I Don’t Care That you ‘Changed Your Mind’- I Want to Know Where the Bible Says SSM is OK

A chapter and verse will be necessary.  Show it to me.  Because your change of mind means nothing.  It is not probative nor is it meaningful.  Without scripture, your views are irrelevant for Christian theology.  Irrelevant, no matter what claims you make.

Christian theology isn’t based on your feelings.  It is based on sound exposition of Scripture.  So, chapter and verse.


They’re Still Looking for Noah’s Ark…

Why??? Come on people, give. It. Up.

Is Noah’s Ark still hiding somewhere today, waiting to be discovered? A documentary coming to theaters nationwide next week explores the ongoing search for the world’s most famous vessel and documents the dangers involved in the centuries-old quest.

Save your money. Go buy a book or donate to poor relief or buy me a Starbucks giftcard (the latter will get you out of purgatory altogether for the right amount).

Blood Moon Hysteria and Pseudo-Theology

Listen, people, the blood moon thing is the invention of the heretic Hagee and his maniacal kindred spirits.  There’s nothing biblical about it.  So calm down.  Just chill.  Ya nuts.

If you take it seriously you’re simply buying into false teaching and when the 28th comes and goes and the world hasn’t ended you can apologize for being the perpetrator of falsehood.

Rupert Murdoch has Purchased NatGeo

So now if you read it, you know you’re reading Murdoch’s propaganda.

Rupert Murdoch’s high-profile purchase of National Geographic — perhaps the most esteemed remaining icon of middlebrow American print culture — has touched off alarms over how the swashbuckling Australian press lord may visit a Fox News makeover on the science monthly. Murdoch, like many a right-wing mogul, is a climate change skeptic, and his flagship cable news company has famously issued editorial directives to downplay the well-established fact of human activity driving up global temperatures. Fox’s on-air talent was explicitly instructed by Washington managing editor Bill Gammon to safeguard against the blurting of the inconvenient truth about global warming during newscasts without first “immediately pointing out that such theories are based on data that critics have called into question.”

Murdoch’s acquisition of a 73 percent share of National Geographic — for a cool $725 million — is especially troubling to the cause of climate science, since the National Geographic Society (founded as a nonprofit foundation for exploration and research) administers a $1 billion grant program to research scientists. It may well be that the scientifically discredited cause of climate denialism is about to get a massive infusion of cash and ex officio prestige.

Cancel your subscription.  NatGeo is now the Fox News of science magazines.

Eric Cline has Some ‘Serious’ ‘Competition’

Meet ‘Maverick‘- the flight nurse / ‘Biblical archaeologist’… who served as a consultant for an ‘archaeological’ expedition to find Noah’s ark…

Watch out Eric…. there are those waiting in the wings (with air nurse wings!) to dethrone you as the premier American digger.

UPDATE:  Oh boy….

Authors Aaron Judkins and Michael McDaniel talked about their new book, Alien Agenda, and how it relates to forbidden archaeology, UFOs, the Nephilim, and the coming of the Antichrist. Detailing the origins of his research, Judkins, an archaeologist, explained that he was intrigued by the preponderance of winged serpents and discs depicted by ancient cultures throughout the world. McDaniel, a theologian, traced his interest to meeting an alleged abductee and a subsequent investigation of the Bible where he found references to the UFO phenomenon. Both authors contended that UFOs are malevolent, with Judkins suggesting that the elusive nature of the phenomenon portends a sinister agenda and McDaniel connecting them to a long term plan hatched by Satan.

I think that pretty much says it all…