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The Pope Is Just Being Popish… On Guardian Angels

When he advises people to listen to their ‘guardian angel’, because, as we know, Scripture isn’t sufficient… is it…  Even though Scripture never advises us to listen to any guardian angel nor does it teach that we have such a thing.

Quite the contrary, Paul tells the Galatians that if some angel itself told them something contrary to the Gospel, not to listen.

Each of us has a Guardian Angel who, acting on behalf of God, advises us and protects us from evil, if we only listen to him, Pope Francis said during his homily at Mass on Friday.

“May we ask the Lord for the grace of this meekness, to listen to the voice of this companion, to this ambassador from God who accompanies us in His name and may we be supported by his help,” the Pope said Oct. 2 during his celebration of Mass for the feast of the Guardian Angels, Vatican Radio reported.

He explained that when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, God could have left them to fend for themselves. But instead, as an act of love and mercy, the Lord sent with them an angel to guide and protect them.

Has the Pope ever read the Bible???????

Justin Bieber- Pretending to be a Theologian

He’s as bad as journalists pretending to be theologians:


Every person getting theological guidance from Bieber deserves whatever bilge he spews.

They’re Still Looking for Noah’s Ark…

Why??? Come on people, give. It. Up.

Is Noah’s Ark still hiding somewhere today, waiting to be discovered? A documentary coming to theaters nationwide next week explores the ongoing search for the world’s most famous vessel and documents the dangers involved in the centuries-old quest.

Save your money. Go buy a book or donate to poor relief or buy me a Starbucks giftcard (the latter will get you out of purgatory altogether for the right amount).

Was the False Teacher John Hagee Right?


Blood Moon Hysteria and Pseudo-Theology

Listen, people, the blood moon thing is the invention of the heretic Hagee and his maniacal kindred spirits.  There’s nothing biblical about it.  So calm down.  Just chill.  Ya nuts.

If you take it seriously you’re simply buying into false teaching and when the 28th comes and goes and the world hasn’t ended you can apologize for being the perpetrator of falsehood.

Why Are Evangelicals Being Duped By the Theological Fraud that is Donald Trump?

Trump is as Christian as a toad and knows less about the Bible- so why are so many Evangelicals describing him as their choice for President?

In an attempt to perhaps pander to conservative Christians who make up a sizable chunk of the GOP’s voting base, Republican candidate Donald Trump cited a verse from the Bible that apparently doesn’t exist.

“There’s so many things that you can learn from it (The Bible),” CNN reports Trump told the Christian Broadcasting Network in an interview. “Proverbs, the chapter ‘never bend to envy.’ I’ve had that thing all of my life where people are bending to envy.”

CNN tried to find the Proverb that says “never bend to envy,” and came up short, and notes that while Trump has cited the Bible as his favorite book on numerous occasions, he’s never been able to quote an actual verse.

If you actually had to look to see if such a verse exists, you should shut up about the Bible forever.

During the CBN interview, Trump then compared the Bible to a good movie that gets better every time you see it, and said it is “special.”

“The Bible, is special. The Bible, the more you see it, the more you read it, the more incredible it is. I don’t like to use this analogy, but like a great movie, a great, incredible movie. You’ll see it once it will be good. You’ll see it again. You can see it 20 times and every time you’ll appreciate it more. The Bible is the most special thing.”

Yeah, right, Don.  You love it so much you have no idea what it says about anything.  Please shut up.  And, Evangelicals who are falling all over yourselves supporting this person, shame on you.  You constantly blather on about how you want someone who shares your values to be President.  Trump doesn’t.  Let me say that again- TRUMP DOES NOT SHARE YOUR CHRISTIAN VALUES.

Blood Moon? Bloody Stupid

There is, at present, a lot of chatter amongst the ill-informed about something called the ‘blood moon’.  John Hagee in particular has been spewing nonsense about this supposed ‘apocalyptic sign.’

So let me simply offer the fearful a bit of advice:  stop fretting.  It’s nothing.  Hagee is unhinged and he’s stirring frenzy just to fleece the gullible.

Blood moon?  Bloody stupid.


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