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The Guardian Too Joins the ‘C-List’ Simcha Disdains, and Denounces the ‘Jesus Wife’ Fragment as Fake

In a report titled ‘The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: A very modern fake.’  Everything in the report is by now well known to those who have been following the story.  But it does conclude with a little joke which examines the implications of Jesus having a wife…

… the New Yorker alone was brave enough to examine the implications of the fact the Jesus’s wife, had she existed, would undoubtedly have been Jewish. Their Shouts and Murmurs humour column carried her side of the story:

“We were married in a simple, private ceremony in the desert, by a rabbi and someone whom Jesus called a Baptist minister. Right before the vows, the rabbi whispered to me, ‘Think about what you’re doing. Your children will be half Christian.’ Which was when the minister whispered, ‘So what? College isn’t for everyone.'”

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16 Oct 2012 at 5:47 am

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