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A Crash Course on the Reformation

Ab 24. Januar 2017 in Zürich: Crash-Kurs Reformation – Eine Entdeckungsreise durch Geschichte und Gegenwart der Reformation.

Der Kurs vermittelt grundlegende geschichtliche und theologische Eckdaten mit einem Schwerpunkt zur Schweizer Reformation. Daneben werden auch unbekanntere Fragestellungen zur Reformation präsentiert und diskutiert. So erhalten Sie mit zehn Themenblöcken an fünf Kursabenden ein kompaktes Grundwissen zur Reformation und ihrer Geschichte.



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Reading Protestant Authors in Transylvania and Its Neighbouring Territories

The Lucian Blaga Central University Library, Cluj-Napoca (Romania) announces a two-day conference entitled Reading Protestant Authors in Transylvania and Neighbouring Territories (16th-18th century) on 30-31 March 2017. Paper proposals are welcome.

The conference proposes to map the most important readings of readers from Transylvania and the neighbouring territories (Partium in the broadest sense and the Romanian Principalities) in the field of religious movements of the 16th-18th century (such as the early Reformation, Antitrinitarianism, Irenism, Puritanism, Pietism) in an attempt to place the 16th century Reformation understood in a restricted sense into a long narrative.

See here for more.

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The 2017 Bruce Lectures

Via Paul Middleton-

Prof. John Barclay (Lightfoot Professor of Divinity, Durham University) is giving the 2017 Bruce Lectures at the University of Glasgow. The lectures will be held at Wellington Church, 2-4 February.

Beyond Charity: Gift and Mutual Benefit in the New Testament

  • Thursday 2nd February, 7pm — Beyond Charity: Gift and Return
  • Friday 3rd February, 7pm — Gifts and Reciprocity in Paul
  • Saturday 4th February, 10am-3pm — Charity or Reciprocity: The New Testament as a Contemporary Resource

Also speaking: Prof. Bruce Longenecker and Dr Kathy Ehrensperger. (£3 entrance on Saturday includes full lecture programme and refreshments.)


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Lunch And The 100th Anniversary Essay Collection

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Papers, Books, and Coffee

The first paper by Andrew Mayes of Dublin was super interesting- examining Joseph as an anti-hero and attempting to place the Joseph story in its historical context.  The book exhibit opened, and we had coffee and tea too.  So far, so good.

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A Full Day Ahead…

And I still feel pretty wretched.  Coughing, headache, blah.  And to compound the fun, there was no hot water in the shower this morning.  Still, there are papers to hear and books to see and photos to snap.

More anon.  If I make it.

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The Presidential Address, #SOTS2017

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