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Luther: On Love of the Bible- Or, How a Theologian is Made

Once when he was a young man he [Martin Luther] happened upon a Bible. In it he read by chance the story about Samuel’s mother in the Books of the Kings. The book pleased him immensely, and he thought that … Continue reading

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Opinions and Viewpoints

Following you’ll find a list of people whose opinions matter to me and whose viewpoints I value (though not in such a way that I’m willing to slavishly follow them).  I offer said listing in response to a question I … Continue reading

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I’ve Thought About it for 16 Minutes and I’ve Come to Some Interesting Conclusions…

I’ve decided to abandon my self effacing ways and in future when a volume of mine comes out i’m going to mention it.   After all, at least my stuff is affordable and accessible (unlike lots of the Dreck published … Continue reading

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Some of the Most Interesting and Informative Correspondence of the Swiss Reformation…

Is found in the letters which Oecolampadius and Zwingli passed back and forth (and there’s a lot of them!).  Of Oecolampadius, John Scott writes The early part of the life of John Hauschein, or Œcolampadius, was subject to several remarkable … Continue reading

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The Marburg Colloquy: 1-3 October, 1529

Walter Koehler wrote a fine essay for Zwingliana in 1930 on the colloquy which took place in Marburg at the behest of Philip. It commences „Um den Glauben wird der Streit gehen und um das Geheimnis des göttlichen Wirkens in … Continue reading

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