Senator Cruz, I Won’t Be Co-Opted By You Or Any Other Politician

And shame on any Pastor who would.

I say this because I received an email inviting me to a training session at the ‘personal invitation of Senator Ted Cruz’.


Insofar as this is clearly an event intended to harvest workers for the camp of Cruz and other politicians who think it appropriate to attempt to co-opt theologians and clerics I reject the invitation and furthermore declare that any pastor who would attend such an event is to the Church of Christ the same as the clerics who were co-opted by Nazi ideology and the German Christian movement.

Any Pastor who takes up the cause of politics has laid down the Cross.  It is not our place to support politicians or the State.  Rather, it is our task to stand toe to toe with the State.  And that you cannot do if the State has you in its pocket.

So, Senator Cruz and the ‘Oklahoma Renewal Project’ and ‘The American Renewal Project’, I am not interested.  Instead, I will continue to proclaim Scripture to power.  It’s a shame clerics who join with you have abandoned their calling.  But they have.

One thought on “Senator Cruz, I Won’t Be Co-Opted By You Or Any Other Politician

  1. Milton Almeida - The Grace Ambassador 13 May 2015 at 11:07 am

    I fully and unconditionally agree in your assessment of pastors taking up politics! As a matter of fact I believe that in African American Churches across America, in its majority, pastor have “laid down the Cross” and taken up politics! Some non-ethnic Churches, or “generally white”, if some must know, including a major denomination, have done the same thing. Pastors are to challenge the status quo when varying with the Word of God, not surrender to it because they have self-inflicted stomach cramps of hunger or the need for crowds!
    I wish politicians would run on the merits of their positions on issues that indicate they will take the government off my back… It would be nice if they’re Christians… but just nice; not essential… I should be telling this to Mr. Cruz.


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