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The Mt Zion Dig- A Video and Live Discussion Today at 2 PM Eastern Time

From Jim Tabor on Facebook- The first Mt Zion Video Footage! Don’t forget, today at 2pm EST…the live show will begin at the web site linked here and later be posted on Youtube: at 2 p.m. Eastern time(USA), see a 15-minute … Continue reading

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Avrahaum Segol: Some Facts About ‘The Jesus Family Tomb’ Which The Public Hasn’t Heard

Avrahaum Segol writes On January 29, 2013 ce. […], “A Feud Between Biblical Archaeologists Goes To Court,” was published online by TIME [World] MAGAZINE at: http://world.time.com/2013/01/29/a-feud-between-biblical-archaeologists-goes-to-court/ .   In the article, very serious assertions were made by Simcha Jacobovici regarding reasons for his … Continue reading

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Paul and Jesus, by James Tabor

James was nice enough to have his publisher send along a review copy, for which I thank him very much. Using the oldest Christian documents that we have—the letters of Paul—as well as other early Christian sources, historian and scholar … Continue reading

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Another Pretty Good Week

Week commencing Oct 11 and concluding Oct 18- others may have their ‘hundreds’ or even – as some say – ‘thousands’ of readers, but weekly there are 10’s of thousands here… 😉

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‘Famous Archaeologists’? Really? Because That’s not Eric Cline in that Photo!

Joe Zias told me about this strange little website – called ‘Great Archaeology‘.  Hmmm….  So I thought I’d look around.  You know, see what I could see.  So I thumbed through and first off noticed that they list archaeologists alphabetically … Continue reading

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The ‘Jesus Discovery’ is ‘Tendentious and Incompetently Edited’…

And that’s just one of the unpleasant things Raphael Magarik has to say about Tabor and Jacobovici’s ‘Jesus Discovery’ in Forward Magazine.  Here’s Magarik’s concluding paragraphs: In 1835, rewriting the Gospels was the work of grave scholars, the finest minds … Continue reading

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It Seems That The Canadians Saw a Different Version of the ‘Jesus Discovery’ Than We Did

And the version they saw included reference to the ‘Arimathea family’, which James Tabor said the film and the book never referenced. Let me refresh your memory:  back here Tabor said “… we made nothing of it other than it … Continue reading

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TV Ratings for Simcha’s Show

Just on the off chance that any of you (besides Goodacre and Cargill who live blogged the thing) watched the Simcha Special and want to know how it stacked up against other programs airing at the same time, you might … Continue reading

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Mark Goodacre’s Comments on the Nightline Special

On the ‘Jonah Ossuary’.  Mark writes, among other things, Two features in the report surprised me. I have read everything available on the tomb and have looked at all the materials that they have made available but haven’t yet seen … Continue reading

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Dr Tabor wishes Dr Cargill Would Find Something Else to Do…

In a fun exchange on facebook Tabor tells Cargill that he needs to take a break from writing and spend time with his family watching tv.  It’s easy to understand why Tabor would feel that way – every time Cargill … Continue reading

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They Want it to be True, So In Their Minds, It’s True

Cargill and Goodacre appeared on Nightline last night discussing the so called ‘Jonah Ossuary’- Robert Cargill, an assistant professor of classics and religious studies at the University of Iowa, told “Nightline” that the original image of the engraving that Tabor … Continue reading

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James Charlesworth Wants You to Watch the ‘Jesus Discovery’…

Really James, really?  I’ve seen a lot of self-promotional stuff in my life and am usually quite unaffected by it but this bit of self promotion makes earlier bits of self promotion seem tame and sensible: On behalf of the … Continue reading

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A Quick Question for Simcha Jacobovici and his Cohort

James Tabor remarked in the Washington Post yesterday “Legally, we could dig a tunnel and excavate, but you would have 100,000 Haredim burning tires.” Quick question: how long would it have taken you to call any of those of us … Continue reading

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JTA’s Really Idiotic Headline: More Misuse of Archaeology and Deception by the Press

This sort of thing is just sickening and totally deceptive. The JTA’s headline from yesterday on the Fishy Ossuary screams Jerusalem archeological find is first reference to resurrection The unpleasant colloquialism BS comes right to mind! Shame on you, Jewish … Continue reading

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Answering Your Letters: My Thoughts On James Tabor

Someone emailed today (and asked that I not mention their name) asking What do you think about James Tabor? I first encountered his work a long time back- immediately after the David Koresh fiasco in Waco, Tx.  I was doing … Continue reading

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The Third Quest, For the Historical Charlesworth

Robert Cargill writes, in responding to Mark Goodacre’s comparison of Tabor’s claims and Charlesworth’s claims re: the ‘Fishy Ossuary’- The questions I have are as follows: Who shouted? Who sight-read the inscription? How did Dr. Charlesworth interpret the inscription? How … Continue reading

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Is it Really a ‘Jonah Ossuary’ Or is it a Vampire?

Because no matter how many stakes are driven into the heart of Tabor’s arguments, the matter just won’t die.  On his blog Prof. Tabor continues to insist that the thing is the thing he and Simcha say it is…  but … Continue reading

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Snyder Sees a Stroke

Responding to Chris Rollston’s reading of the Talpiot inscription, H.G. Snyder opines In spite of Rollstons’ obvious expertise and in spite of his assurances as to what is possible or not possible where letter forms are concerned I cannot help … Continue reading

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Christopher Rollston: On the Greek Inscription on the ‘Jonah Ossuary’, Again

Christopher posts on the ASOR Blog The publication of a four-line Greek inscription from a tomb in East Talpiyot (Jerusalem) has generated substantial interest, especially because of the dramatic claims surrounding it (Tabor and Jacobovici 2012).  James Tabor has argued … Continue reading

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Robert Cargill Exposes Digital Manipulation and Sins of Commission and Omission in the Case of the ‘Jesus Discovery’

Robert has a massive, masterfully written, majestically illustrated, carefully documented post in which he exposes the digital manipulation that has been done to images of the so called ‘Jonah Ossuary’ in the much discussed ‘Jesus Discovery’ story. Excerpting it is … Continue reading

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