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Dig Megiddo

The Megiddo excavation team have posted the info for the 2016 season.  Take a look.  Since Eric Cline is gone I can’t vouch for anyone there except Israel Finkelstein.  But he’s real good.

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Changes at Megiddo

The site director writes About a month ago our friend Eric Cline, co-director of the Expedition, wrote to me to announce his wish to retire from the Megiddo operation. Eric is busy with many duties as co-director at Kabri, now … Continue reading

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Migration of Israelites into Judah after 720 BCE: An Answer and an Update

Israel Finkelstein’s latest essay, appearing in ZAW- The theory of migration of Israelites into Judah after the fall of the Northern Kingdom in 720 BCE emerged from biblical scholarship in an attempt to explain the impact of Israelite ideas on … Continue reading

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That’s the title of a new essay by NAAMA YAHALOM-MACK, YUVAL GADOT, ADI ELIYAHU-BEHAR, SHLOMIT BECHAR, SANA SHILSTEIN AND ISRAEL FINKELSTEIN. Summary. The temporal and spatial distribution of metal production remains from Hazor was used in this study to sketch … Continue reading

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Chris Rollston on “The Ninth Century ‘Moabite Pedestal Inscription’ from King Mesha’s Ataruz: Preliminary Synopsis of an Excavated Epigraphic Text and its Biblical Connections”

The site of Khirbet Ataruz is located in modern Jordan, on the ridge of Jebel Hamida, with Wadi Zarqa Ma‘in to the north and Wadi Wala to the south. Khirbet Ataruz is located some fourteen kilometers to the northwest of … Continue reading

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A Statement By the Faculty of Tel Aviv University Concerning an Advert in Biblical Archaeology Review

Oded Lipschits has sent along this public statement: Statement by faculty members of the Marco and Sonia Nadler Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University, regarding the alleged use of mechanical excavator at Tel Socoh A defamatory, anonymous paid advertisement, alleging … Continue reading

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Ussishkin Responds to Finkelstein / Na’aman

I’ve been asked to post this:

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Peter van der Veen’s Full Response to Finkelstein and Na’aman (Now With an Appendix)

Peter’s main paper is this: Additionally, he has now also added an appendix:

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In Which Finkelstein and Na’aman Respond to Ussishkin

They write, in ANTIGUO ORIENTE 10 (2012) We are writing regarding the insinuated allegations against Oded Lipschits which appear in the Epilogue of David Ussishkin’s article in this volume. About a year ago (16/4/2012), Ussishkin sent a letter to one … Continue reading

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Pig Husbandry in Iron Age Israel

Newly published- Lidar Sapir-Hen, Guy Bar-Oz, Yuval Gadot and Israel Finkelstein, Pig Husbandry in Iron Age Israel and Judah: New Insights Regarding the Origin of the “Taboo”, ZDPV 129. Here’s the opening: The biblical prohibition against the consumption of pork … Continue reading

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Israel Finkelstein’s New Book- Le Royaume Biblique Oublié

He writes Le Royaume Biblique Oublié was published in Paris by Odile Jacob for the College de France. The book is an outcome of a series of lectures on the Northern Kingdom given by me in the College last February at … Continue reading

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When I’m Feeling Blue..

I skip over to Academia.edu and pay a visit to Israel Finkelstein’s page.  It cheers me right up.

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A Very Happy Birthday to Israel Finkelstein, Israel’s Premier Archaeologist

Today is, in case you didn’t know it, Israel Finkelstein‘s birthday.  Born March 29, 1949, he today celebrates his 64th.  So to him, a very happy birthday wish from those of us who have learned so much from him and benefited … Continue reading

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Israel Finkelstein et al on ‘Torpedo Amphoras’

PHOENICIAN “TORPEDO” AMPHORAS AND EGYPT: STANDARDIZATION OF VOLUME BASED ON LINEAR DIMENSIONS- in Ägypten und Levante/Egypt and the Levant 21, 2011, 249–259, By Israel Finkelstein, Elena Zapassky, Yuval Gadot, Daniel M. Master, Lawrence E. Stager, and Itzhak Benenson The emergence … Continue reading

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NOVA is Re-Airing ‘Quest for Solomon’s Mines’

This special is airing tomorrow evening, December 26, at 10 PM on PBS, though it first aired in November of 2010.  It’s really quite good- and far and away miles superior to the bible themed specials which air on Discovery … Continue reading

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Elad and The Manipulation of Facts in Silwan

An interesting essay today over on Art Info which contains this usefully instructive paragraph which so nicely encapsulates what Elad is all about: A 2006 report by Ir Amim, a left-wing advocacy group focused on Jerusalem, described one instance in … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement: ‘Summer 2012 New Discoveries and Innovations’ (Tel Aviv University)

Excavations of the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University Thursday, November 1, 2012, Room 223, Gilman Building 15:45-16:15 – Gathering and Refreshments 16:15-17:30 – First Session Greetings by the director of the Institute, Oded Lipschits Awarding … Continue reading

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Khirbet Qeiyafa: An Unsensational Archaeological and Historical Interpretation

Israel Finkelstein’s essay from Tel Aviv is available for one and all here. The article deals with the finds at the late Iron I settlement of Khirbet Qeiyafa, a site overlooking the Valley of Elah in the Shephelah. It points … Continue reading

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More Essays by Israel Finkelstein Posted On Academia.edu

Shechem in the Late Bronze Age   The Campaign of Shoshenq   The Archaeology of the Days of Manasseh Professor Finkelstein has posted a rather large number of his essays on Academia.edu and you can see them on his page … Continue reading

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Recent Essays Published by Israel Finkelstein

First, in Revue Biblique– TELL EL-FARAH (TIRZAH) AND THE EARLY DAYS OF THE NORTHERN KINGDOM. The article deals with Stratum VIIa at Tell el-Farah (North), location of biblical Tirzah. This layer should be dated to the very late Iron I … Continue reading

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