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Discoveries at Gezer

Popular Archaeology has a good essay on the several destructions of ancient Gezer: The archaeological excavations being conducted at the site of ancient Gezer in northwestern Israel have recently revealed some tantalizing finds, one of which came as a surprise … Continue reading

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Keith Whitelam: Further Reflection on the ‘Palace of David’ Discovery

On Facebook, Keith writes The most sensational of all recent claims is the press release from the Israel Antiquities Authority that King David’s palace and storerooms have been found at Khirbet Qeiyafa. But within days of the announcement—eagerly picked up … Continue reading

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On Loan to the Louvre

The Times of Israel tells us The Louvre museum in Paris opened its first-ever Israeli exhibit Thursday, displaying a 1,700-year-old mosaic floor that was recovered from a garbage dump near Lod in central Israel. The exhibition marks the first time … Continue reading

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The IAA Under Fire for its Treatment of the Dead Sea Scrolls

With thanks to Charlotte Hempel for mentioning this story– which is must reading. Last week, a peer-reviewed journal called the Restaurator published a controversial article about the Dead Sea Scrolls written by two Berlin-based scientists who charge that these sacred documents are not receiving … Continue reading

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Aren is Dissatisfied (or Disgruntled)

Aren’s reaction to Burleigh’s aforementioned essay is soundly negative.  It seems to me on the basis of her using the term ‘archaeologist’ of Jacobovici and Zias. He’s entitled to his reaction and I do understand it.  Truly.  But it raises … Continue reading

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‘Davidic Era’? Come On Now: The Discovery at Tel Motza

The Times of Israel informs us that A 2,750-year-old temple and a cache of sacred vessels from biblical times were discovered in an archaeological excavation near Jerusalem, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday. The finds, unearthed at Tel Motza on … Continue reading

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Further on the Tel Aviv ‘City of David’ Excavation

In consultation with experts ‘on the ground’ I have learned that- 1. The area of the Tel Aviv excavation is on the “City of David” ridge (and known as such for the last century): this ridge was excavated by the … Continue reading

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