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William Baird’s Long Awaited Third Volume

This is happy news:  it’s available as of March 1. In this masterful volume—the culmination of his three-volume History of New Testament Research (vol. 1, From Deism to Tübingen, 1992; vol. 2, From Jonathan Edwards to Rudolf Bultmann, 2012)—William Baird continues his insightful, balanced, and accessible … Continue reading

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The Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament

The preface of volume one states The Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament (EDNT) is a translation of the Exegetisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament (EWNT) and seeks to meet a broad range of needs of the student, pastor, and scholar. … Continue reading

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Opinions and Viewpoints

Following you’ll find a list of people whose opinions matter to me and whose viewpoints I value (though not in such a way that I’m willing to slavishly follow them).  I offer said listing in response to a question I … Continue reading

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That’s O.K. With Me

James McGrath doesn’t understand me (he says).  I’ll respond briefly to his confusion (and to the confusion of all those others out there who don’t understand me) –  that’s o.k. with me.  I can live with it. Years ago (doubtless … Continue reading

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Why I Still Love Bob Cargill

Robert and I don’t see eye to eye on the gay marriage question.  I think that’s plain and clear to anyone and everyone who reads our blogs (and let’s face it, that’s everyone who is anyone). In spite of our … Continue reading

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It’s The Anniversary of Ernst Käsemann’s Birth

On 12 July, 1906 the inestimable E.Käsemann was born.  He wrote a lot!  A LOT!  He was productive, and brilliant, and gifted, and personable, and warm, and generous with his time, and conversational, and of course, controversial. Käsemann was – … Continue reading

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Another Reason to Hate Amazon.com

They don’t even know how to spell Bultmann’s first name! Imbeciles. It’s Rudolf, not Rudolph, you filthy money grubbing greedy destroy all competition with unethical bribes aimed at the similarly greedy and short sighted louts! Ugh! … has anyone here … Continue reading

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Tilling on Bultmann on History

Chris writes Bultmann’s essay, “Is Exegesis Without Presuppositions Possible?” is a very helpful essay for understanding Bultmann’s theology. You might imagine that the title question has one obvious response: “Of course not!”, but our man Bulty makes things much more … Continue reading

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It’s Not Rudolph, It’s Rudolf

One would expect a scholar of Webster’s caliber to know that.  Alas, however, he doesn’t seem to. Still, many thanks to Chris Tilling for pointing out the book, which introduces those unfamiliar with Bultmann to his work and thought.  Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Confessing the Sin of Authorship

Thomas C. Oden’s Systematic Theology is just so engaging, especially when he writes about such things as the ‘sin of authorship’ (vol 2, p. 217) and apologizes for writing so much when just at this juncture he has to take … Continue reading

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R. C. Sproul vs. Rudolf Bultmann (via Scotteriology)

Clearly Bultmann is victorious. And correct. Sproul, eh, not so much.  The Bible isn’t a science text book and those who take it as such twist its meaning into unnatural shapes and the distortions born from those unnatural shapes are … Continue reading

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It’s So Very, Very Impressive

I continue to be amazed by Hahn’s NT Theologie.  I just find myself referring to it at least once a week.  If you’ve not picked up a copy, you really ought to.  Really.  There’s been no finer written, as I … Continue reading

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