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Wrong, Again, Mr Naked

His is a totally parochial view of the church, as though a fragment of it, in America alone, represents the whole. Heck, not even all, or most, Christians in America are Molechgelicals. There are some.  And frankly, 6 is too … Continue reading

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More Garbage Claims From ‘Archaeology’: The Nails Used to Crucify Jesus

NAILS controversially linked to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ have fragments of ancient bone and wood embedded in them, a bombshell new study has revealed. The nails were allegedly found in Jerusalem, in a first-century burial cave believed to be … Continue reading

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David Bentley Hart is What You Get When the Desire for Fame Eclipses Common Sense and Honesty

DBH’s declaration is simply dishonest.  Both in terms of his assessment of Calvin and in his assessment of Aquinas.  But that’s what happens when the desire to be famous eclipses one’s sense of honesty and common sense.  And it’s yet … Continue reading

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Invincible Ignorance: Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Edition

The ignorance of these people is astonishing. Just astonishing. They pretend to honor Scripture but they don’t care enough about it to read it in the languages in which it was written.  They are theological frauds.

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Many Recent Books About Jesus In One Sentence

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How Long Before This Shows Up In HTR as the Latest ‘Earth Shattering’ Discovery?

Ariel Sabar tweets The miracles of eBay: a “Coptic Papyrus Gospel collection of 5” for sale today for just $327, so long as you’re okay with their being “museum grade prints” (i.e. fakes) using “archival media” and “pigment inks with … Continue reading

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Wrong. Have You Never Heard of, For Instance, Theodore of Mopsuestia? Or Jerome?

This is what happens when you have a blind hermeneutical commitment and are unwilling to recognize your own error.

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The Worst Translation of John 3:16 I Have Yet Seen

There’s a translation out there called ‘The Pure Word’.  I’m not going to link to it because I don’t want to.  Here’s its take on John 3:16- King James Version: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his … Continue reading

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Veritas: A First Impression

Reading this book I can’t escape the impression that King was targeted for this fraud because she has always been interested in counter-orthodoxy. The con man knew she would swallow the bait because he knew she was always looking for … Continue reading

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A True Pooling of Ignorance

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The Stupid, it Burns

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Eisegesis 101

I heard an ELCA pastor last night say that the story of the Centurion and his request that Jesus heal his servant was a story about the Centurion (Luke 7:1-10) and his ‘boyfriend’. He claimed that παις in Greek means … Continue reading

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Trevor Is Why Pretending to Be A Theologian and Being a Theologian Are Not the Same Thing

And what qualifies dear Trevor to hold such an idiotic view?  Why he’s a college student with a passion, of course.  Who is in the process of earning a bachelor’s degree.  In business admin.  Not theology. Business admin.  And he’s … Continue reading

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What Better Click Bait than ‘The Mark of the Beast and COVID-19’?

And then when you get there the article informs you that there’s no connection between the two- but now that you’ve been sucked in by the deceptive title, why not hang out and read about the author’s view of the … Continue reading

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Dilettante of The Year

That’s lunacy. It’s both historically ignorant and, worse, it implies that no one but English speakers have a real Bible. Utter nonsense and, frankly, demonic. This is this year’s dilettante.

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BAR Warmed Over

BAR republished a piece yesterday that was first published several years back about ‘children’ in Ancient Israel.  Apparently when it first appeared it wasn’t as well received as one might imagine.  One commentator observed back in October of 2018 This … Continue reading

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Except Luther Never Said It…

But if you can cite a source in Luther (and not just about Luther) I’d love to see it.

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It Pains Me To Say This, Sir, But You Are An Idiot

And utterly ignorant of the history of Luther’s life.

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There Is Something Vaguely Anti-Semitic in Importing The New Testament Into The Old

As though the Old Testament has no meaning (or cannot be understood properly) without the New Testament when the truth is, the New Testament cannot be properly understood without the Old Testament. Nope.  You aren’t the first to notice something … Continue reading

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The Hanging of the Greens (And their Museum)

Andrew Tobolowsky writes, among other things In short, in trying to create a Museum of the Bible, the Greens have been unscrupulous and careless in collecting artifacts thereof. They have muddied the water that we desperately need to be clear … Continue reading

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