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How Bibi Became Hitler’s Bestie And Blamed Muslims for the Holocaust

What a buffoon.  What an historical ignoramus.  And Israelis keep electing this guy’s party!  That’s even more surprising than Bibi’s unhinged idiotic racist views.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sparked public uproar when on Wednesday he claimed that the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was the one who planted the idea of the extermination of European Jewry in Adolf Hitler’s mind. The Nazi ruler, Netanyahu said, had no intention of killing the Jews, but only to expel them.

In a speech before the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, Netanyahu described a meeting between Husseini and Hitler in November, 1941: “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jew. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here (to Palestine).’ According to Netanyahu, Hitler then asked: “What should I do with them?” and the mufti replied: “Burn them.”

Netanyahu’s remarks were quick to spark a social media storm, though Netanyahu made a similar claim during a Knesset speech in 2012, where he described the Husseini as “one of the leading architects” of the final solution.

What a fool. What a vile racist fool.

netenyahu1-568x330UPDATE:  Niels Peter Lemche reminds me that Babi Yar took place 29–30 September 1941, i.e., well before the visit of the Mufti.  And that Göring’s order to Heydrich about the ‘Endlösung’ is from 31 JUL 1941.  So Bibi is just plain ignorant wrong.

The Onion Skewers the Israeli Settlement Policy

English: Benjamin Netanyahu


This is the best Onion article yet.

JERUSALEM—As part of their continuing efforts to bring peace to the conflict-stricken region, Israeli government officials announced today the construction of a new settlement on Palestinian lands where future peace talks can be held. “After years of failed diplomacy, it has become clear that we need to make a fresh start, and what better way to do so than by appropriating a small amount of Palestinian territory where Israeli citizens can live and negotiators from both sides can talk about a peaceful way forward?” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, referring to the civilian Jewish community that will be constructed in place of multiple razed city blocks in the West Bank. “With this new settlement in place, I believe that our prospects of peace and unity will be brighter than ever. In fact, we should build more settlements so there can be even more places to negotiate.” Netanyahu noted that any individuals currently living on the future site of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks have exactly 36 hours to leave before they are forcibly removed.

Ha!  Nail on the head (in fine sarcastic style).

Happy Purim: Netanyahu plays the part of Ahasuerus

via Ha'aretz on FB

via Ha’aretz on FB

More on the So-Called ‘Anti-Semtic’ Sunday Times Cartoon of Netanyahu

A cartoon that appeared in this London’s Sunday Times this week depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu building a wall with blood-red colored cement, trapping in between the bricks Palestinian-looking figures, is causing the latest is-it-or-is-it-not-anti-semitism furor.

The usual suspects have all weighed in: the Anti-Defamation League, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, clamoring for the venerable cartoonist Gerald Scarfe’s head and asking how the pro-Israel Sunday Time’s proprietor, Rupert Murdoch, could allow such a travesty. …

Pillorying Scarfe and his cartoon cheapens a noble cause, as this was not anti-Semitic by any standard. Here are four reasons why:

Which you should go to Ha’Aretz and read.  It’s a very nice piece and I thank Niels Peter Lemche for pointing it out.

Did Barack Just Stand up to Bibi?

It’s about time.

Barack Obama sees Benjamin Netanyahu as a “political coward” whose policies pose a greater threat to Israel’s existence than Iran’s nuclear programme because he does not know what is in the country’s best interests, it has been claimed. The damning assessment of the Israeli prime minister, relayed by senior White House officials to an American journalist, Jeffrey Goldberg, is the most graphic sign yet of the toxic relationship between the two men, who have clashed continually over the stalled Middle East peace process.

Writing on the Bloomberg website, Goldberg quoted Mr Obama as repeatedly saying, “Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are” in response to a spate of recent announcements for thousands of new Jewish settler homes in east Jerusalem and the West Bank on land the Palestinians want for a future state. Mr Obama did not even bother getting angry after hearing of Israel’s decision to build in a highly-sensitive West Bank area called E1 – previously considered off-limits in deference to American pressure. Instead, he told aides it was the kind of self-defeating behaviour he had come to expect from Mr Netanyahu, according to Goldberg, who is renowned for having close ties to both leaders.

Obama has Netanyahu pegged.

Bibi’s Government Continues to Assault Palestinians

Palestinians, on their own land, on their own property, are being evicted by Bibi’s immoral government– yet again.  And this against a court ruling in his own country!!!!!

Palestinian activists who set up an outpost Friday in area E-1 east of Jerusalem said Saturday night that the Israel Defense Forces had surrounded the area and were preventing supporters from entering. Activists said they would oppose any attempt to forcibly remove them.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday ordered Israel’s security forces to evacuate a tent camp set up by hundreds of Palestinians in the E-1 area, east of Jerusalem.

Netanyahu’s decision came despite a temporary injunction ordered by Israel’s High Court on Saturday preventing the state from evicting the Palestinians from the outpost.

Not since Stalin has there been a leader in a country with less regard for the law.  There has scarcely been a more immoral person as a head of government anywhere.  This man is beyond the pale and his actions demand his arrest, trial, and conviction for crimes against humanity.

Israel Is an Apartheid State: So Says Amos Oz

First, this-

The writer and Israel Prize laureate Amoz Oz harshly attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as Labor chairwoman MK Shelly Yacimovich.

Oz, a staunch Meretz supporter, made the comments at a parlor meeting at the home of friends in Tel Aviv. Speaking to about 30 academics who are considering voting for Meretz, Oz compared Israel to an apartheid state and made angry predictions about its future.

“In my mind, the Netanyahu government is the most anti-Zionist government Israel has ever had. It is doing everything so there will be not two states here, but one,” said Oz. “It is striking Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] blow after blow – violent morale blows, financial blows and political blows. It is strengthening Hamas more and more. Perhaps that is the intention, to stop the chance for two states. They believe that Jews can rule over an Arab majority for a long time. No apartheid state in the world has lasted without collapsing after a few years.”

Then further on, this

“The Labor Party has been crawling to Likud governments for 15 years now,” he said. “It crawled under Shimon Peres, it crawled under Amir Peretz. And what good did it do? How did it slow the rate of settlements? How did it stop the catastrophe of the abolishment of the state of the Jewish people?”

A fine piece altogether.  Hooray for a truth teller.

Bibi Netanyahu: Evil Opportunist

While America deals with the Connecticut disaster Bibi – ever the opportunist – has decided to move forward with the construction of 1500 illegal homes in Palestinian territory, thereby thumbing his nose at international law and at the President of the United States.

A sub-committee of the Jerusalem District Planning and Construction Committee on Monday approved a plan to build 1,500 housing units in theEast Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo.  After hearing objections by Palestinian residents of Shoafat, where the expansion is meant to take place, the sub-committee decided to reduce the number of homes intended for construction from 1,700 to 1,500, and ruled that an archaeological site nearby be preserved.

The Interior Ministry said plans were in the work to push the project forward once it receives final approval.  The committee will reconvene the following day in emergency session to approve another project, this one for hundreds of homes in Givat Hamatos, a Jewish neighborhood in the south of the city. It too is located on the other side of the Green Line.

Perverse governments with perverse leaders do perverse things.  Bibi is exhibit A.

Get Tough President Obama, Get Tough

“Counterproductive.” That’s the adjective that National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor used to describe the Israeli government’s first reprisal for the U.N. vote on Palestine: announcing that Israel was moving ahead on plans for a neighborhood linking Jerusalem and the settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim, and authorizing 3,000 new homes for Israelis beyond the Green Line. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, choosing her words as carefully, said the decision by Prime Minister Netanyahu and his senior cabinet forum had “set back the cause of a negotiated peace.”

Counterproductive.  Isn’t that sweet.  Bibi’s thirst for Palestinian land and his unending quest for Lebensraum is more than ‘counterproductive’, it’s evil.

Washington is a long way from Israel, culturally even more than physically. In the polite diplomatic tones of Washington, these statements were meant as harsh censure. But the Obama administration needs to know that something got seriously lost in transmission. Here on the east edge of the Mediterranean, the message was that President Obama was practically campaigning for Netanyahu’s reelection.

Mr President, if I may, Barack… it’s time to get a spine and tell Bibi that if Israel builds those housing units the US will take serious measures against it.  Serious measures meaning nothing will be left off the table.  The Bully Bibi only understands tough talk Mr Obama, so get tough.  For once.  And do read the rest of the sensible essay linked to above and quoted herein.

The World Grows Weary of Bibi’s Antics

Finally.  If only President Obama had the courage of the French.

For the first time, Britain and France may recall ambassadors in protest at Israel’s settlement construction. Moves against Israel will be made in next the few days following Netanyahu’s decision to move ahead on construction in E1 and build 3,000 housing units in settlement blocs east of Jerusalem, say senior European diplomats.

Again, if only Obama were as courageous as the French. As. The. French… When did America become less morally respectable than France? Less courageous? This is just sad.

Britain and France are poised to take action − possibly including the unprecedented step of recalling their ambassadors, according to senior European diplomats − in protest at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to move settlement construction ahead in the area known as E1, between Ma’aleh Adumim and Jerusalem. “This time it won’t just be a condemnation, there will be real action taken against Israel,” a senior European diplomat said.

Finally. It’s time for Netanyahu to suffer the consequences of his arrogance. Good for the Europeans. At least they have the sense to know right from wrong. We used to. We don’t anymore.

Benjamin Netanyahu is to Our Day What Joseph Stalin was to His


No one on the planet is a bigger enemy of peace and a bigger deceiver of his allies (those foolish enough to be his allies, that is) than Bibi Netanyahu.  The world is daily more dangerous because of his presence.

The saddest fact of all is that he knows America correctly.  Few here will raise a ruckus with Washington over Bibi’s immoral and illegal and unjustifiable action in commissioning 3000 more new housing units.  Because most Americans, like the miscreants they elect, have interests that only reach as far as the ends of their own noses.  Consequently, Mr Benjamin “Stalin’ Netanyahu is unopposed in his evil.

Bibi’s Unbounded Evil

Bibi Netanyahu has approved 3000 additional housing units in the Palestinian territories in response to the vote of the United Nations.  And he wonders why Israel is isolated.  It’s a no-brainer Bibi- the vast majority of the world’s population thinks you’re a prat and your policies are immoral.

Israel is to build 3,000 new settler homes in east Jerusalem and the West Bank after the Palestinians won recognition as a non-member state at the United Nations, an Israeli official told AFP on Friday.

Asked if he could confirm a report that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had decided tp build the 3,000 units in response to the Palestinians success at the UN, he said: “It’s true — in (east) Jerusalem and the West Bank,” without saying exactly where.

The decision was revealed in a tweet by the diplomatic correspondent of Haaretz newspaper, who said some of the homes would be built in E1, a highly-contentious area of the West Bank which links annexed east Jerusalem with Maaleh Adumim settlement.

Bibi is a spoiled evil child who retaliates when he doesn’t get his way.  Israelis voting for him vote for hatred.

Did Israel Kill Jabari to Kill Peace?

Hours before Hamas strongman Ahmed Jabari was assassinated, he received the draft of a permanent truce agreement with Israel, which included mechanisms for maintaining the ceasefire in the case of a flare-up between Israel and the factions in the Gaza Strip. This, according to Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin, who helped mediate between Israel and Hamas in the deal to release Gilad Shalit and has since then maintained a relationship with Hamas leaders.

The question naturally arises- did Israel kill Jabari in order to derail the peace process? It very much looks like it and it isn’t even surprising if it is exactly what happened, given Netanyahu’s perverse wickedness and manipulating quest for power.

Baskin told Haaretz on Thursday that senior officials in Israel knew about his contacts with Hamas and Egyptian intelligence aimed at formulating the permanent truce, but nevertheless approved the assassination.

That’s pretty much the same as killing a guy as he picks up a white flag.

“He was in line to die, not an angel and not a righteous man of peace,” Baskin said of Jabari and of his feelings in the wake of the killing, “but his assassination also killed the possibility of achieving a truce and also the Egyptian mediators’ ability to function. After the assassination I spoke to the people in Israel angrily and they said to me: We’ve heard you and we are calling to ask if you have heard anything form the Egyptians or from Gaza.”

Israel’s government has a lot to answer for. A lot.  Who has the most to gain if no two state solution is found?  Israel.  Who stands to profit with ongoing conflict?  Israel.  Who gets to spin the media in its direction?  Israel.  Who gets to claim ‘self defense’ even though it struck first in assassinating Jabari?  Israel.

Netanyahu is the world’s most evil man and he needs to be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity.

Bibi the Manipulator

Bibi Netanyahu just can’t keep himself from being evil.

That Christian Zionists support this man and his government just shows how very far they are from true Christianity.  He is unethical and immoral and supporting him is supporting wickedness.  And when people of faith support evil, they contribute to the evil in the world.

While America Votes, Israel Grabs More Palestinian Land

Israel’s Housing Ministry published tenders for the construction of 1,285 new housing units in East Jerusalem and the West Bank city of Ariel on Tuesday, in what left-wing activists said was an attempt to avoid American criticism of the move by releasing the plans during U.S. Election Day.  In all, the ministry published seven tenders, for 607 housing units in the northeast Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev; 606 units in the Ramot neighborhood in north Jerusalem; and 72 units in Ariel’s B section.

Bibi Netanyahu is the world’s most immoral criminal.  His government is the most corrupt in modern history and he should be tried in the International Court in the Hague for crimes against humanity.  Thank heaven above that there are decent Israelis who recognize Netanyahu for what he is.

In the past, the Obama Administration strongly objected to expansion of neighborhoods in East Jerusalem and in West Bank settlements. Sources on the political left said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have requested that the publication of the tenders be pushed forward, fearing that an Obama victory would trigger increased pressure against new Israeli construction.  Peace Now, which disclosed the publication of the tenders, said the act was “Netanyahu’s real answer to Abu Mazen; after the Palestinian president yet again clearly reiterated he is obligated to the two-state solution, Netanyahu answered with the construction of thousands of new housing units in the settlements and East Jerusalem.”  “It seems as though Netanyahu is not convinced that his pal Romney will win the U.S. election and has taken the cowardly step of publishing the tenders precisely on Election Day… in order to avoid public attention,” the NGO added.

No, we won’t be silent and we won’t turn a blind eye to Netanyahu’s crimes and one day he will be held accountable for them.

Sullivan is Right- Under Netanyahu, Israel is No Ally

Sullivan observes

As long as Netanyahu is Israel’s prime minister, Israel is not our ally. It’s a liability, undermining US foreign policy in the most important struggle we still face: Jihadist violence.

He’s not wrong.  He’s also right when he succinctly observes

… Netanyahu, in alliance with neocons and Christianists, has had one main policy these past four years: getting rid of Obama so he can control Greater Israel for ever and get the US to bomb Iran for him.

I would offer one correction.  Sullivan’s ‘Christianists’ (whatever that’s supposed to be) should be changed to the more accurate ‘Christian Zionists’.  Otherwise, he’s right.  Again.  I hope policy makers in Washington are smart enough to realize it.

Bibi Netanyahu’s Speech at the UN Summarized in a Single Photo

Via Emanuel Pfoh on the FB-

Politicians like Bibi who crave war should experience it first hand and not send other people to die for their insanity.

Netanyahu Is Ramping up His Attempts to Manipulate American Voters

This malicious and malevolent beast is really doing his best to control the outcome of the US election- passing along to his sycophants and blind supporters tools with which to scare and manipulate.

I love my Israeli friends- with all my heart.  But this man and his government are a travesty.  Their attempts to get Americans to vote their way, regardless of the consequences for the US, for the Palestinians, for the Middle East, and for the Israeli populace, is an egregious and wicked scheme.  I hope Americans are smart enough to see through it.  I know John Hagee and his feckless followers are too ignorant to notice what’s going on, but surely the rest of the country has sense.

Obama has come under fire for not meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while he is in the U.S. for the U.N. General Assembly this week, citing scheduling conflicts.  “The president has met with and spent time on the phone with Prime Minister Netanyahu more than with any leader since he took office,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters when asked why Obama is not making time to meet with Netanyahu. “That is reflective of the importance of and the closeness of the relationship between the United States and Israel, the importance of and the priority that the president places on America’s support for Israel’s security.”

Were I President I would meet with Bibi for two minutes and during those two minutes I would tell him that America isn’t his lap dog.  And if he wants war with Iran, he’s on his own.

If I Were Forced Today at Gunpoint to Vote…

And there were ONLY two choices: I would vote for Sarah Palin before I would vote for Mitt Romney.  I would vote for George Bush before I would vote for Mitt.  I would vote for Silvio Berlusconi before I would vote for Mitt.  I would vote for Vladimir Putin before I would vote for Mitt.  And I’d get pretty close to voting for Bashar al Asaad before I’d vote for Mitt.

That is, if it were Mitt v. just about anyone (short of Satan) I would be forced to vote for anyone but Mitt.  Indeed, I would eve vote for Bibi Netanyahu before I would vote for Romney.  That should indicate – in some small measure – how inept I am convinced Romney is.  The Republicans have given us NO ONE to vote for on their side of the ledger. NO ONE.

We have no choice.  It’s either the failed policies of the present administration (and, please, let’s not kid ourselves, they are failed) or the miserable excuse the other party has offered. These are sad days for America.  Never before in my lifetime have the candidates from both parties been so uniformly abysmal.

Bibi “The War Lover” Netanyahu Needs to Listen to Meir Dagan

Meir Dagan, a former head of the Israeli Intelligence service Mossad, says that an attack on Iran would be the ‘stupidest idea [I’ve] ever heard.”  Speaking to ’60 Minutes’ Dagan said: “An attack on Iran now before exploring all other approaches is not the right way how to do it [sic].”  Dagan, a man who Iranian authorities reportedly claim has dispatched assassins, computer viruses and faulty equipment in a bid to delay the country’s nuclear program, appears to have developed a surprising appreciation for the Islamic Republic’s regime – which is a sworn enemy of Israel.  “The regime in Iran is a very rational regime,” according to Dagan. Asked if he felt the regime in Iran was capable of backing down from an escalating crisis over the country’s nuclear program, he replied: “No doubt that the Iranian regime is not exactly rational based on what I would call ‘Western Thinking,’ but no doubt they are considering all the implications of their actions.”

Bib, if there’s an ounce of sense left to you, listen.