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Stop The Nonsense: Jesus is NOT Your Boyfriend

Posted in pseudo-christianity, pseudo-theology by Jim on 12/02/2016

Yes, romance and all that is included under that rubric belong to that divine Lover: Saint Valentine and all his retainers, from the red roses to the candle-lit dinners, even down to the tiny candy hearts — they all point to Jesus, the great Wooer, who, not content with passively inviting, by his Spirit sovereignly draws his beloved to himself.

Sexualizing Jesus.  Nice work…  (bloody pagans).  Allow me to say this again (because it needs to be repeated constantly) – God is love, but love is NOT God.

Nope- Jesus Never Said Any Such Thing

You pentebabbleists just simply know nothing of Scripture.  Do you even own a Bible?


The Pentebabbleists of Texas Have Anointed Cruz As President…

I wonder if they’ll be stoned to death by other Pentebabbleists for being false prophets when Cruz loses….

Raphael Cruz, the father of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, recently spoke at a minister’s conference hosted by Texas prosperity preacher Kenneth Copeland, during which time Copeland declared Cruz to be “called and anointed” for the presidency. Cruz appeared at the Jan. 19 KCM Minister’s Conference in Fort Worth, where he spoke about the biblical standards for voting and the need to reclaim America for Christ. “If the wicked are in authority, they are going to legislate their wicked brand of morality,” he proclaimed.

Prior to taking the stage, Copeland declared in his introduction of Cruz, “I believe with all my heart that his son is called and anointed to be the next president of the United States.”

I believe Copeland is and always has been a liar.

Southwestern Baptist Seminary Has Lost its Mind

Posted in pseudo-christianity, pseudo-scholarship, pseudo-theology by Jim on 08/02/2016

A Southern Baptist Convention seminary is giving away guns and an African safari to lure hunting enthusiasts to an outreach event open only to men and boys.

Door prizes to the Feb. 20 Men’s Game Banquet on the campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, include rifles and shotguns from Winchester, Savage, Benelli, Henry, Remington and Marlin and a Beretta Silver Pigeon shotgun signed by presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz.

– See more at:

Do they not know what they are about?  Have they no idea what theological principles stand at the core of the Christian life?  Have they no theologians there to protest and speak out against such a ridiculous blend of political pandering and cultural entanglement?

Southwestern Seminary has lost its mind.  And its soul.  And its purpose.  And it should just go ahead and close down.  Theological education isn’t happening there anymore.

Hunts include an African safari for two, including daily and trophy fees; Texas hunts for whitetail deer; and turkey hunts along the Rio Grande. Youngsters will walk away with Red Rider BB guns, all thanks to more than $20,000 put up by sponsors including the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

“This is about nothing in the world but reaching lost men for Christ,” said seminary Presient Paige Patterson, a keynote speaker for the event along with Outdoor Channel personality David Morris, head of Tecomate, a wildlife management consulting service and evangelical Christian.

No.  There’s nothing of Christian theology in any of this.

If Your ‘Worship Service’ Resembles a Rave, You’re Not Doing Christianity, You’re Doing Culture


Churches and their Superbowl Fawnings

Posted in Modern Culture, pseudo-christianity, pseudo-theology by Jim on 05/02/2016

Here’s a Church called ‘Ethos’ (I wonder if they…. never mind).  Their announcement in the run up to the Super Bowl runs like this:


Their first priority is love of God and worship.  But then again… if a game schedule interferes with the worship schedule, move worship.  Because, you know, God comes first except when there’s a game on…

So forget throwing a lame party on Super Bowl Sunday!  We’ll arrange our schedule around the NFL’s and you can catch the game with your homies…. Just like Me Church…

Pentebabbleism At its Dumbest


Who Needs Jesus When You Can Have Jazz and Jambalaya

Posted in Modern Culture, pseudo-christianity, pseudo-theology by Jim on 02/02/2016


I Don’t Think They Know What ‘Christ Centered’ Means

Posted in pseudo-christianity, pseudo-theology by Jim on 31/01/2016


Oh the Kenyans…

Posted in Modern Culture, pseudo-christianity, pseudo-theology by Jim on 25/01/2016

A self-proclaimed “Archbishop” is selling olive oil from Aldi as a miracle cure for cancer and HIV, it has been claimed. Gilbert Deya, 63, a Kenyan preacher who calls himself the Archbishop of Peckham, is selling the £1.99 750ml budget supermarket product in his church shop in south London for £5, according to The Sun. He claims to have “anointed” the oil and suggests that if used on food, it can make cancer “disappear” Deya, who runs Gilbert Deya Ministries– which is said to have a UK membership of 36,000 – also claims that he can give infertile couples “miracle babies”.

When people are biblically and theologically ignorant, they fall for and support all manner of bogus mindless nonsense.  And that, emergents, is why theology matters.


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