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America Rewards Incompetence and Punishes the Competent

This essay in The Atlantic about Elizabeth Warren is right on the mark. America Punished Elizabeth Warren for Her Competence: The country still doesn’t know what to make of a woman—in politics, and beyond—who refuses to qualify her success. It … Continue reading

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Politicians I Am Willing to Support

I don’t expect the President, or any elected official, to be the ‘pastor in chief’ but I do expect them, and all politicians deserving of my vote, to be virtuous. If they can’t be that, they don’t have my support. … Continue reading

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The #GOPTaxScam

Dear GOP Senators and Congressmen, I was afraid the 1% and Congress would be hurt by the bill you’re putting together. It’s such a relief to know that only the middle and lower classes will be.   Thanks so much Senator Lamar … Continue reading

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Explaining Why God Punishes us With Vile Polititicans

Wicked politicians are indeed appointed by God, but it is in his anger, and because we do not deserve to be placed under his government. He gives a loose rein to tyrants and wicked men, in order to punish our ingratitude, … Continue reading

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The 2016 Election Choices Summed Up

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Signs of the Times

This is precisely why ‘Evangelicals’ have lost the battle for society’s soul: they long ago simply became a part of the political ideology game.  You can’t challenge culture when you embrace it wholeheartedly and you can’t challenge politicians when you … Continue reading

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Don’t You Wish America’s Politicians Paid a Visit to Lassie…

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Dear Angry Bernie Sanders Supporters…

It’s completely shocking that the #DNC didn’t want to support a guy who became a Democrat virtually 3 days before he ran as a Democrat for the party’s Presidential nomination … #SaidNoOneEver

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You Reap What You Sow, Chris Tilling…

Many of you will know how Chris Tilling cruelly abandoned our lifelong friendship to hitch his wagon to Doug Campbell (roomie thief) for SBL 2016 in San Antonio. Well, to prove the old adage ‘you reap what you sow’, it … Continue reading

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A Gallery of Politicians and Their Supporters

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Libertarians In Florida Must Be So Proud… Their US Senate Candidate…

Two years ago, Augustus Sol Invictus walked from central Florida to the Mojave Desert and spent a week fasting and praying, at times thinking he wouldn’t survive. In a pagan ritual to give thanks when he returned home, he killed … Continue reading

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To The Wealthy…

From the twitter:

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Mitch Has a Message For the Voters of Kentucky

He’ll never say it out loud, but he’s right to think it.

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Senator Cruz, I Won’t Be Co-Opted By You Or Any Other Politician

And shame on any Pastor who would. I say this because I received an email inviting me to a training session at the ‘personal invitation of Senator Ted Cruz’. Insofar as this is clearly an event intended to harvest workers … Continue reading

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After Years Of Refusing To Endorse any Political Candidate…

I’ve finally found one I can get behind (!) more than any politician presently living, serving, or running.  The candidate I am endorsing is smarter, wiser, and more astute than any of them.  I’m very proud to endorse, for all … Continue reading

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Writers for Britain’s ‘The Guardian’ Are Smarter Than 47 American Republican Senators

Sending a letter to Iranian leadership warning them that conservatives will try to kill any deal Obama negotiates may not have had the effect Tom Cotton and colleagues wanted. In an eyebrow-raising missive to “the Leaders of the Islamic Republic … Continue reading

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Dear People of Wisconsin, I Have a Question For You…

Why do you continue to elect a man who clearly has severe mental problems?  From the twitter- @DanielBice Let the Walker jibes begin: “@schaller67 #scottwalker compares Ebola to bad sunburn he had two years ago. “Can cure it with bit of … Continue reading

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Mo Brooks… He Went Through Second Grade Successfully…

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This Is Why American Politicians are Universally Despised: Mo Brooks

An Alabama congressman with virulently anti-immigrant beliefs has a new theory on who may be causing the current measles outbreak: “illegal aliens.” Appearing on the Matt Murphy radio show Tuesday morning, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) was asked by the host whether … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin: The Republicans Best Hope

If their hope is to lose another Presidential election.  She’s absolutely unhinged. During her address to the Freedom Summit in Iowa Saturday, the former Alaska governor andpossible 2016 presidential candidate embarked on a verbal tangent, seeming to grasp for the right … Continue reading

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