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Metaxas’s Ignorance of Bonhoeffer is Boundless

Posted in Modern Culture, pseudo-scholarship, pseudo-theology by Jim on 31/07/2016

And rather than admit that he doesn’t know Bonhoeffer at all, he instead provides little fake Bonhoeffer ‘quotes’ for those who ask him about his misrepresentations.

Boundless ignorance.  I’m glad he blocked me on twitter.

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#ICYMI – Luther Reviews Metaxas and Barton’s Book

Since Metaxas utilized Barton, Barton should at least get as much credit-

Metaxas's book is less than dung and worthy of destruction.

Metaxas’s book is less than dung and worthy of destruction.

Just as the devil is disorderly and jumbles things together, so your writings and head are equally disordered and mixed up, so that it is exceedingly annoying to read and difficult to remember what you write. —  Martin Luther

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Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh: Pantheism Edition

The old heresies just keep cropping up because no one reads historical theology anymore.


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Pastor Pervert the Promiscuous

What you thought was naughty may actually be holy.  That’s the message of Good Christian Sex: Why Chastity Isn’t the Only Option–And Other Things the Bible Says about Sex, a new book by Bromleigh McCleneghan, an associate pastor at Union Church outside of Chicago. The book is McCleneghan’s attempt to free Christians from shame about having premarital or extramarital sex.

No one even remotely familiar with the teaching of Scripture (the standard from which morality and ethics is drawn for believers) can agree with pastor pervert the promiscuous.

Such nonsense need not be refuted– it is self refuting in its absurdity.  She is simply, surely, securely, sinfully wrong.   We simply have here another in the lineage of Joel Osteen, Rachel Held Evans, Rob Bell, Eric Metaxas, and other ‘Christian’ pretenders who have abandoned Christianity and invented their own substitute pseudo-Christian religion.

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More Apocalyptic Nutbaggery: In Spite of Claims to the Contrary, The World Will NOT End on July 29

The group End Times Prophecies has declared the world will end July 29 in a chain of events prompted because of an ongoing phenomenon known as a polar flip.

The good news: We can stop worrying about who will be the next president.

A 17-minute Armageddon News video, posted July 9 on YouTube and viewed more than 800,000 times, explains the end-of-the world theory as a modulated female voice reads through a variety of biblical quotes, illustrated with cheap special effects that couldn’t buy Michael Bay a cup of coffee.

“The polar flip will make the stars race across the sky, and the vacuum from the reeling of the Earth will pull the atmosphere along the ground, trying to catch up, creating what is known as a roll cloud,” the Armageddon News report said.

On July 30 the pseudo-theologians will offer some lame excuse concerning miscalculations.  That prediction you can count on coming true.

It’s a crying shame that people who pretend to know the Bible don’t know it well enough to have read Mark 13.

Περὶ δὲ τῆς ἡμέρας ἐκείνης ἢ τῆς ὥρας οὐδεὶς οἶδεν, οὐδὲ οἱ ἄγγελοι ἐν οὐρανῷ οὐδὲ ὁ υἱός, εἰ μὴ ὁ πατήρ. (Mk. 13:32)

Amateurs: We Are Riddled With them in Biblical Studies- So It’s Nice to See Them Branching Out Into Other Fields..

Posted in Dilettante, Dilly the Dilettante Award, pseudo-scholarship by Jim on 14/07/2016

dilly-the-dilettanteSo folk can see the outcome of their efforts.  If biblical dilettantism is ok, why then, well, so is this.

A man who cut off an acquaintance’s testicle in a motel room, having replied to an advert asking for assistance with a “medical issues,” has pleaded guilty to a number of charges in a local court at Port Macquarie, New South Wales.

The alleged victim had posted a message online seeking help as he could not afford to pay for treatment through proper channels. According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, the 52-year-old man had been kicked in the groin by a horse some years earlier, after which he had experienced persistent problems with his left testicle.

He met with Allan George Matthews, 57,  at a motel in Port Macquarie on May 16, at which time Mr Matthews removed the offending organ.

A week later the man visited hospital seeking treatment after the wound became infected. His visit triggered a police investigation, and on June 23 Mr Matthews’ home was raided by officers who medical equipment, several bottles suspected to contain amyl nitrate, and seven firearms.

Doing to ‘surgery’ what dilettantes have been doing to the Bible for centuries.

In Which Eric Metaxas Shows He Knows Nothing About History

Posted in Modern Culture, pseudo-scholarship, stupidity by Jim on 04/07/2016

He really should just stop writing.  Anything.  Throckmorton has it spot on when he concludes his discussion of Metaxas’ new book-

May God help us not to create myths and instead tell the whole story.

Metaxas has proven, again, that he’s incapable of doing anything BUT construct myth.  It’s what he does with every subject he touches.

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Modern Biblical Scholarship Has Returned to the Speculative Methods of the Middle Ages

Posted in pseudo-scholarship by Jim on 01/07/2016

Remember when medieval theologians used to debate, endlessly, the speculative question of how many angels could balance on the head of a pin?  In some quarters, that’s where we are again.


What if he were raised a persimmon?  What if he were raised a marijuana addict?  What if he were raised a salmon?  More importantly, what is the goal of such speculation except the cynical hijacking of a biblical character for ideological rather than theological purposes.

I suppose, to make their case more plainly, it will be claimed that Jacob was transgendered.  Or that James was.  Or that Paul was.  Or that Jesus was.  That way, those with a certain, specific, postmodern, self indulgent mindset can claim these folk as ‘one of their own’.  Without so much as a dribble of sensible evidence.

So afraid are many scholars to actually confront the biblical text and deal with it on its own terms (theological terms) that any side road will do; any diversion.  Anything to avoid the text.  Anything at all.

With apologies to all involved in such enterprises (#SorryNotSorry), it’s senseless and silly.

NB- Now we can expect a whole spate of books published by HarperOne and other such Murchochian publishers ‘investigating’ the transgendered nature of just about every person the Bible ever mentions by name.

The “Jesus Wife” Fragment: Coming Soon To A Theater Near You!

It’s the exciting story of how wanting to find something with all your heart that lends support to one of your pet theories results in shoddy scholarship and utter embarrassment.  Starring Karin Keeng and Antonio Banderas!

You’ll want to take your kids to see it!

Simultaneously… At Pittsburgh Theological Seminary…

They will also host the same exact panel for a conference titled ‘Pretending to be Theologians Conference’.  You’ll ‘want’ to ‘attend’ both…


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