Keith Whitelam: Right on Obama’s Visit to Israel

Keith writes (on FB)

The references to ‘our ancient homeland’, ‘our ancient capital’, the story of the exodus, ‘the promised land’ or the use of the Dead Sea Scrolls as a title deed to the land in the speeches of Obama, Peres and Netanyahu show why it is so important to challenge this biblical view of history.

It is constantly used to justify Israel’s claim to the land and resonates powerfully with Israeli, American and western audiences. It is used to deny Palestine’s connection to the past and undermines any claims to the present.

There is no mention in Obama’s speeches to Palestine’s past. The cultural struggle for an alternative history of Palestine that shows how the past is connected to the present is crucial in countering the biblical view of history.

Well said indeed.  Folk interested in the topic will want to check out Keith’s book, Rhythms of Time where he does a far better job of discussing the actual history of Palestine than Obama.

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  1. carl sweatman says:

    Mine’s dead on the money.


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