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Discoveries at Gezer

Popular Archaeology has a good essay on the several destructions of ancient Gezer: The archaeological excavations being conducted at the site of ancient Gezer in northwestern Israel have recently revealed some tantalizing finds, one of which came as a surprise … Continue reading

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Keith Whitelam: Further Reflection on the ‘Palace of David’ Discovery

On Facebook, Keith writes The most sensational of all recent claims is the press release from the Israel Antiquities Authority that King David’s palace and storerooms have been found at Khirbet Qeiyafa. But within days of the announcement—eagerly picked up … Continue reading

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On Loan to the Louvre

The Times of Israel tells us The Louvre museum in Paris opened its first-ever Israeli exhibit Thursday, displaying a 1,700-year-old mosaic floor that was recovered from a garbage dump near Lod in central Israel. The exhibition marks the first time … Continue reading

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The IAA Under Fire for its Treatment of the Dead Sea Scrolls

With thanks to Charlotte Hempel for mentioning this story– which is must reading. Last week, a peer-reviewed journal called the Restaurator published a controversial article about the Dead Sea Scrolls written by two Berlin-based scientists who charge that these sacred documents are not receiving … Continue reading

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Aren is Dissatisfied (or Disgruntled)

Aren’s reaction to Burleigh’s aforementioned essay is soundly negative.  It seems to me on the basis of her using the term ‘archaeologist’ of Jacobovici and Zias. He’s entitled to his reaction and I do understand it.  Truly.  But it raises … Continue reading

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‘Davidic Era’? Come On Now: The Discovery at Tel Motza

The Times of Israel informs us that A 2,750-year-old temple and a cache of sacred vessels from biblical times were discovered in an archaeological excavation near Jerusalem, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday. The finds, unearthed at Tel Motza on … Continue reading

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Further on the Tel Aviv ‘City of David’ Excavation

In consultation with experts ‘on the ground’ I have learned that- 1. The area of the Tel Aviv excavation is on the “City of David” ridge (and known as such for the last century): this ridge was excavated by the … Continue reading

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A First Temple Cistern Discovered in Jerusalem

You read that right, First Temple period! A large water reservoir dating to the First Temple period was uncovered during archaeological excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), in cooperation with the Nature and Parks Authority, near Robinson’s Arch … Continue reading

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Honoring Flinders Petrie

Matti Friedman reports More than a hundred people gathered in Jerusalem to remember Sir Flinders Petrie, one of the fathers of modern archaeology, in the lovely, little-known cemetery on Mt. Zion where most of him was buried 70 years ago … Continue reading

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Matthew Kalman’s Report on the ‘James Ossuary’ Trial

Matthew’s essay appears in the Jerusalem Report.  He says The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), with the Israel Police, gathered testimony around the world and seized hundreds of suspect artifacts. The treasure trove included ancient stone lamps, engraved jugs, pottery shards … Continue reading

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Bar Kochba Treasure

Here ya go– Archaeologists have discovered a treasure trove comprising about 140 gold and silver coins along with gold jewelry, probably hidden by a wealthy lady at a time of impending danger during the Bar Kokhba Revolt some 1880 years … Continue reading

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The Reconstructed ‘Bethlehem Bulla’

Via Robert Deutsch- As the first who posted the correct reading of the provenanced fiscal bulla of Beitlehem, and accepted now by all scholars that the IAA experts made another foolish mistake, I am offering now also the drawing (made … Continue reading

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Even More on the Bethlehem Bulla

Joseph Lauer writes Dr. Victor Avigdor Hurowitz of Ben-Gurion University initially expressed reservations about the reading of the bulla in the IAA’s press release.     However, in an e-mail and a posting at his Facebook page he wrote the following about … Continue reading

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Proof that Bethlehem Existed in the First Temple Period

As usual the discovery is made to prove David.  Note the inevitable connection to the Bible in the closing lines.  Again, a bulla is made into a suit… UPDATE:  George Athas has shown quite convincingly that Shukron is wrong. Via … Continue reading

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Discovery Just Can’t Help Itself: It Has to Tell Semi-Truths

Look at this absurd headline: ‘Netanyahu’ Seal From Eighth Century B.C. Found Well that’s just incorrect isn’t it. The seal doesn’t bear a ‘Nun’ it bears a ‘Mem’. It doesn’t say ‘Netanyahu’ it says “Metanyahu’. To be sure, these are … Continue reading

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Metanyahu ben Ho: How Will This Button Be Made into a Suit?

A seal bearing the name ‘Metanyahu ben Ho’ has been discovered in Jerusalem.  And, no, you’re right, it’s not a biblical name.  But I bet that before the day is over someone – somewhere – will suggest that the discovery … Continue reading

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What Robert Deutsch Wrote in 2005 About the ‘Trial of the Century’

I quote The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) has simply have gone too far, beyond any limits of the law or of basic decency, in an effort to destroy my reputation. I can no any longer remain silent. The full story … Continue reading

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Eric Meyers’ Forthright Reaction to the Verdict of the Golan Trial

Eric notes, among other sage things I would therefore emphasize that because the government, in this case, the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Israel Police, failed to prove that the artifacts in question were inauthentic in no way means that … Continue reading

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Herod Didn’t Finish That Wall After All- Again

I’m not sure why the IMF is just coming up with this today.  It was reported three months ago (see the links below).  Evidently it’s tourist season so this is a tourism ploy. The IMF reports New archeological excavations show … Continue reading

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Something New, and Fantastic, From the Israel Antiquities Authority

Via Oded Lipschits- The IAA initiated a website with thousands of photos of items according to periods and types. Its very useful and very friendly!  http://www.antiquities.org.il/t/search_en.aspx?q=&submit1=%E7%F4%F9. A link will be added to the sidebar momentarily.

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