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Simultaneously… At Pittsburgh Theological Seminary…

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They will also host the same exact panel for a conference titled ‘Pretending to be Theologians Conference’.  You’ll ‘want’ to ‘attend’ both…


Written by Jim

27/05/2016 at 7:58 pm

Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh

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Does Moltmann just make stuff up as he goes so it will fit on a bumper sticker?  Because this is just absurd.  It lacks scriptural foundation, it makes no sense, and it obliterates any sense of free will.  In Moltmann’s disturbed view, you have no choice at all.  God will force himself on you whether you like it or not.


Tune in next week when Molty says ‘Sacrifice is meaningless and God just really waved a magic wand and declared every person righteous.’

The Funniest (In the Sense of Most Absurd) Advert Email I’ve Yet Received

I won’t mention the publisher, because generally they do pretty good work.  But this… this commendation… is just so absurd.

This month also brought the release of the long-awaited next book by Peter Leithart, Delivered from the Elements of the World. According to James K. A. Smith, “When you read Peter Leithart, you suddenly realize how timid most Christian theologians are, tepidly offering us a few ‘insights’ to edify our comfort with the status quo. Leithart is like a lightning strike from a more ancient, more courageous Christian past, his flaming pen fueled by biblical acuity and scholarly rigor.”

BAhahahahahahahahahahhahahahhaha. Not.

Zondervan is Why Christian Publishing Companies Should Be Owned By Christians

Because when they aren’t but instead are owned by people who care nothing for theology and have only an eye on profit, they produce theological rubbish like this:


There’s no such thing as a ‘specialized’ Bible in the first place but when the selling points are ‘gross and gory stuff’ and ‘humorous Bible facts’ and application via doodles and sketches and worst of all, a promise that you’ll be more like Jesus ‘mentally’ and ‘physically’ then what you have at hand is pure garbage.  Do explain, Zonder, how it is that you are so familiar with the inner life of Jesus’s mind that you can assert that young men reading your notes will gain the same mind.

Target is being boycotted by Christians because of their toilet policy.  Zondervan should be boycotted by Christians because these sorts of things, which they publish, belong in the toilet.

It isn’t Christianity that drives Zondervan’s editorial decisions- it’s the almighty dollar and a gullible and ignorant public.


You Aren’t a Biblical Scholar Just Because You Call Yourself One

In fact, you’re a dilettante if you call yourself one and you aren’t.


He’s not a member of SBL or ETS.  He doesn’t belong to SOTS or BNTS or any academic society.  He hasn’t published anything that looks even remotely sensible or scholarly.  He has no publications in Journals or essay collections.  And finally, his answers to questions on his website are the bleetings of a buffoon.

Here’s your Dilly, Martin.  You really, really deserve it.


Twitter Theology That Makes me Sigh

Pray tell, where does scripture imply or suggest, anywhere, that baptism has miraculous power?


Anywhere?  This is what happens when mildly entertaining thinkers think they think theologically but what they really do is fetishize their own notions.

Pastoral Fraud: More Pentebabbleist Misconduct

A Pastor in South Africa claims he went to heaven (with his camera) and took photos.  And is willing to sell them for a tidy sum to anyone who wants a copy…

No, this isn’t the Onion.  He’s a real fraudster really playing on the gullibility of the exceedingly ignorant.

In case the good news hasn’t hit you yet, Incredible Happenings Ministries founder and leader Prophet Mboro went through the pearly gates. Or so he says, according to an article published on SMHWTFNEWS.COM. The holy man’s spokesperson – Mr Nkuna – told local newspaper, the Katlehong Weekly, that Pastor Mboro was “captured” to heaven during an Easter Sunday service and took pictures on his Galaxy Smartphone and came back down later that same day.

Words fail.  Both concerning his hubris and their ignorance.


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