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Mark’s Right: On Blog Posts as ‘Thinking Aloud’

Loads of academics blog these days.  But that hasn’t always been the case.  However, Mark is no newcomer to the game and Mark has been blogging since the beginning.  In fact, if you take a look at Blogging the Bible, … Continue reading

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Mark Goodacre on the Gospel of Thomas, Chatting with Simon

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Eerdmans Interviews Mark Goodacre Concerning the ‘Gospel of Thomas’

Via. It’s an excellent book, really, on an interesting early text that probably doesn’t get the attention it should simply because it has been labelled ‘gnostic’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Give the interview a look and the book a … Continue reading

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Would You Like a Copy of Mark Goodacre’s New Book, ‘Thomas and the Gospels’?

Mark sent me a copy and nearly simultaneously so did the nice people at Eerdmans.  Mark’s is signed so I’m keeping it and the Eerdmans direct isn’t so, because I don’t need two copies, I’m giving the second away. If … Continue reading

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Sad Simcha’s Statement Supporting Forgery

Simcha J. is suggesting that all the learned people calling into question the authenticity of the ‘Jesus Wife’ fragment are nothing more than vultures and ‘c-list’ scholars. First, I didn’t know Simcha had a website and apparently neither does the … Continue reading

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A Little Video Presentation on the ‘Jesus Wife’ Fragment

Via Mark Goodacre (and no, that’s not Mark in the video- he sports no Emergent Facial Hair) :

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If Biblioblogs Had Movie Titles… An Observation

If biblioblogs had movie titles… the titles of the blogs authored by the people below would be- Joel Watts: The Expendables. Mark Goodacre: The Godfather. Near Emmaus: 12 Angry Men. James McGrath: Fight Club. Chris Tilling: Forest Gump. Aren Maier: … Continue reading

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‘Raiders of the Lost Relics’

In the Chronicle of Higher Education, Matthew Kalman reports On a hilltop overlooking the Elah Valley, about 15 miles southwest of Jerusalem, an ancient city is yielding archaeological finds that have reignited a debate about some of the Bible’s most … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement: The Bible in the Public Square

Mark Goodacre sends along this conference announcement: Duke University is proud to be hosting a conference entitled “The Bible in the Public Square:” September 9-10, 2012, a special 2-day conference with experts speaking to the role of the Bible in … Continue reading

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Dorothy, Thanks for Your Support

Dot King writes Jim Davila, a highly respected professor at the leading Scottish university, has blogged about a rather stupid claim of “slander” made against Mark Goodacre, Jim West and Robert Cargill by  Nicole Austin, Associate Producer on The Resurrection … Continue reading

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No, Yonah Isn’t There

Antonio writes I promise, this will be the last time I write about it. But Mark Goodacre’s latest post on this is really enlightening. I’d like to add some opinions I’ve been able to collected on this matter. I asked … Continue reading

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Q&A With Goodacre and Meyers

With thanks to Eric for emailing the link-  I especially liked these snippets EM: I was on the advisory panel of experts assessing the integrity of the claims, the appropriateness of the report and the panel decided that National Geographic … Continue reading

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Another Jesus Sighting!

As the kids say, bahahahahaha! Who knew Mark Goodacre was so wicked?!?! I’ve spotted the face of Jesus in one of the… [Talpiot Tomb ossuaries]… As usual I don’t see it… but the very fact that it can be seen … Continue reading

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The Third Quest, For the Historical Charlesworth

Robert Cargill writes, in responding to Mark Goodacre’s comparison of Tabor’s claims and Charlesworth’s claims re: the ‘Fishy Ossuary’- The questions I have are as follows: Who shouted? Who sight-read the inscription? How did Dr. Charlesworth interpret the inscription? How … Continue reading

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Who’s Telling the Truth? Charlesworth or Tabor?

Mark Goodacre sets their ‘accounts’ of the ‘discovery’ of the ‘Jonah ossuary’ side by side (and be sure to read his entire post).  You decide which is telling the historical truth and which has fashioned an account based on wishful … Continue reading

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The Beatles and Talpiot???

There’s a connection (so to speak, analogically) and Mark Goodacre examines it, concluding The Beatles analogy helps us to reflect on the nature of the case for the association of the Talpiot tombs with Jesus’ family and disciples.  If a … Continue reading

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Why is Simcha Jacobovici Suing Joe Zias?

I’ve heard from sources that Joe Zias has been sued by Simcha Jacobovici.  The reason, so far as I can discern it, is because Simcha is suggesting that a Discovery Channel (or NatGeo) special Simcha produced was pulled and Joe … Continue reading

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Tom’s Right, But Even More, Real Academics Don’t Peddle Fraud!

As Elkington and his ‘lead codices’ consortium is attempting to do. According to Elkington (bold and italicized), who we all know is the erudite, scholarly fellow (/sarcasm): Regarding the omission of academic postings on this site, it was set up … Continue reading

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