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More on the Copenhagen Conference

Changing Perspectives in Old Testament Studies. Past, Present, and Future International Conference at the University of Copenhagen, October 9-12, 2013 The conference centres on the manifold contributions to biblical studies by the scholars, John Van Seters, Thomas L. Thompson, Philip … Continue reading

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Now Available: Wirkungsgeschichte At Its Finest

Two volumes have recently arrived in the Copenhagen International Seminar series ‘Changing Perspectives’ and available from ISD here in the States and from Acumen in Britain/Europe.  The first by Niels Peter Lemche and the second by Thomas Thompson.  These volumes … Continue reading

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Lemche Responds to Friedman

In Bible and Interpretation. …  when it comes to history, especially Friedman seems to have little understanding of what is going on in modern historical research. His introduction here of post-modernism as the background of minimalism is simply nonsense as … Continue reading

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Friedman Responds to Lemche

Richard Friedman has today responded to Lemche’s essay of yesterday in Bible and Interpretation. In a word, he didn’t like it (but surely no one thought he would), concluding- Enough of this “scholarship” that needs to include aspersions against the … Continue reading

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Writing Israel out of the History of Palestine, by N.P. Lemche

At Bible and Interpretation, Lemche writes Every history is an invented history, or a society’s cultural memory. When there are more groups than one present within a given community, we may reckon with more than one cultural memory. In a … Continue reading

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Cultural Memory in Biblical Exegesis

Coming soon from Gorgias Press– Cultural memory is a way of dealing with the past in social and cultural life. It transposes the notion of memory as individuals’ negotiation and representation of past experience into the collective and cultural area. … Continue reading

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A Noteworthy Day

Today marks the birth anniversary of that brilliant, gutsy, pugilistic, and uncompromising scholar of the Hebrew Bible, Niels Peter Lemche. Surely you know his work.  Surely you must.  And if you don’t, well now, you must familiarize yourself!  Off with … Continue reading

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Lemche’s Dictionary: A Video Book Recommendation

UPDATE: NPL informs me that there’s a paperback edition available under the title ‘The A to Z of Ancient Israel’ and that a revised edition is in the works for publication next year.

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The Canaanites and their Land

Logos users will want to know of this if they already don’t- Canaanites and Their Land: The Tradition of the Canaanites http://www.logos.com/product/6644/canaanites-and-their-land-the-tradition-of-the-canaanites Suggested Retail Price: $154.95 Your Price with Coupon Code: $24.95 Use coupon code AELCANAA6644 at checkout to get your discount. … Continue reading

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Opinions and Viewpoints

Following you’ll find a list of people whose opinions matter to me and whose viewpoints I value (though not in such a way that I’m willing to slavishly follow them).  I offer said listing in response to a question I … Continue reading

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News From Amsterdam SBL: The Minimalists Pose For a Portrait Reenacting the Last Supper…

Again, from our friend Koert- this delightful tweet and photo (which, for all the world, reminds me of the Last Supper by Da Vinci) : Koert van Bekkum ‏@koertvb   The old guys of the European Seminar of Historical Methodology look … Continue reading

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News From SBL Amsterdam: N.P. Lemche Declares an End to the Historical ‘Exile’

Via the twitter- Koert van Bekkum ‏@koertvb — minimalist Niels Peter Lemche declares the ‘end of historical exile’ in his famous Danish English. Koert includes a photo in his tweet- click to enlarge That’s our NPL.  Breaking new ground and … Continue reading

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Some New Arrivals for Review

These have all been sent by the goodly Niels Peter Lemche for review in the Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament.  The reviews, when they appear in due course, will appear there (in the pages of the best Journal for … Continue reading

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‘Crucify Him, Crucify Him’ – The Biblical Archaeology Review Cries for Zias’ Blood

I wasn’t at the trial so I don’t know what Joe Zias said on the stand.  I do know two things, though and they’re brief observations: 1- BAR hasn’t gone to such lengths to crucify someone (or at least destroy … Continue reading

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How Do We Move Beyond the Present Impasse in Biblical Studies?

The impasse, that is, of ‘biblical history’.  Everyone who works in the field of biblical studies knows what this impasse is and how – to this point- insurmountable it has been. Niels Peter Lemche has written a brief attempt to … Continue reading

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Hershel Shanks Has Done it More than Once

The other day I mentioned that Shanks has been lifting, without permission, evidently by means of a ‘mole’, materials from a closed (which means inaccessible to the general public) discussion list. Evidently he didn’t just lift something from Niels Peter … Continue reading

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The M.O. Of Hershel Shanks

First, a bit of background information.  I along with 4 others moderate a biblical studies discussion list called, I think quite cleverly, the Biblical Studies Discussion List.  It’s a ‘closed list’ which means only members have access to posts and … Continue reading

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A Ugaritic Fragment Discovered in Greece

Niels Peter Lemche writes There has on AEGEANET been quite a discussion of this possible Ugaritic fragment which turned up at Tiryns in Greece. A download of an extended article can be found here: http://www.ufg-va.uni-hd.de/md/zaw/ufg/mitarbeiter/17._cohen-maran-vetters.pdf Take a look.  If it … Continue reading

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Misprision at Mari: Niels Peter Lemche Sets the Record Straight

In a new essay in Bible and Interpretation, Lemche notes A few days ago Sean McLachlan, who seems to make a living out of making announcements, wrote about certain Syrian historical monuments in danger, e.g., the Crac de Chevalier and … Continue reading

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66 Years ago Today

On the 6th of September, 1945, Niels Peter Lemche was born.  I want to take this opportunity to say happy birthday to him! Surely you know his work.  Surely you must.  And if you don’t, well now, you must familiarize … Continue reading

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