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Staring Over Zwingli’s Shoulder, April 2, 1520…

If you had been in Zurich on this date in 1520 and you were at Zwingli’s house, staring over his shoulder as he stood (yes, he stood) at his desk, you could have watched him write this letter to his … Continue reading

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Zwingli on Hypocrisy

Zwingli astutely notes, concerning hypocrisy- … those who are a prey to obstinate hypocrisy can never be persuaded by the most skillful argument to confess what they really feel and have in their hearts. Yet the more persistently they refuse, … Continue reading

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The Reformation of Worship, and Celebration of Feast Days

In Zurich not only was the Mass dispensed with but the very act of worship itself was changed from the bottom up and the celebration of the feast day of the Saints were nearly totally abandoned: The Church services were … Continue reading

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The Feast Day of Felix and Regula- Patron Saints of Zurich

And my favorite Saints because of their fun story: Der Legende nach soll das Geschwisterpaar Felix und Regula und ihr Diener Exuperantius um 300 n. Chr. in der Thebäischen Legion im Walis gekämpft haben. Da sie sich nicht von ihrer … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli

On 19 August, 1530 Zwingli published his Supplikation und Begehren der Prädikanten zu Zürich. The topic at hand is nothing less than a plea with the Pastors of the Canton to remain faithful to the Gospel and to continue on … Continue reading

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Von den Tiguryneren unnd der Statt Zürich Sachen ettliche Buecher …, bis 1516

It’s a lovely, hand written, hand illustrated volume on the history of Zurich till the eve of the Reformation.  Here are some of the illustrations which festoon its pages:

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Did Oprah Blow Her Zurich Experience All out of Proportion…

Just to stir up publicity for her upcoming movie ‘The Butler’? Yup.  Because 1) the shopkeeper wasn’t being racist or even insulting Oprah.  And 2) Oprah keeps talking about it even though she says she probably never should have mentioned … Continue reading

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Registration is Now Open For the 2014 Calvin Conference in Zurich

You can find the details here. It’s going to be fantastic to be back in Zurich.

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I’m A Day Late, And For That I’m Genuinely Sorry

I missed mentioning the anniversary of the eminent Gottfried W. Locher’s birth yesterday. So let me mention now that Gottfried Wilhelm Locher wurde am 29. April 1911 in Elberfeld als siebtes von zehn Kindern geboren. Seit Generationen waren in gerader … Continue reading

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Cross Town Rivalries are the Best

Everyone is familiar with the famous cross town rivalry between Manchester City and Manchester United football clubs.  Less familiar – probably – is the rivalry between Zurich and their crosstown rivals the Grasshoppers (true story).  Here’s a poster for an … Continue reading

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Zurich, April 7-9, 1522

April 7-9, 1522.  Zurich.  The Zurich Magistrates and Clergy met to discuss reform of worship and the right understanding of the Church. As Robert Walton notes In speaking of the church Zwingli employed an Augustinian dualism which made it possible for the … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: The Cancellation of All Those Popish Holy Days in Zurich and Other Organizational Matters

S.M. Jackson writes concerning the actualization of the Reformation in Zurich- Church services were held on Sundays from seven to eight o’clock in the morning and between three and four in the afternoon. In the Great Minster there was a … Continue reading

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“It Varies from Canton to Canton”: Zurich, Basel, and the Swiss Reformation, by Amy Nelson Burnett

I hadn’t read this essay before so thanks to ReformedIrenic on the twitter for pointing it out. The opening paragraphs: One of the most important developments in the study of the Reformation over the past generation has been a growing … Continue reading

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The Life and Death of Johannes Eck

Because it’s the anniversary of Eck’s death- John Eck, more correctly Johann Maier, was born at Eck (now Egg, near Memmingen, south of Augsburg) in Swabia, November 13, 1486. When twelve years of age he began his studies at Heidelberg … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: The Re-Baptizers of Zurich

1525 was a busy year for Zwingli.  He was bedeviled by the Papists on the right and the ‘Drowners’ on the left.  Indeed, he spent a good part of the year writing treatises responding to the re-baptizers and a lot … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement: “Humanistischer Wissenstransfer”

Or, more fully, Humanistischer Wissenstransfer zwischen der Schweiz und Ostmitteleuropa in der frühen Neuzeit: Internationaler Kongress in Zürich, 15.-18. April 2013. Der Kongress stellt den dritten Teil des Projekts “Die Schweiz als geistige und kulturelle Drehscheibe Mitteleuropas in der frühen … Continue reading

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Fun Facts from Church History

Adrian VI., the Dutch Pope, entered on his office on the 9th of January, 1522, just as Reform in Zurich was getting up to speed. Known to him was the independent stand taken by Zurich, [so] he wrote to the … Continue reading

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It’s ‘Take an Anabaptist to the Lake’ Day…

Ok not really and it’s right mischievous of me to say so- but it was, in fact, on this day in 1527 that the notorious Felix Manz was taken to the lake, in Zurich, and dropped to the bottom.  It … Continue reading

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Emidio Campi’s Obituary of Fritz Büsser

With heartfelt thanks to Prof. Campi for sending it- Prof. Dr. Fritz Büsser – 12. Februar 1923 bis 7. September 2012 Am 7. September 2012 verstarb in seinem 90. Lebensjahr Fritz Büsser, einer der bedeutenden Forscher der schweizerischen Reformationsgeschichte, der … Continue reading

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This Is What Happens When Catholics Become the Majority of a City like Zurich

The other day I lamented the tragic fact that in Zurich Catholics now outnumber the Reformed.  What does it mean?  Stuff like this! The Swiss city of Zurich is to open drive-in sex boxes in an attempt to rid the … Continue reading

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