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And He’s Done Nothing…


Obama and Palestine’s Forgotten Past

Keith Whitelam has an engaging essay of that title in Alakhbar  in which he states

In the three days of his official visit to Israel, Obama made a series of speeches, visited the grave of Theodor Herzl, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Holocaust Museum. This carefully orchestrated tour tied together past, present, and future.  From the moment he stepped off Air Force One, President Peres and Prime Minister Netanyahu drove home the message that this is “our historic homeland” and that Jerusalem is “our ancient capital.” There were frequent references to Israel’s biblical heritage, with Peres proclaiming that Obama would “see the hills and mountains where our prophets preached. Where the soul of the Jewish people was born. Where the State of Israel was created.” The skilfully crafted rhetoric effortlessly connects the ancient past to Israel’s present and its claims to sovereignty over the land and Jerusalem. …


Palestine is denied a present because there is no political will on behalf of Obama or successive American governments to force Israel to negotiate meaningfully; there was no mention of the 1967 borders or illegal settlements. As long as the past belongs to Israel, Palestine has no future.

Read each word.

The Scripture President Obama Should Have Cited In Israel

Ezekiel 33:23 – The word of the LORD came to me: 24 “Son of man, the inhabitants of these waste places in the land of Israel keep saying, `Abraham was only one man, yet he got possession of the land; but we are many; the land is surely given us to possess.’

25 Therefore say to them, Thus says the Lord GOD: You eat flesh with the blood, and lift up your eyes to your idols, and shed blood; shall you then possess the land? 26 You resort to the sword, you commit abominations and each of you defiles his neighbor’s wife; shall you then possess the land?

27 Say this to them, Thus says the Lord GOD: As I live, surely those who are in the waste places shall fall by the sword; and him that is in the open field I will give to the beasts to be devoured; and those who are in strongholds and in caves shall die by pestilence. 28 And I will make the land a desolation and a waste; and her proud might shall come to an end; and the mountains of Israel shall be so desolate that none will pass through. 29 Then they will know that I am the LORD, when I have made the land a desolation and a waste because of all their abominations which they have committed.

But Politicians, American and Israeli, choose other texts which support their views.  Cherry picking the Bible for the bits they think most helpful to their cause, they distort the whole by giving unequal time to the one set of texts and no time at all to the other.

The Truth is in The Hashtag

Specifically, the hashtag of Obama’s visit to Palestine/Israel:

obamaNotice how Palestine and the Palestinians are effectively excised and marginalized.  Of course, the hashtag could just as easily have been #ObamaInPalestine but then the Israelis and Christian Zionists would have had a cow.  Or it could have been #PrezInPalIsrael.  Shorter than either of the others.  But to make sure that the Palestinians were demoted and the Israelis elevated- what was chosen, was chosen.

Obama: Pandering to the Israelis

In Jerusalem the streets were decorated with Stars and Stripes for the visit of Barack Obama. Officials even created an official logo for the visit and plastered it across advertising hoardings.

In Ramallah it is a rather different story. The only billboards to mark the US president’s trip to what is in effect the capital of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank were dozens of posters put up by protesters along the main road from Jerusalem, which read: “Obama: don’t bring your smart phone to Ramallah – you won’t have mobile access to the internet – we have no 3G in Palestine.” They had been painted over, apparently by security officials.

While Obama’s speeches in Israel have been peppered with endearing Hebrew phrases, he has said only one word publicly in Arabic: “Marhaba” (hello).

So the Guardian.  Fact is, dear people, Obama has destroyed a brilliant opportunity to make honest progress on behalf of peace.  But everyone in the Palestinian territories now knows the awful truth: President Obama panders to the Israelis and cares nothing for the fate of the Palestinians.  Read Matthew Kalman’s full report, and put a sign over President Obama’s diplomatic skills:  “Abandon Hope all Ye Who Enter Here”.

Oh Barack, You’re Such a Disappointment, Becoming, as You Have, a Toady of AIPAC

Were you the sort of President we needed and the Mideast Peace Process required you would have mentioned the Palestinians more than 11 times in your speech.  I’m sad, and disappointed, and dismayed that you, like your predecessor in the White House, serve as Bibi’s lapdog and not as an honest broker of peace.  Sad.

via Ha'aretz

via Ha’aretz

Obama’s Israel Trip: No Big Deal

Robert Fisk writes in The Independent (with thanks to Keith Whitelam for mentioning it)  of Obama’s trip to Israel-

 The winner of the Nobel Prize for Public Speech-making will be at least a super-tourist – with 10,000 armed Israeli and American tour guides in Jerusalem alone. Now that, Mr President, is the wall. No, not That Wall, we’re talking about the Ottoman palisade on each side of the city’s Damascus Gate.

But of course, if he’s really going to head for the Holy Manger, Obama will have to glance – will he not? – at the real wall (aka “security fence/barrier”). True, Berlusconi claimed he didn’t see it, even if Mussolini would at least have noticed its fascist dimensions. But there you go, the “outreach” president is meant to be “engaging” people, young people. Over the heads of their masters will he speaketh unto youth. Only the youth of the Israeli and Palestinian variety don’t seem to put a lot of trust in the bloke.

… But it does make you wonder if anyone will dare to point out that one group – the Palestinians – are being occupied by another – the Israelis – who are unconditionally supported by another group, namely Saint Barack and his merry men. Maybe he wants to drop the “peace process” thing and make a run for it. The redeployment of US foreign policy. Like Napoleon’s redeployment from Moscow, or the British redeployment from Dunkirk. Makes you feel sorry for the Palestinians, doesn’t it? And the Israelis, too.

That’s the final paragraph of a brutally honest essay about Obama’s pandering to the Israelis.  Enjoy the whole.

And take a look at this video posted by the Israeli Embassy.. highlighting the truth- the American Government isn’t a friend of peace or the Palestinians, it is a friend of Israel. That’s all. The only use we have for the rest of the region is its oil. Were it not for that, we would have bombed the Arab countries and Iran into the stone age.

Did Barack Just Stand up to Bibi?

It’s about time.

Barack Obama sees Benjamin Netanyahu as a “political coward” whose policies pose a greater threat to Israel’s existence than Iran’s nuclear programme because he does not know what is in the country’s best interests, it has been claimed. The damning assessment of the Israeli prime minister, relayed by senior White House officials to an American journalist, Jeffrey Goldberg, is the most graphic sign yet of the toxic relationship between the two men, who have clashed continually over the stalled Middle East peace process.

Writing on the Bloomberg website, Goldberg quoted Mr Obama as repeatedly saying, “Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are” in response to a spate of recent announcements for thousands of new Jewish settler homes in east Jerusalem and the West Bank on land the Palestinians want for a future state. Mr Obama did not even bother getting angry after hearing of Israel’s decision to build in a highly-sensitive West Bank area called E1 – previously considered off-limits in deference to American pressure. Instead, he told aides it was the kind of self-defeating behaviour he had come to expect from Mr Netanyahu, according to Goldberg, who is renowned for having close ties to both leaders.

Obama has Netanyahu pegged.

Get Tough President Obama, Get Tough

“Counterproductive.” That’s the adjective that National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor used to describe the Israeli government’s first reprisal for the U.N. vote on Palestine: announcing that Israel was moving ahead on plans for a neighborhood linking Jerusalem and the settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim, and authorizing 3,000 new homes for Israelis beyond the Green Line. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, choosing her words as carefully, said the decision by Prime Minister Netanyahu and his senior cabinet forum had “set back the cause of a negotiated peace.”

Counterproductive.  Isn’t that sweet.  Bibi’s thirst for Palestinian land and his unending quest for Lebensraum is more than ‘counterproductive’, it’s evil.

Washington is a long way from Israel, culturally even more than physically. In the polite diplomatic tones of Washington, these statements were meant as harsh censure. But the Obama administration needs to know that something got seriously lost in transmission. Here on the east edge of the Mediterranean, the message was that President Obama was practically campaigning for Netanyahu’s reelection.

Mr President, if I may, Barack… it’s time to get a spine and tell Bibi that if Israel builds those housing units the US will take serious measures against it.  Serious measures meaning nothing will be left off the table.  The Bully Bibi only understands tough talk Mr Obama, so get tough.  For once.  And do read the rest of the sensible essay linked to above and quoted herein.

The World Grows Weary of Bibi’s Antics

Finally.  If only President Obama had the courage of the French.

For the first time, Britain and France may recall ambassadors in protest at Israel’s settlement construction. Moves against Israel will be made in next the few days following Netanyahu’s decision to move ahead on construction in E1 and build 3,000 housing units in settlement blocs east of Jerusalem, say senior European diplomats.

Again, if only Obama were as courageous as the French. As. The. French… When did America become less morally respectable than France? Less courageous? This is just sad.

Britain and France are poised to take action − possibly including the unprecedented step of recalling their ambassadors, according to senior European diplomats − in protest at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to move settlement construction ahead in the area known as E1, between Ma’aleh Adumim and Jerusalem. “This time it won’t just be a condemnation, there will be real action taken against Israel,” a senior European diplomat said.

Finally. It’s time for Netanyahu to suffer the consequences of his arrogance. Good for the Europeans. At least they have the sense to know right from wrong. We used to. We don’t anymore.

Politics Divide Families, And Make People NUTS!

Upset over the result of last week’s presidential election, an Arizona woman ran over her husband with her car, believing him to be directly responsible for Obama’s reelection because he didn’t vote.

According to police in Gilbert, 28-year-old Holly Solomon of Mesa and her husband Daniel argued loudly in a local parking lot before Holly got in her Jeep SUV and began chasing Daniel around. She eventually managed to pin him underneath the vehicle as he was trying to run away.

Daniel sustained life-threatening injuries and was rushed to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center where he remains in critical condition.

What. A. Nutbag.  Let me repeat that.  What. A. Nutbag!!!!!

Michael Brown is the LAST Person Who Should Give Advice Concerning Disaster Response

And yet, because the world is as it is, he has accused President Obama of, get this, responding to Hurricane Sandy TOO QUICKLY!

Former FEMA Director Michael Brown offered criticism of President Obama’s early responses to Hurricane Sandy yesterday, including a dig at the administration’s response to last month’s attack in Libya.

Yesterday, ahead of the storm’s pummeling of the eastern seaboard, Brown gave an interview to the local alternative paper, the Denver Westword, on how he believed the Obama administration was responding to Sandy too quickly and that Obama had spoken to the press about Sandy’s potential effect too early.

Mr Brown, anyone who listens to your advice on disaster response is as foolish as someone who listens to Simcha about biblical archaeology or Little Honey Tee-Tee on intelligent interpretation of the Bible.

Predicting The Outcome of the Election

I’m going to go way out on a limb and go ahead and predict the winner of the US election (and if I’m wrong feel justified in calling me a false prophet) –

The winner will be…..

Big business.  Lobbyists.  The Oil Industry.  Wall Street Bankers.  The Military/ Industrial complex.  Deceptive politicians who lie to get elected and then turn their backs on the people who foolishly and stupidly vote to perpetuate a system designed to benefit power and to ignore normal people.

In short, the winner will not be the American people.

Netanyahu Is Ramping up His Attempts to Manipulate American Voters

This malicious and malevolent beast is really doing his best to control the outcome of the US election- passing along to his sycophants and blind supporters tools with which to scare and manipulate.

I love my Israeli friends- with all my heart.  But this man and his government are a travesty.  Their attempts to get Americans to vote their way, regardless of the consequences for the US, for the Palestinians, for the Middle East, and for the Israeli populace, is an egregious and wicked scheme.  I hope Americans are smart enough to see through it.  I know John Hagee and his feckless followers are too ignorant to notice what’s going on, but surely the rest of the country has sense.

Obama has come under fire for not meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while he is in the U.S. for the U.N. General Assembly this week, citing scheduling conflicts.  “The president has met with and spent time on the phone with Prime Minister Netanyahu more than with any leader since he took office,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters when asked why Obama is not making time to meet with Netanyahu. “That is reflective of the importance of and the closeness of the relationship between the United States and Israel, the importance of and the priority that the president places on America’s support for Israel’s security.”

Were I President I would meet with Bibi for two minutes and during those two minutes I would tell him that America isn’t his lap dog.  And if he wants war with Iran, he’s on his own.

I Thought I Was Doing Pretty Well, Till Mitt Romney Told Me I Was a Loser…

Apparently, so far as Mitt the Multi-Millionaire is concerned, middle income is in the $250,000 range…  Well.  So much for feeling like I belonged to the Middle Class.  I’m obviously extremely poor because our combined income is WELL below that…

So thanks, Mitt, for making me feel like a loser.

Mitt Romney is promising to reduce taxes on middle-income Americans.  But how does he define “middle-income”? The Republican presidential nominee defined it Friday as income of $200,000 to $250,000 a year and less.  The definition of “middle income” or the “middle class” is politically charged as Romney and President Barack Obama fight to win over working-class voters. Romney would be among the wealthiest presidents, if elected, and Democrats have repeatedly painted him as out of touch with average people.  Obama also has set his definition for “middle class” as families with income of up to $250,000 a year.  Romney’s comments came an interview broadcast Friday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”  “No one can say my plan is going to raise taxes on middle-income people, because principle number one is (to) keep the burden down on middle-income taxpayers,” Romney told host George Stephanopoulos.  “Is $100,000 middle income?” Stephanopoulos asked.  “No, middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less,” Romney responded.

Geesh.  Talk about out of touch…

Netanyahu is Not Israel

Further, according to Amir Oren,

Israel is not a passive and obedient partner to his madness.

Good to know. Really good to hear a voice of sanity.

In the run-up to the meeting expected in two weeks between U.S. President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama should believe the reports out of Tel Aviv: Netanyahu is not Israel. Indeed, Netanyahu is only part of Israel, and Israel is not Netanyahu. Israel is not a passive and obedient partner to his madness. A meeting with a president up for reelection a month or so before the vote can only take place under conditions dictated by the American side. Obama won’t risk being humiliated in another photo with the cheeky Israeli lecturing him on security and trust. The joint statement will have to be phrased in advance in precise coordination between the sides.

And loads of intelligence more.  It’s a shame that Netanyahu isn’t as wise as a columnist.  But Israel, like America, never elects its best.

Romney’s Running Mate

Official portrait of Congressman .

Paul Ryan.  He may well cause the right to coalesce around Romney which will be bad news for the left – which has shot itself not in the foot but in the head because the short sighted Dems in Congress the first two years of Obama’s administration accomplished nothing.

Nevertheless, to borrow and adjust a phrase from Kierkegaard- whether you vote for the Republicans or the Democrats, you will regret it.  However you vote, you will regret it.  And if you refuse to vote, you will also regret it.  Whatever you do, you will regret it.

Defending Mitt Romney

First, a disclaimer- I am not voting for Romney.  Nor for Obama.  Nor for anyone you’ve ever heard of for President.  That said, the state of politics in America today is simply stomach turning and disgusting.  How has it come to be that Americans are so blind and foolish as to support major party candidates when each and every such person is a deceptive self serving big money toady?

And how has it come to be that Americans are happy to sit back and let the media focus on idiotic issues that just don’t matter?  For example, who cares what Romney’s tax returns look like?  We all know he’s rich.  Get over it.  Politicians are always richer than the people they ‘represent’ (what a joke that is).  What does it matter if he earned $400,000 or $4,000,000,000?  Either way, it’s more than most of us will earn in a 10 year period.

And who cares what he did at Bain Capital?  So he closed businesses and outsourced jobs.  How many?  A tiny fraction of nothing.  Meanwhile hardly anyone, ANYONE, complains that American tax dollars are outsourced every single day in the billions to foreign governments who, like lazy American welfareites simply live with their hands out whilst secretly laughing at those who are stupid enough to throw money that doesn’t belong to them at the beggars.

Romney’s money doesn’t matter.  Our tax dollars do.  How they are spent matters.  When Americans are more concerned about the ridiculous misuse of their money maybe politicians will act right.  Don’t hold your breath, though.  Americans, like ancient Romans, are satisfied with any political situation so long as they can go to ballgames and ride their atv’s.

I Hate Government Mandates…

Yes friends, in light of today’s decision by the Supreme Court ‘forcing’ us all to buy what we all need so as not to be a burden to others – I too find it hard to believe that my tax dollars, tax dollars I’m genuinely FORCED to pay, are used to fund wars intended only to enrich the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about.

I’m also dismayed that my tax dollars, those dollars wrenched from my hands without my permission or approval, aren’t used for useful things like education and public services. I hate that I’m mandated to support governmental decisions and policies I loath.

I’d prefer to be told I need to purchase insurance than that the Pentagon needs another means by which to kill people from thousands of miles away that I’ve helped pay for even though I despise it.

Mr President, We All Already Knew That

And it’s exactly why the US is unable to serve as an honest broker of peace in the Middle East.  Our policy is skewed in the direction of Israel to the exclusion of and harm to the Palestinians.

The U.S. administration is more attentive to Israel than it is to the Palestinians, President Barack Obama told a visiting delegation of the U.S. Orthodox Jewish community at the White House, Israeli daily Haaretz reported on Wednesday.
The meeting comprised White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew and leaders of the Orthodox Jewish community, including Dr. Simcha Katz, Rabbi Steven Burg and Nathan Diament of the Orthodox Union.  The Israeli daily cited participants in the meeting, who wanted to remain unnamed, that when Obama was asked what lessons he had learned from events related to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, he said that there were many possibilities for misunderstanding. There was “only tension because both sides feel pressured to compromise,” he said.


The U.S. President asked his guests not to doubt his fidelity to this cause and said that he will “keep trying” as “peace is good for Israel.”

Yes, Mr President.  As long as things work out well for Israel, who cares what happens to anyone else.  Thank you for stating the blindingly obvious concerning American policy.