Now Available: Wirkungsgeschichte At Its Finest

EQX-Lemche-PPC.inddEQX-Thompson-PPC.inddTwo volumes have recently arrived in the Copenhagen International Seminar series ‘Changing Perspectives’ and available from ISD here in the States and from Acumen in Britain/Europe.  The first by Niels Peter Lemche and the second by Thomas Thompson.  These volumes contain essays by their authors spanning the multiple-decades of their scholarly activity and reading through them, Wirkungsgeschichte style, one gets a very fine overview of where they’ve been, where they’ve journeyed, and where they are now.

As a whole the series is grand and the latest volumes continue that tradition.  It is, I have to say, very, very rewarding to be involved (on the editorial board) of such a fine series.  Very rewarding indeed.

I trust that you’ll take a look at these books.  They’re a joy to behold.

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