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Guess Which Two Countries Wanted Romney Elected?

Mitt Romney - Caricature

Mitt Romney – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

And yes, just two.  Israel and Pakistan.

International polls show that while Obama was favored as the leader of the free world, citizens of only two countries supported Romney’s candidacy: Israel and Pakistan.

That says a lot. But why?

The world seeks to forget the era of George W. Bush, which divided the global map into good and bad, “those with us” and “those against us;” the difficult conflicts relating to the war on terrorism; the undermining of the concept of multilateralism; the disregard of the United Nations and other international institutions; the attempt to divide Europe over the war in Iraq; and the controversy surrounding global warming. Listening to Mitt Romney, the world heard the voice of Ronald Reagan, and also, that of George W. Bush. This voice was heard when Romney promised to restore America’s past superpower glory; when he labeled Russia as the “great Satan” and placed China on the axis of evil; and mostly when he defined the UN as an “extraordinary failure” and when he let it be understood that he intends to solve the problems of the Muslim world by the use of force.

And that’s why. Had Romney won, the world would be in mourning- except in extremist-ville.

Dick ‘Rightly Named’ Cheney Should be Tried for War Crimes

Former Vice President Dick Cheney‘s memoir, “In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir,” is out Tuesday, and it’s full of criticism and attacks on his Bush administration colleagues — from describing Condoleezza Rice as “tearfully admitting” he was right on the war in Iraq to revealing private conversations with George W. Bush on the eve of the Iraq war.

He reserves much of his ire for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and now Powell and his longtime aide and chief of staff, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, are attempting to set the record straight. In no uncertain terms. Cheney, Wilkerson told ABC News, “was president for all practical purposes for the first term of the Bush administration” and “fears being tried as a war criminal.”

And God willing he will be tried, convicted, and imprisoned in a Yemeni prison for exactly that.  It is inexplicable that the Christian George Bush would have such an evil beast as his running mate.  And yes, I think Bush is a Christian.  But he has never possessed the gift of discernment.  Had he, he wouldn’t have involved Cheney in the government at any level.  The man is evil incarnate.

George Bush is Out of Politics for Good, and Completely…

Student protester

Alas, if only he had made this decision in 1998…  As they say, he’s just a ‘day late and a dollar short’.

In an interview set to air this Sunday, former President George W. Bush said he was done with politics and that he is uninterested in campaigning or raising money for political candidates.  The 43rd president, who has been sparing in his public appearances since leaving the White House, took questions from C-Span this past Monday at a Southern Methodist University forum. Asked whether he was “through with politics,” Bush replied: “Yeah.”

I was sort of hoping he would campaign for various Repubs.  Like I hope Palin does and O’Donnell does.

Say What? George Bush Didn’t Write His Own Book???!!!

Color me shocked

When Crown Publishing inked a deal with George W. Bush for his memoirs, the publisher knew it wasn’t getting Faulkner. But the book, at least, promises “gripping, never-before-heard detail” about the former president’s key decisions, offering to bring readers “aboard Air Force One on 9/11, in the hours after America’s most devastating attack since Pearl Harbor; at the head of the table in the Situation Room in the moments before launching the war in Iraq,” and other undisclosed and weighty locations.

Crown also got a mash-up of worn-out anecdotes from previously published memoirs written by his subordinates, from which Bush lifts quotes word for word, passing them off as his own recollections. He took equal license in lifting from nonfiction books about his presidency or newspaper or magazine articles from the time. Far from shedding light on how the president approached the crucial “decision points” of his presidency, the clip jobs illuminate something shallower and less surprising about Bush’s character: He’s too lazy to write his own memoir.

Bush, on his book tour, makes much of the fact that he largely wrote the book himself, guffawing that critics who suspected he didn’t know how to read are now getting a comeuppance. Not only does Bush know how to read, it turns out, he knows how to Google, too. Or his assistant does. Bush notes in his acknowledgments that “[m]uch of the research for this book was conducted by the brilliant and tireless Peter Rough. Peter spent the past 18 months digging through archives, searching the internet[s], and sifting through reams of paper.” Bush also collaborated on the book with his former speechwriter, Christopher Michel.

Well how surprising is all that?  Read the whole essay.  None of it’s surprising.  But none of it will be on Fox News either.

Joe Wilson on George Bush’s ‘Deception Points’

Having read that people began lining up in front of bookstores before former President Bush’s memoir, Decision Points, was due to be released, I hurried off to purchase mine early on November 9, arriving about fifteen minutes after opening time. I have the distinction of being the first person to purchase Bush’s book in Santa Fe, New Mexico. … he president appears in this book to live in Htrae, the Bizarro world of DC Comics where society is ruled by the code that “Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!” To that might be added: Us hate truth.

He’s not impressed. No surprise there.

George Bush’s Lowest Point As President?

According to him, the fact that Kanye West dissed him…  So strange.  So very strange.  Mr Bush, Kanye West (no relation) dissed Taylor Swift too… and she doesn’t seem to be walking around with a scar from it.  When drunks diss you, shrug it off.

Former President George W. Bush says that Kanye West’s insinuation that he is a racist, made in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, still stings today — and that the episode was the “all-time low” point of his presidency. Bush’s long-delayed reaction to West’s ad-libbed comment that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” made during a live TV benefit show for hurricane survivors, is from an interview the former president taped with Matt Lauer of NBC.

So strange. I would think the low point would be the ‘Mission Accomplished’ folly or maybe the ‘reading children’s books while the World Trade Center is collapsing’ or maybe even the fact that you served as President in your first term even though you weren’t elected! But being bothered by Kanye West (no relation)? Puh-leeze.

iPad User? You And George Bush…

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

iPad users have much in common with George Bush- he LOVES his iPad too!

President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush may be BlackBerry addicts, but Apple’s iPad is their new must-have gadget. In an interview for Yahoo’s Newsmakers series, Laura Bush said her husband “loves” his iPad. “He reads the Wall Street Journal on it in the morning before the paper even is thrown,” she noted. And his favorite app? “Scrabble is the one that George now seems to be playing constantly,” she said. “Like, I’m trying to get his attention; ‘I’m still here.'”

I think, in light of this revelation, it’s fair to say that George Bush is the paradigmatic iPad user: iPad users are George Bushes.