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A Statement By the Faculty of Tel Aviv University Concerning an Advert in Biblical Archaeology Review

Oded Lipschits has sent along this public statement: Statement by faculty members of the Marco and Sonia Nadler Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University, regarding the alleged use of mechanical excavator at Tel Socoh A defamatory, anonymous paid advertisement, alleging that Prof. Yuval Goren of the Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University has used …

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Simcha’s Lawsuit Against Joe Zias Hits Ha’Aretz

Journalist and filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici is suing anthropologist Joe Zias, who in recent years has been doing his utmost to disprove his provocative theories on early Christianity. Further on Jacobovici’s suit states that following Zias’ accusations, the Discovery Channel and National Geographic canceled the broadcast of his films, which cost him hundreds of thousands of …

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LCM Newsletter

Via Yuval Goren, the latest LCM Newsletter from Tel Aviv University.  It includes An International Congress in Timna in Memory of Professor Beno Rothenberg, First Notice. — The Graduate Program in Archaeology and Archaeomaterials, together with the Dead Sea and Aravah Science Center, the Timna Park, and the Institute for Archaeo-Metallurgical Studies (IAMS) on behalf …

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Yuval Goren Audio

Via Jack Sasson- Science in the field and lab is changing the accuracy and range of archaeology. Professor Yuval Goren’s Tel Aviv University’s Laboratory for Comparative Archaeology and Metal Conservation (headed together with Dr. Erez Ben-Yosef) is now launching the first-ever lab-initiated excavation. Dovid and Barnea sit between test tubes and microscopes to bring you …

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Bulletin of the MA Program in Archaeomaterials at Tel Aviv University, May 2012

With thanks to Yuval Goren for sending this along:

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Nina Burleigh on the Trial of the Century: Golan, Shanks, A Smear Campaign and Money

Nina, who famously wrote a book on the trial, has an op-ed in the LA Times this morning.  She observes Israeli prosecutors were badly underfunded (the nation has its eye on bigger problems than relic forgery), and its investigators never mounted the kind of international, follow-the-money detective work that would have bolstered their case by …

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Support Yuval Goren

Sign the petition (the reason for it can be found here). 115 Signatories as of 3:41 p.m., November 27, 2011 Jim West,Petros,TN,37845,USA,10/17/2011 Emanuel Pfoh,La Plata,,1900,Argentina,10/17/2011 Oded Lipschits,Tel Aviv,,69978,Israel,10/17/2011 Thomas Römer,Lausanne,,1004,Switzerland,10/17/2011 Jonathan Stokl,London,,WC1E 6BT,United Kingdom,10/17/2011 James Bos,Ann Arbor,MI,48104,USA,10/17/2011 yoav tzur,Tel Aviv,,11211,Israel,10/17/2011 Antonio Lombatti,parma,,43125,Italy,10/17/2011 Bob Becking,Woerden,,NL-3448 XH,Netherlands,10/17/2011 Stefan Muenger,Bern,,3013,Switzerland,10/17/2011 Nadav Na’aman,Tel Aviv,,69101,Israel,10/17/2011 John Richard Young,Norristown,PA,19401-1531,USA,10/17/2011 Ido Koch,Tel …

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Thanks For Lending a Hand, Bible and Interpretation

A screenshot of the Bible and Interpretation page this morning shows their willingness to stand with Prof. Goren- and I appreciate that (especially since just four bloggers [Antonio Lombatti, Deane Galbraith, David Meadows and Thomas Verenna], have done the same). I also want to thank the folk who have signed to show their support publicly …

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More on the ‘Miriam Ossuary’, Or at Least Catching Up

An interesting piece which commences In Jerusalem and Judah, ancient limestone burial boxes containing skeletal remains — called ossuaries — are fairly common archaeological finds from the 1st century BCE to the 1st century AD period. Forgers have also added inscriptions or decorations to fraudulently increase their value. So three years ago, when the Israel …

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The IEJ Essay on the Miriam Ossuary

The abstract of the newly appeared essay by Yuval Goren and Boaz Zissu in IEJ 61 states The Israel Antiquities Authority recently acquired a decorated limestone ossuary purportedly from a burial cave in the area of the ºElah Valley. An inscription, incised on the front of the ossuary, reads:(‘Miriam daughter of Yeshua son of Caiaphas, …

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