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Joe Zias on BAR- Uncensored

On the cover of the latest edition of Biblical Archaeology Review, 38:04, July/Aug 2012, the BAR Crowd declares the inscription on the James son of Joseph Brother of Jesus ossuary is authentic! Shanks’ claim reappears on page one and again on page 26 in the article’s … Continue reading

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The Folly of Dilettantism and the Unfortunate People Who Believe the Ignorant and Deceptive

via Oded Lipschits on FB It occurs to me that just as this piece occurred in some ridiculous pseudo-news rag like the National Enquirer or the Star so too should lots of the stuff bandied around these days.  The Talpiot … Continue reading

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‘Crucify Him, Crucify Him’ – The Biblical Archaeology Review Cries for Zias’ Blood

I wasn’t at the trial so I don’t know what Joe Zias said on the stand.  I do know two things, though and they’re brief observations: 1- BAR hasn’t gone to such lengths to crucify someone (or at least destroy … Continue reading

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Hershel Shanks Claims the Trial of the Century PROVED the James Ossuary Inscription Authentic

In an email (which I’m sure most of you received)- BAS writes A new analysis and new evidence proves that the controversial “Brother of Jesus” inscription on an ancient bone box, or ossuary, is authentic, according to the July/August issue … Continue reading

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Hershel Shanks Has Done it More than Once

The other day I mentioned that Shanks has been lifting, without permission, evidently by means of a ‘mole’, materials from a closed (which means inaccessible to the general public) discussion list. Evidently he didn’t just lift something from Niels Peter … Continue reading

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Nina Burleigh on the Trial of the Century: Golan, Shanks, A Smear Campaign and Money

Nina, who famously wrote a book on the trial, has an op-ed in the LA Times this morning.  She observes Israeli prosecutors were badly underfunded (the nation has its eye on bigger problems than relic forgery), and its investigators never … Continue reading

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The Royal Ontario Museum Will Not Display the ‘James Ossuary’ Again

There will not be a 10th-anniversary showing of the James ossuary later this year at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum.  “We’d need something new to say about [the ossuary],” said Dan Rahimi, the ROM’s vice-president of gallery development. “If we have … Continue reading

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‘Archaeology’s Rebel’? Christianity Today’s Worst Headline Ever

For Christianity Today to call Eilat Mazar an archaeological rebel is like calling Pat Robertson a left wing activist.  Mazar has a Bible in one hand and a spade in the other but, Christianity Today, that isn’t being a rebel, … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Wow … Bible History Daily is turning very much into a ‘promote Hershel Shanks’ unconventional views’ daily … BAR is becoming more and more ‘fringe’ material … – David Meadows

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BAR’s New Object of Smear: Yuval Goren

First, look at the email which I just received from Biblical Archaeology Review: Notice how scholarship is in scare quotes, implying that Professor Goren is either sloppy or untrustworthy.  I find such an accusation aimed at one of Tel Aviv’s … Continue reading

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