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A Statement By the Faculty of Tel Aviv University Concerning an Advert in Biblical Archaeology Review

Oded Lipschits has sent along this public statement: Statement by faculty members of the Marco and Sonia Nadler Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University, regarding the alleged use of mechanical excavator at Tel Socoh A defamatory, anonymous paid advertisement, alleging … Continue reading

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The Ashdod/Yam Archaeological Excavations

Visit their website here.  Alexander has done a really nice job with it.   The project is the joint project of the University of Tel Aviv and Leipzig University.

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The MA In Jewish Studies at Tel Aviv University

Along with the MA in Archaeology Tel Aviv also offers an International MA in Jewish Studies.  Go to the link for all the details.  Here are the basics: Tel Aviv University offers the world’s only one-year intensive MA in Jewish Studies taught … Continue reading

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The MA In Archaeology at Tel Aviv

They’ve put together now a fine brochure which you can access directly here. For loads more information on the program, visit their website here.  If you’re interested, apply.  Tel Aviv is a beautiful city and there’s nothing lacking in its … Continue reading

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Tel Aviv University Announcement

Oded Lipschits writes I am happy to share with you information regarding the third year of our unique program at Tel Aviv University, the International MA in Archaeology and History of the Land of the Bible. The program combines theoretical … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of Archaeology in the Service of Ideology in Israel

It’s a new essay in Bible and Interpretation worth reading by Rami Arav. He concludes with this amazing claim- A prominent Tel Aviv University archaeologist, Z. Herzog, complained a few years ago in an article in the prestigious Israeli paper … Continue reading

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Renaissance Impostors and Proofs of Identity

This is fascinating. “Identity theft” seems a uniquely 21st-century crime, and is very common in the contemporary world. But in a new book, Prof. Miriam Eliav-Feldon of Tel Aviv University‘s Department of Historyobserves that identity theft and associated fraud have deep historical roots. From … Continue reading

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