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Kids These Days: They Even Cheat at Scrabble

One of the top young Scrabble players in the country has been kicked out of the game’s national championship tournament in Florida after he was caught hiding blank letter tiles, organizers said Tuesday. John D. Williams, Jr., executive director of … Continue reading

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A Useful New Research Tool: KeiBi

With thanks to Jack Sasson for the heads up- The International Keilschriftbibliographie (KeiBi) was first published by the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome in the journal Orientalia in 1940 (Orientalia N.S. 9). It became an essential tool for the study, research, … Continue reading

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Aiding and Abetting Criminal Activity: More Pastoral Misconduct

A pastor from Virginia was convicted Tuesday of helping a woman flee the country three years ago, when she was on the brink of having to turn custody of her young daughter over to the woman who was once her … Continue reading

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How Archaeologists Do Olympic Events…

Via Kara Cooney on FB-

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Over the Shoulder…

Gazing down on my desk, from a position over my right shoulder… So, who’s gazing over your shoulder in your office?  Anyone?

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Zwingli’s Wife and Children

S. Jackson writes William, Zwingli’s eldest son, born in 1526, after studying in Zurich went to Strassburg to complete his education, but there died of the plague in 1541. Ulrich, born January 6, 1528, who is said to have been … Continue reading

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ASOR Blog’s New Look

Folk will want to take a look, if they haven’t already, at the new look of the ASOR blog.  I like it.  Much more reader-friendly indeed!

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Today With Zwingli

On 14 August, 1526 Zwingli published one of his many rejoinders to the Eucharistic theology of his Catholic opponents and Lutheran foes; this one titled Responsio brevis Huldrychi Zvinglij ad epistolam satis longam amici cuiusdam haud vulgaris, in qua de Eucharistia … Continue reading

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Can You Believe…

It has already been a decade since Oscar Cullmann died!  Astonishing.  TVZ has just published a new volume on his life and influence titled Zehn Jahre nach Oscar Cullmanns Tod: Rückblick und Ausblick Oscar Cullmann (1902–1999) war ein Ökumeniker ganz … Continue reading

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Emil Schürer, T&T Clark, and A Book Competition

From Dom Mattos over on the T&T Clark blog– I am currently toying with the idea of doing a paperback set of the Vermes/Millar revision of Schurer, a notion which came to me after a letter from Professor Millar a … Continue reading

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Area C and Bibi Netanyahu’s Continuing Quest for Lebensraum

NPR has a must read report on the doings of the Netanyahu government- Recently, the Israeli military issued orders calling for evacuation and demolition of nearly a dozen Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank. Palestinians see this as evidence … Continue reading

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Is God Really Omnipresent?

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