Lombatti on Tabor and Jacobovici’s Fishy Claim

Antonio, as always, has frank insight into the ‘fish carving’ recently ‘discovered’ by Simcha and James in connection to the ‘Jesus family tomb’:

 The image found by Jacobovici et al. is not unique at all. Similar representaions have been found on Jewish ossuaries (see Rahmani and Figueras). The one over here was taken randomly from Rahmani’s volume. I’m not convinced that the fish shown in The Jesus Discovery book is a whale eating Jonah. It might be, but I’m skeptic. Much more interesting is the fish-like graffito found on ossuary n. 402 (Figueras) on which there’s also the name ישוע (Jesus). That would be worth investigating and, maybe, writing a book as well (I’ll post on this ossuary later on, don’t have much time now…).

So if these images are not unique, there goes the main claim to fame being put forth by the ‘discovery’.  Thoroughly unsurprising, isn’t it, that a button is being made into a suit by Simcha and Tabor.

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