On the Location of the ‘Jesus Discovery’ and the Claim to a Connection with Joseph of Arimathea…

A while back the ‘excavators’ of Talpiot ‘found’ their Jonah and the Whale ossuary by sending a camera down a hole in an apartment.  The apartment was mysteriously ‘connected’ to Joseph of Arimathea by the addition of a name-plate on the entryway…  yes, you’ve guessed it- inscribed ‘Arimathea’!

Even if you can’t read Hebrew you can see the shiny new green name plate which stands out from all the rest.  It was added at the direction of the apartment manager (who was connected to the ‘excavators’).

Photos courtesy Joanna Wail:

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What’s so amazing is that the connection between Arimathea and the location of the ‘tomb’ underneath the apartment and only accessible through a small stove-pipe size opening is a pure fabrication.  There is no more evidence that the purported ‘fish ossuary’ belongs to the family of Joseph of Arimathea than there is that there are little green men on Mars.

According to the source of this information and materials, the apartment owner was asked to add the Arimathea nameplate and the building was promised that if he did so Christian folk would buy the place and turn it into a religious attraction.

Draw your own conclusions.

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  2. Jim, this is a lie, an absolute untruth. That family, Arimathea, has lived there for years and they are even listed in the Jerusalem phone directory several years before we even went there. Joe Zias has spread this false tale and that is one of the points in the lawsuit, as it has been demonstrated to be false. It is odd that such a family of that name lived in that building but we made nothing of it other than it was interesting–it is not in the film, or the book. I know you would not want to spread untruths but you are doing it here. Please retract. I think I have the phone directory pages if you want them.


  3. Jim, I should add here that if Joe Zias gave you permission to pass this on it does not help him at all and becomes a very serious matter because that would mean this slander and defamation of character is now on the web with his permission. Since you blog is so popular and hundreds of people will now link to this and pass it on the damage is truly compounded. I am not involved in that lawsuit but I am just passing this on to you as I happen to know the facts in this case of this claim–and the claim itself does impinge on on me and Rami Arav, as the license holders, as it implies we are guilty of duplicity and fraud since you call us the “excavators” (sic) who presumably did this. I fail to see why you would speak so sarcastically in the first place of this operation–no matter what you think of our interpretations of what we have found . It was fully sanctioned by the IAA and the Israel Archaeological Council and the head of the IAA has praised our efforts as have all our consultants, even those who disagree with our take on the finds.


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