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This is Why You Should Avoid Pentababbleist ‘Pastors’

Well actually there are several reasons.

1- They’re heretics.

2- They’re theologically incompetent.

3- They’re just bad people.

Kenyan cult leaders may have harvested the organs of followers they convinced to starve to death to meet Jesus, police have said.  Police believe most of the bodies are followers of Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, a taxi driver who became a pastor and is now accused of ordering them to forgo food “to meet Jesus”, because the world was ending.  Examinations have now shown that while starvation appears to be the main cause of death, some victims were strangled, beaten or suffocated and others were missing organs.

1- Actual pastors don’t urge people to starve to death.

2- Actual pastors don’t murder people.

3- Actual pastors don’t harvest organs and sell them.

Pentebabbleists do.  Stay away from them.

When You Don’t Have the Gospel, You Have to Have Gimmicks

A Baptist church in Troy is planning a giveaway during a revival this summer — but it’s not for loaves and fishes.  In recent social media posts, Grace Baptist Church has announced that during a revival over July 4 weekend, on both the 3rd and 4th, attendees could win a New York-legal AR-15. If they don’t want the firearm, they can choose a flamethrower instead.

‘Grace’ – ha.  ‘Baptist’- ha. ‘Church’ – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  3 lies.  When you don’t have the Gospel you have to try gimmicks to drag in the degenerates.

Corey Mahler: Lutheranism’s Pseudo-Theologian

Cory has no familiarity with Christian theology and he’s an antisemite to boot.

Poor Lutherans. To be saddled with such a loud and incompetent member. Or has he been excommunicated already? He needs to be.

UPDATE: Corey has been excommunicated. The Lutheran Church is not his home.  And in case you are as unaware of the Bible as he is, the Romans killed Jesus.  And so did your sins and mine.

Megachurches are Hives of Deceit

Exhibit 10,768.

When a Springfield, Missouri-area man’s friend said recently that he’d witnessed a woman’s amputated toes grow back during a prayer session at a Missouri megachurch, he and his wife “just kind of laughed it off and rolled our eyes about it.”

But the next day, the man—who said he identifies as a Christian—decided it wasn’t a laughing matter.

They exploited her,” he told The Daily Beast.

“I am 100 percent against faith healers,” he said, asking to remain nameless so as not to create interpersonal issues around town. “…If it happened they should be able to present proof.”

Etc. Which do read. And if you attend a megachurch, flee Sodom.

When John *the Heretic* MacArthur Speaks, Women Aren’t Present

If you look at this photo of MacArthur talking to a group of people you’ll notice that there are no women present.  Why?  Because women are too smart to listen to that heretic.  Men, on the other hand, and mostly white men in particular lap up the heretical swill with reckless abandon.

NB- Now is as good a time as any to remind you that complementarianism springs from hell’s pit.

John MacArthur: Heretical False Teacher

He is wrong for the following reasons:

  • His exposition of Ephesians is as inaccurate as imaginable.  Paul never so much as implies that the husband saves the wife.  That is a false gospel.  A lie.  And according to Paul, anathema.
  • Men don’t rescue women from loneliness, being unfulfilled, or being unprotected.  I.e., men are not God.  God rescues all of us from all of those things.
  • The life task of women is not child bearing, as though all women without children or women who didn’t wish to have children were imperfect, inadequate, or inferior.

MacArthur appears to believe that men are the gods women must worship in order to be happy and fulfilled.  And that their sole function is giving birth.  And that is damnable.

MacArthur is a heretic, a false teacher, and a cancer on the body of Christ.