit.

Complete Nonsense

The Holy Bible Feminine Translation Version is a word-for-word translation commonly known as a literal translation. It attempts to provide as close as possible a direct translation of the words themselves. The focus is on accuracy. It is not a popular thought-for-thought translation, where the focus is on readability with opinions and commentary oriented to a particular denomination.

The FTV Bible uses the American Standard Version of 1901 (ASV) for its starting textual base. The ASV is the product of the work of over 50 Evangelical Christian scholars that has been called “The Rock of Biblical Honesty.” The goal of the FTV Bible is to carry forward this legacy of biblical Honesty with recognition of the feminine attributes of God as well as His masculine attributes.

So it’s just a lazy revision of a translation that’s out of copyright and thus freely available.  And most absurdly of all

This hidden, recurring, phenomenon is timeless, because it has consistently structured Scripture that spans a time period of 6000 years of human history using 40 different human authors. It is called Jesus’ Witness Cipher, or simply JW’s Cipher. It is a 77 page encipherment through both Old and New Testaments for reading, deciphering and understanding the Bible, where the Bible interprets itself. Validated with the discipline of biblical numbers, this timeless Cipher bears witness of a single divine author of the Bible. Like nothing ever before, it illustrates how the Cross is the consistent destination of Seven Spirits of God that answer seven questions in divine order.

Any edition that tells you it offers decipherment of secret codes is pure garbage.  Garbage.

Frauds for the Faith…

Are fake Christians.

These Orthodox rabbis aren’t even Jewish, according to a newly released investigation.

Michael and Calev Isaacson, a father-and-son pair who live in Phoenix, Ariz. — and who have spent some 12 years performing sacred Jewish rituals, including marriages and writing holy scrolls — are now accused of being evangelical Christians.

That’s according to the anti-missionary watchdog group Beyneynu, which additionally claims that the men — who the watchdog group claims changed their last name from Dawson in 2019 — don’t have legitimate Jewish heritage or any record of conversion. The group claims that the family, which also includes Michael’s wife, Summer, have built a misleading Jewish identity and have been welcomed in Orthodox communities around the nation by having rabbinical authorities attest to an allegedly bogus family.

While Beyneynu stopped short of accusing the family of trying to convert Jews to Christianity, the charges would mean that the holy rituals, which have also included conducting conversions to Judaism, could be rendered invalid. But other members of their Orthodox communities have raised concerns for more than a decade that the Isaacsons are possibly Messianic Jews, or Jews who seek to convert other Jews to Christianity to bring the Second Coming of Jesus.


Parents, Keep Your Kids out of the Video Section of Your Local ‘Christian Bookstore’

There’s nothing good there.  Nothing.

It doesn’t even make sense.  He has crosses for arms, not Christ.  And what’s up with the bean tossing?   Maybe they were trying to give him dinner and he couldn’t catch it because he has crosses for arms and no one has that anyway.

Parents, keep your kids away from this utter rubbish.

Rick Wiles: Covid Vaccines Implant an Egg That Hatches in Your Body… More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

This guy is a nut.

End Times conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain “an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite and grows inside your body.”

Sorry, but if you believe that, you’re a nut too.  It’s just more pentebabbleist nutbaggery.  There’s nothing of Christianity in any of this lunacy.

This is The Rubbish You End Up With When You Allow People Who Aren’t Theologians to Talk About Theological Matters

Joy is no theologian.  Not even remotely.  She should remain silent on matters theological.  For, when she isn’t silent, she is unimaginably wrong.

Paul calls death an enemy-

The last enemy that will be destroyed is death. (I Cor 15:26).

So I’ll stick with Paul, and leave the non-theologian Joy to her rubbish heap of ignorance.

Seeing Christ in All Aspects of Scripture Isn’t How The Bible Works

The problems with this approach are numerous.  Chiefly

  1. It flattens Scripture
  2. It eisegetes
  3. It’s Marcionite when applied to the Old Testament
  4. It’s simply wrong hermeneutically

Christ isn’t everywhere in Scripture.  He’s where he’s said to be by Scripture.  It may be a proper approach in certain quarters of Fundamentalism, but as a means of reading the Bible, it is misleading.  And at its heart, it isn’t even Christian because it lies about the Bible.

Fake Christian Woman Lies

Fake Christians will do anything for politics.  Especially lie.

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the election petition of Linn-Mar school board candidate Geralyn Jones, who has said she allowed wives to sign their husbands’ names on her nomination papers.

Jones is one of six candidates, including two incumbents, who have filed papers to be in the Nov. 2 nonpartisan election for three seats on the Linn-Mar Community School District board. During an election objection hearing last week, Jones said when she went to houses to collect signatures so she could get on the ballot, multiple women signed for their husbands.

“When I approached the houses for signatures, all of the women … it was the same thing across the board: ‘Can I sign on behalf of my husband? And I said, ”Sure.’ It was as simple as that,” Jones said during the hearing.

According to Iowa law, nobody can falsely or fraudulently sign nomination papers on behalf of another person. Doing so could result in aggravated misdemeanor charges against a candidate and the signers.

Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner said Monday that his office is in the initial stages of an investigation and does not have a timeline for its conclusion.

The sheriff’s office opened the investigation at the request of Linn County Auditor Joel Miller, who is required by Iowa’s election law to report such incidents or be subject to a fine himself.

Miller told The Gazette he was notified of affidavits presented last week indicating that husbands gave their wives permission to sign the papers for Jones. Between the affidavits and Jones admitting in the hearing that other people signed the papers, Miller said he had enough information that an investigation was warranted.

“That’s a violation,” he said. “It’s pretty black and white. Don’t sign for someone else. Once I gave those documents a look and saw the husbands signed the documents, I thought they basically incriminated themselves. This person is now going to be on the ballot, and if those signatures in question had been struck, she wouldn’t have had enough signatures to qualify.”

Though Jones admitted to allowing people to sign for other people on her nomination papers, the board overruled the challenge brought by Linn County Democrat Chair Bret Nilles.

She’s Mentally Ill

And she needs to be institutionalized.

A Christian OnlyFans model says she has regular ‘threesomes’ with God, while claiming that it’s best sex she’s ever had.

Nita Marie is from Colorado, US and revealed that she and her partner like to ‘invite’ the Lord to join them in bed.

The 45-year-old also says she does it with God at least ‘twice a week’.

Although the Lord Almighty has never appeared ‘physically’, Nita says she can feel his presence while getting it on with her husband.

She said: “When you invite God to be a part of sex you change the act from something purely physical to something sacred and spiritual.

This is why most people should never be allowed to own a Bible or talk about God.

He’s Not a Pastor he’s A Grifter

A pastor is encouraging people to donate to his Tulsa church so they can become an online member and get his signature on a religious exemption from coronavirus vaccine mandates. The pastor, Jackson Lahmeyer, is a 29-year-old small-business owner running in the Republican primary challenge to Sen. James Lankford in 2022.

Not a pastor. Grifter.