Well There Ya Go: Claims of Discovery Have Now Replaced Actual Discoveries…

Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry announced this morning that a team of underwater archaeologists had discovered that remains of a large Egyptian army from the 14th century BC, at the bottom of the Gulf of Suez, 1.5 kilometers offshore from the modern city of Ras Gharib. The team was searching for the remains of ancient ships and artifacts related to Stone Age and Bronze Age trade in the Red Sea area, when they stumbled upon a gigantic mass of human bones darkened by age.

The scientists lead by Professor Abdel Muhammad Gader and associated with Cairo University’s Faculty of Archaeology, have already recovered a total of more than 400 different skeletons, as well as hundreds of weapons and pieces of armor, also the remains of two war chariots, scattered over an area of approximately 200 square meters. They estimate that more than 5000 other bodies could be dispersed over a wider area, suggesting that an army of large size who have perished on the site.

Mmmm hmmmm……  And the original source of the unproven claim is the ‘WorldNewsDailyReport’ website… which is something like the National Enquirer.

Oh No Not Again…. Still Another End Time Date Setter

Why, Lord, why?  It’s another ‘End of the World‘ predictor.  This time it’s Oct 7 2105.  What it is about October that these nutters love so much?  I only know of this because they’re following me on the twitter (till they see this anyway).

Without further ado- end of the worlders- here’s your dilly-


Irony: ‘Ministry Matters’ Interview Rob Bell

I’m not sure how I get on these crackpot pseudo-theological mailing lists.  It’s like Joel Watts is signing me up just to torture me.  Here’s an example of a mailing arriving today:


No.  Everything is not spiritual.  No, Rob Bell is no pastor.  And no, whatever he thinks about Jesus, science, faith, heaven, hell, marriage, sexuality and Christianity matters not at all.  Whatever sort of organization Ministry Matters is, ministry doesn’t matter to it.

What Does Rick Warren’s ‘Theology’ Sound Like?

I quote the best tweet of forever- 

Rick Warren’s theology of hearing God’s voice has a weird understanding of how God communicates. It’s sorta like this

Click the link.  The exact same sound is made by Rachel Held Evans, Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, Ed Young, and every other modern day new age spiritualist.

Ed Young: Publicity Seeking False Teacher

Young simply wishes to be wealthy and well known.  That’s why he invited Glenn Beck to speak to his cult.

A popular megachurch minister in Texas has come under fire for inviting radio host and author Glenn Beck to speak at his church as part of an Independence Day celebration.

Ed Young of the multi-site Fellowship Church invited Beck, an outspoken Mormon, to speak during all of his Sunday services today as part of Young’s Freedom Experience event. Beck’s presentations were advertised on the church website as “a message of hope and history as we look to honor those who have provided us with our freedom.”

Young and his cult aren’t even pretending to be a Christian Congregation anymore.

Andy Boyd, a spokesman for Fellowship Church, said that Beck was invited since he is a known American historian, and also because the he has “shown his love for God in many ways.”

Bahahahahahahahahaha!  Historian!!!!  HA.  David Barton is as much a ‘historian’ as Beck.  But aside from that, worship isn’t about honoring a country, it’s about honoring God.  And Young’s cult allows it.