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Guess Which Two Countries Wanted Romney Elected?

Mitt Romney - Caricature

Mitt Romney – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

And yes, just two.  Israel and Pakistan.

International polls show that while Obama was favored as the leader of the free world, citizens of only two countries supported Romney’s candidacy: Israel and Pakistan.

That says a lot. But why?

The world seeks to forget the era of George W. Bush, which divided the global map into good and bad, “those with us” and “those against us;” the difficult conflicts relating to the war on terrorism; the undermining of the concept of multilateralism; the disregard of the United Nations and other international institutions; the attempt to divide Europe over the war in Iraq; and the controversy surrounding global warming. Listening to Mitt Romney, the world heard the voice of Ronald Reagan, and also, that of George W. Bush. This voice was heard when Romney promised to restore America’s past superpower glory; when he labeled Russia as the “great Satan” and placed China on the axis of evil; and mostly when he defined the UN as an “extraordinary failure” and when he let it be understood that he intends to solve the problems of the Muslim world by the use of force.

And that’s why. Had Romney won, the world would be in mourning- except in extremist-ville.


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Mitt Romney Paid $0 in Taxes Between 1996 and 2009: Or, the Continuing Tale of Deceptive Politicians

Here are the facts-

Using a tax shelter called a CRUT (charitable remainder unitrust)   that was held by the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons),  Mitt Romney was able to pay zero taxes (legally) every single year from 1996 to 2009.  Why did he stop in 2009?  Because he would make public his 2010 tax return, that is why.

This tax loophole was  killed by Congress in 1997. However those including Romney that were already using it were allowed to continue it.   The way it works, is that Romney makes a “charitable” contribution to the Church of Latter Day Saints and it goes into a trust.  Since the trust is held by the church, the money is tax  deferred.  Any capital gains, are non taxed because of the charities status.  Like an annuity, the donor gets a charitable tax deduction and an stream of cash payments.  When Romney dies, the church accepts full ownership..

Bloomsberg’s attorneys estimate as the Romneys have received these payments, the money that will potentially be left for charity has declined from at least $750,000 in 2001 to $421,203 at the end of 2011…..

Romney has refused to answer any thing on this topic.  His campaign puts out that it was all legal….

Legal perhaps.  Ethical for the president of the United States?  Well, only if you want a crook running the country….   Imagine!   Legally stealing from your church!.

Politicians.  Curse the lot of them.  Deceivers and self servers in a class of their own, voted for by people for whom they have neither concern nor compassion.  Curse, curse to eternal torment the entire feckless lot of them.


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When Christ Returns, He Will Reign in Jerusalem, and Missouri…

So says Mitt Romney- and the Mormon Church.

Via Barth’s Notes, which has many other details of this eschatological tale of weirdness. Oh Evangelicals… you’ll just vote for anyone who wears the Republican label, won’t you?


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Richard Land’s Meaningless ‘Endorsement’ of Mitt Romney

I hate to put it bluntly, but Mitt Romney is not a Christian.  He doesn’t accept the teachings of historic Christianity and he doesn’t believe what the Bible teaches about salvation.  He. Just. Doesn’t.  He can’t.  He’s a Mormon.

Given those facts, the willingness of Richard Land, the disgraced (and frequently disgraceful) head of the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission‘s ‘endorsement’ of Romney is utterly without meaning.  An SBC leader endorsing a Mormon, for anything, is like a Roman Catholic endorsing Martin Luther for Pope.  Further, since Land has now lied about refusing to endorse a politician by so endorsing Romney, he isn’t deserving of trust or respect.

But Land is willing to do so because politics have trumped theology for him, just as it has for the formerly great and eminently respectable Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Christians in general and Baptists in particular who are bending over backwards to support someone who’s theology is erroneous and justifying it because of fiscal policies and the false opinion that Romney is ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-marriage’ are either intentionally blind or simply fools.  They are, worse, idolaters.

[And before you get your big girl undies in a wad, remember, I’m not supporting any politician, so don’t bother attempting to accuse me of partisanship.  I’m smart enough to know that there aren’t significant differences between any of them].


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More Political Hypocrisy

A Republican asking for Federal money?  I thought Republicans, led by their Presidential nominee, saw Federal spending as the world’s greatest evil…  I guess it is when it feeds the genuinely hungry or houses the genuinely homeless or provides health care for the average guy and gal. But when it means aiding Republican politicians, it’s perfectly acceptable.

It’s just more political hypocrisy.

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Billy Graham Has Sold His Birthright For a Bowl of Political Porridge

His support of the Republican nominee has blinded him to the nature of his life-held theology and I for one think it’s a real shame.  Like so very many ‘Evangelicals’, Graham has shown himself to be willing to exalt political expediency above theology.  What impropriety lurks in the hearts of the politically motivated.  Even in one the likes of Billy Graham.

Accordingly, I’m with Samuel.

The Rev. Samuel Wynn admired Billy Graham and his evangelistic association for decades, joining its spiritual crusades and urging fellow Christians to do the same. But no more.

“I will never again support anything by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association,” said Wynn, the superintendent of a United Methodist Church district in Fayetteville, N.C.

The source of Wynn’s ire: The BGEA’s recent removal of language on its website calling Mormonism a “cult.”

The scrubbing followed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s pilgrimage to Billy Graham’s mountaintop home in Montreat, N.C. After the Oct. 11 meeting, Graham pledged to “do all I can to help” Romney, according to a campaign aide.

The BGEA said it cut the “cult” language “because we do not wish to participate in a theological debate about something that has become politicized during this campaign.”

But Wynn and other conservative Christians accuse Graham of putting partisanship above piety and risking Christian souls to help Romney, a Mormon, win the White House.

“My question to Billy Graham is, What’s more important for the kingdom of God: politics or the message of Jesus Christ?” said Wynn.

Yes Billy, what matters more to you?  Politics or theology?  I think we all see the answer now.  No need to tell us.


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First Romney Signed a Pledge to Push A Marriage Amendment…

Here’s the proof

And now he’s going to leave it up to the States…

A top Romney aide appeared last week to reverse the campaign’s support of the Federal Marriage Amendment, which would bar states from allowing same-sex couples to marry.  In a little-noted comment in the spin room following this past week’s presidential debate in New York, Romney campaign senior adviser Bay Buchanan laid out what appears to be an about-face for the Republican presidential nominee on the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment. Buchanan said that Romney is a “strong advocate for the Tenth Amendment” — which protects states’ rights — and believes that marriage decisions are “a state issue.”  …  In the closing month of the presidential race, the Romney campaign has pushed forward with a focus on an image of their candidate as a moderate, including discussion of his time as governor of Massachusetts and running television advertisements highlighting his support for exceptions allowing for abortion in the case of rape or incest or for the health of the mother.

More Romney wishy-washiness.  Or less charitably- more Romney trying to appeal to more voters just so he can be elected.

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