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More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

This isn’t Christianity it’s paganism and magic-ism.

Pentebabbleist Backpeddling

Read all about it….

“After an embarrassing number of wrong prophecies and bungled predictions about the 2020 election, a group of charismatic Christian leaders have released a four-page statement of ‘prophetic standards’ to help correct abuses in the movement”

With thanks to Deane for mentioning it.

According to This Republican Woman, Slaves Loved their Masters… And She’s Exhibit 99,000 Why Most People Shouldn’t Be Allowed Within a Mile of the Bible

Honestly, you can’t make up this kind of ignorance.

The president of the Woman’s Republican Club of New Orleans this week defended a lawmaker from her party who believes that schools should teach the “good” of slavery.

I think people who think slavery is good should be slaves.

In a post to Facebook on Sunday, Martha Huckabay — a former delegate for Donald Trump — lashed out at a CNN segment which criticized Louisiana state Rep. Ray Garofalo (R-LA), who said that children should learn “about everything dealing with slavery, the good, the bad, the ugly.”

Huckabay took issue with GOP state Rep. Stephanie Hilferty after she criticized Garofalo.

“You are right Stephanie Hilferty ‘none of us were around when slavery occurred,'” Huckabay wrote. “Slavery goes all they way back to biblical times, and if you’ve read your Bible, you would know that many of the slaves loved their masters, and their masters loved them, and took very good care of them, and their families.”

You can always tell the fake bible scholars: they generalize.

She continued: “The question he should have pushed back her way was was their [sic] marriages in slavery? Were families and precious babies born (and I am talking about LIFE itself) into or out of slavery? Were slave owners ever known to be ‘GOOD’ to their slaves? Were slaves ever known to LOVE their masters?”

Stop.  Just stop.  These people are utterly ignorant and thoroughly immoral.

This is Why American Christians are So Theologically Ignorant

They listen to garbage, and no one in their lives love them enough to tell them that they listen to garbage.


They aren’t the same thing.  Mary isn’t a god.  And she’s certainly not an addendum to the Trinity.

John MacArthur is a Hypocrite and No One Should Be Surprised

For decades, John MacArthur has railed on prosperity preachers, likening them to  “greed mongerers” who led First Century cults.

Recently, he’s also taken aim at scandal-plagued evangelical leaders, like the late apologist Ravi Zacharias and former Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz, saying these celebrities were in ministry only for the money. That’s why “liars and frauds and false teachers” are in business, MacArthur said in a recent sermon. “False teachers always do it for the same reason—filthy lucre, money.”

Yet according to financial statements and tax forms obtained by The Roys Report, John MacArthur and his family preside over a religious media and educational empire that has over $130 million in assets and generates more than $70 million a year in tax-free revenue.

MacArthur and his family and related companies have been paid more than $12.8 million from ministry and donor funds. And MacArthur owns three luxury homes worth millions.

In one year alone, MacArthur made more than $402,000 for part-time work at his broadcast ministry, Grace to You (GTY), and another $103,000 from The Master’s University and Seminary (TMUS). This was in addition to MacArthur’s salary from the megachurch he pastors, Grace Community Church, as well as book royalties and speaking fees.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that he’s a hypocrite.

The Jesus of History and the Christ of your Own Imagination

The only Jesus most people see when they look for him is the one they’ve created in the greenhouse of their own biased imagination.

They see nothing of the actual historical Jesus.

Consequently, if you tell me how you see Jesus  I’ll tell you how you see yourself.

Todd Bentley, Heretic and Sexual Predator is Returning to So Called Ministry

He’s heard from God…. (No he hasn’t but he says he has).

Bentley, who turned 45 last month, said as the coronavirus pandemic raged in parts of the country in the summer of 2020, he was experiencing a time of healing and restoration with angels and communing with God.

Pentebabbleist nutbaggery.

It was last summer in July/ August 2020 that I had a series of angelic encounters, visions and personal encounters with the Lord that were absolutely life-changing. At the same time Jess and I used this time to see healing and incredible restoration in our own lives and marriage. During this awesome season of almost daily personal encounters the Lord spoke to me about my 45th birthday, which took place on January 10, 2021,” 

Nope. Don’t fall for it. It’s all fraud.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery: The Claim that Heaven Says Trump is Still President…

You literally cannot make up this kind of insanity.

Pastor Johnny Enlow, who once said our nation’s future would involve the terms B.T. and A.T. (“Before Trump” and “After Trump”), that QAnon was “going to be proven so thoroughly,” and that the score of the College Football Championship was a sign that Trump would remain in power, is still spreading conspiracy theories. This time, he’s saying Trump is still president… according to Heaven.

“There’s all these dimensions that the Lord is coming to affect and change right now, and President Trump still has a very active, viable role in that,” Enlow said. “Believe me, God is doing things with him, and I won’t go into it more than that. But he’s not a passive player; he is recognized from Heaven [as] the primary government leader on planet Earth. People need to know that. From Heaven, President Trump is recognized as the primary government leader on planet Earth.

Forget the popular vote. Forget even the Electoral College. All that matters now is whatever the courts (?) of Heaven say.

These guys are mentally ill.

A Lying Prophet of Baal: Greg Locke

If you ever need to know what a lying prophet of Baal sounds like, it’s like this:

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

And of the unfixable sort:

James Dobson is the Eric Metaxas of the Old Folk

And he’s just as unhinged.

James Dobson is alarmed about what he believes lies ahead under a Joe Biden administration: “The Left has now achieved ultimate power in the White House, in the House of Representatives, and in the Senate. Consequently, as I warned in December, there will be no checks and balances within our system of government. The most radical ideas promoted by President Joe Biden and his majority party will be enacted. We can infer from what they have told us that the years ahead will bring more regulation, less freedom, more taxation, less religious liberty, more socialism, less democracy, more funds for abortion, less support for the sanctity of human life, less funding for the military, more illegal immigration, more restrictions on speech, less patriotism, more wasteful spending, less support for families, more regulations on business, more appeasement of China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea, less support for the electoral college, trillions more dollars for climate nonsense, more LGBTQ propaganda, less moral compunction, more governmental corruption, less oversight of elections, more ‘cancel culture,’ fewer police officers, more gun control, and less government of the people, by the people and for the people. We can also anticipate quick passage of the horrendous ‘Equality Act.’ You might want to keep track of these items as they occur. This is just the beginning.” Dobson issued a similarly panicked warning when Barack Obama was elected in 2008.

More Proof that Most People Shouldn’t Be Allowed Anywhere Near the Bible

The Problem With Pentebabbleism…

Is that, among other things, it is impervious to truth.

For millions of charismatic Christians, the Capitol riot doesn’t change the truth: Trump’s win has been prophesied.

False prophecy. But they are unable to realize it. Very pathological. And very sad.

Looking Back on the Most Insane Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery of 2020

This story from February takes the prize for being the clearest example of pentebabbleist nutbaggery of the year:

The pastor who believes his backside gas heals people… so he passes gas on them…

If you missed it, go read it now.

Nope, Not Even Close, But Thanks for Trying…

Reminder: get your information about biblical studies from biblical scholars.

PS- There’s no such thing as a ‘biblical doctrine of the preservation of Scripture’.  Nor is there any place in the bible where it ‘speaks of itself’.

The Dumbest Tweet of 2020

1- ‘Dangerously Charismatic’?  That’s ignorant right there.

2- Only possibly said by someone COMPLETELY ignorant of the history of Christianity, of publishing, of theology, and of the way the Church works.

3- And yet he allows ignorant people like this to say stupid things all of the time… because of Free Will.  This guy shouldn’t say anything about such things.  He’s not qualified.  And staying one night at a Holiday Inn doesn’t make him so.

This Is Joel Osteen’s House…

Why did his ‘Church’ need over 4 Million Dollars of PPP funds?

Why Did Multi-Millionaire Joel Osteen’s Church Get Over 4 Million Dollars of PPP Funds?


Lakewood Church received a $4.4 million Paycheck Protection Plan loan during the coronavirus pandemic, according to federal data. The loan was disbursed in July of this year.

U.S. Small Business Administration data, which was released at the beginning of December, showed that Lakewood Church’s PPP loan was created by Bank of America. The megachurch’s hefty loan was the third-largest PPP loan approved for a Houston-area entity during all of July and August, according to Chris Matthews at Houston Business Journal.

Evidently Joel and Victoria couldn’t be bothered to help out their own staff and wanted taxpayers to do it, even though Joel and Victoria are multimillionaires.

Multimillionaire wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This Could Not Be More False

If you ARE reading the Old Testament allegorically, you aren’t reading the Old Testament at all.  You’re reading INTO the Old Testament the fevered imaginings of a lunatic.

If you ARE reading the Old Testament as a revelation of Christ, you aren’t reading the Old Testament at all.  You’re reading INTO the Old Testament the fevered imaginings of a lunatic.