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Armed Robberies are Up 110% in Greece

The AP reports

Some Greek pharmacies will close on Friday, but not in protest against the relentless burden of austerity or the withering of state reimbursements for the drugs they sell. Rather, they are mourning for one of their own, a pharmacist who was shot dead in an apparent holdup.

Violent crime is more ingrained in many other societies, but the slaying of 54-year-old Spyros Poukamisas this week is the kind of sad event that cuts deeply into the Greek sense of community at a time of crisis and division. It is a symbol of the national handwringing about how far a country, steeped in glorious tradition, can fall.

And further on-

A statement by the Greater Athens pharmacists’ association said the killing reflected an “unprecedented” situation in Greece and “proves that our society is in a state of collapse and has been surrendered to the mercy of uncontrolled criminal activity.”

While aspects of such rhetoric appear overblown, statistics show a deterioration in law-and-order during the economic crisis. The Public Order Ministry reported an increase in nearly all categories of crime between 2010 and 2011, with murder up 5 percent and armed robberies in occupied homes up 110 percent.

Desperate people do desperate things.  The more desperation, the more crime.

Antiquities Trafficking

In Greece 44 people have been arrested for antiquities trafficking.

Greek police arrested a total of 44 people for illegal antiquities trafficking after they investigated the group’s moves for months, officials said on Sunday. Police said they confiscated 9,200 silver and bronze coins dating from the 6th century BC to Byzantine times (4th to 15th century AD). They also confiscated 300 “small artefacts.” The ringleader of the group, a 66-year-old retired customs official, would often travel abroad to arrange for the sale of the coins, police said. He, along with his two brothers, a daughter-in-law and another relative, formed the core of the group, while the other 39 would excavate in several places in northern and central Greece at the ringleader’s request. “We conducted 55 separate searches on Saturday,” regional police chief Vassilis Kanalis said in northern Polygyros, 360 miles northeast of Athens. “This was the culmination of a great investigation which began six months ago.”

Silly Greeks – don’t they know the real money is in fake antiquities, false claims, tv specials, and book deals?

No Wonder Greece is Bankrupt, Morally

No wonder tax evasion and corruption and graft have destroyed the country- there’s altogether a lack of moral certitude and the absence of any semblance of a moral center.  Adding insult to injury, they’ve just decided, in their wisdom, that pedophilia is a ‘disability’!!!!  Allan Bevere writes

Morven Baker calls attention to the growing list of state recognized disabilities in Greece that will now include pedophilia and exhibitionism.  Other disability groups in Greece are outraged.
Pedophilia is to disability what wikipedia is to scholarship.  When perversion is called illness personal responsibility is flushed down the toilet.  But I suppose this is to be expected from the land that gave the world pederasty.

Some Greeks are so Bad Off They’re Giving up their Children…

That’s bad off.

Greece’s financial crisis has made some families so desperate they are giving up the most precious thing of all – their children. One morning a few weeks before Christmas a kindergarten teacher in Athens found a note about one of her four-year-old pupils. “I will not be coming to pick up Anna today because I cannot afford to look after her,” it read. “Please take good care of her. Sorry. Her mother.” In the last two months Father Antonios, a young Orthodox priest who runs a youth centre for the city’s poor, has found four children on his door step – including a baby just days old. Another charity was approached by a couple whose twin babies were in hospital being treated for malnutrition, because the mother herself was malnourished and unable to breastfeed. Cases like this are shocking a country where family ties are strong, and failure to look after children is socially unacceptable – they feel to Greeks like stories from the Third World, rather than their own capital city.

What a world. Meanwhile here in America what’s left of the #occupy movement (it’s deader than a stump isn’t it) is taking a winter break because it’s just too much trouble to protest injustice when the weather turns cold…

A Ugaritic Fragment Discovered in Greece

Niels Peter Lemche writes

There has on AEGEANET been quite a discussion of this possible Ugaritic fragment which turned up at Tiryns in Greece. A download of an extended article can be found here: http://www.ufg-va.uni-hd.de/md/zaw/ufg/mitarbeiter/17._cohen-maran-vetters.pdf

Take a look.  If it turns out to be a Ugaritic fragment this is pretty interesting news!

If Greece Had Embraced The Reformation…

It wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in.  As the Editor of Die Zeit remarks, the northern Europeans (Scandinavians, Germans, Dutch) have stable economies while the southern Europeans (Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy)(or as they are known, PIGS) don’t.  The northerners are Protestants and the Southerners not.

So, I conclude, if the southerners had embraced the Reformation, they would have a frugal work ethic and wouldn’t live their Club Med lifestyle funded by borrowing and begging.

So, there you go, Protestants are better than Catholics in yet another arena: finances.

Gath, Greece, Hazael, and Things They Have in Common

Aren’s got a fine post up today! It’s not often that Hazael and Greece are co-ordinated on the blogs. But Aren shows why he’s done it.

The two farthest points of Hazael evidence! As you all probably know, Hazael king of Aram Damascus was an very important figure in the Levant in the 2nd half of the 9th cent. BCE. Needless to say, in relationship to Tell es-Safi/Gath he is quite well-known, as over the last 15 years, we have been excavating impressive evidence of his siege and conquest of Gath of the Philistines. This event, mentioned in II Kings 12:18 provides the southernmost, clear evidence of Hazael’s activities. And, … Read More

via The Tell es-Safi/Gath Excavations Official (and Unofficial) Weblog

How Israel Manipulated Greece into Hindering the Gaza Flotilla

After ‘Tahrir’ ship intercepted by Greek coast guard, Jewish-Canadian activist says Athens operating in Israel’s favor as a result of economic pressure from J’lem due to Greece’s current financial crisis. An activist aboard the Gaza-bound flotilla on Tuesday claimed that Israel has taken advantage of the economic situation in Greece in an attempt to prevent vessels from departing to the Strip.

There’s little doubt that Greece has done Israel’s bidding and it would not at all surprise anyone if money lay behind it. Read the remainder of the Jerusalem Post essay for more.  And lament the injustice so easily purchased.

Greece Spent too Much, for Decades, and now the Hen has come home to Roost

When a populace has its hand out demanding all manner of services and then votes to cut taxes and circumvent payment of any fees or taxes it should come as no surprise that eventually the cards will all crash down.  And that’s what’s happened to Greece, and will to Portugal, Spain, and Ireland.  And the US too, where we have plenty of P.I.G.S. of our own.

“The overwhelming smell is one of tear gas,” the BBC’s Jon Sopel reports from Athens, where a 48-hour general strike has begun as workers and protesters express their anger over new austerity measures that parliament will vote on Wednesday and Thursday.  As The Guardian reports, “more than 5,000 police [had] been deployed to guard central Athens where anti-austerity demonstrations earlier this month ended in scenes of violence as protesters clashed with riot officers.”

It’s exceedingly hard to feel sorry for the victims of greediness and entitlement- especially when they turn to violence, as if that will solve the problem.  Work for what you want or don’t want it at all.  That’s how the Germans and Swiss do it and that’s why they aren’t in the PIGS boat.

What the Greek crisis shows us is that nations can’t live beyond their means forever.  It’s economics 101.  A course the Greeks must have failed (along with the US Congress).  It also teaches us that even governments reap what they sow.

Look East and You’ll See the Future of America…

Because our dim politicians are too busy bickering to solve real problems.  So in the paragraphs that follow substitute ‘America’ for ‘Greece’ where it fits and you can read the press reports of America in the not too distant future:

Greece’s government deficit was significantly bigger than forecast last year, European Union data showed Tuesday, underlining the difficulties the debt-ridden country is having to get its finances under control.  Greece’s deficit hit 10.5 percent of economic output in 2010, well above the 9.6 percent the European Commission, the EU’s executive, predicted last fall.  The country’s debt swelled to 142.8 percent of gross domestic product, according to data released by EU statistics agency Eurostat — the highest in the eurozone and above the 140.2 percent the Commission had forecast.

The United States: the soon to be ‘Greece’ of North America.