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Roland De Vaux

Day Three of the Lyell Lectures 2021

If You’re In Zurich You Should Attend

The Museum of the Bible: A Discussion

Today there was a really interesting paper presented and discussion concerning the ideology of the Museum of the Bible.

If you missed it, it’s a pity, because it wasn’t recorded.  But there’s a book coming, the title of which you’ll see in the first slide.

Etc.  A very fine discussion indeed.

Day Two of the Lyell Lectures 2021

Comparative Philology: Talking Across Cultures

This is a series of lectures being held at Oxford and online.  You can see the program here.  Registration here.  Just select the dates you wish to attend from the drop down menu.

Monday 18 October

  • Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum (Berlin) – Guardians of the Written Word: Philological Practices in Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Respondents: Eibert Tigchelaar (KU Leuven) and Michael Clarke (National University of Ireland, Galway)

Monday 25 October

  • Martin Worthington (Trinity College, Dublin) – Mesopotamian Orality and Performance
  • Respondents: Judith Newman (University of Toronto) and Bruno Currie (Oriel)

Monday 1 November

  • Peter Machinist (Harvard) – Assyria, Israel, and the Hebrew Bible: A Retrospective
  • Respondents: Hugh Williamson (Christ Church) and Christopher Metcalf (Queens)

Monday 8 November

  • Eckart Frahm (Yale) – Investigating the First Murder: The Mesopotamian Background of the Cain and Abel Story
  • Respondents: Daniel Fleming (New York University) and Constanze Güthenke (Corpus Christi)

Monday 15 November

  • Mark Geller (University College London) – Dream a Little Dream of Me: The Talmud Dream-Book in Context
  • Respondents: Jonathan Stökl (Kings College London) and Scott Scullion (Worcester)

The Lyell Lectures at the Bodleian

The series has kicked off and it looks absolutely fantastic.  Especially this one upcoming:

The Genesis, Life, and Afterlife of the Gutenberg Bible

You can attend the lectures live or you can watch them online.

The Word Made Text at D.C.’s Museum of the Bible: A Zoom Conference

Jill Hicks-Keeton and Cavan Concannon show how the billion-dollar Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C, recruits materials, including forged Dead Sea Scrolls, to construct “the Bible” as a divine word from God to humans, who in turn must develop ever-improving material technologies to protect it from the vagaries of history and the inquiries of critical scholarship.

  • 17.00 Introduction by Professor Årstein Justnes, University of Agder and Project Manager of RCN-funded project, The Lying Pen of Scribes.
  • 17.05-17.50 The World Made Text at D.C.`s Museum of the Bible
  • 17.50-18.00 Response from Professor Liv Ingeborg Lied, The Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society
  • 18.00-18.10 Response from Professor Brent Nongbri, The Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society
  • 18.20 Q&A

More here.

At Oxford

Thirteenth Annual REFORC Conference, 2024

Watch this space!

Conference Announcement: Religion vs. Science in Babylonian Medicine

It’s to be recorded, so if you can’t attend, you can still watch it beginning November 4 here.  Via Konrad Schmid.

Videos From The Puritan Conference at The Meeter Center

Enjoy them here.

Early Modern History Online Conferences

Doctoral Students in Basel and Zurich Focused on Hebrew Bible: Take Note

Workshop des Doktoratsprogramms des Departements Altertumswissenschaften der Universität Basel: „Die literarische Archäologie der Hebräischen Bibel: Neuinterpretation als Prinzip der biblischen Literaturgeschichte“ (Konrad Schmid, 6. und 8. Oktober 2021, jeweils 10-17h). Der Workshop ist offen für Doktorierende der Altertumswissenschaften aus Basel und Zürich, Interessierte können sich bei Dr. Christine Luz Martin anmelden.

Via Konrad Schmid

If You’re In Basel

Hold On to Your Hats, Friends, But Paul Was a Practitioner of Judaism!

I know, I know… the things dedicated thinkers are discovering these days!

Digging Up Kathleen Kenyon: An Examination of the Archaeological Career of Dame Kathleen Kenyon

Kathleen’s career spanned almost 4 decades and three continents, and every era of human history from the Neolithic to late Medieval period. She spent a formative period working with Mortimer and Tessa Wheeler at St Alban’s – Verulamium, and had a particular connection with Palestine, where her work was especially influential and indeed revolutionary. She developed new standards of excavation which have formed the basis for much field archaeology ever since. As a personality she inspired great loyalty and devotion from those who worked with her, but also sometimes divided opinion. This lecture will chart the development of her archaeological career and assess her lasting legacy to the discipline.

Speaker: Felicity Cobbing – Executive and Curator of the Palestine Exploration Fund in London.

Date & Time: Thursday 30th September 7.30-9pm,

Cost: £10 (students £6)

Venue:  Alban Room, St Albans Cathedral & Online via Zoom.

If you’d like to attend the event but are not free to join us live, please do buy a ticket and you’ll receive a link to the recording on the day of the event.


News From SBL- Southeast

Dear SBL-SE members,

Given the uncertainty of the Spring, the AAR/SBL-SE board decided the March 11-13, 2022 Regional Conference will be solely online, similar to last year’s conference. The Call for Papers has now been pushed to October 15, 2021 to give you enough time to prepare a submission. Please submit your paper proposals here. For updated information about the Regional Conference visit


Doug Hume

Regional Coordinator, Society of Biblical Literature Southeast

Professor of Religion and Chair, Department of Humanities, Pfeiffer University

This Sounds Amazing

Discussing Gogarten

The session on Dialectical Theology and Zwischen den Zeiten today via zoom which focused on Gogarten was interesting.  Lauren did a super job summarizing a complex topic and era and introducing the group to the topics under discussion.

It was also nice to see Travis and Christophe.

All in all it was a great way to spend a few hours this afternoon.

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