One Final Observation on the ‘Wife of Jesus’ Fragment

It strains credulity to belive that of an entire document, however long it originally was, the only portion preserved in near pristine, incredibly legible condition is the credit card sized segment which just happens to mention ‘Jesus’s wife…’

And this from an anonymous source. Has the academy set aside its well known healthy skepticism for another object in the family tree of the ‘Secret Gospel of Mark’?

Could it be legitimately ancient? Sure anything is possible. But that so many are accepting it as such without knowing its origins is just downright troubling.

How Papyrus is Made

This is so bizarre!  Dot King posted this on Twitter and, lo and behold, this video is shot in the very shop I was in last time we went to Egypt!  ‘It’s a small world after all…’

Anyway, it’s an interesting snippet on the making of papyrus- which those of you who use Macs ought to pay attention to, since when your prized puter gives up the ghost forever, this is what you’ll have to do to write anyone: