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One Preliminary Observation on Olson’s ‘Against Calvinism’

His apparent willingness to equate Calvinism with ‘Reformed Theology’ and use the terms interchangeably is extremely unfortunate.  Calvinism is indeed Reformed Theology, but Reformed Theology is not necessarily Calvinism.  Zwingli and Bullinger both offer Reformed Theology and that before Calvin … Continue reading

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Alienating Still More of My Friends…

Pretty soon I won’t have any at all. I’ve already made the fundamentalists, gay rights advocates, angry atheists, homeschoolers, cat lovers, and Zionists mad. And now I’m about to make the Student Loan Forgiveness Act crowd mad too. My take … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“It is dangerous to be so busy that you have no time to wait on God.” AW Tozer

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The Stubborn Nun Who Married The Hateful Reformer

Yes, you guessed it! Katharina von Bora (1499-1552), ehemalige katholische Nonne, heiratet 1525 Martin Luther. Sie bekommen fünf Kinder. Luther had managed to marry off all the nuns in a particular convent except for one cranky, stubborn, cantankerous one.  Katherine.  … Continue reading

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Hershel Shanks Claims the Trial of the Century PROVED the James Ossuary Inscription Authentic

In an email (which I’m sure most of you received)- BAS writes A new analysis and new evidence proves that the controversial “Brother of Jesus” inscription on an ancient bone box, or ossuary, is authentic, according to the July/August issue … Continue reading

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Tel Aviv University Archaeologist Admitted to the Israeli Academy of Sciences: Nadav Na’aman

The Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University is proud and delighted to announce the appointment of its long-time associate, Professor Nadav Na’aman, to the prestigious Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Nadav Na’aman is Professor Emeritus of the University’s … Continue reading

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Science and Creation: The Latest From Bibledex

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More On The British Anti-Troll Law

The Telegraph has a very sage editorial, stating Social networks have a duty to identify internet bullies who cower behind anonymity. Amen and amen!  And then the backstory- The conviction and sentencing of Frank Zimmerman, the 60-year-old man who threatened … Continue reading

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Christian Hazing? What?????

What passes for Christianity in some quarters these days boggles the imagination. The all-girls Christian social club 7 and 6 holds an annual initiation ceremony where the pledges are forced to eat gross food and are doused with things like … Continue reading

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Of Course Most of the People Who Come Here Aren’t, But Some Are

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