Explaining Why God Punishes us With Vile Polititicans

Wicked politicians are indeed appointed by God, but it is in his anger, and because we do not deserve to be placed under his government. He gives a loose rein to tyrants and wicked men, in order to punish our ingratitude, as if he had forsaken or ceased to govern us. — John Calvin


Everyone wants tyranny to be abolished; but when they are set free, they cannot bear this either. Therefore he concedes that wicked politicians exist in order to punish their subjects, but he also teaches that one should nevertheless put up with them. — Martin Luther


Wicked men love wicked politicians for being the servants of satan; but faithful men must honour and obey government, as an office of God. — Richard Baxter


America Rewards Incompetence and Punishes the Competent

This essay in The Atlantic about Elizabeth Warren is right on the mark.

America Punished Elizabeth Warren for Her Competence: The country still doesn’t know what to make of a woman—in politics, and beyond—who refuses to qualify her success.

It is a brilliant analysis and the perfect explanation of why America is headed for rack and ruin: Americans like stupid and incompetent.

The campaigns of those who deviate from the traditional model of the American president—the campaign of anyone who is not white and Christian and male—will always carry more than their share of weight. But Warren had something about her, apparently: something that galled the pundits and the public in a way that led to assessments of her not just as “strident” and “shrill,” but also as “condescending.” The matter is not merely that the candidate is unlikable, these deployments of condescending imply. The matter is instead that her unlikability has a specific source, beyond bias and internalized misogyny. Warren knows a lot, and has accomplished a lot, and is extremely competent, condescending acknowledges, before twisting the knife: It is precisely because of those achievements that she represents a threat. Condescending attempts to rationalize an irrational prejudice. It suggests the lurchings of a zero-sum world—a physics in which the achievements of one person are insulting to everyone else. When I hear her talk, I want to slap her, even when I agree with her.

Read the whole.

Politicians I Am Willing to Support

I don’t expect the President, or any elected official, to be the ‘pastor in chief’ but I do expect them, and all politicians deserving of my vote, to be virtuous. If they can’t be that, they don’t have my support. And I honestly don’t understand Christians who set such a low bar that they accept the immoral.‬

The #GOPTaxScam

Dear GOP Senators and Congressmen,

I was afraid the 1% and Congress would be hurt by the bill you’re putting together. It’s such a relief to know that only the middle and lower classes will be.   Thanks so much Senator Lamar Alexander and Senator Bob Corker.   You guys are real heroes to the super rich. I just hope you don’t have to stay in office to see the death and destruction you’ll cause.

Signs of the Times

This is precisely why ‘Evangelicals’ have lost the battle for society’s soul: they long ago simply became a part of the political ideology game.  You can’t challenge culture when you embrace it wholeheartedly and you can’t challenge politicians when you have cast your lot in with them.  Every ‘Evangelical’ that elevates party fidelity or political ideology above their Christian faith is a Judas.  Which is why, again, any pastor or theologian who endorses any politician has betrayed their calling, and their Lord.


You Reap What You Sow, Chris Tilling…

Many of you will know how Chris Tilling cruelly abandoned our lifelong friendship to hitch his wagon to Doug Campbell (roomie thief) for SBL 2016 in San Antonio.

Well, to prove the old adage ‘you reap what you sow’, it turns out that Tilling was massively dissed by Campbell (roomie thief) during a Wipf and Stock interview- saying, as you’ll see, that Tilling ‘is a joke’!

Cruel!  And Unusual!  PUNISHMENT!  #Glory. #TakeThatYouWretch.

Libertarians In Florida Must Be So Proud… Their US Senate Candidate…

Two years ago, Augustus Sol Invictus walked from central Florida to the Mojave Desert and spent a week fasting and praying, at times thinking he wouldn’t survive. In a pagan ritual to give thanks when he returned home, he killed a goat and drank its blood. Now that he’s a candidate for U.S. Senate, the story is coming back to bite him.

Weirdo.  But the ideal politician for Florida.  Or Texas.  Same thing.

Senator Cruz, I Won’t Be Co-Opted By You Or Any Other Politician

And shame on any Pastor who would.

I say this because I received an email inviting me to a training session at the ‘personal invitation of Senator Ted Cruz’.


Insofar as this is clearly an event intended to harvest workers for the camp of Cruz and other politicians who think it appropriate to attempt to co-opt theologians and clerics I reject the invitation and furthermore declare that any pastor who would attend such an event is to the Church of Christ the same as the clerics who were co-opted by Nazi ideology and the German Christian movement.

Any Pastor who takes up the cause of politics has laid down the Cross.  It is not our place to support politicians or the State.  Rather, it is our task to stand toe to toe with the State.  And that you cannot do if the State has you in its pocket.

So, Senator Cruz and the ‘Oklahoma Renewal Project’ and ‘The American Renewal Project’, I am not interested.  Instead, I will continue to proclaim Scripture to power.  It’s a shame clerics who join with you have abandoned their calling.  But they have.

Writers for Britain’s ‘The Guardian’ Are Smarter Than 47 American Republican Senators

Sending a letter to Iranian leadership warning them that conservatives will try to kill any deal Obama negotiates may not have had the effect Tom Cotton and colleagues wanted.

In an eyebrow-raising missive to “the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran”, 47 Republican Senators, led by Arkansas’s Tom Cotton, ostensibly gave the Iranians a lesson in America’s constitutional system – though, despite Cotton’s Harvard training as a lawyer, they got some details wrong.

The real purpose of the letter, however, wasn’t education – the Iranians, by all accounts, understand our system damned well – but a threat. The Senate Republicans warned the Iranians that they will do whatever they can to kill a deal with the Iranians, even after it’s already been signed. The letter’s notion that a deal could be reversed by the next president means that not only will they try to kill one now, they will keep doing everything to kill it for years to come.

The accusations that the letter-signers committed “treason”, as the New York Daily News put it, or that the letter is a criminal violation of the constitutionally dubious Logan Act are a bit much. The Republican move is inappropriate, clownish and, above all, dangerous, but no one should go to prison for signing on.

The letter is also evasive and, by extension, so are its signatories. What they and their allies really want is a war. The deal they purport to want – Cotton told MSNBC he wants “complete nuclear disarmament,” though Iran has no nuclear arms – is impossible to achieve. Cotton, for his part, knows this: he has said that his aim is to thwart any agreement whatsoever.

If no deal is reached, what does the Senate GOP think will happen? Peace on earth and goodwill to men? Iran will continue to build up its nuclear program, and the world will eventually face a stark choice between Iran being a screwdriver’s turn away from a nuclear bomb, or using its own traditional bombs in Iran and starting a disastrous war.

Etc. Read the whole. It demonstrates one thing, nay two. First, the writer has more insight into international affairs than our elected representatives; and second, he also knows the Constitution better than they do.

What kind of idiots do we keep electing, and why? We deserve whatever misery we get. We really do. Because we bring it on ourselves every time we vote for these people.

This Is Why American Politicians are Universally Despised: Mo Brooks

An Alabama congressman with virulently anti-immigrant beliefs has a new theory on who may be causing the current measles outbreak: “illegal aliens.” Appearing on the Matt Murphy radio show Tuesday morning, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) was asked by the host whether he saw any correlation between immigration and the measles outbreak that has erupted in the United States.

Brooks began by offering a red herring that “illegal aliens” are bringing new diseases into the country, before going on to suggest that they could be behind measles as well. Said Brooks: “It might be the enterovirus that has a heavy presence in Central and South America that has caused deaths of American children over the past 6 to 9 months. It might be this measles outbreak. There are any number of things.” Lest one thinks Brooks is heartless on the subject of immigration, he implores listeners that “You have to have sympathy for the plight of the illegal aliens” who “have not been blessed with the kind of health care, the kind of immunizations that we demand of our children in the United States.” Still, he argues, the requirement that children be vaccinated before entering school “to some degree is suspended for illegal alien children.”

During the interview, Brooks also floated the idea of impeaching President Obama for his handling of immigration.

Why do we elect people so stupid?

Sarah Palin: The Republicans Best Hope

If their hope is to lose another Presidential election.  She’s absolutely unhinged.

During her address to the Freedom Summit in Iowa Saturday, the former Alaska governor andpossible 2016 presidential candidate embarked on a verbal tangent, seeming to grasp for the right words.  “The man can only ride you when your back is bent,” she said amid stammers. “So strengthen it! Then the man can’t ride you, America won’t get taken for a ride, because so much is at stake.”  The gaffe led the Democratic National Committee to issue a sarcastic two-word response: “Thank you!”


Palin’s speech also included moments of stronger oratory, as when she said that the 2016 campaign would be a “war for the sovereignty of the United States of America. We don’t sit on our thumbs next time when one of our own is being crucified, and falsely accused of whatever the hit accusation of the day happens to be: racism, sexism, whatever.” She also brandished a “Ready for Hillary” bumper sticker and implied that she was ready to take on Hillary Clinton.  “Now I’m ready for Hillary,” she said. “Are you? Are you coming?”

Republicans, is this really among the best you have to offer this Country?  If not, then why do you invite her to speak (to use that term loosely) at your political events?  Do you enjoy shooting yourself in the foot parading this ignoramus before the public?  Are you really that senseless?