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Avrahaum Segol: Some Facts About ‘The Jesus Family Tomb’ Which The Public Hasn’t Heard

Avrahaum Segol writes On January 29, 2013 ce. […], “A Feud Between Biblical Archaeologists Goes To Court,” was published online by TIME [World] MAGAZINE at: http://world.time.com/2013/01/29/a-feud-between-biblical-archaeologists-goes-to-court/ .   In the article, very serious assertions were made by Simcha Jacobovici regarding reasons for his … Continue reading

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The Simcha Suit of Zias Hits Gawker

In a nicely organized piece.  Which, I know, you’ll enjoy.  It includes this Most Outrageous Behavior Simcha Jacobovici: Claimed to have found Atlantis in an interview with Hadassah Magazine Joe Zias: “Routinely writes Jacobovici’s first name with a dollar sign in place of the S” Legal … Continue reading

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Aren is Dissatisfied (or Disgruntled)

Aren’s reaction to Burleigh’s aforementioned essay is soundly negative.  It seems to me on the basis of her using the term ‘archaeologist’ of Jacobovici and Zias. He’s entitled to his reaction and I do understand it.  Truly.  But it raises … Continue reading

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The Battle In the Courts: Zias v. Jacobovici

Nina Burleigh, on the suit of Joe Zias by Simcha Jacobovici writes (in Time), among many other insightful things The contentiousness between Zias and Jacobovici came to a head in 2011. That year, National Geographic pulled out of a Jacobovici … Continue reading

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Simcha’s Lawsuit Against Joe Zias Hits Ha’Aretz

Journalist and filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici is suing anthropologist Joe Zias, who in recent years has been doing his utmost to disprove his provocative theories on early Christianity. Further on Jacobovici’s suit states that following Zias’ accusations, the Discovery Channel and … Continue reading

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Exodux TV, A.K.A., Simcha Jacobovici TV

First, the advert- I just started a new online initiative called SimchaJTV, which will be my internet platform, and TV station, for people who think outside the box.  I would like to personally invite you to sign up for my … Continue reading

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Tweetings From SBL

This afternoon Bob Cargill and Simcha Jacobovici were in the same session on the media and archaeology and by all accounts Cargill had the better presentation (naturally, since he is an actual academic and Jacobovici is a film-maker/journalist) and the … Continue reading

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