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Back In February I Mentioned This One…

The Politics of Israel’s Past The Bible, Archaeology and Nation-Building Edited by Emanuel Pfoh, Keith W. Whitelam It is not uncommon that historical images—presented as simply given, self-evident and even indisputable—are employed in political readings of the past and used … Continue reading

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Keith Whitelam: Further Reflection on the ‘Palace of David’ Discovery

On Facebook, Keith writes The most sensational of all recent claims is the press release from the Israel Antiquities Authority that King David’s palace and storerooms have been found at Khirbet Qeiyafa. But within days of the announcement—eagerly picked up … Continue reading

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Keith Whitelam on the Spate of Recent Archaeological ‘Discoveries’

Keith writes (on FB) The discovery of an inscribed neck of a jar in Jerusalem (An Inscribed Pithos from the Ophel, Jerusalem”, by Dr. Eilat Mazar, David Ben-Shlomo, and Prof. Shmuel Ahituv (63 IEJ no. 1, 2013, pp. 39-49)) has … Continue reading

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It’s Out!

Brilliant!  Get it!!!  Read it!!!!

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‘Rhythms of Time’: An Update

According to the book’s author- Rhythms of Time: Reconnecting Palestine’s Past has been delivered to the Kindle store. Available in 2-4 working days!

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Keith Whitelam’s “Rhythms of Time: Reconnecting Palestine’s Past” Reviewed

My review of Whitelam’s soon to appear book is uploaded (and downloadable) here.  I’ve mentioned it before and now having had the chance to work through it fairly carefully I can sincerely affirm that it is excellent.

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Good News: Keith Whitelam’s Book Will Be Out In the Next Few Weeks

I’ve mentioned this before and now I’ve got a few more specific details: The book is aimed at the general/interested reader rather than a specialist Biblical Studies market, though its author hopes that it is affordable and interesting for students. … Continue reading

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