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Metaxas’ Book on Luther Is So Pathetic, The Publisher Had to get Tucker Carlson to Endorse It

This means just one thing- they couldn’t find any respectable theologian or historian to blurb it.  That tells you everything you need to know about Metaxas’ rubbish.

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Sure, If You Don’t Care About Historical Accuracy or Scholarship

Because Metaxas isn’t a scholar and he has proven so in his absurd books prior to this one. But, if you don’t care about things like history, or truth, then sure, by all means, have at.

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I Like Billy Graham, But His Kids Are Insane

Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, warned on her “Giving You Jesus” blog on Aug. 7 that the upcoming solar eclipse may be God’s judgment on America. Wut? Lotz did not mention any of scientific explanations for … Continue reading

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The End Time Loons Are at it, Again

Take note–  lunacy. Will the 2017 solar eclipse cause a secret planet called ‘Nibiru’ to destroy Earth next month? …David Meade, author of ‘Planet X – The 2017 Arrival’, asserts the planet Nibiru (also known as Planet X) will crash … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the Ridiculous Interpretations of Revelation

In a groundbreaking discovery sure to change the future of eschatological studies, scholars revealed Monday that the autograph of the book of Revelation originally included a detailed end times and rapture chart to help readers make sense of the apocalyptic … Continue reading

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Joyce Meyer is a False Teacher…

So if you buy her books, or, now, her ‘Bible’, you’re embracing false teaching.  And, by the way, shame on the publisher of this crap rubbish. via Nick Norelli on Twitter

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Satan is Testing Me, and He’s Using Bryan Bibb to Do It…

Bryan posted this on facebook….  and it’s just so ridiculous that I’m being tested concerning the language of my response…  thanks, Bryan.

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Ok people, look…  There hasn’t been anyone in the Hebrew Bible ‘confirmed’ by archaeology.  What’s happened is that names found in the Bible have also, on occasion, been found in the archaeological record.  To suggest that ‘Moses’, for example, has … Continue reading

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When You Try to Make a Pithy Point But You Don’t Know The Text of Genesis

Oops- Then looking up, Abraham saw a ram caught by its horns in a bush. Abraham took the ram and offered it as a burnt offering in place of his son. (Gen. 22:13). #Fail

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#ICYMI- Tom Wright Called ‘Revelation’ ‘Revelations’

Dear Tom, just so you know, it’s not ‘Revelations’… It’s Revelation.  Apparently NT Wright isn’t sure of the title of the book.  In this video, at 4:23, he calls the Book of Revelation the “Book of Revelations”.  How sad.  F-

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Boy The Speculation Boggles the Imagination…

Rampant even.

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Those ‘Lead Codices’ That Margaret Barker Keeps Pushing? Jordan has Disavowed Them

AMMAN — The Department of Antiquities (DoA) on Thursday announced that the lead codices it seized with the help of security authorities around seven years ago have not been proven to be authentic so far, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, … Continue reading

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Dilly Of the Year Winner

Maybe of the decade. Anyway, ‘Phil’, here’s your well deserved award.  Wear it proudly.

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Dale Martin May be From Yale, But He’s Dead Wrong

Dale Martin rejects the idea that there is a “correct” way to interpret Biblical passages. That might make some Christians uncomfortable, but Martin says the idea of unequivocal Biblical interpretation is a relatively new concept and not reflective of the … Continue reading

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Boy you Don’t Find that Kind of ‘Exegetical Expertise’ Just Anywhere Do you….

That’s a gift right there.  Human wisdom didn’t reveal that to her……..

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Metaxas Claims His Bonhoeffer Bio is Completely True. Actual Bonhoeffer Scholars Can’t Stop Laughing

Eric Metaxas lives in a curious space among those who admire and study German pastor and martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer. In one universe dominated by evangelicals outside of academia, Metaxas is viewed as a Bonhoeffer scholar. In another dominated by academics … Continue reading

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A Genuine Pooling of Ignorance Bible Study, For Just $699

Bell and Evans…. and Wright…. and the rest.  What a farcical assemblage of exegetical dilettantism.  And all for just $699 early registration.  HarperCollins is clearly willing to sell any rubbish.

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The Bee Stings Purpose Driven Drivel and Thomas Nelson

In its latest push to capitalize on popular Christian book trends, religious publisher Thomas Nelson hurriedly announced upcoming book The Purpose Driven Jesus Calling Adult Coloring Book Featuring Tim Tebow Tuesday to much fanfare. The book will reportedly feature forty days … Continue reading

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The Most Uninformed Tweet of the Year

The issues are far more complex than simply sacraments, polity and authority.  This is the most misinformed tweet I’ve yet seen on the Reformation.  Only someone who has never studied the Reformation for more than a minute could suggest such.

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Oh Zondervan, Why Would You? Why?

But it makes no sense.  It is irrational, and, frankly, absurd.  But anything for a buck I suppose, for those Murdochian companies that care more for profit than theological sense.

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