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Sad Simcha’s Statement Supporting Forgery

Simcha J. is suggesting that all the learned people calling into question the authenticity of the ‘Jesus Wife’ fragment are nothing more than vultures and ‘c-list’ scholars. First, I didn’t know Simcha had a website and apparently neither does the … Continue reading

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Francis Watson’s Revised Essay in Bible & Interpretation, Including Some VERY Important Observations in an Appendix By Stephen Carlson

You can read the revised essay here.  Take note as well of the appendix.  Carlson is at the top of his form.  And once you read it, you’ll get off the fence, and you’ll stop ‘limping between two opinions’.

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Just Because the ‘Jury is Still Out’ Doesn’t Mean A Decision Hasn’t Been Reached: The Strange and Inexplicable Ongoing Defense of the ‘Jesus Wife’ Fragment

McGrath cites Ehrman who … is quoted as saying what I think most appropriately cautious scholars would say based on the currently-available evidence: “[T]he jury is out still, but it’s not looking good for authenticity.” In fact, James, and Bart, … Continue reading

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Inventing Jesus’ Wife: Francis Watson

Professor Watson offers a piece with the general audience in mind in Bible and Interpretation.  It’s brilliant.  Seriously brilliant.  Inassailably brilliant. For Christian traditions that place a high value on celibacy, Jesus is the supreme celibate; and he retains this … Continue reading

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Now Available: The Francis Watson ‘That ‘Jesus’ Wife’ Fragment Thing? Yeah, It’s A Load of Hooey’ Collection

My characterization, not Mark’s.  Prof. Francis Watson has now written 3 pieces on the fragment which Mark posts here: The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: How a fake Gospel-Fragment was composed – INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: How … Continue reading

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