Cultural Memory in Biblical Exegesis

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Cultural memory is a way of dealing with the past in social and cultural life. It transposes the notion of memory as individuals’ negotiation and representation of past experience into the collective and cultural area. Cultural memory is the shared reproduction and recalling of what has been learned and retained, normally treated as “the cultural heritage”. It also involves transformation and innovation. As opposed to individual memory, it brings social institutions and power to play. The notion of location and space (Landscape, ethnoscape, mental maps) is a major contributing factor in making the fragmented retrieved past a coherent whole. Cultural memories appear as palimpsests of material artifacts (including buildings and monuments), text, pictures and ritual practice. Especially relevant is the negotiation of cultural memory between local identity and global culture in this area. The purpose of this book is to study how memory is inscribed and embodied in biblical culture and its surrounding area. When dealing with a new field in research several questions appear, such as those dealing with previous approaches relevant for the cultural memory research: i.e. historiography, folklore, tradition history. We need to join forces to open new gates to cultural memory in biblical and cognate studies, and to include a plethora of methods and perspectives in present research. Such collaborative efforts will support the much needed reflection on the relationship between cultural memory approach and post-colonialism, globalism and epistemology.

Edited by Pernille Carstens
Edited by Trine Hasselbalch
Edited by Niels Peter Lemche
Contribution by Izaak Hulster
Contribution by Dolores Kamrada
Contribution by Rüdiger Schmitt
Contribution by Terje Stordalen
Contribution by David J. Chalcraft
Contribution by Sandra Hübenthal
Contribution by John Van Seters
Contribution by Ehud Ben Zvi
Contribution by Johannes Schnocks
Contribution by Emmanuel Nathan
Contribution by Ida Fröhlich
Contribution by Philip Davies

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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  1. This looks fantastic… It’s great that this area is being further explored.


  2. Wait a minute… $203.13??? Dang it…


  3. Dr. Jim says:

    There is another collection of papers on a related issue coming out:
    Remembering and Forgetting in Early Second Temple Judah . Ed. by Ehud Ben Zvi and Christoph Levin
    2012. XIV, 360 pages. FAT 85 — forthcoming in November 2012

    It’s 99 euros (in print and in ebook!). That’s still expensive but a little less than the Gorgias volume. This is explainable by the fact that I have an article in it.


  4. This also looks good – thanks for the heads up. There is a lot still to be explored in the area of cultural memory and conceptualisation.


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