Get Tough President Obama, Get Tough

“Counterproductive.” That’s the adjective that National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor used to describe the Israeli government’s first reprisal for the U.N. vote on Palestine: announcing that Israel was moving ahead on plans for a neighborhood linking Jerusalem and the settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim, and authorizing 3,000 new homes for Israelis beyond the Green Line. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, choosing her words as carefully, said the decision by Prime Minister Netanyahu and his senior cabinet forum had “set back the cause of a negotiated peace.”

Counterproductive.  Isn’t that sweet.  Bibi’s thirst for Palestinian land and his unending quest for Lebensraum is more than ‘counterproductive’, it’s evil.

Washington is a long way from Israel, culturally even more than physically. In the polite diplomatic tones of Washington, these statements were meant as harsh censure. But the Obama administration needs to know that something got seriously lost in transmission. Here on the east edge of the Mediterranean, the message was that President Obama was practically campaigning for Netanyahu’s reelection.

Mr President, if I may, Barack… it’s time to get a spine and tell Bibi that if Israel builds those housing units the US will take serious measures against it.  Serious measures meaning nothing will be left off the table.  The Bully Bibi only understands tough talk Mr Obama, so get tough.  For once.  And do read the rest of the sensible essay linked to above and quoted herein.