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Whilst The Headline is Unfortunate, The Interview With Gershon Galil Is Very Good: More on the ‘Wine’ Inscription on the Jerusalem Ossuary

Fox News offers this headline: Message decoded, again: 3,000-year-old text may prove biblical tale of King Solomon. I wish they wouldn’t do that but I’m not surprised they did given their audience. ‘May prove…’? That’s such an unfortunate phrase in … Continue reading

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Keith Whitelam on the Spate of Recent Archaeological ‘Discoveries’

Keith writes (on FB) The discovery of an inscribed neck of a jar in Jerusalem (An Inscribed Pithos from the Ophel, Jerusalem”, by Dr. Eilat Mazar, David Ben-Shlomo, and Prof. Shmuel Ahituv (63 IEJ no. 1, 2013, pp. 39-49)) has … Continue reading

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Pollen, Ramat Rachel, And Archaeology as Practiced By Professionals

Oded Lipschits and others have published a new essay titled Fossil pollen reveals the secrets of the Royal Persian Garden at Ramat Rahel, Jerusalem in Palynology (a journal, I confess, I have never so much as heard of before, but … Continue reading

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Yigal Levin’s Report on the ‘Fish Tomb’ Conference

Because accusations have been made that Kloner fled the conference (see the comments) at its conclusion without taking questions (implying that he didn’t wish to or was afraid to), I post this conference perspective by Yigal Levin (who was in attendance). … Continue reading

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Further on the Tel Aviv ‘City of David’ Excavation

In consultation with experts ‘on the ground’ I have learned that- 1. The area of the Tel Aviv excavation is on the “City of David” ridge (and known as such for the last century): this ridge was excavated by the … Continue reading

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The Dog Who Fell into a Pit, and Discovered a First Temple Era Winepress

I guess if tv journalists can stumble into pits, so can dogs. He never studied archeology and knows more about bones than about antiquities, but he is probably the first dog in history to uncover a major archeological site.  It … Continue reading

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Critical Archaeology in Practice: An Essay by Raphael Greenberg

You can download it here. Critical archaeology is founded in critical theory,and thus, at a primary level, refers to an intellectual approach that seeks to identify the social and political coordinates of the production and reproduction of cultures and institutions, … Continue reading

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More Jewish Anti-Christian Defacing of a Church in Jerusalem

This is so disgustingly reprehensible. It’s vile and sickening and those responsible should be arrested immediately. And receive more than a mere slap on the wrist and wink and a nod. Vandals scribbled anti-Christian graffiti on the outer walls of … Continue reading

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The Exodus, From Israel

Israel is becoming so right leaning that one columnist sees an exodus of sorts on the horizon- an exodus of the left: The final moment before the liberal population leaves Israel. The moment the public comprehends the irreversible nature of … Continue reading

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Judah in the Neo-Babylonian Period: The Archaeology of Desolation, by Avraham Faust

This one looks right interesting, doesn’t it? The Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.E. was a watershed event in the history of Judah, the end of the monarchy and the beginning of the exilic period, during which many of … Continue reading

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A First Temple Cistern Discovered in Jerusalem

You read that right, First Temple period! A large water reservoir dating to the First Temple period was uncovered during archaeological excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), in cooperation with the Nature and Parks Authority, near Robinson’s Arch … Continue reading

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Haredi Hatred of Christianity

The Jerusalem Post reports the despicable deed of right wing Jews- Suspected right-wing extremists vandalized the Latrun monastery outside Jerusalem early on Tuesday morning in the first price-tag attack following the evacuation of Migron. The vandals spray painted “Jesus is a … Continue reading

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The Racists of the West Bank

Ha’aretz reports Graffiti found on the scene read ‘death to the enemy, vengeance against Arabs,’ as well as ‘price tag Migron,’ referring to a West Bank Jewish settlement which is set to be evacuated in the coming days. Naturally… Anonymous … Continue reading

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The School of Lynching

Ha’aretz has an Op-Ed that’s must reading.  Here’s the opening paragraph: Dozens of Jewish teens attacked three Palestinian teens in Jerusalem’s Zion Square last weekend, seriously injuring one of them. The police at first treated the incident as a brawl; only … Continue reading

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Secular Values and Biblical Scholarship: A New Essay by Philip Davies

Vintage Philip.  A must read.  he commences I am a biblical scholar, I adhere to no religion, and I do not think supernatural beings exist, or if they do, that we have any mutual business. According to one often-voiced opinion, … Continue reading

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Honoring Flinders Petrie

Matti Friedman reports More than a hundred people gathered in Jerusalem to remember Sir Flinders Petrie, one of the fathers of modern archaeology, in the lovely, little-known cemetery on Mt. Zion where most of him was buried 70 years ago … Continue reading

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Addendum to the Previous

From the twitter- James Morrison ‏@JamesPMorrison Romney declares Jerusalem “capital of Israel” proving he has no grasp of diplomacy beyond posthumously baptizing Jews & goading Muslims.

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Have The Remains of Jews Killed by the Romans in Jerusalem in 70 a.d. Been Discovered?

Antonio writes Veteran journalist Benny Liss releases movie he filmed of underground cave on Temple Mount where he found a mass grave. He believes the skeletons are the remains of Jews massacred by the Romans when they destroyed the Temple … Continue reading

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Elie Wiesel Says ‘Jerusalem Has to Be Above Politics’, But He’s the Advisory Chair of Elad…

And Elad is all about politics and nothing but.  Which fact nicely illustrates the ambiguity of archaeology in Jerusalem.  It’s politically motivated in so many respects and the very people who should be unbiased quest-ers for the truth are oftentimes … Continue reading

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Now That’s An Interesting Question: Why DID Amos go to Samaria?

A new contribution at Bible and Interpretation asks and then strives to answer it. The bottom line: The Book of Amos presents Amos as an emissary from the south occasionally prophesying in Samaria and Bethel, as if he represented Zion … Continue reading

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