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More on the Copenhagen Conference

Changing Perspectives in Old Testament Studies. Past, Present, and Future International Conference at the University of Copenhagen, October 9-12, 2013 The conference centres on the manifold contributions to biblical studies by the scholars, John Van Seters, Thomas L. Thompson, Philip … Continue reading

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Now Available: Wirkungsgeschichte At Its Finest

Two volumes have recently arrived in the Copenhagen International Seminar series ‘Changing Perspectives’ and available from ISD here in the States and from Acumen in Britain/Europe.  The first by Niels Peter Lemche and the second by Thomas Thompson.  These volumes … Continue reading

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Lemche Responds to Friedman

In Bible and Interpretation. …  when it comes to history, especially Friedman seems to have little understanding of what is going on in modern historical research. His introduction here of post-modernism as the background of minimalism is simply nonsense as … Continue reading

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Friedman Responds to Lemche

Richard Friedman has today responded to Lemche’s essay of yesterday in Bible and Interpretation. In a word, he didn’t like it (but surely no one thought he would), concluding- Enough of this “scholarship” that needs to include aspersions against the … Continue reading

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Writing Israel out of the History of Palestine, by N.P. Lemche

At Bible and Interpretation, Lemche writes Every history is an invented history, or a society’s cultural memory. When there are more groups than one present within a given community, we may reckon with more than one cultural memory. In a … Continue reading

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Cultural Memory in Biblical Exegesis

Coming soon from Gorgias Press– Cultural memory is a way of dealing with the past in social and cultural life. It transposes the notion of memory as individuals’ negotiation and representation of past experience into the collective and cultural area. … Continue reading

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A Noteworthy Day

Today marks the birth anniversary of that brilliant, gutsy, pugilistic, and uncompromising scholar of the Hebrew Bible, Niels Peter Lemche. Surely you know his work.  Surely you must.  And if you don’t, well now, you must familiarize yourself!  Off with … Continue reading

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