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The Love of God

With that which we call the love of God, we love God entirely well; we cleave to God as the only, chief, and eternal goodness; in him we do delight ourselves and are well pleased; and frame ourselves to his … Continue reading

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#ICYMI – Did You Know Karl Barth Smoked A Cigar in Church?

Our friends at Ref.ch have directed us to a really fantastic essay today about church conduct.  You must read it.  It begins- Der Theologe Karl Barth soll sich einst in der Kirche eine Zigarre angesteckt haben, um zu zeigen, dass … Continue reading

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The ‘Defense’ of Johannes Oecolampadius

‘Defense’ literature was exceedingly common in the early years of the Reformation, as the Reformers had to ‘defend’ their departure from the corrupt Church of Rome while maintaining their adherence to historic Christianity.  Indeed, most ‘Apologetic’ literature (which is what … Continue reading

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Academia Needs More Professors Endowed With the Spirit of Melanchthon

Towards the end of his life, on the 29th of October, 1556 Philip wrote to John Gigas Truly I can affirm in my conscience that, since God has called me to this labor of teaching, I have taken great care … Continue reading

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What is the Gospel?

The gospel is a good and a sweet word, and an assured testimony of God’s grace to us-ward, exhibited in Christ unto all believers. Or else: The gospel is the most evident sentence of the eternal God, brought down from … Continue reading

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Huldrych, Let Me Tell You About a Christmas Sermon I Just Heard!

Shortly after Christmas in 1526 Johannes Comander wrote Huldrych Zwingli a letter. In it, he briefly describes a sermon he heard on Christmas: Dem amman von Flymbs hab ich din empfälch geschriben; aber mir ist noch kein antwort worden. Der … Continue reading

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The Truth About Liberalism and Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism says: “God must fit in my box”, and then creates a god in its own image. Liberalism says: “God must fit in my box”, and then creates a god in its own image, after its own likeness. Christianity teaches: … Continue reading

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‘What is Emergent Christianity?’ Ok, I’ll Cut to the Chase

I was asked, in connection with a previous post, how I would define ’emergent Christianity’.  Here it is- Emergent Christianity is a movement within (yet not exactly of) Christianity which – whilst jettisoning Scripture as the font of faith and … Continue reading

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Anthony LeDonne and Jesus Online

Anthony announces In this course we will examine some of the different “Jesuses” who have emerged through the ages, including several interpretations of Jesus in historical studies, and several interpretations of Jesus from art and literature. This course will weave … Continue reading

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“Jesus: Rise to Power” – An Interview with the Writer and Presenter, Dr. Michael C. Scott

Michael, if I may, first let me thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions about National Geographic’s upcoming ‘Jesus: Rise To Power‘ set to air on March 28 here in the United States. JW: First, would … Continue reading

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There Aren’t 10 Reasons Kids Leave the Church, There’s Only One

They went out from us, but they did not belong to us; for if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us. However, they went out so that it might be made clear that none of them … Continue reading

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Candida Moss: The Myth of Persecution

The publisher has sent along this note (preparatory to sending the book) : It’s widely accepted that the history of Christianity is steeped in martyrdom. Jesus died on the cross. Most of his Apostles met gory and untimely ends. Many … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: Luther’s Candid Thoughts on the Papacy

On 6 February 1539 Luther shared these thoughts with his dinner-companions: “These arrogant and unlearned papists can’t govern the church because they write nothing, they read nothing, but, firmly saddled in the pride of possession, they cry out that the … Continue reading

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Isn’t the Church Obliged to Give Money to Anyone Who Asks?

Sometimes folk have the notion that the Church is a dispenser of welfare to the wider society and that the sole function of the Church is to collect material goods from its members and give them to whomsoever wishes them. … Continue reading

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The Truth About Atheism

Atheists don’t disbelieve in God; they disbelieve in a distorted image of God either concocted in their own minds or foisted upon them by the theologically illiterate and incompetent. No one who meets another can disbelieve in the existence of … Continue reading

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The Beginnings of Christianity and the Parting of the Ways

Ekkehard Stegemann has published a  very fine essay titled Did Something Go Wrong in the Beginning? both in ASE 29/1 (2012) 7-19 (which just appeared) and in the volume previously mentioned (which I’m reviewing) titled Der Römerbrief: Brennpunkte der Rezeption. Did … Continue reading

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Paul and Jesus, by James Tabor

James was nice enough to have his publisher send along a review copy, for which I thank him very much. Using the oldest Christian documents that we have—the letters of Paul—as well as other early Christian sources, historian and scholar … Continue reading

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So, Why Exactly DID Christianity Split off From Judaism?

Lawrence Schiffman discusses the subject in an essay here. The split between Judaism and Christianity did not come about simply or quickly. It was a complex process which took some one hundred years, starting from the crucifixion, and which had … Continue reading

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A New Volume From TVZ: Paulus und die Anfänge der Kirche

Nach Jesu gewaltsamem Tod musste sich seine Jüngerschaft neu formieren und ihre Botschaft in Auseinandersetzung mit diesem Tod und im Licht der Auferweckungsbotschaft formulieren. Das Neue Testament belegt die unterschiedlichen Positionen dieser spannungsreichen Entwicklung. Briefe, Apostelgeschichte und Offenbarung zeigen, wie … Continue reading

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It’s Bultmann’s Birthday

Rudolf Karl Bultmann, the most important New Testament theologian of the 20th and the 21st centuries was born on this day in 1884.  Don’t believe 99% of what you read ABOUT him written by the angry fundamentalists.  Read HIM and … Continue reading

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