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The Mt Zion Dig- A Video and Live Discussion Today at 2 PM Eastern Time

From Jim Tabor on Facebook- The first Mt Zion Video Footage! Don’t forget, today at 2pm EST…the live show will begin at the web site linked here and later be posted on Youtube: at 2 p.m. Eastern time(USA), see a 15-minute … Continue reading

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Avrahaum Segol: Some Facts About ‘The Jesus Family Tomb’ Which The Public Hasn’t Heard

Avrahaum Segol writes On January 29, 2013 ce. […], “A Feud Between Biblical Archaeologists Goes To Court,” was published online by TIME [World] MAGAZINE at: http://world.time.com/2013/01/29/a-feud-between-biblical-archaeologists-goes-to-court/ .   In the article, very serious assertions were made by Simcha Jacobovici regarding reasons for his … Continue reading

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Paul and Jesus, by James Tabor

James was nice enough to have his publisher send along a review copy, for which I thank him very much. Using the oldest Christian documents that we have—the letters of Paul—as well as other early Christian sources, historian and scholar … Continue reading

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Another Pretty Good Week

Week commencing Oct 11 and concluding Oct 18- others may have their ‘hundreds’ or even – as some say – ‘thousands’ of readers, but weekly there are 10’s of thousands here… 😉

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‘Famous Archaeologists’? Really? Because That’s not Eric Cline in that Photo!

Joe Zias told me about this strange little website – called ‘Great Archaeology‘.  Hmmm….  So I thought I’d look around.  You know, see what I could see.  So I thumbed through and first off noticed that they list archaeologists alphabetically … Continue reading

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The ‘Jesus Discovery’ is ‘Tendentious and Incompetently Edited’…

And that’s just one of the unpleasant things Raphael Magarik has to say about Tabor and Jacobovici’s ‘Jesus Discovery’ in Forward Magazine.  Here’s Magarik’s concluding paragraphs: In 1835, rewriting the Gospels was the work of grave scholars, the finest minds … Continue reading

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It Seems That The Canadians Saw a Different Version of the ‘Jesus Discovery’ Than We Did

And the version they saw included reference to the ‘Arimathea family’, which James Tabor said the film and the book never referenced. Let me refresh your memory:  back here Tabor said “… we made nothing of it other than it … Continue reading

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